Monday, December 31, 2007

Review of my 2007

2008 in just few hours time and I'm gonna spend it on my bed channel surfing with my beloved EiCee (a name which I just thought of for my Astro Controller) watching people happily countdown while I text Bobby saying that I'm hungry but I don't want to eat because I scare fat.

- which is stupid since I'm already overweight.

My new year's eve is just so pathetic. Even my mum has a steamboat dinner to attend and I have no one. Thank God I still have Theen who's also alone this year. So both of us plan to go Thai Bucanneer and eat some hot and spicy tomyam soup and shit the bad qi out.

Anyway, let's do something which everyone is doing.
Summarizing the whole 2007.


Boring month for me as I received the news that I'll be spending my CNY alone in Brunei without my family and posted up the most cacat (photo editing) tutorial ever and get praised for it for being innovative. My first trial of baking, more like turning pop mee into chocolate cookie was in vain too.


Share my tips of organizing inner garments and spent a splendid night celebrating my boo's birthday. My CNY without parents turned out great as I spent it extraordinarily by watching movie and eating sushis with the usuals. Laughed when reading what my students want to do when they turn 21 and the yusheng didn't taste as good as I thought.


Tried to act like 13 and fail badly. Had fun making the half-burned chocolate cornflakes and bid goodbye to my best friend and lost terribly gambling playing lami with her. Note to self: Never ever play lami who get straight As.

Had heaps of fun from the school trip and get a new hair cut which only maintained the hair for 1 day. The next the hair turn disastrous after I woke up. Made a pink piggy wrist rest which is too short for my keyboard and Bobby constantly told me that he wanted to BBQ the pig very much!

Went back to Sibu for a short visit and bought a pirated iPod shuffle for my mum at Bitex.


Made a card and a notebook for Ness's birthday. OGDC is fun! Locked my colleague up in my lab and listed out the top 5 food I love in Belait. Celebrated Spiritual Garden's first blogniversary by showing my cleavage and acted bimbotic.


Blogged about OGDC again for the blogging competition. Celebrated our 3rd anniversary together and got shocked for Bobby's drastic weight lost. Made my first squishy key pouch and now it's just a piece of dirty plushie laying in my car. Had a farewell dinner for Chau and saw the super kiasu car with lots of yellow tags!


Met Rebbe for the first time and saw a perfume named "Palermo" . Made the eggs stood for Dragon boat festival. Girly's Lunch! I wanna have another one! Dissed the preteens who have lots of hyphens for their friendster's profile.


Made a noticeboard for my ugly wall. Learn that natural beauty is something I don't have. Got second place for the blogging competition. Saw Sultan from far when he's in KB for His Majesty 61st birthday celebration and posed with a Rolls-Royce. Celebrated Kelly's 24th birthday in Capers.


Had a netball match and went down to Miri to shop for Ms. Big face Lim's luggage bag and acted as if we're living in a very cold place. Went to KK for a short break (Part 1 & Part 2) . Baked cheese cake for the very first time and it was a huge success!


Bought guitar and planned to learn.... which I have to say, has dust all covered up because I has not touch it for months. I need to pay a teacher to teach me so I won't give up half way. Cleaned my keyboard and disgusted everyone. Made rose sandwiches and played lanterns like a kid on Mid-Autumn festival. Dad got an accident and emitted to hospital. Got nominated for Brunei Best Personal Blog. Attended my first and probably last prom.


Won the Best Personal Blog and did a makeover for my kitchen cabinet. Went to ICC for teacher's day celebration and got fed up over facebook.


Had a blasting 24th birthday celebration for myself and a stupid old man showed me his fist. Belait's infamous kolomee increase price. A weird auntie wanted my leftover bones and Bobby cooked dinner for me. DIY-ed a CD holder!


Pissed over girls who still stick with their bastards boyfriends. Had a great time at the youth camp and thought a lot about life and people. Turn my tee into a tube. Archery is fun, but tiring. Went to the second GBNO had chocolate fondue was great! Had a lousy Xmas eve dinner at Empire and attended my last wedding invitation for year 2007.

Annoying or not? Putting all the links up like that. For me it is lor.
Bah, I wana go lay on bed, watch TV and rot now.



Maurina said...

happy neww years! the links are annoying! LOL I have them as well. but isnt it great we have someplace we could refer to what happened this year? posterity through blogging.

i hope we grow up, improve, become better people and learn much more from 2008 than we did 2007

:) xxhugs

jessie said...

Happy New Year, Nonnie~~
Just realised time flies...
N i've been reading ur blog for more than a year~~

Have a blast!!
* winks *

Jewelle said...

Happy New Year Nonnie!

I have longer list than you, haha! But its good because looking back through my own blog posts and yours now that I'm here, it's nice to be reminded of what we went through last year :-)

So here's wishing that this year will another fabulous one for you :-)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Happy new year to u & bobby! 2008 ia a good year to start a family!!

Effy said...

Happy new year chabo!!

De Pianist said... hardworking ar..put all the links in your

in one year,i guess i also give you a lot of nicknames too..kekekee..bluek. =p

Affy said...

Happy '08, Nonnie!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

whoaaa nonnie..
1 yr flew so fast!!

and it means that our freindship is oso growing a year older.. hehehe!

u r such great fren!