Monday, June 25, 2007

Apostrophes and Hyphens

I'm still working on my noticeboard. Had chosen the dark brown material by the way. And now what I need to do is fill it up and paste it up the ugly wall.

Don't worry, I will sure show off you in my blog one.


Note: This post is not written against anyone particular.

This entry will offend 25 "friends" from my Friendster. Yes, I'm that jobless counting it. Well, not a difficult task for someone who only have 332 "friends". =p

I don't know for you but... I find putting apostrophes, hyphens or any weird combination of letters (example: xox or oOo) in front and behind nicknames very annoying.

Imagine, you want to find a "friend" with the name... erm.. let's say XYZ lar. And so you skipped to the last page thinking that since the name started with the letter "X". Then you realized it's not there.

How? You have no choice but browse page by page with your eyes staring at every inch of the monitor just to make sure you won't miss it.

And there, found it.

Instead of putting the nick as XYZ, your try-to-be-unique-and-cool friend put '''- (XYZ) - ''' just to be different from others.

What the heck?

I'm sorry but I totally don't get it.
What? Is there such competition as the "Friendster's Funkiest Nick"?

Look at the below picture,

(... which is obviously not my list, that's why I need to blur their face out)

How kiasu can these people be? I counted, the first "friend" on the list has 4 apostrophes with spaces in between before her nick followed by the second "friend", who has 8 apostrophes.

What is all this about? The Battle of Apostrophe?

(The above cartoon was drawn by me using MS Word, not bad huh?)

The reason why I made it looked like a war among ladies was because I noticed the majority of those who made an effort to edit their nicks are females.

* * *

Other than apostrophe, the second most frequent used punctuation mark in Friendster nicks are.... (cue drum rolls) "Hyphen"! *clap clap clap*

I think the reason is the same, those who used it preferred to stay in "Page 1" of their friends' lists.

* * *

According to this website,

An apostrophe is a symbol that indicates that some letters have been omitted from a word (for example, "do not" can be written as the contraction "don't"). Apostrophes are also used to show possession (for example, Jane's doll means a doll belonging to Jane).


The hyphen is a punctuation mark used to join or to separate words. Some examples of hyphenated words are: merry-go-round, light-blue, twenty-four, and re-entry.

So, which letter(s) from there in your nick, or name was/were omitted and possessed it?

(Example: ' XYZ ' )

And which part of your nick/ name need to be joined? All I can say is, your nick is incomplete missy/ mister. I thought I saw a lot of broken links there.

(Example: - XYZ - )

For those who used both punctuation mark... I.. don't know what to say.

(Example: ' - XYZ -' or - ' XYZ ' - or ' - ' XYZ ' - ' )

Maybe I'm just plain outdated.
Is that the latest trend? I mean putting pointless punctuation marks on your nick.

Gosh, I'm ranting like an old fart again.


You do what you want with your nick and I blog what I felt like saying.


Effy said...

Ahaha. Nonnie is bitching in her blog. Haha. I like this post. I was thinking about doing some bitching in my blog too. But will leave it for some other time lah. I guess our period is coming. Haha. PMS!

Iwan Sanchez said...

hehe!! second!!!

hmmm.. actually, i share the same sentiments as you!!!

Its very annoying!! Just like today, i was browsing my friendster to look for my freind starting with the letter Z, i went to the last page but no have..


some ppl are just damn weird...


this post means ur period is coming ar, according to effy lah..


joking only.. jangan marah ok..

de pianist said...

Eh Nonnie,my name have hyphen d leh actually,then after see the definition... wonder i straight join my last name together in my username..(my name is just too unique liao..ngahaha..*syok sendiri*)

anyway,they put those hyphens..haiz..polluted my hyphen in my name good lah them..tsktsktsk..

don't say hyphens and apostrophes le..some use "Oo oO" or "Xx xX" tim...abo is this "--" same too,always have a hard time finding their profiles..=.=

JaMiLLa said...

This is Nonnie style. She put every single matter that she feels weird on the trend line. <-- Macam my math or business statistic (trend line equation meh!)

She will make a report analysis of that matter in her blog right here. So everyone will have fun and enjoy whats happening nowadays. I know this matter also but don't have the idea on reporting it.

I guess Nonnie got her opinion in analysing the matter which make sense to us or FUNNY :D

Nonnie King said...

Effy :

At least it's a good way to lepas geram. Still, I ranted politely.

Iwan :

I have no idea why they like to do that.

And yeah... estimate two weeks more to relative visit. =D

Nonnie King said...

Pau-Line :

Different boh, yours is Pau-Line. Original one, not ngeh-ngeh put to one mah.

Got ah, I got mentioned about those xox, oO xX also mah. I just don't know how to emphasized on that. Hehhee. Or, I was too hungry to carry on the blog.

Jamilla :

Some will think its funny, but I guess some hate me.

War186 said...

I also never understand why. But I know that some of them want their names to appear on the first page nya.

I usually can't make rants like these because I'm too scared to hurt people's feelings nya? Hehe. Anyway, I hardly rant unless..I don't know. Heh. Maybe I'm just not that angry a person and I guess I can tolerate a lot of annoying stuff hehe.

Kenny Ng said...

These people really kiasu that their name will be in the end... Sometimes I really feel it's annoying too.

lizzie said...

i guess they want to appear on the first page?

cc said...

Dead on!! That annoys me as well. What do you get from being on top of the list? Nothing, that's what. It is slightly less annoying (albeit still annoying) if it's from a young girls, but for a full grown adult to do that?! Crazy. Another type is the ones who 'collect' friends to grow their friend list. Isn't friendster for connecting friends you know? Why add strangers? It really baffles me.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wahhhhh!!1332 friends!!So many wan arr? U r so popular!! Me not even half a friend!! I think easy to search for me wan. So far I have not meet any 'hor ny' fellow. Have a nice day. BTW 'aunty' still got 2 week before visit already so edgey arrr??

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

-Jason- tagged. not really tagged. just came here to annoy the pms-ing blogger. =p

it's a trend. what can you do? it's like chatting languages and everything else. just don't use them yourself. =p

nobody copy me! leaving '=p' everywhere, is my trend! or else, i bite YoU!

' ' hahaha! ' '

i'm still bored by the way. just less bored with school!

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i forgot, look at my nick. hahaha. that was put ages ago. haha!

De Pianist said...

me want kick you liao actual name is Pau-Lene lah..aiyo...hahahahhaha...*pinch nonnie cheek*

Tina said...

Ohmigoooodddd. This post is soo LURUS! I agree 100%, and no, it's not ranting per se, it's the voice of the general public who aren't obsessed with online communities! LOL.

'''''""** mr Hyph3n "'''' said...

Wot Yuz pple atcking my name hoor?
Tink ur so grate isit?
my name more lawa than urs


Hahah just teasing.... I second your ranting. haha Some people are just (insert word here).

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hahahaaa. So you mean I'm being ruthless to rant like this kah? Just kidding, you're just so nice to kacau =p

Kenny Ng : I felt so happy that a lot agree with me also lah.

Lizzie : But what do they get from it?

Nonnie King said...

CC : I once wrote something about "collecting" friends too. I wonder if they'll think they're being silly years later looking back at this.

H.A.M : Aiyooo Uncle Hor-ny, open your eyes big big, 322 only lah. Where you see the "1"?

Maybe in real life I have lah, but not in the cyber world.

Jason : Leaving =p everywhere? Wait, I go take my scissors and cut it. Hehehee

I don't blame you, you're young.. just like those in friendster. Kekekkeke

Nonnie King said...

Pau-Lene : Oppsie! Don't lah, forgive me mah. First time salah only mah.
Promise I won't repeat it again.

Tina : Surprisingly.. yes! A lot agree, and those who don't probably don't dare/want to comment on it.

Mr Hyphen : You nearly drive me nuts reading your comment! Lucky in the end you used proper English and told me that you support what I said.

Chaugy said...

Dear Kingy,

I think my name also have some symbols added to it but I honestly don't find it offensive because I know you, very straight forward. Anyway, I also had reason putting the symbol. So that my friends can find me easily. Well, you know there are lots of 'sam ng sek chat' people crowding your friendster which made you go page to page looking for your close friends haha... True or not?


Thanis said...

AH! Now I know how to bump my name to the first few names of my friendster ... learns to put all those special characters to nicks..hohoho.

Sha said...

I've never ever put numbers, apostrophes or hyphens ever in any userid i create. Very ugly la! lol.

Chewing Peng said...

Putting 8 apostrophes is way too much!!!

I also can't stand it when people don't put their real name. Plus they put crap stuffs in their profile, so no one knows who they really are until you message them or something.

Nonnie King said...

Chaugy :

Sounds like taugeh lah your name =p

Of course you won't find it offensive because you know me and love me as a friend mah~
And when I'm writing this and I saw you did it in friendster mah, I know you won't get mad at it/me one.

Thanis :

Now then you know ah? DIe lor.. really outdate liao lor you.
Come..let me see if you got any grey hair =p

Nonnie King said...

Sha :

Some people thought it's cute and unique, and its definitely not us.

Chewing Peng :

LOL! Maybe they got something to hide from the public?