Saturday, September 29, 2007

Randomness/ Vote Vote Vote!





First thing first,

A HUGE Thank You to my dear Christina for sending me my very first cutesy advance birthday present!

Felt so touched because sometimes I felt like I don't deserve it.

* * * * *

My old man is back at home enjoying his TV. A lot asked me did I hug him.. Erm, let's just say there are things that need times. I'm still that typical conservative Asian woman when it comes to expressing love towards parent.

* * * * *

Curtin Grand Ball 2007 was a bit boring and badly organized. I had already uploaded the photos and will blog later in the afternoon perhaps.

I have so many to say for that night.

* * * * *

Had you stop voting for me?

Don't stop? Asked anyone who knows how to surf and click on the mouse to vote too.

Here, I give you some (not so) good reasons why you have to vote for me:

1. I'm funny and honest. People laughed and cried reading my blog even if I'm blogging with my very limited vocabs and make lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. I'm still learning and I accept critics.

2. I put effort on blogging. I take pictures regardless of being call lame and jobless and spend hours to edit them.

3. I never copy paste lyrics! No offense to those who did that but I thought copy paste lyrics is like cheating.

4. I update my blog often. Never in my blog that my blog had left untouched for one week. I love my blog.

5. I make fun of myself to please you.

6. I'm not your average blogger who camwhore a lot, take vain pictures and post it just to get compliments. You got to appreciate that.

7. If I win the competition, I can stay in the junior suite and have scrumptious breakfast at Orchid Garden.. Take lots of photos and let you read during your free time.

8. My blog is ads-free. (Though I secretly wish I can earn some cash out of it)

9. I'll cry if I don't win the contest, asking God why can't I be a winner at least for once. Then maybe turn to the dark side and become evil. When you click on Spiritual Garden all you see in black background with a lot of goth stuffs and voodoo dolls. You don't want me to be like that kan?

10. If you love me, vote for me. If you hate me, lagi tah you have to vote for me because you'll start liking me after reading more of me. *thick-skin*

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Queit House

This is going to be a very personal entry, and a long one too.

I bet most of you who had been following my blog for quite some time noticed that I seldom mentioned about my father. All I can say is that, I don't actually have a "Happy Family" with lots of family photo hanging on the wall and "Family Day" never existed in my dictionary.

Sometimes I even feel that my life will be so much easier without his presence. I don't hate him but I wouldn't use the word "Love" on him too.
Pathetic isn't it?

* * * * *

It is today's afternoon when my auntie (next door neighbour) received a phone call from her friend saying that there's a car accident happened and a man got hit wearing blue checked shirt was lying on the floor and she thought he looks like my father.

While I was marking papers in my room, I actually heard my aunt yelled and asked her husband what my father was wearing justnow when he left the house so I got this bad feeling about it. I immediately get off my chair and walked out from my room, there stood my aunt who was just walking toward my house telling me that there's a chance that my father might be involved in a car accident.

I changed quickly and dashed out the house with my aunt's company. I looked quiet and calm from the outside but deep down I can feel that my hands were shaking. Praying non-stop to God hoping it is not my father or maybe he did had an accident but only suffer minor injuries.

It was only when I turned in a road and wanted to stop the car at my father's working place, then my aunt told me that they had changed the location, the place that I thought my father's working at had already been closed down for years and they'd changed their office to another area...

I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself. It shows that I had taken note of my father very lightly. I had never asked him anything about his work or how he feels. I make a very lousy daughter. I was so afraid that it's too late.

We went to the Seria clinic and the staffs heard nothing about an accident. Hoping that there might be some misunderstandings in this matter, I insisted that we should go and check out the working place just to confirm.

While on the way there, my phone rang and its from a friend that I seldom kept in touch with. I pulled over and picked up the phone.

"Hello, King ah... My father is looking for you. Can you call him back? It's regarding your father..."

My tears were rolling while I dialed the number. Uncle (my friend's dad + my ex-boss from my first job in a workshop) told me that my father was sent to the KB hospital already. I couldn't talk anymore. I forced myself to squeeze out the word "Thank you"and hung up. Told my auntie who's sitting beside me where my father was.

I couldn't cry. I had to stay calm so that I can continue driving down to KB. My aunt comfort me by saying that my father would be in good hands, the professionals would take care of him. All I had in my mind was hoping my father is alright.

The 18km long highway that I traveled everyday seems so long that its taking me forever to reach. Childhood memories of my father piggy-back me in the park flashed back. I remembered I used to sit on his lap while watching tv and asked silly questions, we would fight for the tv because I wanted to watch TV1 cartoons and he preferred TV2.

Years after years I grew up and began to know what is right and wrong. Staying in a corner at the door and witnessed the horrible fight between my parents became a common scene in the house. Those images haunt me even up to this days. I learned that my father is a man with no responsibility and his bad temper had caused a lot of heart-break to our family.

Nevertheless, he's still my old man.

But I had to say that he changed over the years. Maybe because he's getting older and has less strength, or perhaps it's my beloved Buddha's work after going to the temple more often. Or because my mum had grown more patience while talking to a stubborn mule and walked away every time she sensed a fight. I don't know. I just hide in my own room and prefer to spend my time in front of the computer or TV.

* * * * *

I called up my mum's friend hoping that she'll be able to locate my mum and passed her the news. I definitely need to force my mum taking a mobile phone with her because it's so hard to find her if she's out there working. She just need to learn how to pick up the phone, that's it.

While arriving the hospital, we saw my father lying on the stretcher and was carried down by the staffs. We got stopped in front of the emergency room. My father was unconscious and had blood all over his shirt. I stood beside the counter and saw them transferring my father from the stretcher to the bed... I just couldn't hold it anymore.

Tears just rolled down my cheek and I can no longer feel my hands. My mind was totally blank until the nurse came out and asked for my father's detail. I asked how was my father and she told me that they're still checking on him, had to wait for the doctor.

Minutes after minutes we stood there. Every time any medical staffs walked out my aunt and I would dashed upon and asked... Until one of them told us that he's already conscious and it'll be fine, then we felt relieved and sat on the chairs.

My mum arrived with her friends after a couple of minutes. Like mother like daughter, she looked calm from the outside but I could see watery eyes on her face. I told her that the nurse said he's fine and we don't have to worry much.

Just minutes later after everyone sat down (there's 4 aunties plus my mum and one lady, me... I bet the nurse must be thinking.. "Which one is the wife?" or "Chinese also can have 4 wives kah?"), one of the nurse came forward and asked who's the wife of the patient. I pointed to my mum and asked why. She handed out her mobile phone and said, "Helen cari."

Feeling puzzled, my mum took the phone and talked to this "Helen".

"Ha? Which Helen? I have a lot of friends by the name of Helen wor..."

(Now you know where my straight-forward genes come from)

It was my mum's friend who worked in a law firm. The news spread so fast. She asked if my father is ok already and terus skip to the point.... COMPENSATION!

~#%!#$&@#&%&!#@ ???

What the fish?

What an absurd thing to say!

My mum just layan-ed and said "yes..yes... yes....." through out the whole conversation. There my mum, typical Asian female who's always too afraid to deal with things and prefer to stay quiet when things happen. If it was me on the phone, I would have [insert international hokkien word for intercourse] her on the phone and asked if she's out of her mind. There's my father in the emergency ward and all she care is MONEY?

No wonder she's 40+ and unmarried.

(Okay.. I'm being mean here. But won't you get pissed too if the same thing happen to you?)

She grabbed my contact number and called my mobile phone instead reminding my mother has to go to her office later. Just 5 minutes later after hanging up, she called again... She said can't claim from the other party's car insurance because that car doesn't have a road tax.

. . . . . . From the policeman, I came to know that the driver was a Malay guy same age as me and driving a car without road tax. According to his statement, my father was too near to him when turning into the simpang and he couldn't brake in time to avoid him and thus hit him from the side and my father lost balance and fell down from his bicycle, and hit hard on to the concrete road and injured.

He has 4cm stitches at the back of his head and some bruising all over his arms and face. After several check-ups ,the doctor told us that we don't need to worry. He'll be fine.


He then got transferred to a normal ward and we finally get to see him. His right eye was swollen and I can see from bruising around his fingers. His head was wrapped with bandages and my mum's friend was joking that he "Naik Haji" already. After checking that he really is fine, my mum came up with a very... don't know what to say question.

"Where's your new glasses? Did you lost it?
Sayang also since you just bought it last Sunday..."


Please do not misunderstand that my mum is heartless or cruel or whatever, it's just that my father is the very careless and clumsy type.... (Now I know where my clumsiness comes from!) and he bought it with his own hard earned cash so it'll be such a pity if he lost it.

* * * * *

Random stuffs-

Yesterday was the day that I received most phone calls.

Yesterday was the second time in this month I went into the Balai Polis.


Yesterday was the day I learned that Seria people are very kaypo but not helpful at all...

My aunt's friend told her that there were people who witnessed the whole thing and saw my father lying on the road yet no one bothers to help! Everyone was just basically driving at a speed of 10km/hr just to see what happen and who was it.


I have no idea who's the kind soul who sent my father to the hospital but thank you very much.


I just got explanation from my mum telling that the young driver who hit my dad came over my place and apologized. He didn't left the scene like I thought. In fact, he came down and blocked the cars coming from behind to make sure my father wouldn't get run over.

And there was lots of people who came down and offered help.. Just that they didn't dare to move my father since he already passed out and had blood all over.

Fellow people of Seria, you didn't disappoint me after all!
I know I can count on you!



And one more thing... Can the ambulance go any faster?

When I received the call from uncle, he told me my father is already on his way to the KB hospital. But how come when I arrived the hospital (I was only driving 80~100km/hr), the ambulance just arrived too...

Maybe they thought my father's case is not serious kua?

怎么救人可以就的那么慢, 但说到赔偿损失的部分又会有人变得那么积极?


Not forget to mention the kind police from Seria who still remembered me and called me up when this happen, he was telling my mum that we should go pray pray and "Buang Soi". LOL!

Somemore he just had to say..

"Last few weeks the daughter, now the father..." malu can die on the spot!

Don't ask, I will not tell you what happen. Those who needs to know, know it already then can liao~

Kaypoh less and make our world
a better place to stay!

* * * * *

My old man is discharging tomorrow, I mean this Saturday.

* * * * *

Some little things I found out after this incident:

1. SweeLeong's dad know my dad because they work together *jaw drop*

I was shocked when SL told me that his dad is going to visit mine, and he said it's no surprise since their colleagues. Man.. Seria damn small lah. I jokingly told SL then next time if he comes pick me up then I can say he's so-and-so son.

SL said it is MY father who told his father that he always come to pick me out.

LOL! I can imagine that...

"Eh, your son always come find my daughter leh.. "

2. There's no point my mum brings food and drink over. My dad's bedside drawer is stuffed with oranges, apples, Milo, Nestum and tins of biscuits. Terror I tell you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rose Sandwich/ Mid-Autumn Festival 2007



I'm very desperate to win this competition.
Please, can I get be a winner and not a runner up?
Seriously... I had never get number 1 in my whole life.
Fulfill my wish will you? As my advance birthday present can? Not to much to ask hor?

Click *here* and vote for Spiritual Garden now.
Get your friends, families, cousins, aunties, uncles, boss, colleagues, mistress and pets basically whoever knows how to surf and click on the mouse to vote for me too.


*Flash kitty eyes*


Okie, back to (normal) blogging.

I bet some of you can't wait to know how I make those beautiful Rose sandwiches.
Pretty and delicious, yet very easy to do.
Can always make it to impress people yo!

*Heard loud applauses and "Thank You" everywhere*
YES! YES! You're Welcome~

[Syok Sendiri-ing]

* * * * *

NOTE: I LEARNED IT FROM THE TAIWAN TV SHOW "GOOD IDEA" 生活智慧王(I know I know, only aunties watch that.. But I love the show! It's so bloody cool!) , I'M NOT THE INVENTOR OF THIS DISH SO DON'T PRAISE ME.

(Shows on Channel 33 every Saturday 8.00pm, repeat on Sunday 9.30am and 3.30pm)

.... But you can thank me for sharing lah. Hahahahaaa. Or vote for me!

Stuffs you need to prepare

- Bread slices (doh....)

- Chicken toast, Beef Salami, Cheese, tomato dices, cucumbers, cheese... Basically what so ever you feel like putting in.

And other stuffs like rolling pin (not necessary actually), oven, cups and.. knife? (Double-Doh...)

As you can see, I'm slicing it on a piece of aluminium foil. That's because the cutting board was occupied by my mum and I was desperate to try making it liao.

Of course, you have to cut all four sides.

Now you know how limited my mum's kitchen is. She doesn't bake so no rolling pin...and even mixer and weight scale. Whenever I feel like baking I have to borrow it from my neighbour.

So I used my glass instead, serves the same function anyway. The bread slice need to be thin and flat, that's it.

(Follow the red line)

Be careful not to slit it fully and make it into half or quarter.
The center of the bread is going to be the base to hold the salamis, that's why it's important that you leave more than enough space for it.

Okay, this is the part I find it hard to explain liao...

Ermm...erm... After cutting the slits, you get 4 parts right?
So all you need to do is put one behind another, forming a flower-like cup...

You get what I mean right?

. . . . .

(Here, if most of you get lost in this step.. I'll film a short clip to show you guys. Just drop me a message in the comment box)

I can't find any small steel cups thus I used aluminium foils, put it in a small bowl and get the shape printed.

(Some more no need to wash lagi.... I'm damn smart!)

Toast it for 15 minutes using 150 degrees.

Note: We just want the bread slices to get a bit harden and crispy forming a a flower bud.

While waiting for it, it's time to prepare the ingredients for the sandwich.

Make sure the egg is not too thick else it'll be difficult to roll later.

Actually the rose sandwich will look much much more nicer with smoked salmon. But I can't them in KB/Seria! For those who ever eat sashimis will know how pretty the chefs always served them in the wooden plank.

We can do the same too, just arrange two to three slices in order and roll them up.

Anyway, after toasting - put a spoonful of mayonaise on to the base of it.
(The part I say don't cut fully one leh?)

The mayonaise is used to give the sandwich a better taste and support so that it looks more like petals in it.

Then now you can roll the salamis and put them into the "flower bud".

*cough* I made a mistake while editing.. The below picture is suppose to be Step 9 but maybe I was too hungry so I typed 10 instead... Sorry ah.....


As you can see, I put in some diced cucumber in it to add some colours to it.
And... it kinda makes the sandwich looks more healthy isn't it?

The above one is egg with beef salami topped with tomato dices.

And the picture below is chicken toast with egg.

The other combinations I tried was cheese with tomatoes, cheese and eggs, cheese and chicken toast, cheese and beef salami... That's why I said basically you can try anything you like as long as it's thin enough to roll.

So pretty right?

Perfect for a gathering to impress your friends, boyfriends, future parents-in-law and your pet cat.

And I just had to post a picture of me with it (and spoil the whole beautiful post with my big nose) because it's my first time trying!

Serious, they're not just posing or acting in the above photo. They really think its cool and delicious! Even though they're my best friends and... I did threaten them with my fist if they say it doesn't taste good.

But you can see how sincere they are with the wide smile telling you it's really good right?

* * * * *

And us, a bunch young adults (average 25.6 years old) played lanterns and walked around Kelly's neighbourhood with lots of cars passing by and looking at us.


Why should we? It's Mid-Autumn festival man.. We only get to celebrate it once a year.
Chinese culture okay~ Must follow.

What's so malu for a 25 years old bride-to-be carrying a Ultra-man lantern and a 25 years old engineer holding a Sakura lantern? No big deal what.


Note to self: Next year buy battery-operated lantern with music one. So no need to keep lighting new candles and lousy friends won't see-low me sure burn the paper lantern.

I didn't burnt my lantern okay. Professional kali ah~

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sukchin's Farewell BBQ

I have so many things to blog lately. My blogginspirations is BACK!!!
Yeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =D
The problem is... I have no idea how long it's going to stay...


Our dearest SukChin is leaving for her master in UK (not Ulu Kapit okay) this coming Tuesday and so we decided to throw a mini BBQ gathering over at Mable's place, more like an excuse for us just to see each other in a less awkward way than asking out to yum-cha and no one turn up in the end.

It was fun, seeing ex-classmates (whom some times I thought die already) , BBQ-ing, eating and blabbing nonsense. Then there was Mable's dogs and puppies who kept follow behind us hoping we'll feed them some food. Random kids shouting in excitement while playing on the see-saw and some uncles and aunties checking out their kids which I personally think their real motives is to have a clearer look of us and brain-storm who our parents are.

You know lah, elder people (age 40 and above) loves to do this relation-mapping thing trying to see how everyone in connected in the teeny-weeny Seria and they love telling you your family histories straight from your kong-kong and poh-poh (grandpa and grandma). And you'll be shocked that someone actually knows your family background better than you, which can be quite embarrassing at times.

Forgot to mention, we (the youngsters) weren't alone. Mable's folks invited their family friends over and had their little gathering inside the house eating some nice catered food while us sweat like pig, feed mosquitoes and enjoy the total freedom outside the house. I'm not complaining, just describing.

He warned me not to upload any of his pictures in Facebook or Blogspot or anything like that. And if I really want, I have to cover his face up like one of the anime character in "Ghost in Shell". Problem is, I never watch that so I have no idea what kind of mask is it. So I hantam put a funny smiley on his face. Better than pixel or putting a black stripe over his eyes right?

Those in the aluminium foils was prawns, marinated only with red wine. We had very limited resources that night because everyone was lazy to walk in and out the kitchen passing by a bunch of uncles and aunties.

L-R: Stanley, Alex (Yuck... Why I called him that? SL lah....), Kennis (LOL! Feels weird.. Pig-Theen sounds better),
Ah King and Justin.... (Soon Lung)

Seems like everyone loves to feed me huh? I know laaaaa..... I'll be a threat if I lose weight kan? Hahahahaa. Syok-Sendiri.

SL and the pups

I'm just kidding about the caption. Actually he's the only one who bothered to feed the doggies using 2 satay sticks as chopsticks and dig out the bones. That's why the dogs kept following him. Somemore.. he talked a lot to them... o_O

On the Menu

We had chicken wings, lamb chops, beef steaks, sotongs, prawns, sausages, all sort of "balls", seafood tofu and marshmallows! And Mable's dad asked each one of us to eat inside first before we get to eat the BBQ food, curry, fried meehoon, eggs, veggies, lots of chicken cooked in different styles...

So yeah.. I think I gained back the 2kg I lost and added more.

I'm not sure if it's lemon grass but Chinese called it "Xiang-Mau". Normally people used it as a brush to put oil and honey on top of the meat.

I keh-kiang (pretend to be pandai) took it and dipped it into the oil on the leafy part and got scolded for my stupidity. They said it is the root that is going to transform into a brush because that is the part with all the aroma, and not the leaves.....How would I know? Normally when I kaypo around the grill it was already there. I never took part at the making of it what.

To turn it into a brush, cut the end away and flatten it and wa-la, organic brush!

Love the idea. Environmental friendly and no need to wash it after using, just throw to the bin. Or if you want, just hang in on the door and it can chase evil spirits away. Two-in-One, aromatic and give protection, good leh?

... Okay, I made the last one up.

* * * * *

FYI, the signature traditional food to be eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival is not only that fattening and tooth decaying moon cakes! We got more than that, the healthier ones... albeit less delicious.

Peanuts, yams, pomelos, and niu-kok (牛角)... the one that looks like the ox-horn.

By the way... a little rant here -


And my dear fellow Chinese, it's Zhong-Chiu-Jie, not Yue-Bin-Jie okay. Kana teased one if say salah.. Malu to be a Cina.

* * * * *

And Mable just had to provoke me by taking out her eraser collections to show off to SukChin and I. Must.... win ..... hers! =p

Oh shoot.. I just realized I spelled her name wrongly in the above photo.
She's so going to kill me..

Damn jealous lar... She has so many that I don't have. She's lucky to find them and I was surprised because I went to the same shop but never found any of those!


* * * * *

And this Stanley.... stick these stickers on his car's windscreen...

Cheh, here got Burger King meh? So li-hai drive to KK lor... Wait, even KK also don't have a drive-thru... I think? Kiasu.

And the woman who's sharing her right eye with a lizard stickers look so freaky, in a cool way.

* * * * *

After stuffing ourselves to death with food and cleared the place up, we proceed to indoor activities,

Too bad for those who left early because they missed Soon-Lung's amazing voice. There wasn't much guys I know personally who are not tone deaf with good pitching, Soon Lung makes an exception. Must have practice a lot at home liao one this guy...

And SukChin was teasing him that his favorite "Yam" song is "Opps.. I did it again!"


Kudos to the see-saw, it can takes 8 fully grown adults weight after eating several rounds of food! Don't play play.

And.. I wonder what's wrong with my camera.. the pictures are getting blur-er.
Time to get a new one? Or maybe because I dropped it off from James car's roof top while trying to set it on auto-timer.

* * * * *

By the way, say hi to my new so-very-panjang monitor.

19" Widescreen.

I'm still trying to get used to seeing everything stretched and everyone looks fatter.

And Bobby claimed that he felt like panggang (BBQ) my pink piggie...
(The arm rest I made myself...)

Eh! Pet Abuse ah!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Preparations is damn mafan....

. . .
of course, its not me who's getting married.
Not yet, not yet. Wait ah.... Erm, at least 4~ 5 years more.

You kaypoh people out there really worried that no one wants me hor?
And think the whole world only left Bobby willing to sacrifice, "swallow" me is it?

I don't know why every time when I blogged topics about wedding and marriage, everyone will come to me and said, "You so desperate meh?"

WTH??? Just because I talked about getting married doesn't mean I'm doing it myself lah. Does that mean that if one day I blog about homosexuality you people (especially my thoughtless and stupid friends!) think that I'm becoming a lesbian?

Think with your head lah , if you have one....

Gosh, I sound angry.

* * * * *

It's my dearest friend. She's getting married next year, which I think a lot of you already heard me mentioning tons of time in my blog.

Because I'm the only child in the family, thus I have no one's wedding to kaypoh around. She's the closest one I can get involved and shamelessly bugged Theen to feed me the latest news and updates for her wedding preparations from time to time.

And I realized my first question to her is always, "How much oh?"

"Bridal shots how much oh?"

"Furnitures (bed, dressing table, sofa..) how much oh?"

"Engagement ring, wedding bands how much oh?"

"Wedding reception one table how much oh?"

"Sliming package how much oh?" Oppsies!

All these "how much" already make me (and Bobby) sweat like hell.

Either the soon-to-wed choose

a) Simple and inexpensive.
b) Simple and expensive.
c) Glamorous and VERY expensive!
d) None of the above. They just register and save the hassle.

.. depending on the time and budget they have.

* * * * *

First we talk about bridal shots.

I'm not sure for other races but I think every Chinese couples (who I know) sure got wedding photos one. Indoor studio shots and outdoor shots. Couples had to survey so many shops providing these kind of service, go through their portfolio and compare the packages and it took 2~3 hours for each shop. Crazy....

After choosing the right shop, then comes the hard part. Picking the 7~8 different outfits, make-up and hair style, pose and smile for several hours till the face got all stiff and got the bones cracking.


Not to mention, its easy for the guys to choose their suit since its either black, or white. (Blah... so boring lah). But its different for ladies. Suck in as much air as possible to hide that hideous tummy, smile with an angle to get that sharp thin face, wear that killer heels and still need to be all "natural", without falling down of course.

I was sharing my experience with my friends about the couple who went trying their bridal gown and suit, and the groom totally no layan the wife one.

Joseph told me he would do the same because there's no point to comment.

If the guy say, "Not nice".
The girl will ask, "Why leh?"

If the guy say, "Nice."
Then the girl will answer, "Really meh?"

"Say nice cannot, say not nice cannot also.
Girls are hard to please and understand eh... " <- Voice in every guys heart.

Question leading to another question and I bet all guys out there think it's pointless to voice comments on the girl's fashion sense since in the end she won't be listening to the guy also, unless he's a fashion designer or gay feminine fashionable enough to talk about the latest trend.

* * * * *

That's only bridal shots.

Next I'll talk about Wedding Reception.
Not really a part 2 thing. Just that its getting really long and boring..


(Want to sleep now..... The farewell BBQ party was a blast. Will blog about it in the next post.

Oh wait.. I still owe Choonie a tag reply...)

Stay tune for:-

"Why is wedding so mafan and costly?"

"So that people won't get married for the second time."

... Lame.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

C for __________

Teacher walked in the classroom and said,

"Okay class, today we're going to learn the letter "C".
Can anyone name me anything that begins with the l
etter "C"?"




"Sussshhh.... Don't say that. It's not nice."

"But.... Cina does begin with the letter "C"!"

".... Anymore answer?"

"Cher Cher! I know I know! C for Sial! "


(Yes! My friend's student really answered her that! Kids nowadays....)

which reminds me of,

Once a cute little boy at the age of 4 answered "K" for 恐龙 KONG-LONG!!!

* * * * *

So boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,

Tell Teacher Nonnie C for _________ and K for _____________.
And I'll give you sweets for the correct answer.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On and Off. On and Off.

. . . Bah, Off terus lah!
Resources are precious in our planet Earth.

Of all answers I heard whenever I asked, "Are you dating someone at the moment?" or "You have boyfriend/ girlfriend?", that [points title] is my least favorite.

(Follow by, "You guess lar~" in that idiotic act-cute tone! I'm not asking your Age for God's sake. I'm just being nice starting a conversation, as if I'm really that interested. Doh... )

I'm fine with people at the age of 12 ~ 17 giving me that answer, but for someone who's already in their mid 20s, coming 30.... APA NI?

Tell me exactly how to love/ un-love a person within weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds?

On mah On. Off mah Off. What the heck is on/off?
Does that mean:

Awwww.. He bought me flowers [Love button ON].

He FARTED when we're about to kiss!!!!!
[Love button OFF]

He said sorry and promised to fart only outside the house
[Love button ON]

Damnit! He dug his nose and sticked it on my pink wall this time!

He bought me chocolates and teddy bear.
[ON back]

Bloody hell... It's a $1.80 teddy from Happy Star and he unwrapped the chocolate and feed me after scratching his butt. That's it.
[OFF for good!]

Few hours later....
He MMS me a picture of him with that Puss-in-boots eyes. And... I'm missing him.
How? On..or Off? On? Off? On? Off?

*Ka-boom* Head exploded.

Eh, before you proceed reading.... the above scenario is simply make up by me and don't simply assume that it happened to Bobby and I before ah.

Plus, farting and nose digging.... *poofffff* nothing to us lah.

I bet most of you had come across this. You logged into your friendster/ facebook account and simply browse your friends' profile and clicked on them whenever they upload new photos.

Then all the captions you saw were,

"My boo"
"My bi"
"I love him so much"
"Me and _______"
"_____ and I"
"I miss him"
"[insert any mushy words that makes you wanna puke]"

All the pictures are the guy and the girl with similar background, just different angles and poses. (Can it get any boring-er?)

Then the following week, the guy/girl updated his/her profile and next thing you saw was:
"Single" or "It's complicated".

Weeks later, they called each other Laokung Laupoh again!

This, makes me laugh!
(Can it get any more dramatic (and stupid) than this?)

Hahhahahahhahaahaa. I know I know, you can call me evil or mean,'s funny what?!

I'm only human.... Kelly Lim An anonymous friend loves to share these kind of juicy gossips with me and we enjoyed laughing together. Pretty low of us I know. But my friends always tell me this, "As long as you're happy...", or "Just follow your heart". So my heart asked me to kaypo, I follow lor. =p

* * *

I seriously cannot tahan those people who always act all lovey-dovey in front of people (kissing foreheads , whispering and nibbling, the most teruk is rubbing each other's genitals in public. Get a room please, or at least... get a car.) but at the back, quarrel for the tiniest things. Pretentious couple.

The most classic one I ever heard was,
Girlfriend: Urgh..... I don't wanna go out because I have a pimple on my forehead.

Boyfriend: Perhaps you should use lesser make-up and give your skin a rest.

Girlfriend: I want to break up with you!

Boyfriend: . . . what?

Pretty innocent for the guy huh? No worries, the girl called the next day and they got back together... again ... for the n-th time!

Seems like the girl is a breaking-up addict. And she never fails to surprise me with her latest reason.

(Neh... she's not a friend of mine. I just heard stories about her)

What "Fate brought us together"?
More like "FAKE brought us together" lah!

* * *
(If you want to know what am I up to lately)

- Am not practicing guitar this two weeks because I need to keep my nails long.

- Not losing even 1mm of my waistline because I'm still eating.
That is: Fasting plan failed badly.

- Monitor finally kaput. Need to buy a new one after pay day. *money fly fly*

- Thinking whether I should put on make up myself or simply find someone to do it for me.
Note to self: Brush up make-up skill! No more alasan for not doing it.

- I'm so loving Puasa because my students are extra cute and obedient this month!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Short Note:
I hate September.
Wrong. Correction, WE HATE SEPTEMBER!


School is opening tomorrow. And I felt like I couldn't get enough of it.
This is what I'd done for my holidays...
Saturday & Sunday - Life Potential Class
Monday - Clean my keyboard
Tuesday - (Damn sad that I don't want to talk about it anymore...)
Wednesday & Thursday - Miri looking for prom dress and accessories. T_T money fly
Friday - BSB, accompanied SL to dental clinic.
Saturday - Baked cheese cake and scalded my hand. o_O. Bad day for Bobby too.
Sunday - Breakfast @ KB and stayed at home whole day.
One word - UNPRODUCTIVE!!!

I was suppose to make a pillow for Kelly (belated birthday present).
I was suppose to tidy up my wardrobe but I didn't.
I was suppose to go for a facial and do something to my hair but I overspent this month.
I was suppose to be a better person but I am already one. =p

*tap tap tap on keyboard*

I don't know what to blog.... Where's my bloginspiration?

(If there's such word. Teeeheee.

Actually I do have lots of things to say, but after several considerations, I thought it'll be better if I can just keep my mouth shut and don't dwell into it. I want an anonymous blog!!! But, what's so fun to blog if I always termed people as A,B and C? Or call myself Miss X? *shake heads*

I wish I have bigger balls... Wait, GUTS is what I meant.)

* * *

Here, the long delayed photos taken last week when we went to BSB to meet up Naz.

When I said I want to lose 5kg, actually I just want to lose the excess fats especially those on my arms, as you can see from the pictures above. Some joked that my arms can feed the entire African tribe. -___-"

My dress can cover up my tummy so that's not a concern for me anymore. But with my super flabby arms, I look like a rugby player in it la.

Imagine, broad shoulder with humongous arms. And somewhat slightly larger than average "assets". *I'm trying to be humble here okay*


I bet most of you had known this already.

Spiritual Garden is categorized under "Personal Blog" and the nominating phase starts now!

Blog Category
(eligible blogs)
Event Dates Event
Best Personal Blog
September - October 2007
11th - 24th Sept Public Nominations Phase.
25th - 4th Oct Public Voting Phase.
8th/9th Oct Best Personal Blog Winner, Runner-up, and Best Nominator announced on Simpur, KRISTALfm & Media.

Nominators can win too! How generous is that?

I wonder if foreigners are allowed to vote or not.
Anyone cares to enlighten me?

Can I please be the winner this time?
I'll post a sexy pic just to win this. LOL! You think I so cheap meh?
*flash puppy/ kitty eyes (whichever cuter for you)*

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shopping = Happy? Well, not for me

Happy Ber-Puasa
to all Muslims out there, I'm so going to try it out one day (and see how long I can tahan... Not very long I think. So I really salute you those out there who can do it so well.)

Remember, stomach puasa. Mouth, eyes, ears and heart also need to puasa.


I went to Miri yesterday after posting the picture up yesterday. As usual - paktoh with Bobby and carried out an important task which is buying all the necessaries for the upcoming Curtin Prom.

And who told me shopping is fun? Retail therapy doesn't exist in my dictionary, especially when its my hard earned money I'm spending. God, spending hundred of dollars and the amount of time wasted in looking for the perfect dress, shoes and accessories is damn tiring lah. I certainly get no fun out of it.

(I know girls out there must have think I'm an alien and guys out there hope their gfs/ wives are more like me. LOL!)

I'm not going to post picture of the dress I bought because I want to keep it as a surprise till the day comes. *winks*

Of course first of all... I need to lose some weights first. Bobby gave me a number, 5kg.
5kg within 2 weeks, is it possible?

(This is Puasa period okay! Gym and sport complexs close early and no one to exercise with. And I really don't want to cut down my meals. How? HOW?!)

Okay.. I'll try lah, but don't have high hope yeah.

Not easy to transfom 3 layers fat to 1 lean meat la.

Bobby and I went to a couple of bridal shop, NOT BECAUSE WE'RE GETTING MARRIED SOON LAH! Bobby wanted to rent a suit for the prom and I noticed something funny while waiting for someone to serve us.

While the bride-to-be was happily changing into various types of gown, discussing with her mother, sister and friends excitedly, the groom-to-be was just busy poking on his PDA phone! Totally no comments at all.

I warned Bobby if he dare to sit down like a log and act like its none of his business when I'm trying out the dresses, JAGA!!!

Tell me, when you're getting married (for married readers out there), did your husband answer you "Anything lah..", and OK-ed to whatever you suggested and mentioned as if it's none of his business?

Scary leh!

By the way, he didn't get anything in the end because all those suit made him look like a rugby player with those super thick sponges on the shoulder. And its hard to find the colour we wanted to match his pant. See, who says girls are troublesome? My case different.

* * * * *

Anyway, these are some of the stuffs I bought in Miri.
Nothing fancy actually.

I just want to show off my new pencil case and that cool car sign that only can last for another, erm.... 6 years. Then paint off the number 2 and write 3. *sad*

And here, new additions to my erasers collection!
(Click here if you're new to my blog, you'll be impressed by my collections. Muahahahah!)

Cute leh?
RM1.50 each and I bought one animal each.

Okay, I got to go. Comments replied later...
Wait, I said that already. Blog-hopping later too.
Right now I just want to bury myself in my warm blanket, have a nice sleep and go up BSB with SL tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

I cleaned my keyboard!

Short Note:
Why do I see donuts and cupcakes in almost every blog I visited?
Is that the latest trend now?

. . . I hate mainstream.


I wanted to post up the photos we took with Naz last weekend but Kelly hadn't appear online at her house and thus I still don't have the pictures with me.

But here, just a teaser.

Man.. I just noticed Naz's eyebrows look like Shinchan's!
So thick la, like caterpillar.


Right, cleaning my keyboard.
One of the task I gave myself for this holiday.

I remembered that Ness came over to my house and chatted using MSN with my PC. She had a lot of typos and blamed it on my keyboard because the letters had worn off.

(No skill! =p I believed internet addicts will not have a problem in typing even if all the letters are all gone. Too biasa with the keyboard liao mah, kan?)

As you can see, it's just a very cheap Made-in-China keyboard that only cost $10 (if I'm not wrong), dirty with yellowish brown patches here and there. And 10% of the letters on the keys are smudged.

Disgusting hor?
So malu posting these pictures up lah.
Like telling everyone in the whole wide world that I'm lazy and dirty.

*shy away from monitor*

. . . Okay de la, Bobby had long know the fact long ago, accept it and top me!
Kekekkekee =p

So I googled "How to clean computer keyboard" to look for cleaning tips. Hey, please don't think that I'm very 小姐 don't know how to do housework one. I helped my mum to iron 2 big baskets of cloths, cleaned the toilet and my favorite was emptying the dustbin okay. (Note the past tense. I admit I seldom do all this things now because I don't follow my mum to work anymore.) I just want to make sure I won't screw things up.And spend unnecessarily.

(I'm a karit monster. Everybody knows that.
My mum had been bugging me to get myself a new laptop seeing me trying to on/off the monitor everytime it blacks out on me. See.. even my mum can't tahan)

To my surprise, some genius actually took 5 days to wait for his keyboard (and keys) to get all dried up. The method he used, popped it into the DISHWASHER! Read here.

So what I did (using the proper way) was:

Use cotton buds and clean the keys between the gaps.

My first swab!

The Chinese reads:
Lao Kung (hubby), Jin Wan Jia Liao Oh (Tonight we add dish oh)

Then take a screw driver or what-so-ever thin and hard
to "kiaw" the keys out.

Die for the second timeReally can cook into a pot of soup liao...

If you can't remember the right order of the qwerty keyboard, or lazy to search one by one after clean up, I'll suggest you to arrange them nicely in their respective order. Save a lot of time putting them back.

As for the letters that had worn off,
*ta da*

And I add a little more words, just to make sure my keyboard won't get despised by its own species, or my friends.

If this entry still have not motivate you to clean your keyboard right away, here - this might help.

Rutala's team tested 25 computer keyboards from UNC's Health Care System for bacteria. The researchers also placed bacteria on several laptop computers and tried to remove those bacteria with various disinfectants.

The bottom line: The keyboards were home to several sorts of bacteria, and cleaning helped.

"Our data suggest that microbial contamination of keyboards is prevalent and that keyboards may be successfully decontaminated with disinfectants," the researchers write.

Or, if you're rich enough or a spendthrift. Easy - Just buy new one.

Hmm... Is there any disposable keyboard available?

Oh wait, cancel the idea. I love my planet Earth and I wouldn't want to create more rubbish to burden it.