Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Eve (2007) sucks big time!

Bumped into my ex whom I had not seen for 5 years this morning. Man, I'm going to do something typical (Southeast Asia punya) Chinese will do when a very uncommon thing happened. Can guess what?

Yeap. I'm going to buy 4D.

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I still can't believe that Empire did such a lousy job this year with their Xmas buffet. Not only there was no party hats/ whistles/ mask on our table, Christmas decorations also don't have!

Click *here* to see how well was last year's to compare.

HELP! I need a long ladder to scrap off the gold!

Last year we had our dinner at Pantai, so this year we thought we should make a change and try out Atrium Cafe instead. Big mistake.

We're actually quite hyped about the dinner until we went in and get our seats. There was zero Christmas decors and Christmas trees are ridiculously small.

Yes, I was hoping for some big ass Christmas trees that looks like this,

Picture stolen from JanShim.

But unfortunately, those that I saw was only like this...

only 20cm or shorter

... placed on every table with nothing but a red ribbon.
How smart.

Oh, ask me about the food now!
Ask me! Ask Me! ASK ME!!!

Imaginary Friend: Hi Nonnie, how was the food?
Tulan Nonnie: Like vacuum lor...... SUCKS!!!

(I heard a lot of you gasping now...)

True I ate till full full that night, but that is because I don't want to waste my hard earned cash by sulking whole night lor.

Lucky the seafood corner still consider okay for me. Had some fresh oysters, crabs, prawns and mussels. If not really throw money to sea liao. Oh ya, the Japanese corner was quite good too. Salmon sashimi..... Mmmmmm~

I didn't take any picture of food because it didn't really make me go "WOW!" , well at least i made an effort of taking pictures of the desserts. (Okay, the real reason behind was, no one took pictures at the buffet table... So I malu lah, scare people think I come from kampung)

SL took each of everything into one big plate and brought back to us to share. Unfortunately, most of us only took one bite, frowned and put it back on the plate.

The only dessert we kept wanting for more

Okay. Enough pictures of the place and food.
Give way to our BIG FACES.

(Captions only)

That was be ready to stick my tongue out but couldn't make it on time...
Thus the funny mouth

Can see Bobby's Santa Antler Hat?

The Usual Trio

Just look at the size of their eyes and mine.... Damn unfair man.

Dear Santa,
Where is that pair of big eyes that I had requested over the years?
No wonder people say you don't exist!

The Chubbies

The Skinnies

The Overloaded.

No lah, they're the one without partners for the night. Poor James had to work and SL nearly couldn't make it too. Sigh, its best if your other half don't work offshore else end up like that two poor blokes.

I had no idea how my napkin got so dirty...
*act innocent*

I was known as the "Fork Thief" that night because when my fork got dirty, I just left it aside and used Theen's. She only found that out when she needed to use it and saw that there was two forks at my side, both dirty.

What? Soon-Pien mah....

Group Photos

The below photo is directed by Kelly.
She asked us to stand like that and we all don't know how to strut.

And so we got bored and decided to move on to a more festive place.
Where else but the infamous NBT?

Funny right? Everyone flocked to a car showroom instead of hitting the town for Xmas. Reason was simple, that place had tons of Christmas Feel!

Kudos NBT! Thank you for making Brunei's Christmas less dull! And Chinese New Year too!

I thought Halloween is over?

Nope. It's not raining. Those are BUBBLES for God's sake!!!!

Not only there are speakers hidden playing Christmas carols all day long, they also have bubble machines which made everything so perfect!

NBT makes me happy.


I was being silly again.
But really, I love my Toyota. Cheap and reliable.

It's impossible to take picture without strangers behind

See what I mean?

Saw this sign while climbing up the big red boot!

What "big red boot"?
This one.

with the poor guys waiting and helping us to take photo

Really! Stupid Bobby loves to put his hand on my tummy when taking pictures, as if I'm pregnant like that.

Some more he dare to say, "It's for your own good mah... Cover liao then people don't see lor."

Excuse me Mr. Lim, are you trying to say my tummy is big? >.<

Adios! Madam Santa(s) have a lot of parcels to deliver!

lame... so lame....

Christmas sucks. For I stayed whole day at home rotting, channel surfing hoping for some classic Christmas movies or cartoons to re-run years after years.

Let's go Singapore next year for Christmas.
*check bank book*
Forget it.


Kelly said...

WHat the..? I DON CARE! u tell me how did u edit that last photo of us on the sleigh?????

Next year i think balik pantai also the same (I do miss the baked oysters!), but don think will have X'mas tree & hats on the table anymore~~ok, you've got a year to plan on 2008 X'mas dinner! hahaha...

Iwan Sanchez said...


u will be the 1st one to receive u in airport if u come to singapore!!
singapore christmas feling is good..


btw, its pathetic that only that small tree on the table and are u guys the only one wearing the christmas hat? hehehe!

i love the pics with the reindeer.. hehehhee

Affy said...

So, uh, Bobby is a tummy sort of guy. HAAHAAHA.

When you pay a lot of money for dinner, people are obligated to write a really good (delicious) review about them. *coughFoodblogs*

I like you for going the other way round, which is a good thing.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Nonnie!

Hungryduo said...

Merry X'Mas!
I went to Millenium Restaurant and their buffet not that nice too..

- Hunnie <3

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Photoshop. Motion blur. $5, thank you!

Next year we go i-Lotus. SL said his mum went there, its a lot cheaper and nicer.

Iwan : And I will be sitting in your new car!

Sort of la, can really count the number of people wearing the hats lor.

Sad hor?

Nonnie King said...

Affy : Unfortunately yes, he loves rubbing tummy and he even named it!

When I pay a lot of money for food, that means I'm expecting more. And experience told me pricey food doesn't mean guarantee delicious.

My $55 can buy me better food elsewhere. At least a party set from Excapade that can stuffed me to death.

Hunnie : Okay, Millennium is out of the picture for next year too.

Keep hunting dear, Bobby and I always look forward for your recommendations and actually went to try it out.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Well at least ur x-mas very happening!
Have a nice day & happy new year!

Thanis said...

Bobby touch your tummy means he is waiting for something lor ;)

Hee hee

War186 said...

OMG! It was really you at Empire. I was thinking to myself, this girl kinda looks like Nonnie. Hmm. I should've looked out for Bobby and your friends since I should know them from your blog but I didn't. But anyway, how could I not have recognized you ah. I think I saw you frowning a couple of times so I thought it couldn't have been Nonnie. Did you see me and Boon? Haha.

War186 said...

Btw, I ate way a lot more than Boon 'cos unlike me he didn't eat the seafood and beef and there were a lot of them right? Boon was very disappointed with the food..I guess he was expecting a lot more of his favourite, chicken. Lol.

De Pianist said...

hahaha..i kinda like your sleigh photo..quite funny..Santa Nonnie is coming to town~ hehehehe

that restaurant must be on tight budget liao..what a plain christmas tree...=_=

Nonnie King said...

H.A.M : Happening meh? I stayed at home whole day my Xmas wor.

Thanis : CHOOOIIIIII!! Go spit your saliva now!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : We're so close, yet so far. HAHHAHAH! And you saw me frowning?

I did see you and Boon's back and I was wondering if its you guys also.

You ate more? That's really rare, so do you like the food that night?

Pau Lene : Very malu you know posing like that in public. At first that two chabors a bit reluctant one.

That restaurant on tight budget? Man.. the hotel is the biggest, grandest, and super mahal one in Brunei.

Go watch WLT "On the road" this week then you can see how posh it is!

-moon- said...

I was at the empire on Xmas Eve too.. I went there just to check out the decoration this year.. Sekali.. don't have.. so disappointed..

You guys are the only table wearing Xmas cap? I did saw a table with Xmas cap.. wondering now whether it's ur gang.. hehe..

Bobby said...

Usually I am excited about Christmas, but for the past few years its like it has lost its special feeling for me. Is it that I have stop believing in Christmas? I'l always watch those Christmas special cartoon on Nicklelodean and cartoon network to give me that feel.

Christmas in Singapore is heaven, definitely must go there.

Jewelle said...

I wonder why Empire don't have fancy decors like they did last year.

That small tree on that table is really pathetic for their standard oh?

jessie said...

At least u got to have Xmas dinner..

I had to work..
N the only good dinner i had was at TGIF~~
LOL~~!! =p

@lex said...

let's plan for next year either at I-lotus or Singapore ! .. or maybe New Year Eve at I-lotus !!!

@lex said...

just realize .. i never gave u the pics .. or rather u did not come for it .. :P

War186 said...

Yeah, I thought the food was quite disappointing too. Even more so for Boon lah 'cos I could almost eat everything and he had only chicken and egg dishes heh. Kesian lah the guy 'cos he was so looking forward to dinner there.

Kenny Ng said...

The place so grand wor... This year I dun have holiday at all la, lagi cham.

anyway... Happy New Year to u...

Nonnie King said...

-Moon-: I did saw groups of people walking in and left in just 5mins after knowing there's nothing to see. Didn't know you were there too.

Erm, there's a couple of guys wearing santa hat sitting near us so I'm not to sure too.

Bi : So, can we go there next year? Pwease~~~~~

Jewelle : Actually I think got one at the lobby but not so impressive also, malas to take picture.

Yeah, I think the word "Pathetic" fits best describing Xmas in Empire this year.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Yah.. Spend $55 on a worthless buffet and sulked about the $2.50 per bottle of mineral water.

I would rather be you who have a good dinner at TGIF. I heard its good!

Alex : Ask your sweet boss whether he let you go o not first, Don't song song say nya. Later fly aeroplane again.

Malas to take from you. =p Maybe one day drop by your house again.

War : Us too.. We were really looking forward to it and end up with such disappointment. SIen.

Kenny : Grand is grand. But food sucks leh.

Happy New Year to you too Kenny, wish you have a nice working day in Dubai.