Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 20, the week full of surprises, love and smiles.

Seriously, my week 20 was so awesome that I sometimes dread that maybe unlucky thing will come soon because you know… the balance of life dafuq.

First of all, my best friend 48 came back for a super short holiday. Not really a holiday la, she came back to visit her sick grandma. But still, I felt that I already untung that I was able to see her after 1.5 years we last met.

Oh ya, before that, I had a great fall while taking my casual stroll around the neighourhood…

It was really really bad…. And the story behind it, you would laugh when I  told you how Badd (my kanasai friend) poured antiseptic to the wound and how loud I yelled in Wisma Yakin!

A week later…

The scabs had all came off now leaving really ugly scars. Need a lot of whitening ni!

Celebrated our 8th Paktohversary. This time we opted for something different. Instead of picking a nice restaurant, I whipped up a meal from scratch because he complained I hadn’t made him sushi for a long time. (It was.. 7 years ago)

The menu, Deep fried soft shell crab, bacon wrapped scallops (these two I super proud of myself) and the rest… the usual stuffs.

My best friends who layan-ed my silliness.

We were sitting on the big rocks and I plucked a leaf and did that green mustache thing. They laughed and I forced them to do the same too! I was like, you guys so sweet lah, always layan me one, not afraid of sia-soi-ness and SL murmured cheh, andang sia-soi don’t know how long liao lah when you (me) around.

True friends huh.

  06 P1080954
Steamboat at my place.

Went to Modesto (in Batu Bersurat) with the Garden Circlings because Pingko said she wanted to belanja us because she just got her first pay from the new work place. Was very disappointed at the food, like seriously seriously super very the disappointed!

(They have a page in the menu dedicated to vegetarians as above, but those with red stickers are currently unavailable. Bagus ihh!)

Turned out the dinner date was actually a secret plan plotted by Bobby to propose.


Full story later. Because I don’t have any photos with me.

 I\'m engaged! #engage #love #ring by nonnieking 

It felt so unreal…. I was yu-mou-lun-chi (dunno dafuq was I saying) after the proposal and did a super sia-soi thing. I yelled, showing my finger, "I’M FINALLY ENGAGED!!!!”

Thank you for the lovely surprise my dear fiancé, esehman!

I said it earlier and I’m going to say it again, dear 48, you sibeh lucky to get involved in the proposal hor. Hahahhahaa. But really lah, it was like a super bonus for me that she was there during this important moment of my life. Dear God, you sibeh nice to me lah. I promise you I will  .. okay, cant think of anything to promise. Nevermind lah, next time ya.

Made this infinity dress yesterday (tutorial over here) and love the result so much! Though it is a little too short but still, at least it looks wearable! I only measured and cut, mom did the sewing because I am really bad with the sewing machine when it comes to this lycra fabric.

There, my week 20 in summary.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midori Icing Cakes


Everyone… fine, not everyone, knows I’m not a huge fan of cakes but one particular online bakery really caught my attention lately. Not really lately lah, but we’ve been loyal customers ever since the very first order. There’s a huge variation of flavours to choose, the punctuality she has on delivery time, and of course, the designs!

It all started from Sheepy ordering her anniversary cake.

Well, her nick is Sheepy, needless to say, she is a huge fan of sheep.

Then another colleague of mine ordered this. *points above*

I was really amazed by the Chinese characters! Hello, this is coming from someone who can’t speak, read, write Chinese one wor. I think I ask Bobby writes his own Chinese name also cannot.

Nisa’s Tiffany & Co. (box only) cake because we couldn’t afford the real thing dafuq.

Bibi’s prayer cake.


Vky’s Princess cuppies

And her wedding cake


Z’s lovely pinkish Chanel Cake (don’t play play)


Didie’s Polaroid cake with our photo!


And lastly, Sheepy’s birthday cake this year.

She wanted a topsy turvy cake and so I contacted Midori Icing Cakes, told her what I wanted for Sheepy, found an image and decided on the flavours, viola! The bottom layer is crunchy hazelnut and the upper layer is red velvet! How awesome is that!

And the price…… la la la la la ~ Just put it that way, we are super happy with it and seriously, Midori never lets us down!

See more of her work at and be amazed.

p/s: This is not a paid ad. I just thought that it will be nice to share this because we all love her cakes very much.