Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chau's Farewell Steamboat

Our darling friend Miss Tang ah Chau (not real name of course, are you stupid?) a.k.a Chau McDotty will be leaving us on the 18th June to further her studies in Perth.

Feels so weird...

I know it's normal for people to study abroad and there's nothing big about it. But, this particular friend of mine is 25 this year. She started working after her O' level. While everyone of us were still busy struggling with our studies, this lady always angan-angan there relax only.

And now everyone has graduated and settled down with a (good) job, it's her turn, away from us for years and only comes back annually.

I do admire her courage though. After all, it's not easy for a 25 years old jie-jie (kakak) with years of working experience leaving home and start a brand new life by fitting herself in a lecture room full of 18 years old teenagers. And start job hunting all over again few years later where as maybe Yuen is already a mother of two!

So people, look up to my friend. She sibeh got guts okay.

* * *

We had a mini farewell party for her last Saturday. Steamboat + potluck. Mum was supposed to help me to cook the "Lu-Tan" (braised eggs) but she came home late and so no jadi. And so I contributed nothing but my empty stomach and witty jokes.

I rushed home, took a quick shower, packed my stuffs and hopped up Vai's car. That's why there's a delay in my bloggie's update (no internet access) and also I couldn't join the "Walk for Life" (no transport)... Reason told as previous entry, lousy friends preferred to sleep in on a Sunday morning rather than doing something meaningful.

That's my precious blankie, customized by my mum! (Got all those DIY genes from her actually) Sleeping in a full-blasted air conditioned car at the back seat in a hot Saturday afternoon with warm blanket to snuggle down is simply the best! Yeah, I slept like a dead log soon after this picture was taken.

Arriving BSB, we makan-ed in a vegetarian restaurant and did a little shopping in Gadong, till it was time to pick up the two sisters, Mei Yuen and Fang.

Of course, vegetarian steamboat looks less attractive compared to non-vegetarian one because everything is either green, yellow or brown. Very limited choices.

See for yourself
Non-vegetarian steamboat I had last month with Theen, Kelly and K.L
Vegetarian steamboat I had last year for Mei Yuen's informal bridal shower.

Our Dinner

Don't you think those mushrooms in the middle of the pot looks like wriggling worms?

As you can see, we had fried meehoon (prepared by Bernard! Ganas man.. the only noodle Bobby can cook is Maggie Mee!) and the rest of the ingredients for the steamboat were baby corn, lots and lots of different mushrooms, tofu, veggies, black fungus, Siaw-Mei-Rou-Yuan (vegetarian meatballs) and of course... vermicellis.

Other than that we also had deep fried seaweed (unevenly salted) and this!

Hey, it tasted very very very good okay. Don't be a bias and think that nothing taste good in vegetarian food.

I still remembered those days when Vai and Yuen would cooked for us everyday back in 6 years ago. I lost quite a lot of weight that time too, due to the healthy diet.

Sigh.. I'm missing Yuen's Tom Yam (vegetarian) fish and Vai's Lemon Chicken, where we all grabbed our plate and ate together in the living room watching TV2 & 3 drama series in the buruk TV (that had forgotten it's a color TV and not a B&W one).

Those were the days... 4 of us squeezing in a tiny room with occasional visits from Chau sometimes driving us out with her dad's old Cressida.

Some of us

FYI, Chau (the one who's leaving, wearing the blue shirt) and Pingko (the one standing at the back with that boyish lesbian hair cut) are sisters.

One so tall, one so short.
One so thin, one so fat.
But both also very kanasai and love to bully moi.

The only time I can bully them is by posting ugly photos of them and bad mouthed them.

Actually I took a really ugly picture of them on that night. Chau was sitting on the chair and Ping lied flat on her sister looking up. It's really gay!

But Ping begged me not to upload it because I have too many readers and it's too embarrassing. I said I wouldn't post it in my blog, but I will in my Friendster (which I'm still thinking whether I should upload it or not). So LauShu Ping, from today onwards you better talk to me more 'ker-qi" and buy me peach green tea from time to time.

Nyek nyek nyek!

Caption put for fun.
But who knows it might come true one day? =p

Lastly, group photo for remembrance.

Standing (L-R): King, Ping, Chau and Eng
Sitting (L-R): Vai and Yuen
Squatting: Fang

To Chau,

You had been a great friend to me, giving me a hand whenever I needed help and said words that made me feel better when I needed comfort. You won't get angry every time I joked about your height and weight, of course you and your beloved kanasai sister love to make fun of my skin tone and my tiny eyes. But still, we're cool.

I hope you'll get thinner over there and bring back an angmoh.. since you know, sometimes angmoh has really weird taste in Asian women. Who knows you got market there leh? =p

My blog is always here for you in case you got the urge to see my pretty face.

p/s: Bring back some pessimons when you come back for me and Shi-Zhen-Jie. Don't be like your stupid sister, brought back two-bunch of bananas (empty handed) nya, yet still dare to minta cherry tomatoes and kolomee from my mum.

Love (to pinch your fats) always,


<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

1st to comment yay! though, this post wouldn't really be aimed for me. so which means i'm commenting just for the sake to get comment no. 1. =p

but then again, vegetarian food is nice wah. like the vegetarian meat, but well provided you let me eat normal food also. i cannot survive without meat lah! i also cannot survive with only veggie (as in only vegetables).

i think your friend really brave, wish her good luck in her studies! =D

Sha said...

You also have a new banner!! Nice :)

All the best to your friend.. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

everyone is so ecstatic when they are the 1st commentator. hahahaha!!!

y ar??

hmm.. looks like u guys love having steamboat hor.. healthy choice ke???

but i tink friend is good enuff to pursue her studies at that age..

Not many can make that kind of decision esp a gal...


p/s: 3rd to comment is relatively ok kan?? hahahahha!!

Nonnie King said...

Jason : -_-" Kek tiok. Comment for the sake of commenting nya. Steady you =p

Vegetarian food is nice, just that I get hungry really really fast.

Sha : Thanks dear.

Iwan : Because steamboat is the easiest way to prepare and healthiest choice.

I appreciate all comments!

Chau said...

Dear Kingy,

This is very sweet of you. Yep, those were the days. The days while we fought for food during lunch in Ye's tiny office, sneaked out at night to Taurean, sang in Vai's car, how the Garden Circle was named and lots of tiny memorable thingy. Though we cannot rewrite history but it shall always remain deep inside us. We doubt the future lying infront of us and perhaps sadly, we might not be able to meet in the future or might be to busy looking up for each other but yea, we shared something that no others did haha...

Anyway, pardon me and Ping for alway 'shuaning' you but it is because we know you can take it haha... It was fun though you must admit haha and we are just building up atmosphere haha...

I am really glad that my little words do really console you... haha

Opsie... long comment huh?

Yours fatty,
Chau Mc Dotty

Chau said...

Oh by the way, thanks to all those friendly people who wishes the best for me! I really appreciated it!

teddY said...

Hi Nonnie! Well wishing Chau McDotty all her best in her future endeavours in Australian education! I must agree with you that it takes A LOT of courage to not only go overseas to seek for a better education but also to mingle around with people younger than you in the same course! Claps for Chau for being such a brave and adventurous person! I really admire her spirit of life-long learning as well as her courage! Such attitudes are so rare in the society nowdays. Good luck Chau! My best wishes are always with you ;) Being a Malaysian studying in Singapore myself I sort of know the feeling of being away from home. You might feel a little homesick at first, but as you familiarise yourself with your new environment I bet you'll love Australia a lot XD my friend says that it's a place with a lot of sunshine and smiles ;)

Take care Chau!

P.S. Nonnie it's just so sweet of you to share this with us!

War186 said...

Haha I think you sound mean to your friends lah. Hehe. Anyway, that is real brave of your friend. I wouldn't want to go overseas now that I'm already this old heh.

uglyfatchick said...

Honestly, 25 is not really old.
and I admire people who can work and then go back to studies.
All the best to Chau!

Nonnie, you bring your blankie out? LOL very cute.

Nonnie King said...

Chau : See, there are things that we find it really hard to say out face by face. Because it feels very "er-xin" and either one of us will burst out laughing.

Teddy : Thanks for sharing a piece of your mind.

Wardah : Hehehheee. I'm mean to my really close friends because I know they can take it and still love me for who I am. Anyway, they're mean to me too =p

Christina : I'm staying over at my friend's place and there's not enough blanket for all of us. So I terpaksa bring my own one lor.

War186 said...

I know what you mean. I can be mean with my friends too (playing saja though) to their faces but just not in public, like say it in my blog. Crazy that. Hehe. ;P

Tasha said...

Nonnie.. Puhleaseee.... the vegetarian food looks so good. It's all your fault i tried to lick my screen.. geesh :)

Regards to GigiBesi

Pingko said...

Oh come on...Admit it...i know you love my hair...