Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating 50 years of awesomeness in style, 60s style~

Short note:

Woohoo!!! I’m in a jolly good mood now because my semester break for two weeks has officially started. Albeit I have like a collage assignment, museum review, portfolio, essay and more self-practice to be done but hey, at least I’m having my social life back! A lot happened during this few weeks of me not blogging, some happy some upsetting… Will make use of this break and blog more I promise!

I missed the Timesquare one and there’s no way I am going to miss the Seria one, my favorite outlet!!!


I wasn’t aware of the Timesquare one and it was only when it was ending at night then I passed by and wondered what was all the hype about with my husband. Only to get my answers after I checked Instagram and FB flooded with posts of people dressing up like the 60s and read up about the event. Slow poke, I am.

Nevermind, I had another chance! Thank you Buddha!

It was on my last day of school before the semester break and despite the tiredness from commuting to BSB and back to KB, preparing for our awesome presentation (more about that later) and also essay due, I got back in KB at like 6pm, got a quick shower, dressed up and went straight off to CBTL Seria.

Why did I say I love Seria outlet best?

Simple, it’s my favorite place to hang out with my buddies and never once we left the place when it’s still open, except once when there’s a power failure. We usually meet up at around 8-ish, sit, chit chat, drink good coffee (and Theen complained why Hazelnut is always out of stock) until they slowly switch off the lights and we realize oh, it’s time to leave. Good times.  

Oh and also, unique gourmet menu varieties that is ONLY available in the newest branch, Seria.
(Super proud to be a Serian now. Muahahahhaaha)

Anyways, back to yesterday’s event.


There was already a big crowd when I arrived and the event was nicely organized. There was a counter, a small table where you register, after registering, and just wait for your turn to pose and snap.

No 60s outfit?

Don’t worry, props and apparels were prepared!

How thoughtful right? Thank you Deseo Boutique & Home Decor

The set with a cute couple thinking how to pose.

The backdrop showed the first Brentwood store in Los Angeles, California with a touch of Brunei outlet store feel.

The TS one, a better view on the backdrop.

The busy crew vowed to give every customer great experience and memory.

Good for me that FussyKelly was game enough to join the fun, SL was stuck in a boring dinner so only the two of us participated. Before we just walked straight in to the set, Fussy pulled me into a corner and discussed how we should pose. My very enthusiastic friend here.

FussyKelly choosing our photo and later the crew printed it on the spot.

The fabulous prizes!
Even consolation prizes pun I don’t mind!

Our shots

We wanted something different, not the usual “family portrait” kind of pose so we came up with

1) Me being the delivery guy and Fussy the hot dame waiting for the coffees. (top)
2) Bad Fussy got away with my coffees! (bottom)

We’re both happy with the outcome!

And….. and….. erm…. did you all notice that the Seria outlet’s backdrop has a VESPA in it!

I was amazed by the photo quality and both of us secretly took note of the printer model just… in case. I still love you my dear Canon Selphy, even though I wish that I can have the latest model with wifi. Such a Canon girl, my camera is Canon, my photo printer is also from Canon.

After the shoot, what better than enjoy a good cup of coffee and tea ending the night perfectly.

5 winners will be contacted and announced on 30 September throught facebook, and additional 5 winners will be also chosen to receive consolation prizes. Check out #coffeebeanbrunei50 for photos posted.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And she’s back!

Fun Bee Park will once again host well known Nyonya chef Pearly from the island of Penang. She will be here from the 20th - 22nd of September conducting 4 brand new workshops with brand new recipes. The public is encouraged to participate and explore the culinary world of the Nyonya where the Chinese and Malay cuisines marry and influence each other.

Over a course of 4 workshops with up to 3 recipes each, participants will get an opportunity to be hands on in learning how to create Nyonya dishes and also tips on a healthier and holistic lifestyle as chef Pearly was brought up and lives with what is available and not processed.

To reserve a spot in each workshop at $85 each, call Fun Bee Park at 245 7729 or  book all 4 workshops at $320.

20th Sept - Friday

8-11am workshop 1

2-5pm workshop 2

22nd Sept - Sunday

8-11am workshop 1

2-5pm workshop 2