Thursday, July 29, 2010

Majlis Ilmu 2010

Brought the students to ICC last Monday to visit the ongoing Majlis Ilmu and spotted this really cool license plate.


Pardon my tardiness as it was really my first time seeing this. I’m sorry, I can’t encode the Jawi and I had help from Shirley with it.

3 teachers and 18 students.. minus me who’s holding the camera.

I was most excited seeing the ancient coins!

This is really cute! Imagining playing with my Barbie dolls.

P1110539 P1110548

I’m sorry that this is a filler post as I’m quite busy lately. See ya soon!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Misato (KB)

We’re quite excited knowing that we have another new eatery, furthermore it’s in Pandan area!!!! Wooo, you have no idea how often we visit Excapade. Asal kan lunch, Excapade Excapade Excapade.

(Siew Fong, if you’re reading this.. can I have the privilege card? Too many people fighting to keep the receipt liao… Hehehhee)

Anyway, we tried Misato justnow and here’s what I think..

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, if yours differs from mine… I tak tanggungjawab ah.


The “open” area
As you can see, there’s no train in Misato KB.

The corridor to private rooms. There’s 5 here.

Ours is room no.6.

If you suffer from claustrophobia.. I don’t think you’ll like the rooms.

Their menu!

I’m pretty sure that I’d mentioned before how I like restaurants putting effort to the menu and this is a really nice one, and thick.

If got file-divider, lagi chun.

My favorite part of Misato… reusable plastic chopsticks!
Go Green people, say no to disposable chopsticks!

Now, the food.

What I ordered…

The real thing….

Obviously, WYSINWYG (what you see is NOT what you get) in this case…


Their pickled ginger is not pink in colour……

Soft shell crab tempura - B$10.00

Shirley’s Salmon Teriyaki Don (B$9.00)
Garlic rice (+ $1)

One word, bland. It’s like fried fish fillet with kicap.
(Excapade’s one has this nice thick flavorful sauce)

Agedashi Tofu (5 pcs - $5.00)
Shake Gyoza (6 pcs - $6.00)

The gyoza comes in 3 different choice. Chicken, salmon and… I can’t remember the last one… prawn or beef?

My macha ice cream with peanut - B$2.00

Hehehhhee. They have two choices of toppings, red bean and peanut. Obviously, I picked the latter. Love the crunchiness.

Their macha ice cream with red bean…. not mushy and sweet…

Overall, their sushis were really good.. with plenty of options. But their dishes were tad disappointing.      

They started commencing their business on 22nd July and today is 27th, meaning.. they are 5 days old on the day I visited. Hence, to be fair, we should be more lenient. Just like my experience with Kaizen Seria. First, I hated it.. and now it’s pretty good for me.

So yeah, that’s all from me.

Oh ya, if you like mango in your sushi, you will like Misato as they have a lot of sushis with mango in it. Shirley got really hyped up when she saw them in the menu. Manilla Roll is $2.30 and Nippori maki is $3.80.

No photos taken on sushi as we’re busy munching and only toward half of our meal, baru remembered to take photo.. Hence, the half-eaten food on some of the above pictures.

Probably having Excapade for lunch tomorrow and another round of Misato at night. Seriously, I will say no to japanese food for quite awhile for now.  

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Foodie Bazaar


Yes, another foodies bazaar!

So far there’s 13 confirmed participants including me! I do hope that the sales is going to be good and also, I won’t be busy munching goodies from others.. which, I think it’s quite impossible.

There’s gonna be me alone at my humble stall so I guess that’s what I’m doing to myself to refrain from eating too much. Hahahhaa.

See you all tomorrow!

Friday, July 23, 2010





It was suppose to be a happy movie date and guess it just ended up all stinky and sticky.

Reached BSB at 6pm and went for Thien Thien chicken rice because I was having this ridiculous craving for it.

Ate one full plate of it and went into the cinema, munching popcorn and kept my eyes glued to the screen for a good 2.5 hours. (To be honest, I never thought I’ll enjoy the movie because I’m not that into fiction but it’s good… Sure I let out a few yawns but it’s just because towards the end… I was already feeling woozy)

Walking out of the cinema, the kicks start kicking in.
Guess it’s because I finally felt relieved after focusing too long.

And just on our way back to Seria… that, was when I felt super sick… and returned back Bobby the semi-digested chicken rice he paid.

I felt so guilty… the smell that lingered in the car… and me looking super unattractive and no where near the word “sexy” with watery eyes and looking somewhat like a drug addict. Haih…

Puked another round when I reached home…

Forced myself to take a short nap and 1 hour later.. I was talking non-stop again to Bobby forcing him to tell me a bed time story (which spells nothing but B.O.R.I.N.G) … stopped him half way and volunteered to challenge him with my comedy bedtime story which kept both of us giggling involuntarily.

Can’t share with you all because the ending was rather 18SX.

But, I can tell you the main male lead is someone who can’t straighten his lil pinky, ring finger and the middle finger.. for both hands. The story is about his fate going to different parts of the world to try his luck finding the perfect job.

You want to know it, don’t you?

So yeah, judging from my post… you can tell that I’ve recovered and kicking alive again. Albeit… forced to eat porridge for breakfast because according to Bobby, that’s what sick people should eat… with no cakoi.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jantan and Betina


Today my colleague brought her PRA students to my lab to watch Chipmunks.

After the movie, she asked the students a few question to make sure that they’re really watching it.

“Chipmunks tu ada berapa?”


“Chipmunks tu lelaki kah perempuan?”


“Patut nya Jantan. Lelaki dan perempuan untuk orang saja… Jantan dan Betina untuk…?”


“ o.o Okay…. Betul juga.. Jantan dan Betina untuk binatang, bukan saja Chipmunks”


Hahhahahaa. I was laughing when the kids answered Chipmunks instead of animals.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was reading “Kiasu Krossover 3”, and towards the end… I came across this interesting conversation…


Synopsis:  A pitbull from the future comes back to the past and commits murder. The reason, as above.

This comic was published in the year 1996 and it’s 2010 now. Well, we still have the sun and air, despite of the severe weather events. But really… how long more can we have clean water to drink, fresh clean air to breathe and live peacefully without the attack of already-not-so natural disasters?

You know what irks me the most?

Those selfish people who couldn’t care less about the environment and yet de-motivates or put others down when they decide to “Go Green”.

There’s two air-conditioners (right next to each other) blowing cool air right on top of me and I simply hate it. I always off one of them if I’m around in the staffroom and others will just scoffed at my action because “you’re not the one paying for it, why should you care?”

And when I answered them “Go Green! Think of our planet”, they’ll showed me their waving hands, taunting me and walked away.

It’s like… Going Green is nothing but a joke to some people.


It’s a shame when other people are doing so much to amend humans’ fault and yet there are people continuing to litter, wasting valuable resources like water and electricity and worse, wasting food. There, Ramadhan is coming and yet another month of endless sungkai buffets. I remembered once I voiced out that we should take the amount we can eat and if not enough, we can just go for another round, and not waste food due to greediness. This particular “smart” person answered me, “So, what, you going to deliver all these food to those hungry people in Africa?”

Hey dude, in some cases… IGNORANCE IS NOT A BLISS OKAY!

Here, 10 ways to Go Green and Save Green.

If you don’t even care about it, then at least…. don’t go laugh at those who does. Because, they’ll be the one saving your sorry butt in the future when you regret for not conserving water, electricity and so on with your children or grandchildren living in sorry condition with no TLC from our mother nature asking why didn’t “your” generation do something when we could still save our planet.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toe socks




was what my mom wore this morning to the picnic.

I was shocked when I saw her unique “fashion sense” and asked why? Why slippers and toe socks? Well.. in matching colour some more oh my Buddha.

Her explanation?

“I painted my toe nails (in purple btw) and I don’t want others to tease me”

So…. for her, purple toenails are more embarrassing than toe socks with slippers.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

My weekend that went wrong, but.. luckily with the right guy


Since Bobby and I were craving for crabs, and having a long weekend, we decided to go Miri to kill our craving!

Photos with captions for the rest of the post.

Breakfast before setting off at Mien-tang.
And that’s my lao-pan~

B$5, enough to pay breakfast for 2 in Seria.

Kolomee $1.80 x 2 = $3.60
Teh C + Milo Panas + a small bowl of ice = $1.30

Total: B$ 4.90!

Eat full full, ready to go

03 04
Love my USD1 passport cover bought in Ho Chi Minh.

First stop, Bintang Plaza.
Because Bobby said he will not want to go there on Saturday because of the crowd.

Bought Hot & Roll since Bob the Bi never tried it before.

I don’t know.. chicken and cheese flavour?

My lao-pan, with an ink ring I drew on him.
Diamond ring can. Hahahhahaahaa. Don’t play play.


The shop we’ll never miss when we’re in Miri.. but always come out empty-handed though.

I accidentally dropped the wrapper of the Hot & Roll paratha and Bobby asked me to pick me up. I need to say this because I’m not a litterbug and never will be *fingers-crossed* and I smiled and looked at Bobby… asking him why it’s important to pick it up, he answered with a sheepish smile and shifty eyes *as above*

“.. cos…. this is my country?”

Wah seh… since when my baby, a person who can’t even sing his own country’s national anthem care so much one?

Next, lunch.


At Mr. Ho’s Fine Food.

One of the signature dish I think.. Prawn something something?

My Roast Pork with Apple sauce, RM16.90

Seriously pork overdosed. I actually made an effort to leave out the fats before munching in.

My lao-pan, price unavailable.
But if by kilo.. should be very very very pricey lah.

Next, checked in.


Gosh, don’t be fooled by our smiles. The room stink!

You know.. those wet towel smell that was left ignored for days… it’s that kind of smell. Like.. bad air ventilation or I don’t know what. 4 stars rating my foot.


We left the window opened and went down for a swim. An hour later, the smell was still there and so ngam there was a house keeper next few doors down so Bobby asked if she can help to solve the problem. She came in with a spray bottle with soap water and sprayed everywhere. It helped a little.. but, just a little.

And while I was half way showering, off went the power current for about 5 minutes. Seriously… –_-“

I guess we just got immune with the smell and didn’t bother about it anymore.

Watched “How to train your dragon”, like finally!
Unfortunately, there was no DVD player in the room and we had to watch it using my laptop and the volume was so soft. We had to share the ear piece just to hear the movie. Kasian max.

Then next… Dinner.

I asked FussyKelly where’s good for crab and she told me Luak Bay. But.. it was raining heavily and Bobby can’t really see at night, hence we opted for a nearby restaurant. Sigh. Huge mistake.

I hate it.

The sea cucumber soup was overly sour and salty.
The kangkung is super oily.
The crabs…. sigh… I can go cry now.

Because of the super dissatisfying dinner, I told Bobby I need ice cream to cheer up and so we drove to town area and hunt for ice cream.

My Strawberry cheesecake Cornetto.. which tasted so sweet and artificial for my liking. =(


Oh, my leggings cool kan?

Made some tea and watched “The Proposal” when it was raining cats and dogs outside. Bliss.

Next day..

On the TV and saw this uber cute cartoon!
It’s called “Bunny Maloney”. Very cute and funny max.

Just read the subtitles…

Selamat datang semua.
Saya Roco Rizoli.

Jom, bercakap dengan tetamu pertama kita.

Roco, teman lelaki saya cakap dia mengandung.


Our breakfast… because we’re too lazy to drive out to eat.

Abrupt end, our lunch.                        

Like I said in the title, it was a trip that didn’t go smoothly but luckily… I was with my guy… someone so patient that makes me look like an evil person sometimes.