Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Rockin' First Day of CNY/ Six Weird Things

I bet it happens to most of you. There were a few 'batches' of (annoying) kids who came knocking my door, having the
kams (mandarin orange) on their hand and said "Gong Xi Fa Cai".

Main motive - Angpao.
If no, at least can eat and drink for free...

Kids: Gong Xi Fa Cai
Me: (Smile) Sini nada orang yang sudah kahwin, nada angpao. (Close door)

(No one's married in this house, thus no angpao)

Do you think I'm rude? The fact is, my house don't even has soft drinks and new year snacks/cakes/kuihs! And I want them to go home and stop wandering out at NIGHT!

And...I nearly questioned them "Your parents know you're out for visiting house by house?", "What time you going home?", "Why are you doing these? Very dangerous to go out like that!".

Sigh.... Like my friends say, 職業病.... Can't help it.

I even, "Epp, cannot do that" to a little kid in the Mall arcade when he's trying to climb up the arcade thingie!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As mentioned, I spent my CNY eve in fotang with buddhas, ye and my bunch of kanasai friends.

So kanasai that they're making fun of my skin color whole night... Bugger!

Instead of saying, "祝你青春美麗", (young & pretty) they said "祝你青春美白” (young and fair)﹗﹗﹗

Stupid friends.

After the prayers, Ye fried some noodles and after eating we had a marathon monopoly! We played for almost 3.5hours, sampai got whole rows of hotels!

Nyek Nyek Nyek. I'm the winner! WooooohoooO~ If only those were real money.

(I wish to show you guys some pictures but I just realised I left my SD card in Ping's lappie)

Reached home at around 6.30am, slept till 11.30am when Theen sms me inviting me to her house for lunch and vroom we went to BSB to catch a movie.

Beng leh?
Instead of the usual house visiting, we watch movie and jalan-jalan at the Mall!

Tell me how many of you can do the same (without your parents nagging or threaten to disown you).

Here, show you guys the new Qlap Mall cineplex!

The movie we watched
Bobby, King, Theen and SL.

Better, because it's not the usual black background with white text on the TV screen.

Better, because they deliver popcorns to your seat when they run out of it!

I'm serious! The snack bar was out of popcorn when Theen wanted to buy. The staffs there took note of our seats and the cinema we're going, and DELIVER IT TO US!!!!

Cool or not? Popcorn Delivery!

The only thing I don't like about it is, this place is so badly labeled! Lucky there were staffs standing nearby guiding us. If not sure go "Holland". And.. The male and female toilets are situated at two different end of the cinema! So mafan.

But the seats... damn GOOD! Feel like it's reclining! Very comfy!

And the movie, "Ghost Rider", 2 thumbs up!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Because everyone say "anything, anywhere" when I asked where to go next, I suggested we go NBT join in the crowds and take picture.


Apparently, there's not going to have a picture of pig in the decorations because it's not halal. So this year, they have plenty of lanterns, gold, flowers and cranes.

Look at the number of people busy posing and taking pictures!

I set my camera to snap picture automatically after 10secs, and run up the stair case and pose. Result, see for yourself.

(Even the boy figure was saying, "Look at this sa-po (silly girl)". )

Can only see Theen's hand in the pic.

And I can't stop laughing at my stupidity and clumsiness while running up the stairs wearing heels. I was running so hard that my heels made loud "kok-kok" noise along the stairs.

And the above picture is taken by a kind stranger. But, I can't help complaining his skills...! I ran up and down several times to check on the photos he took and re-adjust everything for him.

Don't you just hate it when people take blurry pictures using your camera?

The "gold coin" was nailed on the base but this particular one which we're holding was just lying on the ground. So I took it and pose with it.

At first the other 3 persons was saying, "Aiyoo.. you ah.. really ah!".

My friends love to 'tegur' and lecture me...But when they saw me posing happily with it, hoping that I'll get more money this year, they wanted to do the same too.

Chew, posers!

Money Money come my home


Had a hard time explaining what is means to my banana friends what it means and why "fish".

Hehe. My dear boyfriend who never fail to pose stupidly with me every time I requested.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Having no place to go next and it's still too early for dinner, we went to the Mall. Macam Poklen eh~

Asked Bobby to carry my bag and wear my necklace to rasa how heavy it is, thus the shoulder and neck pain.

It's only for less than 1 minute. But this silly guy insisted in wearing the necklace even though I asked him to return it back to me because I felt so embarrassed walking with him.

All because I had a bet with him. If he can wear it and walk around, I'll eat up a box of ice cream. Erm.. he loves me eating fattening food in case you're wondering. But I regretted soon after I realised how malu it is holding hand with a guy wearing a heart-shape necklace....

Saw this in Iora's fitting room.

I asked the shop attendant why is it.

She told me it's because a lot of female shoppers like to ask their boyfriends to go in to the fitting room with them... erm.. as for the reason, I don't know la. You go figure.

Since it's a boutique selling ladies garment, there's no reason for a man to walk in.

So guys and gals... keep that in your mind oh.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally, dinner time!

Our first choice is Korean food, since it's always red color. More auspicious mah~
But I think it's closed.

Second choice is Thai food, Lemon grass... Same same.. close also.

So, left with the third choice, Japanese.

Ordered some of the usual stuffs.. except for this!

The wasabi ice cream is so cool! You can actually get the tingling spicy choke feeling if you put a spoonful of it into your mouth!

The sesame is ok ok, quite normal.

My fat guy is not in this picture because he'd already left for his dinner at home.

More pictures coming up for my second day of CNY when I went for my first official house visiting.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'd been tagged by Tina to list out six weird things about myself.

“Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.”

Here's mine:

1. I can't sleep if there's a pillow underneath my head. Meaning, I sleep without pillow. It's more like a decoration on my bed.

2. I have a mole in my right EYEBALL! And a weird round print on my left ear.

3. I dislike things that majority loves.

Example, I used to like Hello Kitty a lot when I was like.. 7 or 8 years old. But years later Hello Kitty got so famous and I start to hate it...

4. I can't raise my right eyebrow! It is true.

5. My right eye is short sighted (200 degree) and my left eye is completely normal.

6. I dislike chit-chatting on the phone, because it is awkward to end the call. When I was still a teen, I did talked over it for hours.. And now I just can't continue for more than 5mins. I want to end it asap!

So friends, please sms me and try your best not to call me. (And I can simply ignore it saying I didn't received it!)

p/s: Come back soon for more post.....if I feel rajin enough..

Thanks Jason for telling me that I ter-lupa tagged 6 people, so.. here's the list:

1. Jason
(Chung Sun)
2. Ing Siang
3. Lizzie
4. Pauline
(De Pianist)
5. LSM
6. Iwan

(Forgive me for feeling lazy to link....)


distant hermit said...

Happy CNY, always enjoy your stories

Nonnie King said...

Distant Hermit : Thanks! And I always enjoy people writing me comments!

fizah said...

empire cinema also got popcorn delivery! hehehe only mall one nada! boring!

and i didnt know theres a wasabi ice cream! wahhhh!

oh Happy CNY to you! =) keep posting!

Nonnie King said...

Fizah : Really? I never know that, the last time I watched movie in Empire was.. 2years ago I think?

Hehe. Must give Wasabi Ice Cream a try!

Thanks for commenting~ Appreciate that.

Affy said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

I think it's time to pick a child name, Nonnie. HAHA. Just kidding.

Need to check that new cineplex out. I've only heard great reviews so far.

Yeah, NBT spend alot of money when it comes to festive decorations. And when it comes to CNY, it's all out.

There's a wasabi ice-cream?

War186 said...

Hahahaha ok I don't remember what I wanted to say. It's late already, my brain not functioning now. I'll come back again tomorrow. Just wanted to laugh out loud. Haha. ;P

Anonymous said...

ive always wanted to know what the wasabi ice cream taste like.. so it wasnt disgusting?

Nonnie King said...

Affy : Apalah, I'm only 23 so fast you want me to be a mother already kah?

And I think NBT is the only generous company who's willing to spend to give us citizens some festive mood.

I didn't know till I saw it (wasabi ice cream) in the menu too!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hahhaha. Do come back~

Rebbe : Not even close to "disgusting". It still taste like normal ice cream, I mean the texture and the sweetness, just that it has a little more... 'flavor'.

And it taste better than the sesame one, for me lah.

So... am I too adventurous to simply try anything new? Ya..maybe I am sometimes.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

u forgt to tag 6 people.

Horny Ang Moh said...


Sha said...

Happy Belated Chinese new year!! :)

There's also a cinema here that provides popcorn delivery to the seat! I was surprised and amused when I saw it. LOL.

And Oh.. I tagged you without knowing you already got tagged lol.

De Pianist said...

hey hey...finally i'm back after dissapearing for some while..haha...

first,Happy CNY to you o,even though it's kinda slightly late jor..hehe..

i envy those cinema,my town here really sucks..there's only one,and their seats is like 90 degrees angle,and it's hard,my butt and back always pain after watching a movie in there.plus there's no such thing as delivery too..aiyaiyai..

ooolala..wasabi ice cream?i wonder if sushi king has that..hehe..didn't know this food before..lol.

Iwan Sanchez said...


I am sure u are not bored wor...

BTW, bobby need not keep his parents company meh? CNY mah...


BTW, the wasabi icecream pedas kah?

hope u can get lots and lots of angpows

Nonnie King said...

Jason : Oh shoot! I totally forgot about it. Will edit it later, and thanks for the reminder Jason~


Nonnie King said...

Sha : Don't worry Sha, not belated yet. CNY lasts for 15 days.

I got double-tagged. Laku eh me.

Pauline : No la, never late to give greetings.

My town only has one theatre too (see, not even a cinema! The one Bobby and I went during last Xmas with 5 rows of seats)

This particular new cinema is an hour drive from my home.

Erm.. I don't remember Sushi King has the wasabi ice cream though.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Hehe, turn out it's a blasting CNY for me!

Surprise, surprise!

Mm.. He's only out for few hours and he went back for the dinner. So it's "excusable".

No la, not pedas, just give a little tingling feeling~

(In fact, I did get more angpao this year!)

nureen said...

Happy chinese new year..
i went to the empire cinema watch the same movie with my bf...hehe..actually i wanted to go to the qlap mall...but he said..jauh wah..:( huhu..

War186 said...

Here I am again. So starting from the top. ;)

I can’t wait to try out the cineplex at Seri Q-lap Mall now. Thanx for posting about it; now I know what to expect.

“And the above picture is taken by a kind stranger. But, I can't help complaining his skills...! I ran up and down several times to check on the photos he took and re-adjust everything for him.” Lol. I wouldn’t make a stranger take another picture if it turned out bad. I mean, at least he tried. Hehe. Cute poses with the gold coin btw. ;)

Your heart necklace is so cute on you. And it looks awful on Bobby btw. That’s a really funny picture of Bobby with your necklace and handbag hehe.

You know what? I always make Boon wait outside the fitting room so after I’m done changing he can judge on the result. I was suprised when I read that Iora had that policy. I don’t think they’ll let my boyfriend anywhere near the fitting room. Heh. Makes trying out clothes less fun for me lah personally. :S

Wasabi ice cream eww! I just don’t eat sushi heh.

Your 6th weird thing? We have something in common there. I don’t like talking on the phone neither. My ideal phonecall goes under a minute. Boon’s the only exception to the rule. I can talk to him for almost half an hour. Haha.

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : Thanks dear.

Been ages that I last stepped in Empire Cinema. I find the seats there.. not so comfy.

I like the Qlap mall one, but I hate the parking there.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : You haven't go there yet? Surprisingly, the one who stayed far away from Seria had been there but not most of those who live in BSB.

I made that stranger took 3 photos, and gradually give up!

Hahhahahaaaa. It does! That's why I demand stupid Bobby to take it off right after he wore it! So bida and gay bah. But at least now he know how heavy is my bag and it's hard to be a lady.

Iora does let guys stand near the fitting room, but not IN the fitting room. So I guess having our boyfriends standing outside is fine.

So weird lah you, you don't eat sushi but always go Excapade~

Hahhahaah! I finally found someone who doesnt like to talk on the phone like me! hi five!

War186 said...

*High five* Haha.

Boon and I like to go Excapade so we can eat the tori katsu there. In case you didn't know, but you really should know, it's chicken. Lol. :P

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Of course I know. Hehehe. God.. I'm missing it already.
I want Spider Roll!

IngSiang said...

ROFL @ OSIM I gallop. XD!!

Wao, me tagged, woo woo! XD I'll do it later, maybe few days later, I still have another tag haven't do, @_@

I think the only reason to visit Qlap mall > the cinema. XD