Saturday, February 28, 2009



I'm hungry.
I need food!

I don't wanna eat instant noodle or icy cold cereals for breakfast so I went through all the trouble walking to the hostel canteen - and saw only rice and rendang..?!!! Cannot lah, don't wanna eat that for breakfast.

Then I walked to UBD canteen, only 1 stall is opened and no food.

Walked to the Koperasi, belum buka...


Food is always readily available in Seria at whatever time!

7 morning 8 morning mien-tang already opens. Kolomee, Fried Kueh Tiaw, Hot Teh-C !!!!

Glutinous rice dumplings, chai-kueh and even western breakfast for like... $2!

If mein-tang tak ada, also got tea-car.
Its a wonder how the tea-car-uncle can fit so many food in the car boot.. even teh-c and kopi also can fit. HOT HOT ONE LEH!

Even Soi-Heng is like a drive-through for us sometimes. Just park beside and the staff will come out. I miss BIG PAU and Noh-Mai-Kai ahhhhhhhh.

Then last last, the 24/7 Zuki lagi leh. Even though it looks very doggy, but nehmind.. got food can liao.

Sigh.. I miss Seria.

*Sad puppy face*

Friday, February 27, 2009



I have 4.

... the other pair is in the boot. smile_tongue

WHAT? I'm a woman hello~

Don't you know women=millipedes?

We can never have too many shoes.

Okay, back to studies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentine's 2009


Before I proceed any further, I MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST share this first.

Yee Man's Chicken Liver Pate! (Click here)

(Not only she gave me a tub of pate, but also 2 packets of Meiji biscuits. *happy sigh*)

It was really sweet of her to save me a tub lah. To be honest, I had never eaten pate in my entire life nor knowing what the heck was it. But since its from YeeMan, sure okay one lah. *slaps chest with confidence* 

She text-ed me on Thursday but I was already in Seria (need to print out my essay and also bake cake for Fatty) that time.. Damn sad lah! I thought I was going to miss it already. Lucky YeeMan said can keep till Saturday. Phew. If not really "toi-sham-kon" (tumbuk chest) ah!

So so so so so so GOOD!!!!

Honestly, since it's made of liver... I thought it'll have those smell but no! Its so good that our plan of having just 1 piece (saving room for the dinner) failed badly and terus sapu all.

And I dare to say, that's the best food I'd eaten for that entire day! Yes, even our Valentine's dinner cannot compare and lost 9 streets!


Okay, this part of the post is titled..



Yes, it was that bad that I had to use CAPS and coloured it in RED!

Very sad ah....and angry too.
smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry  smile_sniff smile_angry 

Since we had never been to Villa Mauri and the reviews of that restaurant were quite good, Bobby and I decided to go there. B$69 per couple, reasonable right?

Upon arriving... wah lao eh, no parking ah!!! So narrow lagi the road, no wonder Bobby said my car will be more "suitable" than his car. At first we parked in a space blocking someone else's car then when the customer left, Bobby then parked my car beside the road having cars brushing by within 1m. Scary ah!!!!

As expected, ramai orang inside the restaurant and it was so noisy. Really hilang the mood already. After being guided to our seats, we quickly took a look at the menu and thought what to order.

The Special Menu

For him:
Beef Carpaccio
Heart shaped Ravioli
Classic Italian Cheesecake

For me:
Crispy Squid
Sirloin Steak
Hazelnut semi ice cream cake


So we waited.... and waited.. and waited... 
Waiters and waitresses passing by busily but no one looked at us...

Waited... and waited... and waited...
10 minutes had passed and still no one took our orders yet!


I was already damn dulan at that time but just tahan tahan. Bobby said just wait for another 5 minutes if still no one layan us, we cabut.

Sekali you know what, Bobby had to walk out to the counter there telling the staffs that we wanna order. Seriously, WTH!

15 minutes after our arrival, sitting there looking at other young couples took pictures for each other smiling sweetly, my face already "burnt" till like charcoal liao... Baru got one waitress came and took orders.



Our appetizers


His drink

Only after a few sips baru he remembered that he was not suppose to drink cold stuffs.

After our appetizer... we waited... and waited...






....... zzz

and waited, waited .... and waited again... for our main courses.

Wait till so sien, played my Whitie loh.

See, my boo so serious playing WordMaster trying to break my record.

As for me.. I waited... looked left... waited... looked right.... waited... grabbed my Whitie and wanna campur my hand, waited..... complained why so long... the sotongs in my tummy also semi-digested liao....

waited... and waited.... and waited....


What? What?
Oh, main courses lai liao.


My Sirloin Steak

,with very karit serving of veggies.

His heart shaped Ravioli


So big!


There's like 5 (or 6 I can't remember) pieces and after the third piece, Bobby already felt a bit "vui" (Hakka, for 腻) and I ended up gobbled up his leftovers. Macam big-appetite-monster like that.

My steak and I... which I finished it in just 10 - 15 minutes.v12

Then.. waited... and waited...
Ah, this time the desserts were served faster as compared to the appetizers and main courses. You know why? Because it was already 9.15pm and most people had already finished makan mah...

Our desserts

We arrived the restaurant at 7.30pm.. and we left at about 9.45pm...
The whole dinner took approximately 2 hours to finish!!!!!!!!!


Really hungry and waited till all my romantic-genes died.

No more Chalie, only Grumpy.

But there's this really sweet Filipino waitress who kept apologizing for the wait lah. And when the floor manager/ supervisor (I assumed) came to our table and asked how's the food... I couldn't hold it but complained,

"It's okay but... how come it take so long to serve?!"

I'm not a very fussy customer to be honest. Got food, I eat. Even when got hairs in it or what, I also won't go complain.. But I'm impatient, I cannot tahan waiting! Seriously, we're ordering set dinners from their menu, not ala-carte leh. I don't understand how come they need 30 minutes to serve one dish. Okay, short-handed, I get it. 

Try lah, ask you wait 30 minutes for one dish see how you feel. Not like we're eating French cuisine...

Then came the bill-paying part. We learnt from the lesson this time. Instead of getting the waitress come to us with our bill, we walked to the cashier counter instead,

Sekali.... the cashier/waitress showed us a bill that totaled up to $150.++!!!

Bobby and I looked at each other with our jaws nearly dropped on the floor. It was advertised as $69 per couple, plus the 10% service charge (which I regretted paying after chatting with Hasrul. Okay, I'm saying that on behalf of Bobby lah since he's the one paying) and Bobby's drink.. It shouldn't be that expensive!

The waitress/cashier then told us its $69 per head, not per couple.
WHAT THE...!!!

Here, proof!


Bobby argued nicely(... Seriously, I think my boyfriend is too nice sometimes. I was already sibeh pek-cek there looking like Medusa liao) with the waitress that the man (whom he talked on the phone) told him its $69 per couple and asked her to re-confirm it once again with her management.

Ho ho ho!
We're right! The man (supervisor/ floor manager I don't know) came over and clarified with the cashier that its $69 per couple, not per head.

Gweng Gweng Gweng...~

When waiting for our change, I smiled and sarcastically said to the waitress,

"I think your boss will be very happy with you tonight, helping him earning so much extra"

She looked very worried though. Yeap. They did overcharged a lot of innocent couples that night, which made me wonder... How come they didn't make a fuss about it and paid the correct amount. Kasian eh.

There, my super unromantic valentine's dinner which spoiled my night.
Yes, I was grumpy the whole night that I didn't even bother to light up candles for the cake I made.. Sad hor?


Went to ICC for the RTB Carnival




Okay, here comes the part that you all have been waiting for.

I left the cake in the box but since I put the phone in it, I didn't dare to put it into the fridge. So I just leave it in the drawer and my silly boo passed by it few times pun tak nampak! Such a bad observant.

Like I mentioned above, I already super grumpy and malas already. I was suppose to take out the cake and light the candles up and surprise him when he comes out from the washroom. Abuthen...  I was sibeh cranky at that time and told him, "Hey.. I got another surprise for you. Your birthday gift is somewhere around here.. go look for it".

Then the next thing I saw was my boyfriend acting like a kid searching for treasure opening up drawers and cabinets. Last last baru found it.

He was shocked to see the cake because he was not expecting it.

(Ya meh? Don't know who kept hinting there say no cake la.. this and that lah... *roll eyes*)

The boy with his belated bday / vday cake.v17

He was wearing his old Garfield washout tee so I help him "brighten" up the tee a little. Don't play play, that Garfield tee already consider as "nice" liao.. You haven't see his old shinchan tee lagi. Really no eye see. Got nice nice tshirt don wanna wear. Must wear those buruk-buruk one then happy.

You see ah,v18

Instead of cutting the line I drew for him.. he purposely avoided the line because he didn't wanna spoil the Sponge Bob.


Then I warned him... "Be careful when you cut ah..!"

He cut it and got the hint instantly.

He looked at me and shook his head... "You didn't!"

I smiled...

"You didn't!!!"

I smiled and asked.. "Didn't what?"


"What makes you think that I didn't? What if I did?"


*smack head*

What the... Why ah? Why guys have no concept in this kind of thing one? Because my other guy friend also thought I put the phone into the oven and bake with the cake.

Oi, you no brain or you think I no brain?!

I paid so much for that phone.. you think I'll bake him a cheese cake with MELTED COOKIE isn't? Oh, btw.. the phone I got him is LG KP500 Cookie. Cheap and works just fine. No 3G, no wifi.

He's super fussy when I asked him to choose a phone that he likes. I showed him Nokia E series phones, he said too fat and too many buttons. I showed him SE, there's no expression on his face. Last last baru chose this phone. Think choose wife meh?

I asked if its okay that there's no 3G for that phone, he said its okay. Well, to be honest, having my SE for 2 years, I have not tried out the 3G function. I told Bobby jokingly, "Now no need 3G, wait till we kahwin then I'll use the 3G function to spy on you. MUAHAHAHHHAA!!!"

As for the wifi... he said he doesn't need it because surfing with a small screen is very annoying. *shrugs* My boyfriend can be very weird sometimes.

(Macam hiding dadah...)

I joked to him.. "You better eat all the cake that you dig out ah. Don't waste!" then he gave me those puppy eyes. WTH. In the end.. he just scooped the cake away and took the phone. Then "give-face" ate few bites.

Well, I understand lah. We're still feeling a bit full after the dinner and the cake was a little too sweet.





Now, let me show you how buruk his old phone was.

Yes, the dinosaur egg that I despised!






See, the Cancel key hilang already and the paints are 80% gone. He himself felt embarrassed when he took out his phone wanting to key in his friend's number.

The problem with this phone is not the look of it, but .... this phone gila already. The buttons are unresponsive and if he was typing the text half way and someone called, all the text will be gone. Ta-Da~

I swear I'll throw the phone to the see if I'm the user.
That's why, time to get a new phone for him kan?
(repaying for the Burberry wallet he got for my last birthday) 


Next morning,


Nothing beats a scrumptious dim-sum breakfast on a Sunday morning~

Har-Gow, Siu-Mai, Char-Siu-Bao~!!!
And my favorite Pai-Kuak, Feng-Zao, Salad Prawns and his Zhu-Du and Wu-Kok.

I love the dim sums in Lucky~
music_note I should be so lucky, lucky-lucky-lucky~

Even though my Valentine's Day for 2009 wasn't as perfect as he planned (because when he asked if I wanna go to Empire for a stroll, I said no because I'm wearing my heels and my feet hurts. Don't know if he spoiled my night (for choosing Villa Mauri) or I spoiled his plan for not layan-ing), our Sunday was perfect~

Ending it with lunching sambil online-shopping with his credit card.

*sings* I should be so lucky, lucky-lucky-lucky


Guess what, those babies arrived my doorstep today~



I have new bags to use! No more ugly neon green bag which I'd seen aunties carrying it all the time.

p/s: Fast kan? I ordered it on the 15th of February and today (24th Feb)sampai already~! The ETA was supposed to be 17th of March... I love you UPS!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Brunei Silver Jubillee National Day



25 years of living in this tiny country located in Borneo island, the thought of migrating has never struck in my head.

I still love this country.

I love You Brunei. 

(Sorry for the short post. This post is written in the midst of squashing notes and sentences in my head. I need a brain-plumber now.)