Saturday, July 29, 2006

If you don't know how to swim, you can do this...

This taken during my Bangkok trip, in the hotel we stayed looking down tru the window.

People, if you don't know how to swim, you can exercise like this in the water.

I hope the auntie herself, her son, daughter, relatives and friends won't be seeing this lah.. Later sued me then die lah.

This is the magazine that SukChin had been staring for a very long time checking out those men's abs.

We wished we can buy it and bring back to Brunei and show it to our friend, but the magazine si-beh expensive lah.. We even have to share our Burger King meal..

Curious what's inside...?

There you go peeps~

* Ta Da *

Feelin' H.O.T ?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Medical Check up

Nonnie says:

Oi, you people who have background music in your friendster, or blog or whatever. Damn annoying can? Everytime kana "shocked" and panic and have to find the stupid player and hit the stop button. Why do you want to force people "enjoy" your music?

And you, online, offline, online, offline there for what? Get attention so hamsap guys can chat with you hah?

I just feel that I have to let that out.

I have no choice but to go for a medical check in RIPAS just for my job.

First of all, I went for the registration. Dah... Damn many UBD new intake students were there. Alone for registration, I stood there like idiot for 15mins. When the lady finally called out my name, shepassed me a form (as below) and pi-li-pa-la said a string of words... which I can only catch a few lines out of it.

So many test.. Have to go here and there
Admin: Kita check ani ani ani... Lepas tu..Ke sini sini sini..buat atu atu atu.. Habis dah, ke sana sana sana.
: Apa? Boleh cakap satu kali lagi?
Admin: *A bit impatient* (Repeat the whole string of atu atu, ani ani, sana sana, sini sini again)

Me: Oh. Thank You.

(Voice in my mind: Ask like no ask, waste my saliva.. wa tidak faham lu cakap apa lah)

Didn't bother to ask again because there's a long queue after me. Better not waste time.

So... Blur Queen, Ms Nonnie.. wander around Ripas, asked here and there, and finally got my first test.Ears working perfectly.

Second... My eyes. The nurse pass me that thing (to cover one eye) and asked me to read the alphabets. My dear friends, Ms. King ah... very special.. Right eye short-sighted, Left eye perfect, nada apa-apa. I do have glasses.. But.. I don't wear them. Because everytime when I very rajin wear my glasses.. it'll end up either I lost it (forget where I left it) or break it (by sitting down on it). Therefore, I don't wear it, since my left eye is ok. I still can see things clear... (provided nothing block my left eye's view)

I ever asked the lady who checked my eyes why I only have one eye short-sighted. She said it's because I only use one eye to focus...

Hmm.... I "senget" my head and use one eye look at people ah? Hahaha.
Nurse: You ada pakai contact lens?
Me: No.
Nurse: Kaca mata ada bawa?
Me: Eh.... Tidak..
Nurse: Bah.. besok bawa. Mau check tu.
Me: Ha? Ehh....Eh... I think I forgot where I put it already.... (shy)
Nurse: Macam itu.. mau buat appointment check you punya degree sudah
Me: Bah, ok.

Sekali.... He go and schedule it on 30th August! My goodness! Ngai-Ti...Need to wait one whole month just to check how many degree meh? Mosquito also sleep already lor.

(Hehe. I went back home, search high and low for my spec..Yeah.. Found it!)

After the eye test, then I went for the Drug Urine Screening Test... And also, blood test.

I gave the nurse my form, and she gave me two bottles.. and asked me to fill it up.

Nurse: Tidak payah penuh. Separuh boleh dah.

I took the bottles... find a seat..and stare at the bottle...Ah.... Urine and faeces...

Urine ok lah.. Not a big problem... Faeces.... How oh?

I turn around, saw two familiar faces (UBD students) and asked...

Me: Have to fill this ka? (Show bottle)
UBD Student: Yah. Just half can already.
Me: Even this? (Show the word faeces) I don't have any Sh*t now lah...
UBD Student: Oh..No No No. Just fill it with urine can already
Me: Phew~

I had heard a couple of jokes (true story) about how people "get" their faeces for testing.. Not gonna tell you here.. later lost appetite.. Especially when wanna go eat curry. Muahaha.

Saw this when the nurse took my blood.
Cute or scary?

Sigh... Tomorrow will be my last day in CFK.. I'll miss you all.

Another Pasar Malam...

I just simply adore Pasar Malam. And this one (the one opposite to Sheraton Hotel) is a lot more fun than the previous two. By the way, Sheraton charge B$3.00 for parking there.

Beaf Steak - 2 for B$5.00
BBQ Cutlets - 6 for B$2.00

This thing.... (I don't know what it's called)
Sold in Pasar Malam for B$ 1,350.00
(Just feel weird that how come they choose to sell this thing in PASAR MALAM?)

Sand Drawings.. (Or whatever you call it again)
I choose Rukawa Kaede and
force Bobby to choose the big fat Mashimaro

It's just 3baht in Chatuchak Market, and here in Brunei, it's B$0.50..
Sounds cheap but it's actually sibeh expensive lah.

Just a little Ojipala to add-on

I bought this when I went to Hua Ho (The new one in Bunut)

So happy lah~ I don't know why but it seems hard to get this.

And ya..AKbar Ria (the malay restaurant behind my office) had introduce a lot of different Martabak Flavour. They have sausage & egg, Mushroom & Cheese, Egg & Cheese, Seafood, Italian style (which I forgot what's inside already), and one of my fav, Martabak Indomie!

How creative!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A little something from Thailand

Just a short one, wanna let you all see what I bought in Thailand.

Winnie the Pooh AA Batteries!
(For Justina, my cousin)

Ginger Glace ... Whatever it is lah..(For LeePing, this weirdo LOVES to eat Ginger for goodness sake)

Crispy Durian
(Err... For friends or anyone...
Definitely not for myself.. Watashi NO LIKEY liu-lian (aka Durian)!)

In fact, I bought a whole bag of junk food for everyone.

Bought myself two decks of card
~ Love at first sigh yoh ~

Like telling me stories
I L.O.V.E these post cards too~So sweet and cute.
Plan to frame them up

A wooden cube puzzle
(This picture is taken when it's still in shape..
I still haven't "fix" it back yet)

Nice? Only for 200Baht
Which is... less than $10 Brunei Dollar~

Of course, the above are not the only things I bought during my trip... But some of my fav nya.

My Driving License

Was driving yesterday morning to work.. And suddenly... I thought of my driving license...

Me: Eh..... Thought my driving license is expiring this month... Better check it once I got back to office...

Take my wallet out and checked...

OMG! I've been driving illegally for the past 9 days!

My Driving License

Sad leh.. Brunei's driving license is nothing but a piece of paper hand written again somemore. Not like other countries one, got picture and some shiny stickers on them.

That's why when traffic police stop the car and want to check the drivers, they'll ask...

"Mana IC, Dre-ben Lesen?"

(Not too insult ALL the police in Brunei, but that's how some of them pronounced "Driving License")

Then they will match the face on the IC, and the numbers from the driving license.

I just went to the nearest Post Office and renew it. And..It only took me 5mins. Hehe.

No surprise... that's how my new driving license look like now...

Everything remains except the date.. (Boooooo)

B$10 - for a year
B$30 - for 3 years

Wish the Land Transport Department will renew their Driving License Format soon in the future lah. The stupid size of the "piece of paper" is hard to fit in to out wallet, and we're not allowed to laminate it lah... So I can be considered someone who's more careful with the license. I ever see my friend's one "buruk" (torn and crumbled) till dunno how to say liao...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

OT-ing (Edited)

On last Monday, we all OT-ed till almost 3.30am because we had not one, but TWO, TWO tender deadlines!
The quiet night of Kiulap.
(Taken from the window of my office)

And the next day, I woke up at 8am.. (more like jumped out from the bed lah, worrying bout the tender), and go back to office and continue the tender. The closing time is 2.00pm but we're still photocopying and binding the rest of the 7 sets at 11.30am. Damn.. The people at the photocopy-shop are damn slow lah.

At 1.30pm, we hand it in. And surprisingly, we're the first one! WooHoooo....

(Wait till I get the pics from my boss then I upload the pics of my working team)

My soon-going-to-be-ex working table.

Bad news is... my superior says there's another one coming up, and maybe we all need to stay back again this Thursday.. Sigh... sucha bad way to end my last week there lah.

Yeap.. I'm going to be "Miss King" soon. Will be call "Cher, Cher, Cher.." everyday liao.
("Cher" - Teacher)

I was sicked last weekend.. So cham.. I even vomitted in the car.. Lucky not in my car but in my company's new coffin car. Is there any orange-flavored medicine? And.. I HATE to see doctor lah.

Hee Hee. I'm fine already~ Call me strong woman! Muahahhaa..

(I just went back home and sleep "berabis"and feel much better the next day)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 2 & 3 - One Utama + KLCC

Beware. Tons of photos coming up.

The taxi driver asked if we're twins..

Do we look like twins? Maybe his rear view mirror needs some wiping.

One Utama is JUST SO BORING!
It's such a regretful day spending a day there.
We girls waited in Burger King for the guy,
where he's happily watching Superman Returns.
Kanasai or not.

Anyway, here.
This is what I saw in Yishion
and feel like taking the picture of it

People and their dreams..

Some of them are just so lame.
Maybe they "pok" their boss increase salary kua?

Miss Yong and Miss Chan busy taking pictures of themselves.
While Miss King busy makan-ing.
See, I told you. Our Day 2 was sibeh sien.

But it was fun at night.

Watching the replay of Italy VS Germany.
Eating BBQ Pork and Peanuts.
Drinking my Strawberry Yucky Flavour of Kampai
(Should had just bought the Yoghurt drink.. Taste a lot better)
And play Black Jack betting with peanuts.

Never know Fortune God and Santa are good friends.

Next day, everyone wakes up with a sore throat.

Day 3. We're going to Aquaria~

Getting ready.
See all the towels and shirts hanging behind us.
Everynight after shower, we all fight for hangers. Muahaha


Look at how thick the magnifying glass is.
When we look tru the glass... "Wah seh..bloody big leh the fish"
But when we look from the bird's view... "Chiew..kana tipu."

So sad lah.. When we saw this fish... We...We.. can't name this fish.
Us: Hey, this fish... It's ... It's.. the fish from "Feeding Frenzy".

Hehe. I took this back cos the guard didn't ask from me.
Take it as a souvenir loh~

When we took a taxi back to our hotel, the taxi driver asked if we wanna buy chocolate or not. He's so damn semangat introducing, say the chocolate eat liao won't become fat one. Healthy one. Bla bla bla. Even offer to drop us there without any charges.

Me: Uncle, you so rajin introduce us the chocolate. You got benefits one is it?

Taxi Drive: Ha Ha (Very dry laugh). No lah, my boss got shares inside one mah. If we bring customer, got a little big "kopi-O" money loh.

Us: Ooooooh... No wonder lah.

Me: How much commission you earn leh?

Taxi Drive: 10%

Me: Wah Seh! You bring us one trip buy chocolate can earn more than what you earn from driving taxi leh.

Me: So sad lah... I sell computer also don;t get such high commission. The margin of the chocolate must be very banyak.

Here we are. Cocoa Boutique

End up buying Durian flavor chocolate and Expresso one. And one sweet "I Miss You" bar for Bobby... which melted till "Mother also don't recognise what is it". Sigh...

I miss the "Woon Chai Chi" so much lah... Anyone can tapao for me?

After that, went for more shopping. And ....on the same day....

(See my hair)

Yeap. Perm it. I was just so tired from shopping. Then we walk walk walk.. and saw a saloon. And.. I just perm my hair. Haha. Too free-style is it? Chin-Chin-Chai-Chai perm hair in a saloon I don even know.

It's cool tho. Cos my hair stylist happens to be my hair stylist (in Seria)'s brother!
Small Small World!
Sister straighten my hair, Brother perm it.

But.. initially.. I hate the outcome...
I look like some kind of dog...

Don't you think so?

(P/s: The next day I wash my hair, and it doesnt look that curly (like maggie mee) liao...
I love how my hair looks like now.. Good for lazy people)