Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Seven random facts/travel/life experiences about me during the yester years:

1. I can only raise my left brow. As for the right one, its like.. paralysed? It stays there lifeless as if it has nothing to do with my face. And I can't roll my tongue.

2. My close friends and the boyfriend will be super alert whenever I shopped at the glassware section or any place where fragile things are placed (they called it the "KING'S DANGER ZONE"), I'll be asked to keep my hands to myself and forbid to touch anything.

If I want to see anything, all I need to do is to point at it. They'll take it down, rotate 360 degrees till I say put it back or buying it.

See, special treatment for the "King".

3. I HATE WASHING DISHES! Anything other than that, no problem. My favorite house chore (if I have to pick one) will be empty the dustbin. What dirty and smelly? Its the simplest and quickest leh! I sibeh smart okay.

4. I (think I) have the talent for cooking. Even though I seldom cook, my food never taste yucky. My first attempt will always turn out to be the best because that is when I really put effort in it. And, after I'd succeeded in one recipe, I feel reluctant to cook it for the second, thrid, forth time. I just don't want to spoil my perfect record. Hehehehe.

5. Both my parents are Foochow, so now you know where my loud voice comes from. But I can't speak Foochow well, only the basic and it gives my cousins stomach ache (laugh too hard). AND I HATE PEOPLE CALLING ME OR MY MUM "KA-LIU-PO" or say to me "KA-LIU-KING-KWANG-TA-PA-LIU", whatever that means.... Its not funny you moron!

6. Sorry to say but, I'm NOT a cat lover. I think cats are annoying and super-manja. Or maybe because those stray cats keep poo-ing on my mum's flowers and jump on to my car roof leaving paw prints everywhere on my car.

Anyone has tips on "How to keep cats away from car and plant?".

7. I secretly (more like seriously) think that I can be a super hostess like Xiao-S (Xu Xi Di) if I'm born in Taiwan.

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Remember I told you about having a really weird encounter last Monday while eating chicken rice at the Simpur stalls?

Vicky and I were having lunch when there's this woman.. auntie... che-che? (if she's still single.. I don't know lar) walked pass me, stared at my plate and shrieked, "DRUMSTICK!"

I tried not to look at her because she made no sense to me. I mean, where got people look into other people food and feel so happy for what he/she eats? I thought to myself just ignore her and continue eating.

The she stood beside our table and asked,
"Miss, can I have your drumstick?".

. . . . . with a really weird smile on her face. She scared me.

>_< "Can, but after I finish eating ah.", I replied politely.

She told me she can wait and there's no need for me to rush. But the thing is, she didn't walk away! She freaking stood there and stared at me eating!

Excuse me auntie, didn't you know it's rude to look at people while eating? Clearly not. How stupid of me to ask.

I looked up at her then looked at Vicky hinting her that is that auntie cuckoo? Vicky said to me, "I'm not gonna eat faster just because she's waiting though." Fair enough, it was her who wanted the bones from me, why should I rush myself to finish?
I have this problem, I don't like people to wait for me.

If I know someone is waiting for my parking at the back, I'll rush myself to reverse and let the next person park. I just don't know why some people can just bear to see the long queue behind waiting for him/her to get moving. I HATE people who spend more than 3 minutes to move in/ out from parking space.
Weird Auntie was still staring at me, or my drumstick I don't know. Then she asked me casually, "Where you work ah?".

I was having this angel and devil fight in my heart.

Do I:
A) Angle-me, answer her honestly because she did nothing wrong.
B) Devil-me, look at her fiercely and yell "None of your business" because she's really getting on my nerves.

Sigh... I'm such a loser.
Angel-me won.

I answered her but gave her a look that I was a bit annoyed by her and wished that she could give us some peace by not standing beside our table and staring at my piece of drumstick, or my cute face (LOL!).

Yeah finally! She got the hint! She walked away!

. . . and came back every 2 minutes, checking if I'd finished my food already or not.


While I was chewing my last piece of chicken and spit out the bone, she took out the plastic bag and standby liao. Asked, "Miss, you finish eating liao hor?", I wonder if she got see me nod my head or not, because she terus took away my plate and empty the bones into her self-prepared plastic bag.

What the heck?

Feeling puzzled by her act, I asked the hawker there if the weird auntie always come to this area and ask for bones. The hawker told me that whenever she saw customer eating, she'll go ask for bones. But I guess there's nothing they can do to her since she didn't do anything wrong pun.

Still, auntie... (if you know how to surf and stumble on to my blog seeing you as the main "actress" here), no need xing-ku (kasian) minta-minta like that, just tell the hawkers that you want bones, they will give you one.

Maybe its for your baby cats or dogs I don't know lar, but.... do spare some feelings for those you cause awkwardness to.

The Weird Auntie
(Bones collector)


Iwan Sanchez said...

yay! 1st!


that auntie memang weird!!


it reminds me of the time when an old lady was staring at my car!

Actually, we as a human being is always contradicting. When our heart said that we wanna scold her or yell at her, but in the end, we will relent one..


i guess we as a human being is just being compassionate.

Btw, i am one of the driver that took more than 3 mins to come our from parking lots. hahahahaa!

i dun know what thats bone for but i saw a weird uncle gave bones to ants and happily chatting with the ants and told them to eat it!

crazy rite!!


leeshi said...

I think the uncle who gave food to ant and chatted with them is probably more sane than most of us, or at least me. Hehe.

where is that place ah?

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : -_-" MOre than 3 minutes to come out from your parking.. Hmm, I guess its understandable since your license is barely a year old.

*ahhem* You're talking to someone with 6 years driving experience. *point to self*

I thought ants prefer sugar or anyting sweet, BONES??? I wonder if the uncle can recognize the ants and even named them all.

Leeshi : That place is Simpur food stall, beside KB Chung Hwa school.

Roxine said...

i just got my license this year, and i got that paranoia feeling also u scared like when im on the road, other drivers would like curse me at my driving or something like my dad would curse them if they dun drive properly=p and parking is scarier=p

oh no...the day is today...=(so sad la the $0.30 raise...

Stels said...

U go to simpur tooo ?

ooh ooh!

hmmm i only know got old uncle or auntie collect empty tin cans one, now bones ah? Wah!

Nonnie King said...

Roxine : I bet its way scarier to drive in BSB than KB/ Seria since the traffic condition there more teruk. I guess you just need more practice and fearless.

(The boyfriend complimented or more like complained that I'm very aggressive when it comes to driving)

And... I'm thinking if I want to go out eat the newly priced kolomee. Sigh.

Stels : Yeah of course. Foods are great there! I studied in CHMS (KB) from kindy till Primary 6, no strangers to those stalls man.

Collect tin cans can sell for money, collect bones.. I wish its for her pets and not something else.

BaBy JeE said...

Nonnie, maybe she operates a canteen serving "bone soup", she ran out of supply for bones, she became desperate. hmm..............

De Pianist said...

you'll beat me up if you see me park my car,don't say moving out from my parking.hahaha..i drive very aggressive,but when it comes to parking,i'm a total tortoise.haha..=p..

that auntie really should have ask bones from the family sometimes ask bones from the boss (if familiar)of restaurants or stalls so that we could give the bones to our dogs.=D..

yea,it's annoying to have someone to stare at us while eating.i wonder if that auntie got scolded by any customers that got annoyed..hmm.

Affy said...

Oh God, I miss Simpur. I used to go there everyday for lunch when I have afternoon classes (back during my St. John's days).

WTH. What a weirdo. Maybe she's building her own . But that doesn't explain why she is so impatient with the bone.

Weido, indeed.

Affy said...

*WTH. What a weirdo. Maybe she's building her own 'bone church'. But...

Nonnie King said...

Jee : So this is how Sup Tulang comes from. Hmm... I see.

Pau Lene : I'll push you to the passenger seat and grab the steering wheel myself.

I think she picked her victims.. Maybe I look bully-able?

Affy : But with bones from chicken? Hmm... I suppose it'll be a miniature.

And I'm relating to the CSI Vegas miniature killer now. Freaky.

Iwan Sanchez said...

to leeshi,
to a certain degree, i agreed with u. hahhaa!

To nonnie,
wow!! 6 years man!!! best!! haahhaa!
i dun know lah, but it seems that the ants love it cos i saw the ants "carry" that bones lei.

lunaticgal said...

i also met one before but she dint stand beside me lahh.. OMG >.<

i wana enter the restaurant and see one aunty sitting there keeps staring the customers..

when they finish, aunty wil faster than the waitress, she put everything in the plastics bags (water+leftover food + everything everything)

*she got order drinks so the waitress cant shoo her off, but she only drink 100 plus - which is more expensive and can get very cheap at 7-11 besides the restaurant*

i really, no idea of what they doing.. sigh,, anyway.. im pity dem

Sha said...

Eh that auntie (not jie jie la! She looks so old) never eat drumstick before ka? So sakai. hahahahahah. Here I am dropping bruneian terms any old how. lol

Bobby said...

It would be quite sad if the reason that she took the leftover is for herself or family tho. I would prefer it to be that she want to take it for dogs or cats. But I know there are some restaurants not willing to give the leftover anymore.

My aunt used to bring a bucket and them whether they could give the leftover for the dogs that we had at home. Surprisingly there are many people also asking for the leftover till one day they say they don't want to give anymore. So instead she would just go to the market and buy those chicken bones leftover for my dogs.

But now since my dogs became just one, we only feed it leftover home-food.

anakbrunei said...

HAHAHA that kaliu part cracked me up!! I'm a bit better than you leh! I can speak foochow quite fluently! Hehehe! Hahah king kwang indeed!

Nonnie King said...

Reeda : Just how can you speak better Foochow than me ah? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Ah li yang, ki ka liu~