Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bye Hjh Zu/ Netball match

Eh? No one miss me kah? Upset leh.

I know I know.

No update = No comments = No readers = Low stats = My own fault.

Anyway, honestly speaking... I got a bit tired of blogging. BUT(!) I'm not quitting yet don't worry. Just maybe you know, blog a little less?

Last few week a senior colleague of mine told me that he stumbled upon my blog while searching our school name in Google. That's how he "discovered" my blog and told me that the way I blogged was interesting. I just smiled and said Thank you.

Seriously, I don't know if I should feel happy or what. Pleased that there are more people that I expected reading my blog. But worried at the same time thinking if I'd blogged something so mindlessly offending some people in a way that I might not know and later being quote and used against me.


當我知道我的學生有在讀我的部落各時﹐ 告訴你。。我一點也笑不出來。 我突然感到我在他們面前是“透明”的。 再這麼說﹐ 身為一名老師﹐把自己的私事po上來然後被學生讀不太好吧﹖ 感覺一點都不專業。

他們的微笑仿彿在告訴我說。。“老師﹐ 別假正經了。 昨天跟朋友玩的那麼瘋﹐ 現在一臉嚴肅的跟什麼一樣。 騙誰啊﹖”

嗨。。。 現在的小孩真不能低估他們哪。。。


I had one really crazy hectic week. Having assignments due together with a match I'd never played before can be really frantic.

And now I'd already handed in my assignment and the match is over, I felt kind of.. empty, for having a night that I don't have to worry about not finishing my work on time.

(Well.. not exactly free yet as I have another badminton match, a workshop to attend and our school is having a ASEAN exhibition thingie too in the next week. So yeah... WHEN IS PUASA COMING??!!!!! I can't wait to see the clean school compound with no dirty plastic wrappers and unfinished packet drinks on the staircase, finish work at 11.50am and all activities are canceled due to obvious reason. I LOVE PUASA! Not to forget mention, promotion and cheap buffets in restaurants and pasar malam!)

And one of the reason why I felt a little agitated this week is because Hjh Zu (one of my favorite colleagues who I can gossip and talk crap with) is leaving our school. She's going back to UBD.. not to study, but to be a tutor and later a lecturer after she complete her master.

So yeah you people who's taking Early childhood in UBD, respect and love this woman as she's one fine lady/ teacher that you won't want to miss the opportunity to befriend her.

(L-R) Me, Hjh Zu, Vicky, Shirley (her replacement)
and the act-cute Rohana who's trying hard to look innocent

It's only when she came to our school that I felt that I want to get involved in all sort of activities. She's active, sporting, fun-loving, cool and straight forward (like me =p). She contributed a lot to our school's winnings (even though she only joined us this year). We all love her, a lot. Or at least, I love her a lot.

And guess what, Bobby was once a student in her tuition school when she's still a UBD student. When she saw Bobby's picture in my blog she told me that she thought she'd seen him somewhere and later asked me if he ever tuition somewhere. Small world ain't it?

Hjh Zu, I know you might be reading this so please remember.... "ACT LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN!".

I guess that's my most-frequent used sentence on her because this pregnant mama never acted like she's carrying a little life in her tummy. She still run around walked fast, carried heavy things without anyone's help (actually she turned them down because she thinks she can handle it. Bloody hell... don't know people watching will feel kan-chiong is it?), and she just tends to make people forget that she's pregnant!

All the best ya darling. Be good in UBD. Behave. =p

I'm so blessed with the bestest colleagues that I ever had.

*Happy smile*


And last Friday, which also happened to my FIFTH day of playing netball, we had a match with other parents/teachers from other primary schools in KB.

Crazy I tell you. It was only last Monday that I first played netball and still blur with the rules & regulations and the positions of the players and what are they suppose to do. And so was Vicky and Winnie. So there, our team consists of 3 teachers who only know how to play netball for 5 days, one very fast-moving kitchen staff and really handal parents!

Without the really professional players/ parents/ trainer, I doubt we can played that well. I mean after 5 days of playing, how much can you expect from us?

I used to play basketball erm..... EIGHT (8) years ago? So it was pretty hard for me to adapt the new game. There's no board to help aiming. Only two people are allowed to shoot. Players are limited to certain areas and using you hands to wave and block opponent is consider a foul.

I was the WD only, more like an invisible player because my team mates are very very good and professional players and there wasn't much work for me.

We got the second place. Could have got the first one but.... nevermind, what passed is past. Needless to say. Wait! No need to puji me first because I didn't contribute much.

And after this game I realized sportsmanship is really important. Even though we lost the last game but at least we're all cool. No shouting and swearing towards own team players and also the opponent team.

Honestly, I was shocked when I heard one player from the opposing team shouting and swearing loudly at her team mate. Come on lah, it's just a game. No need to lose cool like that kua?

I sure hope our school will win the badminton match.

//Edit: You can read about it here.


[Looks at time]

Wah... 11.20pm liao. Not very late for a Saturday night but, I gotta wake up early tomorrow and have a happy trip with besties down Miri and meet up with Ah Pui~

Need to get my beauty recharging sleep now.



Iwan Sanchez said...


1st again...

don stop blogging lah.. do u know how much i love reading ur blog??

i know u wont be blogging till ur assignments is over but i keep on refrshing the page hoping for a miracle.. hahaha!

do i sound like a stalker??

well, i also dun like when ppl say they stumbled upon my blog cause we will never know if we said sometink bad abt them.. hahhaha!

well, looks like ur entry potrayed quite a busy and hectic events!

assignments lah, netball lah..

i didnt know puasa month is considered a bliss there!! hahaha!!

well, did u lose any weight with after those vigorous netball game??


have a great weekend!!

War186 said...

When do we play netball? Talking about the girly bloggers hehe. ;P

I'm Choonie. said...

I have the same thought like you. Should I continue to blog about my life? My students might read my blog and find me different from the usual me in school. Yet, my students are nearly 20 years old and some of them have their own blog... and I found one of them who is a famous blogger. But at least mine is not very popular lie urs. I am just worried that they will stumble into my blog from this site. hahahahaha....

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Don't worry lah, I won't stop blogging one. Even if I close down this one, I may start another one using anonymous id and only let a few of you know.

No, you're not a stalker. But my stats contributor :p

I can't wait for my getaway trip this weekend lah!
Woh~ Escape from the busy week and have a relaxing trip.

Oh btw, I didn't lose any weight because I felt so hungry and ate more after those games. Sad huh?

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : I want I want! Now then I know more about the game, I can feel more anticipation!

But how come now like no one mention anything?

Choonie : Wah seh, you got a famous blogger as your student ah? I wish I can say it's cool but as a teacher, I know it sucks.

I felt more and more "tied-up" in blogging knowing that even my colleagues are reading it. Later if spread to my principal there.. I wonder if I'll get penalised or not?

p/s: My blog not famous la... Famous = more than 10,000 clicks per day. Mine have to cut two zeros.

Jewelle said...

I know! Even being semi-anonymous for my blog is a headache. You want to be true to yourself but you also have to remember that there are people who know you personally but not intimately that reads your blogs and may make incorrect opinion of you!

What more for your case I would think, with students reading your posts and making opinions about you.

Well, its the choice we make right?

War186 said...

Semangat eh Nonnie. Hehe. Yeah I guess everyone's given up since the bowling thing's been canceled too many times already. Boring~ :(

Reading your blog makes me consider making a new blog and being anonymous when I'm already a teacher in the future hehe. Yeah right. Then all my pictures I have to censor my face what? Lol. ;P

Anonymous said...

hai nonnie,

congratulation to you and ur team ,even though got 2nd place in netball...

you play netball with my sis-in- law. the 2nd from left.(in ur pic)

surprising,I told my sis-in-law this is nonnie king(in your pic).But she mention your Chinese name(forgot already).she ask me,itz you friend.I tell her "nope",I knew her blog only.I like to read her blog.Fun reading her blog.I never meet her anyway.

Than she tell me itz fun playing netball..I know but I just smile.coz I didnt playing netball almost 10yrs.because of one incident,i'm quit playing hehe

Aidah_Seria Town

Sha said...

Oh, I really hate it when a great colleague leaves the company. It's like half the fun will be gone :( But don't worry I'm sure you'll be pally with ur new ones!

Quirky said...

Oh my god! thats my mom in the picture..! haha. I honestly did not know which one is you. I was just browsing through peoples blog then I stumbled upon on your blog. "Macam kenal saja that gambar." heheh.

Oh anyway, good game you guys. I truly believed that you guys can win that game ah.oh well..

Cheers! ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Be like me lah!!! See I can write what I wan! Afterall I am a faceless blogger! But I do enjoy reading ur entries! Have a nice day!

I'm Choonie. said...

Your blog has to cut 2 zeros and mine have to cut 3 zeros. hahahaha.... But I dun mind actually. By the time, too many ppl reading, I wont dare to write anything I want. As a teacher, I still have an image to keep. Actually, sometimes I feel like writing horny post like horny ang moh when I feel horny.. but nay... got to start another secret blog with a secret name. I might be better then horny ang moh. hahahah... Just joking.

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle: Exactly! I guess it's not hard for you people out there to understand my worries.

But, since I seldom complain or rant about specific stuffs and people in my blog, I guess it's okay a bit. Unlike those blog queen and king.

Wardah : I'll hold the bowling game masa cuti, and... I hope it turn out like last time, quick and simple - terus say yes or no.

I guess we can only blog about general stuffs and not private emotions next time... Because it's embarrassing for students to know, right?

Nonnie King said...

Aidah : Small small world! I tell you, your sister-in-law is so cool. So tall and fast. Standing and playing beside her makes me felt so insignificant.

And I wonder if I'll continue playing netball or not, since the first match I had was so terribly organised.

Oh, is Quirky related to you?

Sha : In our case, it's more than half. She won us so many trophies and I wonder if we can still make it for next year or not.

Quirky : LOL! Brunei is so small! Correction, KB is so small!

I assumed your mom is the one playing GK, right? And I think we did smiled to each other.

Yeah, like you said, "Oh well...", at least we lost in style.

Nonnie King said...

H.A.M : A wah! Took a wrong start. Regret now eh.

Choonie : A lor.. I miss the days when I can blogged freely without thinking much.

Teachers' images are really hard to keep. Have to be like a friend, but still be serious in case students take us for granted.

De Pianist said... can blog less but don't blog very very few d har..i still wanna see Deer Girl in action d har..ngahahaha~!

don't worry,i'm not coming here to pinch your cheek and call you nicknames..haha..=p!

is like that d le..once we become a blogger,have to be aware of these issues d..sometimes i also kena think twice before i can start writing my post..hehe..'s a waste that i can't go see the match hoh..i wanna see Deer Girl playing netball leh..i can also make banner for you too ma..ngahahahhaa~~ blehh..

Anonymous said...


yes,Itz a small world,especially KB :)

Quirky is my niece.


jessie said...


Nice to see a post from u again~~!!
Looks like ur having a busy week..
But better to have things to do...
Than to have ntg to do, rite??

Hope u enjoy ur time off~~!! =)
Take care....

Nonnie King said...

Pauline: Blog less = 2 entries a week. Blog very very few = 2 entries a month. Is that how you differentiate it?

Don't come and see me play, I'll feel pressured thinking what you'll blog later and all those silly pictures of me.

Aidah : Who knows I may bump into you one day? But, don't stare at me as if I got 3 eyes ya.

Jessie : True. Having things to do makes me feel important.

So does blogging.

Bobby said...

I think if you play netball only, you would lose weight but with assignment along it kindda put stress into you. So actually excercise + stress = eat a lot like doraemon.

Being second is very good already but in my eyes, you and your team are winners to me when it comes to fair play.

MonkeyWong said...

Haha... Wei, even u wrote that in Chinese, I believe someone still understand also!
Kinda funny right, too “透明” till students look at u also feel funny. But never mind, who say teacher can't be a 瘋 one, or even naughty one, as long as u're a good teacher, that's no longer an issue!
I support u, after all I'm naughty one also :P

Anonymous said...

Hai, Beb..Miss u too..No worries..I'm hanging ard UBD like a mad person but still surviving.. waking up late and so on.. busy..busy..busy.. yeah, rite!! Miss u lots..hope to c u soon..

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