Saturday, June 23, 2007

And I'll invent the "Leave in SHAMPOO!"

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Finally the blogging competition is up for voting.
You smart people know what to do right? LOL

(To be fair, read other bloggers' entries before you vote ya)


If you followed me in my Twitter, you should know that I had a lunch date with the Girly Bloggers. Oh man, it was so fun, funny and 'funstastic'! (purposely spell wrong one okay)

Let me see, there's me (of course), Ness, Atul, Maurina, Tina, Wardah, Dee and Rosie (wow, all Wordpresser except for me and Dee), who seriously need to check her mails more often. And she preferred sleeping than lunching with us when Atul called her up. Thanks Ness for her persuasiveness that made Rosie came for our second round coffee session.

(Ya bah.. I drove all the way from Seria leh, must give face)

We had lunch at Red Canopy and took a group photo our foods arrived. And kasian the poor waitress who helped us in taking the photos with 5 different cameras (minus Atul and Ness). Oh well, we're all bloggers mah, and what do bloggers do? Take pictures and blog lor.

The lunch was great. We ended up sharing juicy gossips and local stories that no one knows. Brunei is a very small country and everyone is somehow connected in some way, just like Rosie and Ness's brother, who would have thought they're working colleagues?

Wardah warned me earlier in MSN that she's a very shy and quiet person and so don't expect her to talk that much. And she said she "speaks" more in her blog than in real life! Well, a picture tells a thousand words, so we can't complain that she has less texts in her blog because she post lots of pictures there.

And poor Wardah was teased by us (the noisy and loud ones) because she's just too quiet and shy (as warned earlier). Actually, I think we just want to make sure she didn't felt left-out and since she's not talking, so we kacau her lah. Don't marah ya War.

We had a lot of funny jokes that day. Like the mixed breed of Chinese and Indian can be named as "_____", Tina jokingly shouted at Rosie that she took too much when Rosie hadn't even touch that eclair!

Also the below conversation:

Me: Maurina, your curls looks really nice and bouncy.

Maurina: I had it done in the saloon.

Atul: So how long is it going to last?

Maurina: Until I get my hair washed.

Me: And so you won't wash your hair and just use the "leave in shampoo".

Ness: Uhmm.. You mean leave in conditioner is it?

Me: *malu*

Know what? There's no such thing as "Leave in Shampoo"! So embarrassing lah. But it made everyone laughed. Never mind, I'll invent a "Leave in Shampoo" then. LOL.

And next we're going to play bowling together! Yippeeeee!

*Most pictures stolen from the girls*

(I only managed to snap photo of Ness and Atul's foods as they sat nearer to me. Looking at the above picture make me feel so hungry lah. Bah, I better go sleep before I start hunting in the fridge)

* * *

Read the rest of the girls' version here:

Ness: Thanks Girls

Wardah: 21/06/07

Atul: Lunch

Maurina: Girl (bloggers) just wanna have fun

Tina: This eclair is mine , And I keep wondering

Rosie: Pichas hehe, Surf's Up

p/s: I'm going to re-edit it tomorrow after I wake up. Want to put in more photos. Biasa~ Nonnie style kali-ah.


Effy said...

The food looks delicious. Where exactly is the restaurant? Nice or not the food?

War186 said...

Ooh I love Nonnie style. ;)

Aww I know everybody was just looking out for me since I'm so quiet, just not wanting me to feel left out. I really appreciate it. :D And don't worry I had fun too. =) I'm looking forward to the next one-bowling. :D

That's the joke I don't get about the leave in shampoo. Because I've heard and seen of dry shampoo before and so that's what I thought you meant. I was so blur when everyone laughed about that. Hehe. :D

Ooh from whose camera did you get that pic of me not posing on the right? I missed that in the Flickrs somehow.

Nonnie King said...

Effy :

We had lunch at Red Canopy, which is at Batu Bersurat.. near Happy Star there. Food was not bad.

And tea at Fleur De Leis, at Kiarong.. a few blocks after Baiduri. The cakes are nice. They're going to open one in Seri Kiulap Mall soon.

Do try them when you get back to Brunei.

Wardah :

Nonnie Style = Lots of text and pictures =p

I think the photos of you not posing is either at Mau or Tina's flickr. Can't remember which.

And yes, bowling next. Are you good at it? Else everyone will have a good time seeing balls fall to the longkang!

Effy said...

Wah.. macam2 ada sudah di Brunei. Goodie! Hehe. Looking forward to check out the places.

Tina said...

Hahahahaha, Leave In Shampoo is perfect for lazybums like me! When you have the prototype, try it on Rosie, she experiments a lot with her hair! Hehehe.

The mixed breed was funny! Laugh of my day! I feel like editing my post so I can put in all these things. Haha.

Bila bowling? Esok? ;)

War186 said...

I'm up for gutter balls! Hehe. Don't worry, I'm no good. ;) So I'm sure everyone will have a good laugh over bowling. :D

Nonnie King said...

Effy : B
ut still no wine and pub. =p

Tina :
And if that Leave on shampoo does exist, my mum wont complain me washing my hair when I'm having my period. And if the hair busuk, can terus 'wash'.

Bowling? Since school re-open soon, I guess its on Friday and Sunday for me liao.

Wardah :
Finally, some thing that you're not bad at. I was thinking that you might be thta handal to be good at all sort of balls.. (Hmm..sounds a little dirty )

Rose said...

oh dear... im gonna be forever labelled as the 'late comer who prefer sleeping than lunching with the girls'.. *yikes* haha..

Rosie said...

Tina: hahahahaha omg! 'try it on Rosie' :p hehehe i almost missed that.... i dont do anything to my hair anymore.. *erm*.. hehe

Iwan Sanchez said...


is that the only food u all eat??

so little one ar?


Nonnie King said...

Rosie :

And so you gotta come a lot early and help us order food first next time to make up for this.

Well, Tina's suggestion is good though. You seem more adventurous with your hair baby.

Iwan : No lah. I had a mushroom soup + yogurt ice cream for lunch (because I had char-kueh-tiaw for breakfast at 11!) and brownie + ├ęclairs + apple juice for tea.

Isn't that fattening enough?

And what makes you think that I'm a big eater ah?

rosie said...

hihihihi next time i will be punctual :p

and im giving my hair a break from anything now.. its in a poor condition sudah keke...

Nonnie King said...

Rosie :

Wu! I can't wait for the next bowling! We should set a date.