Monday, October 30, 2006

Photo Album

A lil note:
People, just a friendly reminder ya, I'm still waiting for more comments (thoughts) for my previous post. And one more thing.. 6 more days then I'm officially 23!

* * *

I've decided to name this post "Photo Album" because, there's no topic that I'm going to blog about, just some random pics that I've taken recently and captions.. Or some extra nonsense that I want to tell you all.

Went to Excapade KB (yes, we have a Excapade in KB too, Bandarians) for something like a gathering last Friday, St's Margaret 1999 batch mini reunion kua? (Luckily) We didn't get to sit in the big room, so having so much of us, we splited into two tables and chatted separately.. I don't feel pity about it, tabalik.. I was glad..

Hehee.. Sounds kinda bad I know. But, seriously.. I don't think I'll feel easy sitting on "the other table" knowing the topics that probably be brought up are:

- Motherhood (The whole process of laboring, breastfeeding and diaper's brand probably?)
- Jobs comparing, meaning comparing your salary, boss, colleagues, benefits working there and so on
- Boyfriends or husbands comparing... ("My boyfriend bla bla bla, your boyfriend bla bla bla")

Someone please tell me, why does a gathering always turn out to be nothing but a chance to "Compare" again?

I know that not all are like that, there are people who sincerely want to know how are you and cares about your life, but you got to admit..there are some people in your class who are like.. loves to show-off this and that.. I felt much more comfy sitting with people at my table.

There was something funny that SoonLung was saying..

Mabel: I want to watch "Sinking in Japan"!
SoonLung: I watched it already. I rate it 8/10.
Us: Huh? Wah seh..rate lagi. What other movies you rate so high? Must know first, sekali "Scary Movie" you also rate so high, then we understand your standard sampai where already.

Then I asked, "What is the movie about since you say is so nice?"

SoonLung: "Japan sinking lor"

Wah! I really didn't think of that leh (Sarcastically)

Chew! Steady also the answer! Who don't know "Sinking in Japan" is about "Japan sinking".. Say liao like didn't say at all..

Random pics
We're the laber-collectors

That guy above is one of my best guy friend. Very sien.. asked him to do a unique post, don't always boring boring stand like that.. still the same..

(Nevermind, he go offshore liao. Won't be reading my blog for a week at least)

Oh well, at least I got "style" standing. Hahhaa. Vain I know. Gali also I know.

* * *

Guess what I found at a shop!

Cool or not? If my bathroom's shower head is not fix on the wall.. I'll buy it for sure! Not expensive, only B$12.00!

Damn.. And I starting to like Spiderman's stuff just because I was once Spiderking?

Ai.. my nose looks like tongkeng!

Random Pic

My partner-in-being-childish, Mabel and I had fun in that many interesting stuffs and toys there. Hahaha. She was forcing us to see her demonstrating the "noisy-wheeler-bat" then goes "Kak-Kak-Kak" everytime you push it forward.

* * *

Went raya-ing this afternoon. Damn tiring leh..

Can you imagine, I woke up at 6.30am, left home at 6.50.. Finish work at 12.30, lepak in school till 2.00pm, go raya till 6.30pm baru go home.. !

(Erm yes, I only need 15mins preparation time to go work cos I don't eat breakfast at home, don't shower in the early morning because I'll catch cold and I malas wear make-up to school.. because my students ever go like,"Kenapa mata cikgu?" when I use eye-shadow)

Our dear GB, Guru Besar that is.. invited us to her open house.

The woman with green tudong is my GB.
Looks like a kind auntie kan? She is.

Gila man.. After that, we continuously visited 5 house... I was like.. wanna die liao. Low Batt lah!

How you people do that?
- You take off and wear your shoes back over and over again
- You try the same kueh (made by different people) over and over again
- You drink min. 1 glass of fizzy drinks every house you visited
- You shake hands and cium-cium everyone in the house

I once tried Raya-ing from 9.00am till 10.00pm... I felt like my legs wasn't attached to my body.
Can you people guess what's this?

Not that stupid thinking you don't even know what's cashew nuts lah.. I mean the strings.

Hehehe. Not onion, not potato, not chillies, not mushrooms...


*Drum Roll*


Steady leh? My GB invented them I think. And believe me.. It's damn crispy and tast very good too!

Bah, curi the idea lah. I know you'll go and tell your mum now asking her to try it too.

* * *
Ah.. another boring post..

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Help, anyone?

I had several topics that I want to blog.. But it seems like I can't get my thought organize. People, boleh tolong?

The topic I wanted to blog the most is,
"Bloggers, the familiar strangers".

Get the idea?

From reading a person's blog, you get to know what happened to him/her lately, what he/she likes and dislikes.. But, in real life.. the person is nobody but a stranger..

Until we read certain post in their blogs, and leave a comment or say "Hi" in that person's tagboard, then... catch their attention, likewise replying a comment or "Hi" back.. As time goes by, we became blogmates.. or even better, Friends.

In the other hand, ever thought that bloggers may have two personalities: online and offline. Online they may seem righteous, good and all that jazz. But offline, they are complete opposite. They say one thing online, but offline, they do exactly what they told others not to do.

(Thanks Nisah, for helping me to rephrase the sentence.. If not later people throw rotten eggs at me. Hahhaa)

There's these two really nice blogmates of mine... No, I rephrase... Not only blogmates, but friends.. true friends whom I get to know online from reading their blogs, Nisah and Iwan. Seriously, I never know I can get along so well, talking so much to a Malay. Not forgetting to mention dear Mr.Luuee, the funny "Mou-Lei-Tao" guy who actually happens to be Bobby's friend.

(Translation- Mou-Lei-Tao, Cantonese. Meaning..erm.. You get those jokes from Stephen Chow? Kungfy Hustle, Shaolin Soccer those.. Those kinda prank/joke are categorized under "Mou-Lei-Tau")

So people, want to share your ideas and thoughts for this topic?

I'll compile it give credits to all of you kind people one. I just feel like knowing what do you feel about this whole blogging getting to know more people thingie~

(So far I have someone who wish to remain anonymous sharing her thoughts with me already and I really appreciate it. You know who you are)

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a paint. It's a hump. It's ROUNDABOUT!

A little something:
Dear readers, if you're finding the fonts of this blog a little too small of your liking to read, you can tab "Ctrl" and "+" on your keyboard to enlarge it. Thank you.


Ever since I started to blog, I had always, ALWAYS wanted to have a little say on this topic, i.e. Seria's Roundabout!

Few years ago, more than 10 I mean, can say that most of the road junctions in Seria have been "forcefully" added in a roundabout. Due to the reason of limited space, roundabout in our pathetic small town often looks like this...

Photo taken at the junction once you come out from highway.
Near the wet market there

p/s: I don't know most of the road name, I'll just agak-agak tell you the location nya. (If you're interested to know where is it, so next time you visit Seria then you can spot them easily)

Back to the photo, can you spot a white patch of paint on the ground?
If YES, good for you.. you can now drive safely in Seria. If NO.. please ensure you have a fellow friend sitting beside you guiding you when you're driving here.

Everytime when any of my friends from BSB came down and visit me, and saw the so-called roundabout..their reactions are..

The roundabout near Police station and Post office

Yea Yea. Pathetic roundabouts.... But, I consider them uniquely found only in Seria what~

The second scenario when first-time-drive-in-Seria-people will meet is...

Me: Eh, slow down. Got roundabout ahead.
Driver: Huh? Where? I don't see any.

Another20M to Supa Save rounadbout

Me: Got bah! You trust me and slow down now! (A bit panic already)
Driver: Where? I don't see any! You mean I have to slow down NOW?

Now you don't see.
Now you shocked!

(Idea copy from Chipsmore: Now you see, now you don't)

*Car run over the "hump"*

Me: -____-" Nevermind. You just "ran over" the roundabout anyway...
Driver: Is it? No feeling leh....
Me: Duh... *roll eyes*

Apalah... Seria is not only famous for it's kolomee, rice dumpling, oil and gas bla bla bla, nodding donkey and so on, now when you come to Seria, you got to see our roundabouts too! Fascinating isn't it? *Sense any sarcasm here?*

The roundabout that can turn into the "Billian Barrel Oil Monument"

Other than miniature roundabouts, we have some weird designs roundabout too..

Roundabout to Mumong road from Seria

Roundabout that you see coming out from highway,
and going to Pandan Lima

p/s: I just google it and to my surprise, the teapot monument (roundabout) in Kuala Belait symbolises the four districts of the Sultanate of Brunei

Ah.. this one normal a bit lah, but super small.. very hard to corner you know..

Roundabout in KB, near bus station, Police station and HSBC

Oh....... Now I remember.. I forgot to take pictures of the roundabout connecting Jalan Maulana & Panaga one.. That one more cool, got steel pigeons or some sort of cranes in the center.
(Weird huh?)

Not forgetting to mention, we have a big crystal arch for the Jerudong Park roundabout.

But, that's not located in Seria so doesn't count lah..

Well, we do have normal and ordinary looking around with nothing but cement and black & white paing tho.. like this.

Roundabout in KB, err.. near the black tangki there.

Lastly, show you people something you don't get to see in any other place, only in Belait ok!

Hahahaa. We got a signboard here "teaching" or "reminding" drivers how to use the roundabout in a proper way...

I remember before the signboard and policemen start to "saman" drivers who drive straight crossing the roundabout, my mum was one of them who either:
1. Run over the roundabout, or
2. Shortcut it, not turning at full circle around it.

Maybe you can't see clearly what's on the signboard.
Here, an enlarge copy.

Photo taken in KB. The roundabout near to the football field, near to petrol station


One thing, erm... irrelevant to the topic one. Just want to share with you dear friends and readers...

When I was still a baby, still drinking milk from the milk bottle, everytime when I threw tantrum refusing to finish the milk, my evil mum would threaten me this,

"If you don't finish your milk, later Aliens from the UFO will come and abdupt you!"

And the picture below is her so-called "UFO" 20years ago!

Damnit! I actually buy that! Blame it on my wild imagination.... Thinking that there are really some big head green Aliens inside who cut open children's bodies and take out their organs and transplant into Aliens so they can continue survive in planet Earth.. Cilaka..

It was only till when I was in my Primary 5, seen more TV and read more books... and mum stopped the threatening (because I don't drink from milk bottle anymore obviously), I suspected what I was being told..

One day, I came up with my courage and "confront" my mum... And guess what's her reaction.

"HAHAHAHAHHA! You're still believing it! Silly girl!"

-____-" I felt so...retarded! What kind of mum is that? What if I choose to believe it till today, will wreck-up my future one you know. Serious one leh the result.


Here, I introduce you the super ganas lady driver who can one hand on the stick/wheel, one hand holding the camera and take pictures! (Yes, I drive a manual transmission car. *Proud*)

Call me number 1

I know.. stupid pose. I sucks in camwhoring what...

Steady or not? If you see the pics carefully, it's not hard to tell that most of them are taken from the angle in the car.

Talking or SMS on the phone while driving is illegal I know...
But no one tell me taking picture also will kana "saman" wor.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

New layout. 26.10.2006

In case you didn't notice, I've changed my blog's skin.
(Impossible tak nampak lah, isn't it a bit too obvious?)

I've been trying to find one that I fall for from the first sight, simple and nice. Wide blog space and no flashy stuffs. And there, *ta da* found it!

I like this new one. Feels calm and peaceful.
Suits my blog title "Spiritual Garden" isn't it?

Why Green? Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. And... one of the reason that I feel something special for green is because, my name. Chinese name to be precise.

My Chinese name is Siaw Chin, pronounce as "Xiao Qing" in hanyupinyin.
Xiao - Small in Chinese
Qing - (Please.. not this 青 or 清. It's this 钦) Hard to explain what does it means..

The word "Chin" has the same pronouciation as "Green" in Chinese, somehow.. combining "Siaw" and "Chin", it kinda gives a meaning of "Small Green", or "Greenie", or ... something like that lah. So, now you know why.

But! Green is not my favorite colour!
In fact, I don't have a favorite colour. Please remember that, I don't want end up receiving Green-dolls, shirts, pants, hair clip, belt, photo frame, nail polish and so on for my birthday.

Back to my blog...
But behind every itchy hands, there's a price to pay.. Due to the reason that I've upgraded my blog template earlier on, the html codings were not in full.. So I have to redo all the links at the sidebar , tagboard and so on..

Lucky I'd learnt a bit of HTML back in my diploma days...

One important thing, if I haven't link you yet, (yes you! The 'you' marah-marah now complaining your precious link in my blog hilang, thinking that I don't "friend" you anymore, or.. feel sad and sobbing now), please let me know. I'll add you back.

I'd tried my best to remember all the links that I made previously.. so, just in case I did left some out, please please please don't keep it in your heart. Tell me.

And yah, nice or not my new layout?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Was in Miri (22 - 24 Oct 2006). And I fell down in Bintang Plaza yesterday!

Been missing me badly people?
Sorry for disappointing you everytime you entered my blog ah.. "Argh.. still no updates? Where have the cute, sweet, nice, kind, gorgeous, pretty Nonnie went?"

ok ok.. So I over-syok-sendiri by adding the "cute, sweet, nice, kind, gorgeous, pretty".. Just to hypnotise myself a bit mah.

I'm currently having a long holiday... Not very long actually, but.. it's longer than most of you I bet. So I went down to Miri for couple of days to spend some quality time with Bobby and do some shoppings.

Incase you didn't know where's Miri, Miri is actually a (so-called) city in Sarawak, which is like..erm... 45mins drive away from KB/Seria (my hometown). Just need to cross border nya..
If you're wondering, yes... like Singapore and JB. And Brunei cars always get stolen/ scratched in Miri.

Before I left for Miri, I actually email the girls (GBNO Committee) telling them I'll be away for few days.

GBNO - Girly Bloggers' Night Out.

I've shorten the mail

Nonnie: going to Miri and practise "Life if I kahwin Bobby"....
Ness: ... testing the product before buying it huh? Must pass quality control one! Hahahaha.

So funny this girl.

I'm not going to blog out every single detail of the trip, just highlight some nya, scare later you all see till very "sien" and sleep infront of the monitor bah.

Before leaving, Bobby and I went to the petrol station to pump fuel first. And this stupid idiot.. so kanasai, just when the car infront of us left, and it's our turn, he cut in and get his car pumped first!

@!%$@$#!$# (I wished I can scold the bad words out in my blog.. But, I'm a teacher, have to be a role model for my students.. so..control myself. Control!)

I'm not sure whether I can email it to youparkingidiot, because he's parking. He's a stupid man who is so damn rude and impatient, cutting the queue and don't even bother to say sorry or explain why. And also the worker in the station... he like "close one eyes" nya... Cilaka.. think we all blind is it? Kanasai... So du lan now!

(Bobby was cursing non-stop wishing the guy tyre puncik puncture. And I was like... "Pua-what-Sa lah.. so rude. No need lah. God will not count your Puasa today because you didn't follow his thoughts and big heart")

*Sorry, no offense to all Muslims out there.. I understand not all are like that.. I'm just dulan why did he do that nya*

Basically, my first night in Miri is not that interesting. Once reaching Miri, we unloaded the stuffs at Bobby's place. And go find Luuee and LuJee, so ngam they're going out for dinner, so we tag along... (eventho we'd eaten earlier at my place)

After that, we went to Parkson, err.. should be Bintang Plaza (if not wrong) to check the schedule of the movies. But.. nothing nice also. So we ended up having coffee in Coffee Bean.

Having coffee-addict parents like my mum and dad, it doesn't make me one. The strong coffee smell makes my kepala-sakit (headache). And people say drinking coffee can make you feel awake, it just doesn't work for me.. I still can sleep soundly after drinking.

Didn't had a good sleep too as Bobby's rushing his assignment with the lights on and the sound of keyboard tapping. And his friends kacau-kacau and were noisy outside the house.. Nearly make me want to stomp out the house and marah them.

That sums up my Day 1. Not a really good one.

* * * * *
Day 2-

Had trouble waking up the pig (who slept at 6am) as usual. He left for his group meeting at 10.30am leaving me all-locked up and home-alone.

Now, time to practise "Life if I kahwin Bobby"

No.1 - Wash the bedsheets, dirty socks and clothes.

No.2 - Dust the room, rearrange the stuffs
If I can "collect" all the dust and spider webs, I think there're about a Cola can size
No.3 - Throw away the rubbish.

It's crazy... I found three empty tissue box in his closet and when I asked him, this is what he replied....
"What? you threw them away? They're my TISSUE BOX COLLECTIONS!"
Nice one Mr.Lim... Very smart of you.
No.4 - Sweep and mop the floor.

If only I did take the before and after picture, I bet all guys will wanna marry me this instant. Haha. I got the good-wife quality what~ I cook, I clean and I'm nice.
(That's when I'm not lazy)

Took a shower after that. Watch TV and ate crackers for brunch.. so kasian...
And waited pathetically for him to come home... Damn, if only I have my car with me that time..
He got back at around 4.30pm! 4.30pm!!!!

Cilaka....So Dulan.

Later the day, as usual.. bring me go shopping and eat dinner lor..

And.. yah... we're wearing couple tees shamelessly..

It's a valentine gift I bought for us this year. But he was too fat and the shirt didn't quite fit him that time.

Actually, I felt bloody embarassed! Everytime when I saw couples wearing the exact same shhirt, I laughed behind them! Now.. ketulahan... my turn.

Lucky the prints on the shirt are not exactly the same. It's kinda cool tho.. The print on Bobby's is a guy in Blue talking on the phone to the girl in Pink, which is on my tee. Cool?

We had steamboat & BBQ for dinner.
(No picture of food.. later you all complain I make you hungry again)

* * * * *

Day 3 :

The girls came down too. To shop and bring me back to Brunei so Bobby doesn't have to do 2 trips.
The foods are expensive (RM8 for Unagi Sushi!, the salmon sliced so thin), not very nice, and the portion is small.

Excapade is still the BEST!
(Dear Excapadians, give me discount la.. I free advertise for you bor)

We went to Watson, (which I bet most girls can spend hours inside there) and Mabel took a box and asked me if I know what is it..

Turn to the back of the box and saw this..

What the hell?! It's a convenient-paper-tube for ladies to pee while standing up! Who would want to buy it?

Mabel says, "People who's going to China and couldn't find a decent toilet lor"

. . .

Ok..... Enough crapz.

Did you read my title justnow? The one that I say "I fell down..."


I was walking to Mc'D to look for Bobby. I was happy to see him, I waved.. and tripped!

Blame it on my heels and jeans...

I stepped on my jeans (I know I should have cut it shorter), tripped myself and ended up falling and rolling like idiot in PUBLIC!

The worst part is... when I tripped (before I fell), I shouted very loudly "AIYAK!!!!"... And thus attracting people looking at me and saw the whole process!

Mabel and Theen can't stop laughing.. Even me myself was laughing at my clumsiness.. Very malu tho.. Somemore... in front of Bobby lagi.

"Ah..... You two, come and help me to get up"

I was so bloody MALU! Can you imagine.. a 23 years old girl rolling and falling down in public like a kid?

I calm myself down... eventhough I can't stop laughing too.. and asked Bobby,

Me: Oi.. Why justnow you don't come and help me one?

Bobby: Huh? What happened?

Me: I fell down eh. You should have stop eating you burger, immediately dashed out and rescue me like a hero and check if I'm alright what...

Bobby: MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAAA. You fell down? I saw you coming.. but the next second, you hilang.. I thought you went into the CD shop bah. Rupanya you fell down! Hahahhahaha

Me: -__-" (Stupid boyfriend)

And luckily Luuee, who was dating THREE girls in Mc'D didn't saw it too!

*Phew~ I thought I so throw-face, he saw me falling down*

Yes! You read it right... Luuee was with not one, but THREE ladies!


Nah... complain no girls like lagi... Penipu eh. See, what guys say cannot be trusted one.

* * * * *
Random Pics

You, obey your dear King!

I like this shot. Make me look like I'm in charge, and Bobby has to kuai-kuai listen to everything I say.

(I know he always look very cool and fierce, believe me.. He's not.)

Here, what I'd bought.

Yes, even my bedsheets has all this " , @, computer" words on them.

As you can see, the most banyak thing I bought are books and magazines. Not clothes, not bags, not shoes.

I like the silver bag tho.. Because the bag that I'm currently using to work is old and torn. I have no choice but getting a new one.

And the tiara hair pin, nice kan? Maybe I'll use it on my Birthday~

* * * * *

Lastly, I'll like to say "Thank You" to my girlfriends.. who were so bloody nice and kind.

You know what they did?

They bumped into my mum last Monday (while I was still in Miri), my mum was sicked, coughing and having no voice at all. This two ladies went to buy the "UBAT BATUK CAP IBU DAN ANAK, NIM-JIOM-PEI-PA-KOA", and bring it to my house and give it to my mum.

So sweet right?

Now, this is what I call "True Friends"

p/s: Now I have bloody lots of mails to read, to update myself on the GBNO, read and comments on friends' blogs.. But, kanasai Doramabel is forcing me to go BSB, Istana with her... just to get the container that istana gives out every year with goodies inside.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I made a dolly, Piggie King Siaw Chu

No, Piggie King Siaw Chu is NOT me!

First of all.. I want to say sorry to all my gorgeous muslim ladies blogmates (whom I'm going to meet soon in December), because the main "character" in this post is not HALAL. Especially now near to Raya-ing somemore.

p/s: I'm born in the year of Boar, thus I have a special liking toward "Porky".

Remember DoraMabel? The girl who I sacrifice my image posting up the SpiderKing picture for her birthday? The girl who's good in making all those dollies? Yeah, I asked her to be my Sifu and teach me how to make a doll.

Being a beginner
, I dare not to challenge very "3D" figures.. 2D first.

Here, the above picture you see is the one I want to make. Cute?

To prove it is really ME making it all the while, I'm going to post up pictures as an evidence.

First Step: Trace the shapes from the Book on to a piece of tracing paper.

Step 2: Ikut the shapes and outline it to the piece of cloths.

Of course, you got to decide what colour first lah. I wanted a Pink Porky!

Random Pic: You don't see this often.
Remember I said I wanted a Pink Porky? Heh. The stupid and careless me go on with the tracing sampai nearly finish, baru realised...

GODDAMNIT! You have any idea how tiring it is to trace it? Especially the smaller pieces?!
I have no choice but reverse the colours, because I don't want to re-draw the small hand-&-legs! The bigger head and body part are a lot more easier to draw bah.

My Pink Porky now become a normal brown one.. *Sob*

Step 3: Cut the shapes out.

Blur kan the picture. No skill bah the photographer.

Here, the parts all ready!

By the time I was done with all the tracing, drawing and cutting... 1.5hrs gone and I already feel sien.. But still, I know if I don't finish it that day, I won't finish it forever.

Hangat Hangat Tahi Ayam
, you know?

Step 4: Stitch and stuff cotton.

Lucky I got a nice Sifu, if I were to read the instruction from the book.. I think I'll choose to go sleep already.

The way DoraMabel stitch is so nice, very neat. But mine.. so cacat. The bigger parts are super easy to do, the smaller hands and legs are really killing me!

Uh Uh! Finishing already! Finishing already!
At least all the body parts done!

No limbs attached

Step 5: Attached (sew) the limbs.
(Like those Transformer robots leh, combine all the parts)

I was already super sleepy by that time. That two lousy friends don't even offer any help, keep on forcing me to finish it.

Mabel: Finishing already. Just a few steps away. Jia-You
Me: Mabel..... I lazy already. I want to go home and sleep. You stitch for me lah.. Can?
Theen: What oh? You yourself say want to do all by yourself one. Now you want help. Cannot ah!
Me: ='(

My eyelids are so heavy.. So hard to keep my eyes open eh.
My eyes are already small, now SMALLER lagi.

What to do? Tahan lor. MUST FINISH!

Step 6: Glue the nose, eyes and ears.

Step 7: Name it.

My lousy friends kept on calling me "Siaw Chu, Siaw Chu" (little porky) that night. I marah and say, "I'm not Siaw Chu. This (points to dolly) baru is Siaw Chu!"

No use.. now they call me King-Da-Chu. (Big Porky)

Three words... KA-NA-SAI!

Maybe you're thinking....
1. The colours are different
2. I've added the dark patch on the left eye because I want it to look like McDull.
3. Mine look cacat (badly stitched) and dirty (What lousy friend no.1 Pig-Theen says)

Incase you don't know,
This is McDull

I know I know.
I lekat the dark patches at the wrong side of the eye.

-____-" (Sweat)

Mabel says not bad for first-timer liao leh! At least I finish it, and it does looks like a PIG mah. You people give me some words of encouragment. Don't say something bad and make me feel so low and never want to do anymore in the future.

Blur picture I know...

Here, I take myself better.

* * * * *
OS from Piggie:

Hi everyone.
My name is Piggie King Siaw Chu.
I was borned on 20th October 2006, thus making me a Libran.
I don't know whether I'm a Girl or Boy because my mum, the blog owner hasn't decide yet.
I'm now an Ah-Kua/ Pondan! I don't want!