Tuesday, March 6, 2007

23 trying to be 13


Self-entertaining post ahead!

No one knows why I took those act-cute self-disgusted photos I posted in my previous entry.

Nevermind, tell you now.

Here's a couple of thing I noticed from those 13-17 years old teenage girls friendster profile.

They love:

- calling themselves Baby, Princess, Kawaii or Angel something and etc etc etc.
- to use weird ASCII texts.
- short forms as usual.
- to type in point form.
- to upload 50 photos of themselves with the bulging big round eyes and the pouty lips, the only difference is the angels.

I . just . don't . get . it.

So, this is me... trying to understand what are they thinking.

23 trying to be 13.

First attempt - Posing

Man, this is not easy you know, at least not for me.

You wouldn't believe if I told you that I actually browse thru a lot of profile trying to imitate their pose, their eyes and the lips.

I showed Bobby the whole 'collection' of me trying to flirt with the camera. He laughed. It was certainly a disaster for the first 10 - 15 shots. I look like I'm having 顏面神經失調 (facial expression disorder?)

Can someone tell me
why girls love to have emo pose?

I always have this question, who will have the mood to take pictures of themselves when feeling all down and gloomy?


You take the camera, face yourself, pose all emo (look down, look away with hairs covering at least 30% of your face, normally B&W or sepia mode) and *ka-cak*, you snap.

Then you quickly change the dial of your digicam from "Camera" to "Play" mode to check out the photos you took.

What the?

All the FAKE emo!

And these... the cacat (handicap) peace sign (as below).

Do you know that this sign actually means up yours in UK?
(Told by a friend)

And of course, where can left out self portrait using the mirror taking pictures of the full length body (showing off the curves)?

Second Attempt - Cyber kawaii language

Forget all the grammar and spellings you learn in school. It's out.

The 'in' thing is using short forms with symbols and combination of upper and lowercase.

Like this:

[Edit: I copy & paste from somewhere.)

  • Female, 86, It's complicated
  • Interested In: Relationship Men, Dating Men, Friends, Activity Partners
  • Hometown: == \` c U t i e Z L a N d` /==
  • Company: +:~ [ c U t e S t e R p T e L t D ] ~:+
  • Schools(Other): +:~ [ b T c . a t H o M e d o L l i n h E r S e l F U p ] ~:+
  • Occupation: ----( ( c u T i E s E a R c H e R ) )----
  • Affiliations: +: ~ [ k A w a i i s W e E t c H i o O p R i N c E s S ] ~:+

hee..euu write testii ferr me....we suree writee euu onee backk de..100% guarantee chopp chopp...kekez.. =)

+// plss dun msg mie to ask mie to write testi fer euu. i sae i wil means i wil. dun make mie pissed off. thks. sry if euu r offended...

What The Fish?

That someone's hobbies must be collecting friends and testimonials, have multiple friendster account and shout KAWAII in (fake) astonishment upon seein
g every single thing...

And...I wonder how does her English teacher feels while reading these..

Did you guys noticed, instead of the real age, those little girls love to put their favourite numbers like 86, 77 and so on.

And I can say, almost 99% of them LOVES PINK!


All the young girls love pink now
All the things they have is Pink
And a pink pink here.
And pink pink there.
pink here pink there pink pink pink pink EVERYWHERE!
All the young girls love pink now

I can almost hear this everytime I walked in some gift shops,
"Eeeeeeeee! Pink! Kawaii! So Kiut!"

Apalah, is PINK the only "cute" color?
I think green is nice, blue is fine and I like black.
Does that make me an un-cute person?

(But I have nothing against them who loves PINK to bits. At least I know I won't have the courage to shout that out loud)

Lastly, something for you to laugh...

I tried taking pictures of myself winking.

God, I never know it's so hard! Look how cacat it turns out.

Damn cacat and ugly!

Ermm... I think it's because I have really tiny eyes.

So tips for those out there who has small eyes like me,

Else you'll end up like the idiot above who looks like having some physical disabilities.

p/s: There won't be any more self-taking-gross pictures of myself in the near future. Not till I forget about the experience of camwhoring.

p/p/s: Errr...... No hard feelings for those young teens ya. It is just a rant from an old hag nagging. Nothing personal.

I don't feel any younger for doing this anyway.

I love the 23 years old me more than me acting all 13.


LuUeE said...

haha.. yes, today i am the first one here.. yes.. So gonna write something silly.

Yep, small gals these days. I don understand what is so fun collecting testis. Getting nothing and future making themselves think of themselves as princess. hahaha..

Speaking of that, boys are doing that too. Making tons of acc of themselve certifying themself as cute. hhaha. What has happened to humanity. Where are the bad boys who never care for their looks and whoop ass?

lunaticgal said...

hahaha ur self wink picture realli makes me laugh :)
hahaha... i wonder why the u took the 86yrs one..
now already 21yo! no longer TEEN la! =.=
me me me... if u see my friendster i wonder ull pain too!? although i dint pose those pose (cz i know i aint cute enuf)

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... u really eat too full nothing to do... eh, how about make ur eyes big big? Those people like to do so ma

uglyfatchick said...

I go through many phrase of "zi-lian". I think most girls do too. Especially when there's camera phones now.. it's easy to take self pic anytime, anywhere.

It's almost like a trend thing.
Last time used to be big eyes.
Then change focus to something else. then another, then another.
They used to look good at that point of time, but now when I look back on those photos, I find them rather funny lols.

Like retro stuffs, they used to look cool and every-one's wearing them for everyday life.. but now people only wear & style for parties, events, clubbing and stuffs. lols..

but I cannot understand those weird cap, non cap texts though.. especially those longstringofwordsstucktogetherlikethis. -.-

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : *clap clap clap* Yeah! Luuee is the first to comment this time!

Perhaps next time when those young girls go for a job interview, she'll print out all the testimonials and show the boss telling him/her, "I'm popular, kawaii and everyone loves me. Here's the proofs."

Bad boys who never care for their looks? I know one... you know him too.. Bobby Lim lor.

I warned Bobby if one day I noticed that he looks at the mirror more than looking at me, or he stays in bathroom longer than me, jaga him!

Nonnie King said...

Lu Nee : I know you're the same type of girl like me. Don't know how to pose and act cute.

Well... I did try my best for this entry lah. Turn out so disasterous!

(Am going to search for you in Friendster later)

Kenny : Hehehe. A bit lor.

My eyes small till no medicine cure liao one. Use toothpick also cannot do much help.

So I just tell myself at least I have the typical Chinese eyes.

Nonnie King said...

Christina : Don't know why.. I feel shy taking self portrait using camera phone. I can hear my heart saying, "Chou Ren Duo Zuo Guai".
(Ugly people do most weird stuffs?)

Yeah..it's all about the trend that everyone tries to catch and to be "IN". But I rather stick to my old self. Scare one day if those photos get exposed to my children, I'll have no where to bury my head when they say, "Eee.. Mummy why you look like that one?"

LOL, the longstringofwordsstucktogetherlikethis!

Don't know? Maybe they think it's cool to type like an idiot?

War186 said...

You look so hot in the 'Miss Independent' pic lah Nonnie. ;)

I guess we're too old for all that yeah. That's the new generation for you.

I don't get it too. :S

Hor ny Ang Moh said...


Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hot? It's only illusion you're seeing Wardah dear.

Sigh... kids even started to address me as "auntie" and not "kakak" anymore.
Sad huh...




kelly said...

miss nonnie king! i think you macam give ppl pinch at the back to force you to wink!!!

and then the miss independent..you really took from the mirror and then edit the background??

Thanks for this post because i really betahan seeing friendster kids doing that too...bo bien, maybe i jealous that i cannot become kawaii...hahahaha

Nonnie King said...

Misss Kelly Lim : Yah, 'gay-gui-nian'!

A la... of course edit the background, as if you do not how messy my room looks...

I think ah, those who behtahan them like us, are just jealous because we can't do it. So feel imbalance..

We cannot be kawaii, but we can be pretty, sexy and feminine!

Guruh Roy said...

yeah, you are totally right about that.
And most of them think they are are a "princess' or some kind that shit too. Maybe they think that there are really that beautiful but for me they do look like "beautifoolish" By the way what does "kawaii" really means huh??????

Iwan Sanchez said...


Alor, these ppl ar in friendster.. haiz....

And ya lor, ur pics winking really makes me burst out laughing!! LOLZ!!!

Pink is a girly colour hence gals say its cutte mah..

Have u ever hear a guy saying pink is cute??


De Pianist said...

OMG!!NonniE!!first time see Nonnie camwhore leh!lolz..you really suffer lah in here..

i also can't do those pose d lah..i'll always look hong pou if i dare to do that..so i love to SMILE rather than those cutie pose..yuck..

{i'm not jealous anyway..lalala..}

pink cute meh..i TOTALLY LOVE BLACK!!!BLACK is COOL!yay!

forgive me..i'm kinda nuts these days..lolz..

LuUeE said...

really really scarcastic. Yep, i wonder will all the people live in houses made like barbie land. mwhahah.. And is it the guys suddenly
become house wifes..

Bobby said...

....I never expect to see you like this. This is another side of kawaii that i never see. I'm am totally shock. But a good topic to discuss. I have nothing against those girl acting kawaii. I guess you are young only once and those girl who act kawaii could be because they never did those cute pose so better late than never.

But so far i never see a grandmother do kawaii pose tho. King, you do pose very kawaii cos to me you are kawaii in a special way.

uglyfatchick said...

Can use as warning to my kids. They'll grow up thinking I'm one mad mama. :P

Anonymous said...

ohhhh nonnie.. haha, i laughed out so loud when i saw your winking pictures.. brilliant..

Nonnie King said...


I love that word, BEAUTIFOOLISH!

Kawaii means cute in Japanese.

Iwan : Errr... If I encounter guy who shout "kawaii" upon seeing pink stuffs and he happens to be my friend, I think I'll smack his head.

Like my friend always say, "Be a MAN, act like a MAN!"

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Surprising leh, seeing me camwhoring! I am indeed suffering in doing it, how they manage to take thousands of photos like that I don't understand.

Ya, I like decent sweet smile rather than winking and open the eyes so big until it looks like it's going to pop out.

*hi five*

Luuee : Barbie = Plastic.

If guys become housewives..erm.. I think they'll have problem with wearing the apron.

Nonnie King said...

Mr. Lim : Har.. Just because people are only young once then have to act all cute and nauceous liao meh?

Grandmother can be cute in their own ways what.

You dare to say me not cute you jaga.. nyek nyek nyek!

Nonnie King said...

Christina : HAHHAHA! Good idea!

"Careful, your mum is crazy!"

Rebbe : Erm... Shall I take it as a compliment?

LuUeE said...

hahha.. Bobby, you are very right, i think one reason gals do that is they only have onces to be young but the only problem is if they always are kawaii for life. then there is a problem.

Yea, Nonnie.. your are very very right.

Sha said...

I totally get what you mean. I don't remember ever being like that when I was a teenager. I typed my words out, and I take proper pictures. I think its the new generation - not enough smart genes lol

Tina said...


Good post, Nonnie King! :D

You made me laugh so hard!

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