Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My D.I.Y Notice Board

I'm lazy and it's no secret.

After choosing the piece of fabric for my notice board and wrapped up the Styrofoam board, I just left it aside and continue doing other unproductive things... Heh, procrastinator I am.

And so yesterday, out of the blue I picked it up and continued my unfinished job.. (so that I can blog about it and show off and get admiring comments to you guys).

To be honest, all that I did for my notice board was drawing a kindergarten's level cacat but cute little girl (me kah?) and laminated it on a piece of A3 paper.

For what? Kekekekekeee.. For my karit-ness (frugality).


I laminated my drawing and transformed it into a wipe-off board.

Yes, it is possible to do so. As long as you're using a non-permanent marker pen, the ink will come off easily.

(Use recyclable wipe-off board instead of post-it notes!)

I did thought of making it to a magnetic board so that I can use magnets instead of thumb tacks and push pins by using magnetic pad (available in all stationery shops. Wuuu! I love shopping for stationeries!).

But, I felt that it's too heavy to hang on the wall. And.. pins come cheaper than magnets. =p

* * *

Atul suggested that I could put ribbons and checkered diagonally for my board but I thought it was a bit too messy and.. again, I malas and have no patience to properly align ribbons by ribbons.

I tried to get inspirations on how to make my board pretty and so I searched the net... But, none that I felt it's my style.

And so I just took the photos, papers, stickers and ribbons (not that I'll use all of them of course) out and simply placed them randomly on it.. till I thought of something.

Completed it within 2.5 hrs.

(Pieces of it)

As you can see from the above photo, there's photos that I like, a breast cancer awareness ribbon (easier to twist and pin it than tying a bow isn't it? Promote breast cancer awareness also mah), and the words "king's messag3".

Ya ya ya.. I know I mentioned before I hate youngster's way of typing words.. example: using "3" to substitute "e", "5" for "s" and combinations of caps and small letters, and so why am I doing it myself?

The reason... I ran out of the letter "e" thickers. Same reason for putting "king" instead of "nonnie", not enough letter "n". =/

* * *

Can you picture how my notice board looks like already?

Hmm... let me do the dot dot dot thingie to ask you to scroll down and down.. Kekekkee.



But I'm afraid that you all won't have the patience to play the scrolling game lah.... How?

Gah, forget it.

Here it is.. the picture of it.

Too simple? Empty? Ugly? Stupid?

Nevermind, this is only the beta version. Who knows later I'll release Nonnie's DIY notice board version 1.1, 2.1 ... till windows live notice board. =D


Suggestions or comments for my work anyone?


bobby said...

quite nice the decoration to ur board...very free eh u...

Tina said...

Wahhhh.. lawa eh! I think because ada a picture that has me in it kali wah ah. Yatah lawa atu. Hehehe. Kidding!

I loooove it. Especially the crayon drawing. So creative!

And I agree with Bobby. You have lots of free time, don't you? Maybe more than I do, and I don't even have a full-time job! Haha. ;)

See you on Sunday! (That means I'm expecting you to come.)

lizzie said...

i know it's totally unrelated... but you have a real nice handwriting, girl =)

Nonnie King said...

Bobby :

One can always find free time to do what they like.

Tina :

Yes, the picture of you gorgeous ladies double the lawa-ness.

The crayon drawing? I think my primary 1 students can do better than that. Hahhaa

Aiyah, I like to do crafty stuffs mah, sure will find time for it.

And I can't wait to bowl with you all this Sunday!

Lizzie :

That is not handwriting lah, computer's punya.

My handwriting looks cartoon-ish.

Note: Bobby who had commented above is not my gigi-besi Bobby. He's another Bobby.

Maurina said...

niccccccceeee~~~~ hehehehe. lawa babe!

Iwan Sanchez said...

Finally i get to see the final artwork from you..

comments eh? hmmm... i tink its nice considering u managed to complete in 2.5hrs.. hahaha!!

but i tink the styrofoam need to be bigger so that more room to write..

i tink its proven that teachers LOVE to shop for stationeries hor.. hahaha!!!

p/s: i really like the idea that u created the write off board..

Cikgu nonnie rocks!


Effy said...

Just realised i left my comment for this post at another. Keke. Damn blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'm Choonie. said...

a very creative one. i like it. mine is so much boring now when i compare to urs.

War186 said...

Great work! *thumbs up* So pretty lah. The girl drawing also cute. :D

Sha said...

That's so sweet and cute. Now I'm reminded of the cute noticeboard I made last year lol. So fun right, making our own noticeboards? :P

teddY said...

Woah Nonnie you're such a creative person! I absolutely love the notice board you've done! It looks really nice and heart-warming (because of the breast cancer awareness ribbon perhaps? and the stripes of pink on the notice board...) and the photos are very meaningful too! The drawing is not kindergarten's level... it's just nice! You can draw better than me! Haha! I am seriously bad at drawing... even in my primary school years all my art assignments are done with the help of my mom XD

Have a great weekend Nonnie!

Nonnie King said...

Maurina : Thanks darling!

Iwan: Bigger? My mum complained about the original size so I shortened it liao.
If too big I also don't know wat else to put.

You know any other teachers who love to shop for stationery? Ask Luuee that.

Hehheee. Stingy people can always think of substitute.

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Nevermind.. I can read there.

Choonie : Show me yours!

Wardah : CUte kah? Bobby says look like me. =p

Nonnie King said...

Sha : I remember! You know, I actually googled for ideas and stumbled on your blogs!

Teddy : You're more creative when it comes to photo editing!

Yeah... Black and pink is a good combination and I absolutely adore my pink ribbon!

Aiyooo... kids drawing everyone also can draw. I really draw like a primary 3 kid. My art always get a C nya..

Happy 777 too brother!

Atul said...


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