Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big pimple on nose

This is what I heard, or read....

Normally when a dark mole, a scar or a pimple appeared on the nose, is a sign of po cai 破财. Which means that a person will spend money within the next 2 weeks or will experience some form of wealth loss.

Source from here.

I have no idea how true it is. But as far as I'm concern, it might not be just a myth.

Because I'm currently having a humongous pimple on my nose now.

The story went like this.
*cut long story short*

My auntie (biological) asked for a favor from me few years ago to register a postpaid cellular line for her since she's a foreigner as it will be cheaper (no deposit needed I think?) and I couldn't say no.

I mean, I'm someone who find it really hard to say "No" to people back in the days, especially when it comes to an elder in the family whom my mum dotted a lot.

So I helped her. The line was registered under my name.
Big mistake.
An overdue outstanding payment and a letter from law firm.
'Nuff said.

So yeah.... I ended up to be the one paying for her bills with no further delays (upon knowing about the issue being brought up to law firm) because I can't afford to lose anything before this matter got bigger.

I remembered being called 2+ years back when the kind staff of DST acknoledged me about the outstanding payment and advised me to have the line cut before the debt rolled like a snow ball. After getting the line terminated, I reminded my aunt to get those balance settled asap because I don't want to get involved in it and she said, "Okay, I will."

"Okay, I will." my ass.
After 2+ years you still get up with the freaking $521? Even if so, would it kill to at least kindly inform me rather than I get notified by a law firm?

FYI, I did called her up but no one picked up.

I certainly hope she's just temporary out of town and will pay me back. After all, isn't it embarrassing to owe your own niece money?

When is that freaking pimple disappearing???
I have glamorous party to attend this weekend okay!

Does it explain why did I kind of disappear from my own blog these few days? Maybe some of you think, "Aiyoooo... Small money also want to marah-marah till like that. Karit also." Erm, hello? perhaps $500+ means nothing to you but that sum means a lot to me. That's my one month car installment + premium from my insurance for your information. I might as well use that money and eat my heart out and gain weight. Or buy some branded cosmetic or bags to please myself.

Oh. Anyway.
Here's something I thought it may be interesting enough to show you guys.

I never know Jesus in Malay is "Yesus".
Talking about direct translation.


Kelly said...

mmm...I was hoping that you would blog bout your miri trip since i didnt went down but cleaning the whole house instead!!

January 2008 coming, so i wish you get your returns from angpao...hahaha and win lots of $$$ from lami (but not from the game with me)!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Got pic of ur big nose?? Me sometime got pimple on nose also!! This prove I am still young!!! He! He! Have a nice day & marry x-mas!

Drifting Cloud said...

Well I hope you would be able to get the money back from your aunt but honestly I doubt it. Just have to be careful with letting people registering anything under your name next time lor.

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. ur aunt...

to me $500 is a lot lei...

it happened to me too last time but i settled it..

but the issue here is thatm doesnt ur aunt have this guilt feeling? as in she used ur name and what if something happens to u... as in if u really kena drag to court cos u cant setlle it and what if the amt is few thousand dollars..


i hope ur aunt have some self conscience and settled it and repay u..


and i oso know that the indonesians called jesus as yesus..


jessie said...


My fren just encountered the same issue... same SGD..
* sigh *

She borrowed her fren money and now having difficulty to get it back...
Next time, hav to be careful ler..
Frens or family or any human...when it comes to money..

Pimple huh?

Bdw, Merry X'mas ya~~
Enjoy the hols~

I'm Choonie. said...

Sometimes it really tough to talk about money especially to the close one. Peoples always take for granted about how hard we earn our money. They think the $$$ can just fell down from sky. Anyway, hope you will get your $$$ back soon. Keep your finger cross.

Spiritual Bee said...

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hdm said...

u have my sympathy nonnie, i know exactly what you feel ... same thing happened to me few years back, with my brother ... had a big fight and didnt speak to him for almost 2 years ... and u can kiss those $$$$$ goodbye. Lesson learnt!

Thanis said...

Never ever Jamin people ever especially cars. If they can't pay - it usually means you pay for them tu.

That's why you can only jamin your own children or siblings whom you can trust or you'll end up paying their debts.

johbdavid said...

have you tried I bought it last month and it is surprisingly well written informative and it helped med to get rid of my pimples in just under 2 weeks