Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paper Plate Crown

Nothing beats having weekends with bunch of kiddos and laughing over small silly stuffs. Last Saturday I was given a task to guide them in making some craft works and this was what they did *points title*

So.. all that you need is a paper plate (disposable one la of course...), a cutter, color pencils, stickers, ribbons.. those are up to you really... The paper plate and the cutter paling important.

All you need to do is draw lines on the plate and cut them like the red lines below.

Then just draw something, color it or put some stickers or ribbons and bend the triangles up to make it look like a crown.

If your baby has bigger head (smart baby!) then all you need to do is cut longer lines to fit in the head. Easy as pie.

The little girl is in primary 2, the boy on the left is in primary 1 and the cutie pie in the middle only kg1. Of course dear papa mama auntie uncle koko cheh-cheh... cut the paper plates for them, their fine motor skills still not develop yet.

(Crap..... Sol! I'm stuck in the saiko assg!!!)

As for the elder bunch of kids (age 11 and above)... gave them a task of making CD animals.


Okay, that's it.
Can I go back to my Moonlight Resonance series?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eating Culture (Shock)

My eating habit... or culture.. more like table manners actually (whichever because I'm not sure where shall I categorize) got altered when I got to know my bunch of Garden-Circlings when I was 12.

I was taught not to be greedy and take only the amount of food that I can finish.
If I still want, I can get a refill later..

I was taught to finish all the rice on my plate, even grains of rice that was dropped on the table also have to pick it up and eat it because 一粒米, 八十八滴汗...

一粒米, 八十八滴汗 = It took 88 drips of sweat  to yield a grain of rice...
Meaning, its a lot of hard work that farmer put into in order for us to have this bowl of fragrance rice on our table. So, what I want to say is.... DON'T WASTE FOOD, ESPECIALLY RICE!!!!

I was taught not to leave the table when someone is still eating.

I was taught to eat quietly and not to talk when the mouth is full.

Since now I'm studying in UBD, I will dine-in at Boo's place once a week and to be honest, only now I feel a bit biasa.

Auntie will always scope me a big mountain of rice.. actually everyone is eating that amount lah.. abuthen, people scare fat mah.. so if possible I will avoid rice at night one. But since auntie already take, normally I will say its too much for me and walk back to the kitchen to scope some rice back into the rice cooker.

Then while eating, auntie and uncle will always ask me "Don't malu.. eat ah" and everytime I already sibeh full liao but still smile smile and eat some again.

Because I think that leaving the table when someone's still eating is rude, I will always at least wait till Bobby finish eating then bring the plate to the kitchen and normally.. we're the last. Since my plate is already squeaky clean while the rest were still munching, really feel paiseh lor and all of them will take turn and ask again, "You have enough ah? Want somemore rice?"


Only when I told Bobby what I was taught about table manners and him answering me baru I know why they always ask me to eat more...

Bobby: In my house, if you finish eat till so clean.. my father and auntie might think you're still hungry but malu to take again...

Me: ...... No wonder they always ask if I got enough lah! They think I keh-ki paiseh ask for more rice is it?

Bobby: A lor.

Me: Eh, rice must eat till finish all cannot leave the plate messy messy one. You never heard of the superstition saying "If you don't eat your rice clean clean, your laokung/ laopoh next time will have plenty of pimples".... No wonder I have pimples and acne lah! Your fault!

Bobby: Cheh... You eat till so clean so what? See my face.. still so many pimples what. Tipu one.

Me: smile_confused

What the...  I do remember some travel documentaries stating that in some countries, you have to leave a small portion of food on the plate meaning that its just fine. If eat till clean clean that means the host didn't prepare enough food and that is a rude thing to do.


Just a small small difference between two families can bring up such misunderstanding. No wonder so many fights and wars among in-laws lah. But if ask me eat till messy messy got rice here and there on my plate.. I really can't do it ah!

I love to scrap my plate clean!

So keep that in mind, if you're inviting me to a sungkai buffet.... please don't let me see you taking a big plate of food but only eating a small portion of it then leave it there liao. I'll be very mad and start nagging like an old hag.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My suite

Just a short update ya.

I had finally completed my essay and handed in yesterday and to be honest.. I never knew writing an essay can be that frustrating!

I thought its already a lot having 2, 3 paragraphs.. sekali when word-count.. only 100 or less words! It took me almost a week to finish (because I'd been slacking and lazing around) since I gave myself lots of freedom saying, "Okay Nonnie, today you only need to finish one part or 3 paragraphs then can watch TV already~".

What can I say.. Professional Procrastinator kali ah.

Anyway... I have been watching Moonlight Renaissance and cry my eye balls out! Only reach episode 5 already really cry like fi-li-feh-leh ah!

Bah.. I got nothing else to blog liao....
Just show you how my hotel hostel room looks like now



Mum bought me a small toaster oven for just $15. Its that cheap because its a purchase within a purchase from Amway one. Now I can bake fries and fish fingers liao! Or even make yummy tuna toast~


I managed to tidy up a bit this morning so its not as messy as you see now.


I prefer to do work on my bed and not the table... I even study on my bed.
Basically my bed is my study area lah, with everything hand-distance beside me so I don't need to leave my "working zone"... unless I need to pee-pee.



My floor-mates had been telling me that my room looks unoccupied because there's nothing on the door. Not even shoes outside the room. So I just bring this old door hanger up and at least now they know if I'm in or not...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Attachment Disorder/ Inappropriately demanding / Clingy

It was just a short 5 hours roundtrip from Seria to BSB and my colleague's handphone had been beeping non-stop interrupting our conversations every 15 minutes. He picked his phone up and took a glance at the screen and put it down sighing...

"I never know this dating business can be so boring.. I'm so going to give it up soon."

"Huh? Why? Is that your girlfriend who's texting you all this while?"

"Urm... not really a girlfriend la..."

"Just tell me how long have you guys been seeing each other then."

"1... 2.... 3... 4.... Urm, 4 weeks?"

"WHAT! 4 weeks only and she's behaving like that already?"

"Ya lah.. that's the thing. We're only in the "dating stage" and she's already scaring me off!"

"Then.. You just leave it like that? Ignoring saja?"

"I already told her save her credits and stop calling and texting me when its unneccessary but she'll call or text in middle of the night telling me that she's sad or crying now and demanded me to go to her house right away! Gila kan?"




This is not just an ordinary attention seeker we talking about, but way scarier than that.
UHU glue is a much appropriate name I guess.

Sometimes I really wonder how can some people be so clingy to their other halves. I heard stories of couples living together and yet when the girl's friend invited her to any gathering or party, she'll have to ask the boyfriend first and make sure he's fine with it then baru can leave the house. And if she has to go out, the boyfriend has to follow.

What are you girl? His pet in the cage?
I mean, come on.

The word "sweet" never come across my mind seeing my girl-friends picking up phone calls and answering to their boyfriends, report to them their goings and doings and then their boyfriends set curfews up demanding them to be at home by what time. A better alternative word that I would use will be, "Suffocation".

I have a friend who will received calls from the boyfriend every time he wakes up in the morning, leaving home for work, lunching out, reaching home after work, meeting friends to lim-teh and the girl has to repeat the cycle everyday likewise. And if he called and my friend didn't get to pick up the phone on time and he had to call for the second or third time, habis tia. Sure marah and demand a valid reason.

So even doing "business" in the toilet or washing car in the garage also have to report / acknowledge first kah?

I got confused and asked, "Not tired kan like that?" and she said she's used to it because that's how they were years ago when they just started their relationship. Still she did feel exhausted at times but if that's how their relation works, she'll just do it.

As for me, the first and foremost "condition" that I have for a relationship is being happy and content. If having a boyfriend means that most of the time have to be taken away by him leaving no space for me myself, feeling tensed and worried every time I go out with my friends.. I rather give it up and be single.

I remember being really mean to Bobby when we just started to date, telling him..

"I tell you ah, I may inform you if I'm going out with my friends. But keep in mind that I'm not asking for your permission ya. Please don't try to stop me from doing things and keep me in control because I don't like..."

Teruk right?
Feels like I'm a big bad wolf bullying a harmless little sheep.

Bobby and I are a pair of odd couple, according to some. We're not very clingy to each other because, we rarely talk on the phone since you know.. I hate talking over the phone and at normal days, we only exchange like 2 - 3 SMS per day. Sometimes during those peak period, we might even just conked out and slept like a dead log without a good night message.

So sometimes I also don't understand why some people can non-stop texting with their boy/girlfriends. Got so much of things to talk kan? Mind you, if you ever eavesdrop mushy couples conversation, it's really lame and crappy like:

- Baby have you eaten?
- Yes darling. You leh?
- Already also... how many bowls of rice baby ate?
- 1 bowl lor.
- Har? 1 bowl only ah? Not enough baby. Must eat many many become strong strong protect me.
- Like that baby go eat more rice now ah. Eat till big big protect my darling.
- Huh? What? I'm eating rice, you told me so...


- I love you baby.
- I love love you darling.
- I love love love you baby.
- I love love love love you!
- I love love love love love you more!
- I love x 100 you!
- Then I love x 1000000 !
- Fine! I love x Infinity! I WIN!

Hahhahahaaa. So stupid. 
Nevermind me, I'm just amusing myself.

Of course, if you feel happy that your partner is so emotionally attached to you, needing you every minute and second, congratulations.. You guys are made for each other.

But if the person you're dating now appears to be a psychotic stalker.... all I can say is,
Good luck.


I think needy people are suffering from insecurities. I have to admit that I have that moment too once in a while, being all cranky and demand for more attention from the fatguy but my superego will give me warning about it, reminding me myself that being too clingy could destroy a relationship. But.. I still think I score pretty high for being a girlfriend since the boyfriend only complained not having enough time with me (only average 5 hours a week) and requesting me to be mean to other people and not him. Hahhahahahaaa. Okay, come to think of it... I think I only score border line pass being a girlfriend.

Emotionally clingy and lack of self-esteem can be pretty much the same thing actually. I often think that people who can't function independently very kasian. They can't maintain separateness and basically is living like a parasite feeding on other people's words and opinions. I think people with attachment disorder should their own interests and hobbies first, divert some attention from their partners. 

Just take a step backward and enjoy the fresh air and get a better view of the world. 

I found some articles here which may help you, or me.. HAHAHHAA! Terkarang~

7 Signs You're Being Creepily Clingy and How to Cope With a Clingy Girlfriend or Boyfriend


Okie, now get back to work Nonnie!
You still have 5 - 700 words more to go for your psycho essay!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blood Donation

This is going to be a short post because I have tons of work waiting me to complete. 1 essay, 1 PowerPoint slide and 1 draft of documentation. Not forgetting a test coming up soon.

Oh teacher's life, how I "miss" you so~

On last Tuesday I dragged Bobby along to the Blood Donation Center in RIPAS after reading the urgent notice from Ranz's blog. We arrived there at 8.15pm and there was already a long queue.

Sigh.. damn depressing when I stepped up the weighing machine man. Even though no one was looking/ peeping... I couldn't help but use my hands to cover the screen making sure no one knows my weight except for the nurse who's going to screen me.

How about the boyfriend?

He just sat there holding my bag and waited for me, because he's not donating. No matter how many times I asked/forced him he's just not doing it. Such a coward right? Eh wait.. mum asked me not to "step" on his pride so much... Maybe its because he's tired from work or not in the tip-top condition to donate? Nevermind.. Good also I scare he pengsan after donating and I have to carry him out.

He's there mainly because he's worried about me finding parking in the dark in RIPAS.
(Note: High spooky level)
Abuthen, I ended up being the one driving him from his place (cos I had dinner at his place and he said he's tired... I said I can go there alone but he disallowed.. -_-") and had to send him home lagi with my 11pm curfew~! Mah-fan.

So his one and only function that night was, taking pictures for me.

My only companion who went there too...



FussyKelly and SL actually asked me to wait for them so we can sama-bersama donate blood together but the thing was Fussy was in the week-of-inconvenience and after that, she's only allow to donate blood two weeks after and by the time she's fit to do so, it'll be my turn liao.

And.. SL is still in the States doing his I-don't-know-what course in the desert area.

Lucky I still have Atul with me if not damn boring kah.





RIPAS's blood drawing recliners were damn cool lah! And also the nurses there, I think they're very professional in locating blood veins.

I once had a really bad experience donating blood in ITB few years ago because an inexperienced nurse had trouble looking for my veins and I ended up having huge patches of "Or-Che" (blueblack) on both my arms!!!

The nurse poked in the needle, no blood came out. She pulled the needle out and poked in using a different direction... FOR MULTIPLE TIMES! Then she gave up poking my left arms and changed to the right one.

And this time the male nurse got it done with only one trial! I was so happy that I straight away squeal, " OMG! Thank you for succeeding on the first trial! You're so good at this man".

Then I asked Bobby to come in to the blood donation area so that he could take picture for me. Since he's not a blogger, he had no idea what angle I want la. I want the picture of me sitting on the recliner, and my blood bag visible.. but no matter how many times he tried, he just couldn't get it right.

Atul only had to take one picture nia.



In case you're wondering why I didn't have a group picture with Atul having both of us donating at the same time, that's because I had too much blood in my body (? - I simply made it up one) and it was just 5 minutes or so then I had one packet full out of my body already.

The lady standing beside another lady donor sitting next to me was gasping in shock saying, "Wah you see the girl next to you.. her blood keep coming out so fast. Already nearly done liao! Young people really different lah."

LOL. Experienced blood donor kali ah.
Hahahahaaaahahaa. Just kidding.

Okay, I'm not. Not only I donate blood, I also ever donate my blood platelets too.
(Blow air from nose)

Well, I think now you people know my blood type. I actually have a list of names who has the same blood group as me so it would be easier for me if *touchwood* I need any blood transfusion in the future.


If you're fit to donate blood, I suggest you to do the same too.
Give blood, save life (Tag line I saw in the blood donation center)

If you're still not convinced, read here, here and here to know the benefits of donating blood. Think, what if its you or your families who need the blood in the future... You can make a difference in someone else's life.

Okay, I got to continue on my psychology essay now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival this year.. 2008

No lanterns, no mooncake.. no celebration.

We're all invited to Theen's korkor's wedding so instead of being kiddish roaming around the neighborhood and comparing who has better and cooler lanterns this year, I had to put on slabs of make up and attended a wedding dinner.

Well.. at least I had Kelly sitting beside me keeping me company since my mum was sitting on another table with her vegetarian kakis.

Can you tell that I'm lazy to blog?

I took quite a number of pictures for the past few days when I sungkai-ed with my beloved CIS18 and went to RIPAS yesterday for blood donation with Bobby and Atul. I just feel not motivated to blog laaaaa...

But reading back my achieves is fun though. I have no idea why was I so semangat in blogging spending hours and hours of my day thinking what to blog next and editing the photos. I'm getting older, that's why. Cannot cope up with youngsters nowadays. They have much livelier life (?) and lots of duracell batteries in them.

As for me, everyday after my class or driving up/down for an hour.. I felt damn exhausted and didn't even want to lift my finger at all! I have nothing to look forward to.. Isn't that pathetic?

Oh wait, I do have something to look forward to at the moment. But I got to wait another 1 month plus for it, my darling 48 is coming back again~ Yay. We're going to have a boat trip with fireflies dancing around us soon. =D

Aiyah, I'm not even funny now.
I think no one bothers to read everything also lah.

Gosh, I need a vacation to rejuvenate man.
Aromatherapy is just not enough to keep me going for another 3 months!

PSL! If you're reading this, you better get us something good from US for not able to attend the wedding ah. I have one less friend to gossip and that's just very sien okay. My dear friends, I hope tomorrow tea jadi ah..

Dear God, please make Kelly's migraine go away else it'll be me to be the next who'll be sick because stuff too long at home.

(If you're wondering why Bobby is no where to be found to entertain me, that fat guy is busy studying for his tests.... Boh eng chap me now)

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How I celebrated my Mid-Autumn in 2007 and 2006.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Love actually, is all around

I mentioned in my previous post that friends who wished to donate but find it hard to do so (either because of not familiar with the road or doesn't have the time to do so) could tumpang me to send the money down, if they trust me lah.

And I'm shocked myself by the amount of money I managed to collect for only 1 day! I'd collected B$361.00 from my friends and also strangers who put their trusts on me. Kam-siah kam-siah! I'm flattered, really.

Before the class started on Saturday morning, I made an announcement to my fellow classmates highlighting the issue and gosh, my classmates were all kind lah.. Without second thought, they took cash out from their wallets and passed to me.1

Azan contacted me through Stels and we arranged a time to meet in UBD and she passed me the envelopes and also her friend who contributed some dried foods. (Sorry, no pictures of them because Azan's friend said no to me when I asked if I can take a picture for them. Not even their backs and the condition of blurring their faces out..)

And later that day, Mau came to the hostel along with her "head" to pass me the nyum-nyums, which in Mau's dictionary means Money, collected among her department, IM of UBD.2

Her "head" didn't want me to put her face in my blog too and she told me she doesn't want a "CAT" plastered on her face too, like what I did to Mau's in the sungkai post. I don't want to pixellate her pretty face thus I just smudged it. Can tell she's pretty right from the above picture, but can't tell who she is kan?

Next one who drove all the way to the hostel is Jamilla. I'm more used to calling her Xiang actually.

Still thin and tall like always....
If only I can transfer some of my fats from my waist and thighs to her.

And the most steady one is Drifting Cloud. A food blogger whom I only met once (because she gave me tickets to the talk and before that we only chat via MSN) and she put so much trust in me. Know what she did? She transferred the money into my bank account!!!

She's pretty busy lately and wouldn't have the time to meet me thus she did it the simpler way, Internet banking. I was asking her jokingly if she's afraid that I might tipu her money and she said no, because she knows who am I and... seriously, where can I hide after tipu her money? Everyone knows me and why would I want to jeopardize my reputation.. if I have any.

The donations 5
(Mau, I spot spelling mistake)

And today I text Iskandar telling him that I want to pass the money and food to him because I'm having class on Tuesday morning and can't make it for the handover of donation in SeriKandi. I went to Grinch's office and he suggested that I should tag along when he passed the money to the authorities this afternoon, since my house is less than 1km away from the venue so I said yes.

Grinch making phone call to the authorities6

Like everyone else, I asked a lot of questions to kill my curiosity.. which I'm not going to share here in my blog. But I got a feeling that Bonny and Maullena are going to be my students next year. smile_regular


The authorities jotting down the donations7

We opened up all the envelopes and counted the money while the other lady noted it down. At one point "the account" was not balance having a shortage of $25, sekali it was still in one of the envelope.. Really kan-chiong man.

Inside one of the envelope
I'm sure the kids will be very happy seeing those stickers.

In less than a week, the children's lives changed. I'm truly impressed by the power of media and also felt really heart-warmed by Bruneians. Its not the amount that make the difference, it is the thought that counts.

Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit.   smile_teeth 

So if you have not taken any action and wish to do something, you can either...

hand out your donations to them personally...

Venue: Serikandi Restaurant, Kuala Belait
Date: 16th September 2008
Time: 2.30pm


or you can banked into the kids account...(created by Maktab Anthony Abell)

Name of account: Komiti Pemedulian Pelajar Maktab Anthony Abell
Account Number: 00-018-02-0038154
Bank: Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam

Girly Bloggers Sungkai and Singing 09.09.08

Lots of photos ahead.

Actually.. lots of things to blog but no time because

1) wanted to blog this afternoon but I think the whole Seria power failure
2) when I want to blog in my suite (room in hostel), WAVE is always acting up on me
3) when the internet is working fine, I no mood to blog but just want to finish my TVB drama.

So yeah... this is a belated post.


Remember the above picture that I posted in the previous entry?
LOL. I was bored and thus "stickered" their faces with what I felt represents them?

Cat for Maurina because,
1) Mau sounds a bit liao meow?
2) in Chinese, cat is pronounced as "Mau".

Tin for TINa~

Rose for Rosie

King of Hearts for me

Army tank for WARdah

And Atul's the hardest.
I just googled for "tools" and put it on her face because "Tul" sounds like "tool"?


Free stylered

Atul and I doing the Dong-Gam-Chiu-Yan signature pose.
I bet she doesn't who is Dong-Gam-Chiu-Yan.

He's Crayon Shinchan's favorite super hero who always "B B B B B B B B B B B" to release power. Nevermind la, I think no one knows what I'm talking about now.


Oh, if you haven't realized.. all of us were wearing red, except for Mau obviously who didn't the message I think. She was wearing her "tux". Then she took out a red colour pen to have a little redness in her. Sekali her bow looked like.... dragonfly. LOL. And Atul's flower brooch macam mahu mati already then she changed into a small pin.

Okay, remember this super glam picture of Mau above ah. Got story one.


P1190543 (Medium) P1190544 (Medium)

Apart from the usual pastas and pizzas that we can antam order from the menu, we have extra complimentary fruits, papadams, bbq chix wings and popiahs...

But then hor... the popiah hor... er.... like popiah kosong lor.
Can only see sikit mixed veggies inside nia. I don't know how they roll till so puffy from the outside, only when bite then baru realized inside near to kosong one.

Wardah and the mess she created.

She's so cute lah! She poured the whole glass of ice on the table and screamed so loud as if a giant cockroach just fly by. Then hor, someone (forgot who liao sorry) gave us tips on how to see if a girl's papayas big. Then War became so conscious and kept her arms covering her chest and don't let us see.

P1190548 (Medium) 

Rosie hiao-hiao trying to take picture of my ..... No lah, she was actually trying to take picture of the mess War created then so ngam the angle like that. 

Self timer shots.
n609102553_1244818_770       n609102553_1244885_9274
      1st try: Fail cos I blocked Rosie out                   2nd try: Yay, can see everyone liao

Rosie sat beside me so we took a lot of pictures together.almost-fire n609102553_1244798_6309
                 Paiseh, I pan-cute                                   Rosie thinks I'm yummy.

rose-nonnie1 n609102553_1244892_3009
                  Home Alone... 5?                                       Err... I pan-cute again 

mau-tina mau-mabuk
                    Mau and Tina                           Mau mabuk after drinking ice lemon tea

Okay, remember the super-glam photo of Mau above?
We're so fascinated by the chio twilight effect so we kept bugging Mau to teach us how she did that and tried ourselves.

Here's some result.

n609102553_1244903_8604 n609102553_1244904_8035
                           Atul                                                          Wardah

n609102553_1244908_539 n609102553_1244910_1767
                    Rosie made a "O"                           Errr... Seriously, most of the time I
                                                                  don't know what were we laughing about

n685760999_1876781_9567   n685760999_1876776_8070
                  Rosie and Nonnie                                     Rosie and Nonnie again

n609102553_1244907_9108 n609102553_1244917_7804
         Rosie and Nonnie again and again        Finally! No more Rosie and Nonnie. It's Tina

n609102553_1244890_9970 n609102553_1244891_1050
                  Cantik dan Comel                 Trying to pose with Atul's camera like holding a mic

P1190572 (Medium) P1190585 (Medium)
            Practising how to look good             No matter how hard I tried, my camera still
                 while making wish                       cannnot do the twilight effect. Can only
                                                                         makebackground blur niaaa


As we're all busy playing with cameras (What?! Its a table of female bloggers.. what do you expect? We're so loud and non-stop of camera flashing lah), Mau tried with all our cameras but Tina couldn't care less and continued eating her apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Mau asking for the next camera to try and Tina concentrating on eating.


Okay, I know you're bored with the red red blur blur photos with yellow lines here and there photos, but I must show you the next 2 photos!


Then it's my turn.... n609102553_1244911_5806
See! I got two faces! Macam one of my soul (Chinese believes we got 3 souls and 7... pak?) got sucked away right! SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIEEEEEE.....

Us at the counter waiting for the change
 n609102553_1244924_8692   n609102553_1244925_611
Mau, our sassy camerawoman                                     The reds and pink

Since Mau wasn't wearing red, so we boycotted her and asked her to take picture for us. Then hor, while taking picture for us.. instead of her taking a step backward to fit us all in the picture, she asked us, "Eh... ke belakang semua mu".

Then we all like kindergarten kids obediently took a step backward without having a second thought. Only after taking the picture, then it came to my senses that... why we all "gostan" instead of her? There's 5 of us who had to move, and there she was.. standing comfortably beside the counter. Kanasai one. Hahhahahahaaaa. We're so easy to manipulate.

After dinner, we all went to War's house to play SingStar!

Man.. they can really sing! Feel paiseh to sing infront of them because I can't sing well and I jarang listen to English songs that's why I'm not very familiar with most of the songs.

P1190595 (Medium) n685760999_1876806_7893
           Competition in progress                            War's super lazy Cat, Michii 

Everybody, I introduce you Garfield's disciple... Michii!

P1190600 (Medium)

This cat is so damn lazy! It was so noisy in the living room and at first we thought it was sleeping with his belly up, which is actually quite cute from far. I never know cats can actually sleep like that. 

Then Atul and I stepped forward to check the cat out sekali it's eyes were opened lah! He's not even sleeping, he's just.... chillax (Super lame word that don't know who invent one... Chillax = Chilling + Relax) ? Then hor, I move my foot and swing on its face to kacau it hoping he would move or at least give some reaction, then hor.. no matter what we did, including stomping the floor next to him (lightly lah...), he still didn't move any of his muscles... even his whiskers!

Damn lazy lah this cat!

And Wardah was complaining to her cat, "MICHIIIIII..... You're embarrassing me!".

Group photoP1190602 (Medium)
Mau cut off and Tina looked.... defeated?

And while Tina and Mau were busy competing, Atul and me busy racing in Mario kart and strumming on Guitar Heroes, War quietly went to her "multi-purpose" dining room and uploaded the pictures up her facebook.

P1190606 (Medium)

When we all saw her iMac, we all gasped "PINK MAC!!!!!"

Steady hor, matching with her baju again.