Monday, February 18, 2013

Husband’s birthday lunch

Bobby’s birthday this year happened to fall on the second day of Chinese New Year and I felt really guilty for not able to make him a card because I was.. still am… really busy with work and personal life. Travelling weekly up and down KB-BSB is not an issue, just that I find it really frustrating managing time. I am still adapting. Give me some time to get used ya.

Anyways, because our previous dining experience in Sorisso was so good, Bobby wanted to have his birthday lunch there again.

Ang ang boh hai lang~ He had to wake up at 7.30am to go to work on the second day of CNY and his birthday!


Starter: Duck confetti salad

His favorite Pizza Scooby Doo! Seriously, I don’t know how we did it but we can finish this pizza on our own! I usually can only eat 2 slices (3 slices max!) but this one, I can down 4 slices! It was that good I guess.

Don’t remember the name of this dish but I know it’s lobster ravioli!
Yum yum!

Crème brulee. But I love the chocolate soufflé more~


As for dinner, it was one simple family dinner and I had to rush back to KB to get ready to work for the next day. No gift, no card just a simple greeting. Love you loads baby.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prunus armeniaca….. bracket what??


FussyKelly sent us the below photo asking us why the heck in the world would people include in SEMEN in to a coughing medicine! Hhahahahahahhhahahahahahaa!!!!!!!


The Chinese translation for Prunus armeniaca printed on the box is actually almond. But when Sheepy googled up the wordy ingredient, it’s actually APRICOT?!

Not only this is an “Oh My English” moment.. this is also clearly a “Oh My China” product.