Monday, August 27, 2007

I can bake! I can bake!

Short Talk:
Boys and girls, be good and stay at home tonight yah.
Because it's the day of the year again.
Previous year post here.


I had no idea what got into me in baking. BAKING for God's sake! I don't even like to eat cake leh.

Last few week, I walked to Seria public library to return "Shopaholic and Sister". Having no idea what to borrow next, I randomly picked a Photoshop tutorial book and a cook book!

Cook book! In Baking?!

Maybe I got attracted by the pictures in it and got me hypnotized that I can make this as well. After all, the title for the book is "Easy Baking". I guessed measuring, whisking, beating and putting the tray into the oven wouldn't be that difficult.

Bobby came over last Saturday and I decided to bake him a cake, because he had been bugging me to cook him something for a looooooooooooooooooooong time.

Nonnie's tip - Never cook for your boyfriend too much. Else it won't be "precious" anymore. Feed him once in awhile and keep him hungry most of the time. LOL. Just kidding lah..

So, I chose this.

This wasn't my first choice. Bobby wanted Bread Pudding and when we went to Supa Save to shop for ingredients, man..... the apple pie fillings and whipping cream are bloody expensive. Expensive as in I'm only going to use 1/4 of it and waste the rest since I doubt I'll be cooking the same thing for the second time.

S.L. and Theen who went there together with us were looking at the other page, Cotton Cheese Cake. But because one of them prefer to sleep and the other one got a report to rush, so they give up baking it. And I took their choice, which is cheaper and easier.

click to enlarge

Based on the recipe above, you can imagine how fattening it is right? Nevermind, give them to your friends so that you make them fat also. =p

Fattening Culprit

Bobby helped to separate the eggs while I got the rest of the ingredients measured and ready in bowls. I was like the commander and he's my soldier. But it was fun, I mean two person walking around in the kitchen, working hard together to get something done.

Theen was supposed to come over to help (claimed that she want to go home and get changed first) but she thought Mr. Zhou (Zhou-Gong)'s place was nicer to visit. (Meaning she took a nap instead of coming over as promised)

After almost 1hour of getting everything done, it's time to put it into the oven.

My house tee was too ugly to show.
You imagine, a big white 12 years old tee with Badtz Maru print all over.

After 1hour plus...

(According to the recipe, we're suppose to bake it for 50mins.. But we realized it wasn't enough to get the top into golden brown colour.)

Erm.. the hole was being poked to see if the inside cooked already.

Cut a big slice for my yiyi next door (because she lent me her mixing machine and corn flour), one big slice for my parent, and the rest - 1/3 for my lami-kakis.

(And a separate smaller size one for Bobby's family- to earn bonus impression point for my Good daugther-in-law quota check-list)

I know it looked like a normal sponge cake but I tell you, once you popped into your mouth - the sweetness, the soft and fluffy texture feels like magic in your mouth.

(Like how Remy tasted the combination of strawberry and cheese together)

Even random pedestrians A, B and C on the street also say nice ler..

Okay lor... so you can recognized their backs and tell that they're my friends. But hey, they're not lying about how good it tasted okay!

Theen sliced them up nicely and served it on a plate.

And these are...

How often can you find a guy who can bake you tell me? Somemore it's this traditional Chinese Fak-Kueh? (which Theen and I don't eat. Theen told him to make something that we'll eat next time. Only Bobby gave him some face and eat. LOL)

Nothing beats a Sunday with the bestest friends around from morning till afternoon follow by a game of lami!

It was boyfriend's second day of Lami. Hehe, now we have an extra spare kaki!
No, we don't gamble. No cash involved. Pure entertainment and time-wasting only.


Effy said...

Yeah looks good and mouth-watering. Does it taste any different from any other sponge cake? I used to bake too. Cookies, cakes and the traditional kuihs. I had like a book and kept all my favourite receipes. Believe it or not i play mahjong. Haha. First!!

Jewelle Tan said...

Looks very good! Not a single crack on top :-) I think I'll give it a try one of these days...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I say before so I say it against now both u & bobby r made for each other! Oh the cake look yummy! He! He! Have a nice day!

Kelly said...

Cilaka~~~ y no one send any sample of the Fatt Kueh and cheese cake over? I'm working my arses off so you guys should sayang me mah~~~complaint!! next time i don wana send my "love" to you guys anymore.....

Iwan Sanchez said...

YUMMY!!!!! hahahahaa!!

Nonnie IS SO VERSATILE!! hehehe!!

From art and crafts and now baking.. lolz!!

Well, it certainly looks good and i know the taste must be fantastic too!! hehehee!!

Actually, to tell u the truth, i noticed that whatever the baking time stated in the book is always untrue!! my aunt bakes a cake that says only 45 mins or 50 mins and in the end the cake was cooked after 1 and a half hrs!!! so absurd!!

so i tink u must trust ur own judgement!!

haahhaa! Nest time, let us see ur tee lah.. once in a while mah..

War186 said...

Congratulations! Feels like such an achievement, huh? I know how you feel. Not that I've actually baked..yet. But the first time I cooked it felt amazing since I used to hate going into the kitchen to do stuff let alone cooking.

Anyway, teach me how to bake the cheesecake Nonnie! Hehe. Boon loves cheesecake and he's been demanding me to bake one for him and I've been delaying it since forever heh. He thinks since I know how to cook a bit now, naturally baking would be a lot easier for me. Nyeh.

jessie said...

Oooh... i've tried baking like....

My bf's bday and mummy's day!!
Hahaha... two birds wif one stone!!

Of course its sweet!!
Its made out of LOVE!!
* winks *

I'm Choonie. said...

I like the cake. I like cheese cake. But I can't bake.

Sha said...

ahhhh!! I miss baking with Lex! Granted that our muffins weren't perfect, but it was still our little kitchen project..

I find it so sweet when couples do mundane things like baking together.

And that cake looks good!

Bobby said...

I don't think I had enough of the cake bi. Can you bake another one for me? I also want a cake bake by you for my birthday. No more ready mix cake cos King can not only cook but bake too!!!

Put your hands up together ladies and gentleman and clap at Chef Nonnie *Clap *Clap *Clap (You deserve it bi)

War186 said...

Awww~ *Clap clap clap* Hehehe :)

De Pianist said...


wasai..bake such a nice cake..see also feel hungry liao nah..where's my share leh heh??why i din see any cake for me d..hmph..haha..

good lah you.know how to bake,i remembered last time i bake cake,not so yummy pun le..=__=

Cheesie said...


Nonnie King said...

Effy : A whole lot different! It's taste cheesy and it's not as dry as sponge cake. And I bet you can bake better than me since you have more experience in baking.

I suck in mahjong! So I prefer Lami.Can win better.

Jewelle : I totally forgot about the cracking part! So I guess I do have talent in baking. LOL!

H.A.M : Awwwww.. That's so sweet of you.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Your love? You mean your mum's "Guo-tie"? Okie, then next time I will save for your mum.

Iwan : I'm just restless, always wanting to do something.Ya laaaa... even Theen said can't always trust their recipe, must go with the heart.

My tee.. cannot lah. It's so ugly and buruk.

Wardah : My friends asked me to get my mum's cooking skills so once in a while I gotta force myself going to the kitchen.

The recipe I paste is very easy! It was my first time too so I guess it won't be a problem for you.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : ONCE in more than enough, at least enough to boast. LOL!

You lazy bum bum, why not bake two different cake?

Choonie : Anyway, can always just buy.

Sha : Muffins! Shall I try that next?

It is very sweet, even if it failed I'll still think it's good enough just to spend time with him.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Greedy pig. Nah see, demand again. Should have just burn the cake. Hhahahhaa

Thank you. Thank you. I want to thank my mother for letting me messing her kitchen. My boyfriend who helped me in separating the eggs. And lastly, a huge thank you for Nonnie for being so smart. LOL

War : =p

Pau Lene : I DHL for you?

Aiyah... that's because I picked the easiest cake to bake mah. You should try this recipe because it's really easy.

Cheesie : Just like you!