Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kelly's 24th Birthday

Guess some of you had fed up refreshing my blog and give up visiting it since there's no update for the past few days.

I'd been busy. Meetings, workshop, netball, the stupid assignment and so on... Well, it does make me feel that I'm back to 15. Go to school in the morning for teaching instead of learning, and play netball in the afternoon instead of basketball and volleyball.

The only difference is that I no longer walk back home from my secondary school. I drive now, which... sometimes be so tiring.

Anyway, here's some photos long overdue taken during Kelly's (Yes, that pretty girl with the nick Kelly who sometimes comment in my blog) birthday.

I so wanted to post up some old photos taken with her last 6-7 years but I know I'll get killed for doing it. So yeah, having a pretty friend can be very ma-fan (troublesome).

I have no idea why we can be such good friends since we're quite different, both in terms of appearance and character. Probably because we share the common interest, GOSSIPING.

Hahahahhahahaha!!! =D

(I know, I'm spoiling her image. But who says pretty girl cannot be very 38?)

But undeniably, she did have some affect on me... forcing me to get my lazy ass out of the chair and exercise (for a bit), sit on the stiff saloon chair for hours just to get nicely blown bouncy hair (THAT LAST ONLY UNTIL I FREAKING WASHED IT!) , not to mention facial treatments and manicures.... giving me delusions that I'll look like ANTM if I do all those time-consuming and expensive stuffs.

*roll eyes*

And me on the other hand, will try to convince her not to overspend on things that won't last such as beauty and fashions. Always save for the rainy days and try not to give excuses such as "Life's Short. Enjoy and play while we still can" to buy useless stuffs and probably overdraft later. (But I know she won't because she's super kia-si and always over-kancheong)

Come to think of it, she's like Becky and I'm Jess.
Except that she has more control on spending habits compare to that hopeless Shopaholic.

She blows her wet hair in front of the mirror strand by strand using a comb whereas I couldn't bother mine and let it dried up itself all frizzy.

I was asked to wash my feet before entering her house/room so that there will be no sand on the floor and she loves to complain non-stop whenever she enters my room about how untidy and dusty it is. I bet if she's given permission to do so, she'll probably throw out half of the things I have in my room because it's useless regardless of the sentimental values.

What a bummer...

So you get the picture now? She's the fussy type who tries to have everything nice and in perfect order and I'm the "ching-chai", "eh-tang-tio-eh-sai" kind of character. Hmmm.... Right! She's Bree and I'm Susan.

Still, she's a good friend. Lending me a shoulder to cry on whenever I felt like a loser (which honestly speaking.. seldom happens), give me her attention whenever I felt like complaining and the best is her facial expressions when I'm telling her the juiciest gossips around or the lamest joke I could ever think of.

(She has better exaggerating genes in her body compare to that sometime emotionless and always neutral Theen. That's why I prefer to tell her the first hand news and bitch discussed about it as if it's any of our business.)

And I'm like her part-time entertainer whenever she needs something to cheer her up or pass time. I bet she'll loves me more if I can juggle three balls at a time while balancing on the single-wheel bicycle like a clown.

* * * * * * * * * *

And so last Saturday, I drove K.L. and her up BSB, while James and Theen in a separate car and met up with Bobby later. *Woots* Triple date yoh!

(Photos arranged by the length of time they dated
and not by the skin tone of the boyfriends)

Our aim of shopping at Manggis Mall trying to get her the birthday present she wanted was in vain. There was none that she liked. And we ended up eating Cakoi-kahwin at the food corner.

Oh by the way, our usual way of choosing birthday gifts is normally by telling the other party what we want. Very straight forward.

Pro - No disappointment
Con - No surprise.

Remember I got an electric oven and the sebum gel for my last birthday? Those were the things I'd wanted.

Oh ya, she wanted a luggage bag for her 24th birthday. Very unromantic I know, but very practical okay. Romantic gifts save for K.L. to give.

And after the unfruitful shopping, we then went to Capers for dinner.

There were 6 of us and we ate around 10 plates of pasta and 1 pizza.
Crazy people excluding me, I only ate a plate of linguine and a slice of pizza with a glass of warm water and I felt so full already.

The funny thing was, the thinnest two among us ate the most! That Kelly Lim herself ate 2 and a half plate at least I think.

Sigh.. Life is so unfair.
Some people can just eat a lot and still weight below 50kg.
Whereas some people get bloated like a buffalo just by drinking a glass of plain water.

That's me trying to look like a deer with that 2 Sehat glasses.
I have nice and white teeth I know.

Kelly claimed that she doesn't want to sit in my car anymore (not about my driving skills la!) because her jaws hurt too much from laughing. My fault meh? That girl laughed like a mad woman just by trying out the "Face Wrap" thingie in my phone, from Seria till Tutong mind you (half an hour). Sakai...

Thick lips, Wide mouth and Super Chin

* * *

And lastly, my birthday card to her.

Ceng, Ceng, Ceng, Ceng~

Nice? I got it from Shabby Chic and so if any of you have problems in making cards (like for example run out of time or no creativity?), just go there and pick those ready-made cards. After all, you can still personalize it with your own design later.

For Kelly,

Theen and I would gladly give you our fats around our tummy and thighs as a replacement for your... erm... chest as a birthday gift.

Blame it on the technology for not having a Fats-transfer machine.

So for now, just wait patiently for your luggage bag =p


Iwan Sanchez said...

awww.. poor thing...
hope ur assignments are done by now..

was laughing so hard looking at the face wrap pics!! hehehe!!
damn funny!!!

actually, i like the idea of giving birthday present straighfoward way.. no need to pusing kepala..


its nice to know to have friends that we can clique well..

and i have to agree with u, sometimes its nice to have a friend that share the same interest as u and thats gossiping!


nice card, btw!!!

hapy biirthday kelly!!

oh ya nonnie.. i remb urs too!!

*am i the 1st commenter?


Effy said...

Me and my close friends love gossiping too but mostly they love to make fun of me. Haha. Which i dun really mind because we get to laugh alot! But u can't just gossip with any people must be very close friends who shares the same thoughts as you. Lol.

War186 said...

Ooh that's a pretty card you gave for Kelly. Man! I was looking for a nice card since yesterday. I bought one in Euroclassic earlier. If only you posted about this sooner. Haha. :P

jessie said...

Hehehe~~!! =)

She is pretty~~!!

N yeah..life in so unfair..
I get fat jz by smelling food!!
* sigh *
And some people just eats non-stop and dun get any inches around them...

I have a couple of good old fwens too~~
We can chat and gossip til wee hours and never feel tired with each other....
N in the end, after evrything, we can turn to them.... for anything~~
Great, isn't it??

Cheers to good old fwens~~!! =)

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Yes yes you're FIRST!

Sigh... I sure wish I can finish it on time. If only all these activities don't come all oone time.

Terus tell people what you want is sure a better choice. At least no disappointment and awkward moment to pretend you like the gift mah.

You better remember mine because I know yours. LOL.

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Same! They love to make fun of me too! I guess when people get too close they won't filter their words before they say out.

Gossiping with someone you're not close to is dangerous. You don't know whether they'll use it against you one day.

Wardah : Why not try ShabbyChic? It's always my first stop to look for nice cards.

Euroclassic has really nice card too but I thought it's better if it can be customized.

Jessie : She is pretty...fan. LOL.

Smelling also fat ah? That can put in Ripley's believe it or not liao.

Yes! Cheers to good old lousy and silly friends who's always there for us.

lexx.x... said...

don say i don care ....LOL
funny pics...still make me feel good thing i am not around.. fell more like an x-tra after this .. better work on it .. N fast ...

lex.xx said...

oh .. hope u get wat i mean in the last comment ... such high IQ .. should no be a problem lah .. keep it to yourself ah ...

Nonnie King said...

The one who only bought chocolates from U.S :

Ee seh, say I got high IQ meaning I must say I get what you mean lah.

Aiyoo... I thought you already biasa being an "x-tra" or super high voltage light bulb?

And... again, whoever you bring to us must pass thru our x-ray eyes first.

De Pianist said...

wahaha..indeed friends will have some effects on us..influencing each other bah..haha..most of my close friends also love gossiping,and i become more 38 because of them too..haha..so i guess gossiping can really bonds the friendship.=p..

oh dear,acting like a deer?sei liao..you have upgraded your level from Lalat girl to Deer Nonnie..wahahaha!

Sha said...

I always like my birthday gifts (or any otehr gifts) to be a surprise.. Makes it more special, the anticipation.. but that's just me lol.

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : At least Deer Nonnie sounds sweeter than Lalat girl.

Sha : Hehehe. But normally I'll wish too much and get disappointed later.

Kenny Ng said...

Wahhh... she so lenglui wor. LOL... the funny face pics, my friend made on me before too.

jessie said...

Ok, mayb not!!

But i swear its hormones!!
Making me all fluffy...

Hahaha... =)
Good frens mah~~
Hav to be thr la.. whether they like it or not...

Bobby said...

I know birthday are meant to be happy, but when you reach 24, its almost mid 30. Time passes so fast.

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : BUt how come I never see you post in your blog?

Good thing must share share mah~

Jessie : Once I gained so much weight in a year, like... 10~12kg I think and it's all because the stupid hormones!

Bi : Sai lah you.. Try to remind ne that I'm getting older is it?