Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yo Girlfriends, have some backbone

Yeah! Reeda won! And Jan lost by ONE vote only. Man, competition between men are surely fierce.

And I'm not standing a chance to win "Blog of the Year". Hahhaa!!! It's ok, I'm already happy enough to win the "Brunei Best Personal Blog".

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I'm feeling really really lazy to blog. This holiday doesn't seem be acting like one since I'm busier compare to my normal working days. I hit the sack by 12 and wake up at 8 recently and that's really abnormal!

Anyway, back to the topic.

Lately I'd heard a couple of stupid love stories that really made me want to go shake the girls and asked them to wake up! I seriously have no idea what's so nice about those jerks that make them so unbearable to say goodbye with.

Silly Girl fell in love with Jerk. They dated for a year plus and Jerk fell in love with another girl. Silly Girl begged and cried to Jerk and claimed she doesn't mind to be his "WEEKDAY GIRLFRIEND"!

What the fish? What weekday, weekend girlfriend? Excuse me but I thought the definition of Girlfriend is "female person who is in a romantic relationship with another person"? How can someone "share" someone she loves? I don't get it.

Silly Girl even drove 80km just to "mend-the-pot" with Jerk but he wasn't at home at that time. Instead, she cried in front of Jerk's mum and shamelessly said that she loves her son very much and wanted to be her daughter-in-law very much.

Kweng Kweng Kweng.
-crow flies by-

Now this, is something I don't think I can or will do. Two very simple reasons, my skin is too thin and I can't tolerate myself with bastards like that. I guess I'll take out my scissors and snip off something very valuable to him (viagra-free forever yo!), or at least.... rub my palms and give him a good slap! If I can't do both, at least I vow to myself that I'll live a better life than him.

Revenge is sweet people.

Oh by the way, Silly Girl is a degree holder with a well-paid job and Jerk is a technician who's earning less than 1k. And for a bonus, he smokes and gambles too.

Finding a new lover won't be a problem for her but I don't know why is it so hard for her to move on. Man.. proves the unbeatable theory once again, "Nice girls always end up with Jerks".

Nope, I'm not finish yet.

The second story really get my nerves on just by listening how absurd it is. I'm just going to make it short.

Stupid Girl dated Bastard for 2 years or more (like I care). Bastard slept around with other girls and Stupid Girl knew it. Yet she gave him chance again and again. They quarreled, they fight, she moved out, but moved back in days later.

She even had to call Bastard's house mate and asked if he's at home and checked which shoes he had wore out. How pathetic can she be? So what if she knew what shoes he's wearing when he's having fun out there behind her back? She's supposed to confront him but instead, she put up with that.


Once their friends stepped down from an outlet and bumped into Stupid Girl with her girl friend at the east side of that area. And just 5 minutes walking distance away, there the Bastard was sitting around with a bunch of girls and guys drinking and having fun. And it was just an hour ago when she just called the house mate and asked where her boyfriend is.

Stupid. Stupid.

And I told Bobby, if one day I need to call his friends just to know where he is, that means it's almost the end of our relationship.

Nah.. Don't go tell me that "男人不坏, 女人不爱" (Women adore bad boys) crap. That doesn't make sense to me. I won't pity girls like that because they ought to have more pride and confidence in themselves not to end up all wounded by that heartless bastard.

Maybe they have their very own version of stories but I couldn't care less.

I just felt that every girl ought to be treated like a Princess, pampered and loved. Of course on top of that, you got to make sure you're a "lovable"person. Upgrade yourself and learn something new once in awhile, don't be lazy to dress up and look pretty. Thinking that because you'd dated or married to the same guy for years, its okay to look shabby is a very wrong concept.

At least, look pretty for yourself. Make yourself someone who's worth to sayang and have some confidence. I don't know what's wrong with men but, the more you ignore them.. the more challenge they felt and stick to you. If you throw yourself to them, they won't appreciate it.

Yo girl friends, have some backbone and pride!


Bobby said...

Relationship is sometimes hard and complicated. But one thing that I believe in us is that we trust each other. Relationship is not just bout fate but also making it work. It takes effort and time but as we go further, lets make this road ours a never ending one but to a everlasting happiness like jewel-like moment. I love you.

@lex said...

Hm ... wan to comment .. but think i'll wait til the ususal weekend agenda

IngSiang said...

I don't believe in god/ghost/bomoh and whatsoever, but I am quite sure the 2 girls you mentioned are hooked up with either one of these. Bring them to tokong!xD

JaMiLLa said...

Probably as we are standing out as an outsider to see this incident. Most of us will say how stupid and silly they are, the guys don't deserve to treat them so well, so pls wake up okk???

But we never know or feel how the feeling of unbreakable love when a girl falls into. What can she do when she really really fall in love with a guy who she cant bear to let it go? Maybe she wish to let it go in her mind but she cant do it in her heart. No one can really understand how she really feel about it because we are not her, the person who involve in that relationship.

To be honest, I can say I am one of the girls gang but my case doesnt fall into so serious like fell into another girl or sleeping with her. And I also been the one who comfort my friend not to be together with her bf since he did not trust her anymore. When hes happy, he go sayang my friend so sweetly. When hes angry and frustrated, he blamed my friend for everything and leave her alone. It always like that. Come and go. I also cant stand this.

I asked my friend, how can you tahan this? She said donno....altho she felt tiring about this ....its just that she loves him so much. She understand theres no trust in the relationship anymore.

When I think over and over again, I realised that I been thru this situation before. I should know how my friend felt about it. I have tried my best to comfort her so I just give her blessing to do what will make her happy.

King, thanks for being there for me when I need you in that difficulties. I know you are so caring and lovely person. You felt so kasian when your friends are surviving what they dont deserve it. You feel unhappy for me in that time. But after that incident, now I am become a stronger hui xiang. I know how the feeling is and I choose to make the right decision for me because I know that definitely its not my happiness. I dont want to live a relationship does not contain trust and encouragement and support. I realised myself what are the thing that I want and what I dont want. Let them figure out themselves. Give a bless that they can find the way out for themselves just like me. Now I am happy after the difficulties. Feel appreciate for that time bcos I really learn alot that Im not gonna forget in this life. Happy is the keyword for us, everyone. Cheers!

Iwan Sanchez said...

this is a good story... usually, its the gals who always make themselves looks stupid lor..

not against gal lah but u see lor...

and again, the power of love has blinded them everything!


Pippit said...

I like reading your blogs coz they are so refreshing to read. Non pretentious, no bunga2 the sorts just matter of fact things. Good for you King! Keep it up! :)

But this topic i just had to comment... so true how many girls nowadays torture themselves physically and mentally just to have a bastard boyfriend (if that what they are called). The hardest bit for them is to let go.. they know that is the best and only option but the thought of being lonely, the pain which is caused by this loneliness and emptiness of not having someone to be there by their side frigthens them. Girls... take the bold move and dump these idiots and losers.. you deserve better! Life does not end with the end of the relationship.. greener pastures are sure to come! Believe in god! As the saying goes... ada hikmah disebaliknya... believe me it's true... you may suffer for awhile but after that you would be thinking back and wondering why you didn't dump the jerk earlier.

Don't waste your tears on such losers girls! Have confidence and know your self worth!

Anonymous said...


i so agree!!
i got so many frens like that...

N its difficult to comprehend their theory...
I guess...we just have to let them learn it the tough way..
N be a shoulder for them to fall on when it doesn't work out~~

Hungryduo said...

agree with Bobby and ingsiang :P

i knew a girl who fell in love with a guy she shouldn't be and eventually she quarreled with the parents and ended up leaving home and hid in somewhere else (still in Brunei lar i heard).

but..but.. the thing is.. she still dare to phone her dad and asked her dad to buy her easi card. i mean, come'on! since u left home with ur bf and shouldn't ur bf be the one to sponsor u easi card? such lil thing he also cannot buy 4 u, how to spend whole life together with him oh..
btw, she said she getting married soon when she phoned her dad.

really wanna faint after hearing this.

- Hunnie <3

Thanis said...

Well that's part of the love game. But there are stupid guys also le ... guys who went all the way for the girl even when she treats him like crap.

Love makes you do foolish things - erase rational thoughts. If you meet the right person - love can be wonderful but if you meet the wrong one.... may god bless you..

The stupid girl you mentioned is suffering from insecurity and of corrs the Love Syndrome - very very hard to let go one. It's unlikely she's going to forget him unless something really really dramatic happens. So I think she's gonna be glued to him for a long long time.

wen said...

I do agree that it's very stupid of the girls to hang onto those rship. But again, i do understand that sometimes rship is hard to let go.Not many people are able to pick "something" up and let it off just like that. From our perspectives, we see them as stupid. But really, how easy is it to let go of someone? Not until one has practised and grasped the art of letting go, one has to bear with the pain.