Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spiritual Garden's Blogniversary

Ahhem *clear throat*


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to YOU huh!
Hap-py. Birth-day. TO. YOU!

Everybody, says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Spiritual Garden. Woohoo! Pops party popper and blows whistle.

Oh. And thanks for the presents. The keyboard is absolutely gorgeous, and so does the pretty mouse. My god, what is this? One year free domain? Oh you shouldn't have. Thank you very much. Thank you.



Siao chabor... Siok sendiri there for what?


Anyway, today is the blogniversary of my humble little green bloggie. Hehe. Exactly one year ago, I blogged stupidly ranting about that stupid rude woman. I thought I had to let it all out. But, it's surely not a good way to start a blog...

Too be honest, I knew clearly that I'm a nobody and no one would read my blog. And so, I started to force my friends to read it.

I went like, "Hey, go read my blog lah. Give me comment lah can?". Like a beggar with no dignity I know. And also asked for feedbacks and opinions.. if they didn't mind hurting my little fragile heart.

Well actually I wasn't new to all this blogging thing. I had a MSN spaces (which is still alive I think? Please don't google it!) and I rant so much in it that I don't even want to read what I wrote now. I felt embarrassed. It's just oh-so-silly and childish. Hey hey, I was only erm... Okay, I wasn't that young when I started blogging.

I thought I can have a brand new start with blogspot.

* * *

Normally people blogged about their previous entries that is worth reading with great memories or the most commented one when their blogs turn another year older.

But I'm lazy to do so. Really, malas lar... I had to read all the archives and link them one by one. If you enjoy reading this, you be a good reader and read the archives yourself ya. Come, I give you candies as a reward.

And so for this entry, let me share a little something about this blog you might not know.

Q: What is kisich?

A: My name. King Siaw Chin. It's the first two letters from my name. And KING is really my surname. If anyone refuse to believe, I'll scan you my IC later. =p

Q: Why Spiritual Garden?

A: Spiritual Garden is actually name of a book, a Chinese book in fact that I really enjoyed reading. It contains of a lot of short moral stories that I never get bored of.
I name my blog after that because... well, it's my blog. I get to name it whatever I like right? Actually I also don't know why, I just like it. You know, a (not so) secret garden with my life and thoughts recorded.

(I can't think of any more FAQ! Gah, I shall stop acting professional then.)

If you had read my blog long enough, you should be able to realize that I'd stop swearing in my blog. Yes, read back the early month archives, I swear like a truck driver sometimes. But on the day I received my employment letter from MOE stating that I'll be a teacher.. I thought I should set myself a role model for my students. Swearing is a no no option for Cikgu Nonnie. At least not in public.

And also for Pingko, Chau and the FT bunch. Once I questioned Ping-Ping why she's not reading my blog and she answered because I swear too much and it dirties her eyes and pollute her mind.

Its like, you're a smoker and smoking in front of your non-smoking friend is rude. You get what I mean?

One more thing, I dislike blogging unhappy stuffs. Especially my personals one.

My philosophy is,
"Remember the good and forget the bad".

I blogged about the happy stuffs or events that's happening around, sharing the info of the great food I ate and the fun places I went.

I don't want to blog about the fights I had and the tears I cried.

Why would I want to blog sad or stupid things that makes me go deeper in to that depression? Blogging about it will only remind me of those miserable moments. And for those who read it will feel your pain and anger.

I want to spread love, not hate. Simple as that.

I don't want people to feel bad after reading what I wrote.

And when I read back what I wrote previously, it will only be joy and laughters and zero grief.

It's my life, I choose to remember the good parts and delete off the dreadful parts after I'd learned my lesson and try to empty my "recycle bin". Flush it all away. =)

My English is bad and I know it. I avoid using big words and try to make my entries easy to read. And I really enjoy when strangers would write me a message telling me that they like my blog and enjoy reading it.

Maybe that's what that motivates me the most. A simple word of encouragement from total strangers, who gradually become a friend and a even better friend later. You guys know who you are. *wink*

And now even my colleagues read my blog! Just pray that my GB won't. I should be really careful with what I blogged.

* * *

In case you're new to this blog.. Here, a little introduction about myself.

(Sexy me ahead. Hahhaahah! Guys, prepare for a nose bleed. Sibeh thick-skin)

This is me,

Hey, it's rare for me to put something so sexy on. Low cut and pose without a smile. Not me at all okay.

(I bought that dress initially for a wedding dinner or it can also be CNY dress, but I never dare to wear it out because I felt really uncomfortable in it. I want people's eye on my face and not on my chest, get it? (And no, I'm not showing off!) I'll just wear it for a couple of minutes and syok sendiri at home saja.)

Attempt to look/ act hot & bimbotic
(which turns out like poo-poo)

And the jobless me had took a couple of vain shot of me in that skimpy dress trying to act chio. The stupid thing is... I didn't even bother to put on any powder or mascara. Know why? Because whenever I thought of removing it later, I'll feel lazy to put it. Not like I'm going to meet my gigi-besi right?

Can someone invent a peel off foundation, blusher or mascara? Wait, I better copyright my idea first so that Dior, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Kanebo, Shisedo and etc will have to pay me for buying my idea. LOL.

*slaps face* Will you stop dreaming KISICH?

* * *

And Bobby feels a little irked about me posting the below photo....

for pretty obvious "reason"...

I thought I smile nice there with my little eyes squeezed like that. He said this is will the exceptional since it's my bloggie's birthday.

Bah, consider yourself lucky seeing it before I remove it people. (If can, compliment me too lah, so I don't feel that rugi mah.)

* * *


I love you. Thank you for being with me all the time. I know I might neglect you sometimes, but trust me.. you're still my favorite click in firefox.

And thank you for letting me write all over you, sharing you my happy moments.

Happy Birthday.


Nisah said...

Im going to be super kiasu and say....

"WHOO HOO! I'm the first one to comment!"

Apparently, Nya, being the first commenter is a spot that everyone wants on your blog. LOL.


I remember asking you "Why KISICH? What does it stand for?" LOL. Classic. Like a few months later, baru ask.

Eh, such a poser ah you (I should speak for myself!), so sexy sexy one! Gigi besi not marah meh? Hahaha. Kidding.

Like I said, if you got it, flaunt it! ;) Bah, more cleavage!!

Bobby said...

Happy 1 year Birthday Spiritual Garden.

It been plenty of laughter, joy, helpful(Do It Urself topic) and hungry(food topic) reading from you.

The topic that i still love best was the joke that you said about two ice cream. One is white while the other is brown. Then when the while (vanilla) ice-cream ask the ice-cream how it get brown, it said it's not ice-cream but a shit haha. The picture you drew is hilarious.

Will be looking to see & read you more often and wish you more topics to blog about.

metallichick. said...

Happy birthday! Ehehehe! Aiyooo.. so sexy mahhhh..hehe!!

Keep up the good work and I've always enjoyed reading your entries.

I love your wicked poses.LoL!

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

just use your hair, arrange arrange, then bobby won't be angry loh.

haha. Happy Burstday!!! (listen to some chinese songs!)

Chewing Peng said...

Happy Blogniversary!

cc said...

Hello Cikgu Nonnie, HAPPY BLOGNIVERSARY!!!

I stumbled upon your blog few months back and what a pleasant surprise it was. Really enjoy your posts. Looking forward to more cam whoring. :P

p/s: By the way, I've changed my mind and you've been tagged. Please check back my Blog Apocalypse post. Muakahahahaha...

teddY said...

Hi there Nonnie! Congratulations for the blog's first birthday! I was equally excited and elated when I knew it was my blog's first birthday. The first 365 days with my blog is truly memorable.

Glad to know that Spiritual Garden has came so far to where it is today! It issurely nice to know that you've learnt a lot of new things as well as made a lot of new friends along your blogging journey in the vast cyberspace.

Thank you for sharing every interesting bit of your life. Thank you for taking all those nice and funny (yes! funny!) photos. Thank you for everything which you've given to everyone through this blog. We're eternally grateful.

Happy first birthday to Spiritual Garden!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

i like your white/black dress, looks good on you..

LuUeE said...

hahhaha.. Nonnie, Happy Birthday to your blog, i guess through blogging a person can learn lot of stuff.. And become a different person.. hehe..

Sha said...

Happy birthday Spiritual Garden! May you be witty, funny and droolsome always! :)

De Pianist said...

Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to KISICH!!
Happy birthday to you~~

wahliu..the owner become sexy lor this time..hahaz..must be the HoTtesT blog post ever in here..kaka...anyway...keep on blogging and rocking ya!!

baz said...

err, happy b'day la... and i believe ur surname is king, coz justina used to be my colleagues at DT :p

Kenny Ng said...

Happy birthday to Spiritual Garden!!! Wah... same Birthday with me leh, and also same birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.

Maurina said...

awwwww... happy blogniversary! :D :D u're one of my favorites!

IngSiang said...

Congratulation... xD

war186 said...

Happy first birthday/anniversary to your blog. Hehe. :)

That's a gorgeous dress Nonnie and you look great in it. ;) So sexy again. Yeah like Ness said flaunt it if you've got it but then Bobby might disagree on that haha.

Keep the long funny and creative posts coming. Love all of your posts so far. ;)

Wangs said...


Iwan Sanchez said...

hmmmm nonnie...
time flew fast and ur blog is now a year. hahahha!!

anyway, i indeed enjoyed reading ur blog and ur english damn good ok...

so humble hor..


anyway, i spotted a sexy nonnie...

ur dress can makes guys sleepless lah...

so eye popping nya!!


Grace said...

Happy birthday Spritual Garden! Teddy told me to come over here and wish your website a happy birthday. Here I am. :)
And I like your name, Kisich. It's unique. :)
Your philosophy, "Remember the good and forget the bad", is almost the exact opposite of mine "Hope for the worst." But don't worry. We can still be friends. ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Happy happy B-day S-garden!!!Ur english is much better then me wan.Ur blog got so many pic wan.( My blog u have to imageing the pic wan ). Entry very funny wan. I think I have to learn from u.

uglyfatchick said...


All your post makes us happy. Whether your owner blur until lock people up, or when she DIY soft-toy cow, or tell us "COLD" ice-cream jokes, or post cute Cow videos (from youtube), or how small the roundabout in her town is, or where are her favorite eating places, or her DIY chocolate cornflakes, or her eraser collections, or places she went, or what she dislike about wedding dinners and even how she edit photos!

Nonnie King said...

Thank you everyone! Thank you!

I hope you all remain to be my loyal readers and I'll try my best to make every single post interesting.


lunaticgal said...

hi nonnie, sorry for the late wishes.. happy buttday

Siao chabor... Siok sendiri there for what? <<<<< looks familiar?!

i look at the pics.. i really think of "nonnie kisiao liao!" hahahahhaa
and and hor... i can imagine..
u should be laughing too after u act like that and take pics (when u looking at the pics)

Nonnie King said...

Lu Nee : You guess it all right!

After I see those pics, I also like.. "WHAT AM I DOING POSING LIKE THAT?"

Anonymous said...

Hey gongrats on your blog birthday.
Im one of the silent readers that love to read your blog. Simply love it. Keep up the good work!