Monday, May 14, 2007

3 years already?

Wow... Only 2 posts for last week?
Damn.... Since when I become so lazy in blogging ah?

Anyway, Bobby and I had just celebrated our third anniversary last weekend. It was great!

Just that Marriot, Parkcity and most of the nice hotels were fully booked because of the Jazz festival (that I wanted to go but Bobby said it might be boring.... -_-") that left us no choice but stayed in Eastwood again.

And know what? We stayed in the exact same room that he booked for my last birthday celebration! Tell me what are the probabilities of it? No, he did not purposely request for it.

By the way, I got a really bad news.. Not for you, but it is one very bad thing to me.


Me no likey! Me likey Bobby chubby with fats to squeeze and pinch and bully by calling him "Ah Pui".

* * *

He came down from Miri to Seria to pick me up and go Miri again... (Yeah... Everyone knows Miri is not very safe for Brunei cars.. It's ok if it's a one day trip. But not when I need to leave it there overnight. ) Knowing that he arrived my door step already, I ran out and wanted to give him a warm welcome. He opened his car door and stepped down.


That's my first line to him. Not very nice I know.

I looked at him as if he was some strangers. Instead of hugging him, the first thing I did was pinching and pulling his spare tyre.

Such a big disappointment!

I was very du-lan to see him losing so much weight. He thought I'll be very happy to see him thinner as he thought I'd always like a thinner boyfriend. Gah, so not true.

Even when my mum saw him, she got the urge to go supermarket and buy him chicken essence. And Theen asked me/ him to take some supplement pills or nutritious milk powder to balance his diet. I suggested Appeton Weight Gain.

Not that he's thin like bamboo stick or lamp post, but he looks really pale and suffering from malnutritions. Some more his dark eye circles and puffy eye bags made him looks really like drug addict, at least to me. Boo. I want my Ah Pui back.

No more Chalie Chubbies
Know how much weight he lost? 15 bloody kgs! If only it's me who lost it and so I'll fit in a 24" low waist jeans showing off my flat tummy.

Last few months when we weight ourselves I was still teasing him fat and squeezed his extra loaf of flesh (with teruk stretch marks like pregnant woman) around his tummy. And now that I am still my chubby self having the same weight but my boyfriend nearly reach the thin category.

Not good! Super bad news for me.

His secret?
Wear braces. To make sure it really works, wear braces during your utmost busy period burying yourself with assignments and tests so that you don't have time to eat, and even if you want to eat, your teeth hurts so much leaving you no choice but plain porridge only. Oh ya, skip dinner too.

* * *

Sorry, I was carried away complaining about the weight issue. Back to our anniversary celebration.

It was simple. Check-in hotel. Spent 1.h hrs looking for the bloody restaurant and gave up trying and ate at some not-so-romantic restaurants with dragon tattoos ah bengs and dry golden hair ah lians sitting next to us, talking so loud that made me can't help but eavesdrop their conversation.

I'm not complaining. Just that I had imagined and secretly wished that we'll dined in a nice restaurant with more privacy and space, dim candle light and horny sexy saxophone background music and a bottle of champagne.

Yeah. Thinking too much is bad.

The lesson I never learn - Try not to have high hopes else ended up with huge disappointment.

(Sorry, no photos for the night in the restaurant as I was too hungry and busy eating my chop.)

* * *

And we spent half of our Sunday morning watching cartoons showing in TV3 - from Sponge Bob to Totally Spies then Pucca and eating grapes.

Don't ask me, I know he's weird at time. He asked if I like grapes and said he bought some of it and we can eat it in the hotel. Excuse me, not eating like the kind of way you dirty-minded people are thinking now.

I was bored and he's busy watching Sponge Bob

We waited till it's almost 11am then checked out. Why? Because Fratini's 50% off promotion started from 11am till 6pm.

Yeah...we're that greedy and frugal.

Hello~ 50% off leh. Some more it's in RM. Don't eat rugi okay. The only period I can go Fratini eat in Brunei is only the Ramadan period. Why? Same reason lor...

Us in Fratini and hotel room

Our Foods

After brunch in Fratini and a little boring shopping in Parkson, we balik kampong to Seria.

(It's boring because I didn't get to buy much. Perhaps its my subconscious mind telling me to behave like a thrifty girl whenever I'm with him so I won't scare him away...which is why he always feel dulan because he loves convincing me in buying things.. Of course lah, not using his money sure can ching-chai ask him buy this buy that)

Dropped by Universal to have a little tea session with Theen and Kelly to show off how thin Bobby is now because Theen is going to Singapore for a 3 weeks course. Lucky girl. Air ticket free, hotel free and food free. At night can go shopping lagi. Then got Ah James company her kai-kai some more after he finishes his course in KL.

Gah.. Everyone has their courses in foreign countries... Why do I have mine only in KB/ Seria/ BSB? Not fair lah...

Oh yah, we watched Spidey 3 in OGDC after the tea session. Crazy Bobby was thinking to go all the way to BSB to watch it because Miri cinema sucks. It's dirty, smelly, with bad air-conditioning and annoying people who did not switch off or silence their phone who lets the phone ringing with that stupid "Laushu Ai Da Mi" or "Huang-Hueng" or "Right here waiting" or some stupid techno song or some other old old lui lui songs in the 80s or 90s.

The bad thing is.... I couldn't stare at them hinting that they're disturbing me, which is something I did in Brunei's cinema without worrying kana bashed up or slapped after the show.

(Yes, there was a time when some Malay boys/ guys who sat behind us and made so much noise laughing and giggling whenever there's kissing scenes and make noises like "Boh!" "Adeh...." or what so ever, I got really mad and stared at them angrily. Bobby was pulling me afraid that I might offend them...

But hey, we spent the equal amount of money to watch that movie. Why should I get annoyed by them while they act like uncivilized monkeys disturbing everyone's movie? At least I know I'm not the one at fault.)

It's better not to offend anyone in Miri. You'll never know what will happened later since you don't have any strong 'backup'.

it's good that OGDC was showing it. Save us time and fuel to go all the way to BSB.

It was drizzling after we came out from the movie. Bobby used his big and warm hand sheltering my head and I did the same with both hands because I didn't want him to get sick too.

I'll have my mum taking care of me if I'm not feeling well. But this fat guy.. correction, this pale looking guy has no one taking care or even cook him porridge if he gets sick. So he's more important.

We're laughing and giggling talking about the movie. If there's a camera or something, sure the picture will look very sweet and romantic.

Btw, I like Harry! So sad that he died in the end. Why? He's so cute can. I like him more than Spidey lar.... Why that stupid script writer wanted him dead? Because Tobey Mcguire paid him more is it?

(Die... sure a lot of spidey fans marah me now.)

And we're wondering how are they going to make Spidey 4 since not much main vicious villains left. Sorry ah.. I'm not really a Marvel fan... I don't know much about it. But you can asked me about Detective Q, Dr. Black Jack, Kindaichi and Crayon ShinChan. That, I very pandai.

[Edit: One of my students came up to me asking me, "Cher, did you watch Spiderman 3 yesterday?". I was like.. SHOOT! Did I do anything stupid when I walked out from the cinema? I answered yes and this kaypo busybody student of mine asked if he's my boyfriend and what's his name.... Kids nowadays...everything also want to know.]

* * *

The anniversary gift I made for him

Nice nice?

I got the idea when I was shopping at Shabbychic but that thingy was a bit expensive. I think it's the same as what Wardah had gave Boon during their anniversary.

And so I used table calendar as substitute. Free some more. Just use some nice colour papers and wrapped them, with a little bit of creativity to make it different and special.

Curious what's inside?

Some of it

The rest of it

Hehe. Now don't you wish you have a girlfriend like me? =p

And what did he gave me? Hmm..... a prototype of the card he had on his mind.

As a very understanding girlfriend, of course I wouldn't mind it since I know how busy he is now. He squeezed all the time line for his assignments so that he could have a day off paktoh with me. He even smsed me at 4am telling me how sad and disappointed he was seeing the card turned out all disastrous and he wouldn't be able to give me to me on time. So yeah, it's fine. I can wait. I'm a good girlfriend.

And this is the Mother days card I made for my mum.

I know it says "Thank You" on the front page and not "Happy Mother's Day". Well, what's the point of saying "Happy Mother's Day" and not telling her how grateful I am for all the things she's done for me.

I only wrote few lines of sentence. Couldn't bring myself writing "I love you" because I thought that's too cheesy and mushy. Bloody awkward if she read it right in front okay.

I just thanked her for all the things she'd done for me and she's a very good mother. Wishing her healthy and happy always.

I guess the best gift to all mothers out there are not cash, jewelries, massage chair, vacuum cleaner or iron board. But by not making them not to worry about us, and lagi worries at all. Everything will be taken care by us children.

Love you Ma. Without you I'm nothing.


Bobby said...

Sorry bi, I'l give you a better celebration next time which next on my calender is your birthday. It didn't work out as well and I hope to make it up to you on your birthday.
My prototype cards look even uglier now than in real life. Thank you bi, I decided to abandon that idea and make you a different one.
I didn't get a chance to go up BSB to celebrate or wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. Its sweet of you that you made a card for your mom.
I want to wish a Happy Belated Mother's Day to all those moms out there and to your mom.

Thanis said...

Congratulations on third year anniversary. Nvm la Nonnie - You can feed bobby next time till he gain his huggability back ;)

Iwan Sanchez said...

Congrats Nonnie...
Tho i am just an outsider, i am still happy for you..

3 yrs in no easy feat lei to maintain a relationship..

Once again, congrats..

i am so shocked to see Bobbi dramatic transformation!! he looks thinner than me.. Can ask him, whats his tip ar?


As usual lah Nonnie, ur cards are damn nice...

Nonie is so creative!!!


Nonnie King said...

Bi : You had already given me the best, your love.

(If you wanna vomit, vomit elsewhere. Don't dirty my blog.)

Thanis : Yeah! The good news is after staying 24 hr with me, he gained 1.5 kg!

Iwan : Tips? Wear braces lor. Confirm thin one.

Thanks for telling me my card is nice.

cc said...

I get an overdose of sweetness most of the time I come here. :)

Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and your bobby!

Sha said...

Haha, now my turn to congratulate you :P

Happy 3rd Anny! Bila mau kahwin? *nudge nudge* (you ask me this also ok!)

I really love your gift to him. Makes me wanna improve my scrapbooking skills. :P

LuUeE said...

hahhah.. So so romantic.. And yea lo that day i go see Bobby, he lost so much weight.. i feel fat standing next to him.

And yea, the cinema really teruk in mir. hahha.. So smelly, got nice body smell go in, come out bad smell. hahaha..


War186 said...

Happy belated anniversary! :D

And wow Bobby did really lose weight. I'm sorry that you don't like him being thin but I think he looks rather handsome with a more 'cut' face hehe.

I always try to not have high expectations when it comes to special occasions and whatnot. But anyway what matters is you got to spend time with him. :)

I think it's a nice touch that Harry died in Spider-Man 3. :P Not that I don't think he's a hunk. Just because the movie was getting to sappy by the minute. Loved the movie though.

When I saw the calendar you made I was thinking why it looks familiar to me somehow. Then you mentioned Shabby Chic and my anniversary gift for Boon hehe. I didn't care that it was expensive 'cause I just don't have the creativity like you do. My next gift will be making a calendar-thank you for the inspiration. But then I might still get another one of those thingies at Shabby Chic 'cause I'm stubborn like that. Lol.

Oh almost forgot to say how nice your handmade calendar is. It's really nice. :D I especially love your names at the bottom. I wish I had your scrapbooking and creative skills. I'm just going to have to keep looking at your blog and practice hehe. ;)

Aww that's sweet of Bobby to want the card to be all perfect.

Speaking of gifts, I haven't gotten mine from Boon and it's almost our next mensiversary haha. Oh well. :)

Nonnie King said...

CC : Remember to take your diabetes pills before you read my blog next time yah~ *wink*

Sha : Hhahaha! I kahwin after you kahwin. Fair? My scrapbooking skills sucks. Plus, I'm so karit to buy those nice kits. Thus only colour papers and photos nya.

Luuee : You felt fat standing next to him? Then are you going to work out more now?

Miri cinema is the most teruk I ever seen lor. Oh well, at least the tickets are cheap. cannot hiam so much.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : His face is very sharp now. Just that I like him fat so that I'm excuse to be fat too saying that it's for "matching" purpose. Hehehehee. Well, he used to be this current size when I first knew him, just that he gained quite a lot of weights over the years we'd been together. And now he's back in his old self.

Yah, Spider-Man 3 is great. MJ looked old though. And somehow I think the black outfit is cooler than the usual red and blue one.

If I had the money and time, I'll definitely drive myself up to BSB just to get more of those cool kits in ShabbyChic. But then... still, it's so expensive that I always think that I can make it myself and there's no need to buy. So I always end up buying the papers and cheap stickers only.

The names at the bottom are foam stickers from ShabbyChic, only $6.90. Because it was plain white and I was thinking to paint it with my nail polish, but it turns out really ugly after the first sample.

Since Bobby delayed the card, I'm so going to have high expectation on it. =p

Wah seh, got gifts all the time ah? We only give presents on birthday. But hand made cards on every occasion.

De Pianist said...

Oh my GOD?!Bobby become so thin already ar?!aiyoyoyoo...shocked dou...i understand you keksim geh..cuz then you both won't become the chubby couple anymore liao..izit...=p! really have the effort to make that calendar..*clap*..don't forget to make me one when my bday come ya..ngekngekngek..

p.s : happy anniversary to you both o...^^

忍者爸爸 said...

Happy Anniversary *clap clap*

Not easy to stay so long for 3 yrs old, think it's time to settle down le bah.

Btw, why celebrated in "hotel room" ah. Mushy mushy ah? Brunei dun have the khalwat team meh? Hehe... just joking.

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : I was very shocked too seeing him losing so much weight. Not keksim, but sim-tia...

Your birthday ah? When oh? Must remind me if you want a card from me =p Kkekkeke

Ninja Papa : No money how to settle down leh?

Hotel room is for us to sleep, not to celebrate bor. We celebrated by having a nice dinner and brunch. You ah, naughty naughty.

-Princess Shin- said...

Happy third year anniversary! =) I just past mine too in JanuarY!

I totally understand what you mean. My bf lost quite a lot of weight too after he started his uni. And he was all good looking and.. (kinda jealous!) Haha.. but really no more fat to pinch di. Sad sad.

but 15 kg is really a lot. Wow...

Great idea on your gift! I always wanted to do something lidat too!