Thursday, April 12, 2007


[Happened yesterday]

It was just like any ordinary weekdays when Cikgu Nonnie is either having classes in her lab, or doing some miscellaneous school work in the staffroom.

Cikgu Reduan knocked on the door and asked for the keys for lab 2. Nonnie passed it to him.

Bell rang and students were set free. Cikgu Nonnie went to lab 2 and grabbed the keys to lock her lab 1. Without a doubt, she closed the door and locked it.

Happy hour in staff room ended. Bell rang again. It's teaching time.

Cikgu Nonnie went up the stairs, opened the door and saw....

TERRY!!! (Another colleague that is)

. . . . .

Oh My Buddha! What is he doing locking himself inside my lab?

And he softly-shouted at me,


"....Huh? You mean..... I locked you inside justnow?"


"Are you serious! Oh shoot! I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! *repeats till he's out of sight*"



And yeah.... poor Terry didn't get to enjoy his break time, recess I mean, and quickly dashed off for his class... Because I'd locked him up in my lab.


What can I say.... I'm guilty of being...
Yeah... that the crystal case of my phone. Got cracked just the third day after I bought it.

Don't worry, I bought 2 extra case because I know I need to.

(And I can hear Theen saying again, "Nah... Told you so. Buy a cheaper phone because you don't take care of it like how Kelly does.")



uglyfatchick said...


Kenny Ng said...

LOL... u almost killed Terry

War186 said...

Wow that was a short post. :P So kasian lah your colleague haha.

Nonnie King said...

Hehhehee. Nothing much happen lately thus this short post loh.

Seems like you all very used to my long-winded post huh?

Anonymous said...

itz happen to everybody hehe...


Aidah (seria Town)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha! Check first loh next time before u lock the lab. Have a nice day.

blueheeler said...

hey, you ill-treat your students! Hahaaaa

Nonnie King said...

Aidah : Has the same thing ever happen in your school too?

* * *

hor ny ang moh : Yeah! Lesson learned!

* * *

Danny : My colleague not student lah. If sudent I kana complained liao lor.

IngSiang said...

Tsk tsk..

so, terry is really angry?

Kelly said...

Let me tell you something which happened last 2 days ago in gym!!!

I entered into one of the changing room at the gym, and the doorknob was actually spoiled which i cannot open the door after i've done changing!!! i've got my hp with me, ringing up cheryl gyming outside which her hp was in the cabinet instead!! music out loud as usual which i don know whether to shout or not?!!! and sweating wet all over my body, twisting and turning the doorknob, i was FINALLY released~~~ !@$$#@%$^&%^&

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah lor, we are so used to ur loooooong post..


Anyway, luckily there are still classes.. What happened if its ur last lesson and its like end of the day liao..


Poor terrry!!

War186 said...

Don't take it the wrong way, I like your long and winded posts haha. I couldn't believe I was done reading your latest in a few seconds. I wanted more haha. Next post then. No pressure. ;P

Anonymous said...

not in the school but in the office hehe.itz happen to me :(

just a few minute...but crazy wah... but it was last year...

I left my slide card(pass) at home so I just enter the office with my colleague.

di jadikan cerita...time balik 5 pm...since my work not yet finish I continue lah.(hahaha)

at 6pm,suddenly i remember my card...alamak..panic melayu...

I call the security...hope they will answer the call...alamak no answer ...maybe they outside the building.

I call my colleague who luckly play badminton at next building,he rush to the office (ceh wah like superman haha) finally he open for me....he laugh at me....and said "nyaman,tinggal lagi pass atu"

afew month later ia kana jua hahaha...

till know I'll never tinggal2kan my pass :)

thatz the story of me ..

so it could happen to everbody in different situation...haha

Aidah(seria Town)

teddY said...

Haha as I read the post I got the feeling as if I'm the one being locked in my you because coincidentally me and that Terry (yes I'm Terry too) share the same name XD Haha! Poor Terry.

Everyone is blur and careless in one way or another! I've got a pretty nasty experience for forgetting an important appointment with a teacher for an interview or something and I still asked her why she looked so angry (because at that time I though I was on time).

Take care and have a great weekend!

Nonnie King said...

IngSiang : Erm.. I guess he's just a bit du-lan, not yet reach angry yet..kua?

* * *

Kelly : Should save the gym number and call the receptionist!
But who would be so well-prepared?

* * *

Iwan : Hhahhaa. Well-trained readers huh? Always prepare to read a long ojipala post. Hhehehee

I know! If it's my last class of the day sure very jialat!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hhahah! Me too... Normally it took me 2hrs to finish a post.. because I always take my sweet time editing the photos and think of proper words to substitute those can't be fit in here.
And, sambil watch TV, shower and dinner again..

So generally... one single post, with lots of pictures will take me..3 - 4hrs?

This post, only 30mins..

Nonnie King said...

Aidah : I think I can guess where you work liao. Either BSP or BSP's contractor. Right right right?

Thank God for the invention of telephone! Else die there also nobody know. *touchwood*

(Thanks for sharing your scary story. It's a good reminder for myself too.)

* * *

Teddy : I thought your name is Teddy? So, your real name is actually Terry lah?

I try to set those important meetings or appointment in my handphone as a reminder, if I rajin lah.

But thank God I got a bunch of good colleagues who'll remind me.

(I nearly skip a meeting because I forgot all about it)

De Pianist said...

lolz...kesian terry lah..but i think his students would be happy cuz they would think no class liao..*evil grin*

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

you should buy him lunch since he missed his lunch.

Sha said...

How come he can't open the door from the inside? lol.

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Hahhah!! True, I could have make 30+ people happy just by sacrifying a person's sorrow.

Jason : Opps! I didn't!

Sha : Erm, it's that kind of all door that uses a key.