Monday, September 10, 2007

I cleaned my keyboard!

Short Note:
Why do I see donuts and cupcakes in almost every blog I visited?
Is that the latest trend now?

. . . I hate mainstream.


I wanted to post up the photos we took with Naz last weekend but Kelly hadn't appear online at her house and thus I still don't have the pictures with me.

But here, just a teaser.

Man.. I just noticed Naz's eyebrows look like Shinchan's!
So thick la, like caterpillar.


Right, cleaning my keyboard.
One of the task I gave myself for this holiday.

I remembered that Ness came over to my house and chatted using MSN with my PC. She had a lot of typos and blamed it on my keyboard because the letters had worn off.

(No skill! =p I believed internet addicts will not have a problem in typing even if all the letters are all gone. Too biasa with the keyboard liao mah, kan?)

As you can see, it's just a very cheap Made-in-China keyboard that only cost $10 (if I'm not wrong), dirty with yellowish brown patches here and there. And 10% of the letters on the keys are smudged.

Disgusting hor?
So malu posting these pictures up lah.
Like telling everyone in the whole wide world that I'm lazy and dirty.

*shy away from monitor*

. . . Okay de la, Bobby had long know the fact long ago, accept it and top me!
Kekekkekee =p

So I googled "How to clean computer keyboard" to look for cleaning tips. Hey, please don't think that I'm very 小姐 don't know how to do housework one. I helped my mum to iron 2 big baskets of cloths, cleaned the toilet and my favorite was emptying the dustbin okay. (Note the past tense. I admit I seldom do all this things now because I don't follow my mum to work anymore.) I just want to make sure I won't screw things up.And spend unnecessarily.

(I'm a karit monster. Everybody knows that.
My mum had been bugging me to get myself a new laptop seeing me trying to on/off the monitor everytime it blacks out on me. See.. even my mum can't tahan)

To my surprise, some genius actually took 5 days to wait for his keyboard (and keys) to get all dried up. The method he used, popped it into the DISHWASHER! Read here.

So what I did (using the proper way) was:

Use cotton buds and clean the keys between the gaps.

My first swab!

The Chinese reads:
Lao Kung (hubby), Jin Wan Jia Liao Oh (Tonight we add dish oh)

Then take a screw driver or what-so-ever thin and hard
to "kiaw" the keys out.

Die for the second timeReally can cook into a pot of soup liao...

If you can't remember the right order of the qwerty keyboard, or lazy to search one by one after clean up, I'll suggest you to arrange them nicely in their respective order. Save a lot of time putting them back.

As for the letters that had worn off,
*ta da*

And I add a little more words, just to make sure my keyboard won't get despised by its own species, or my friends.

If this entry still have not motivate you to clean your keyboard right away, here - this might help.

Rutala's team tested 25 computer keyboards from UNC's Health Care System for bacteria. The researchers also placed bacteria on several laptop computers and tried to remove those bacteria with various disinfectants.

The bottom line: The keyboards were home to several sorts of bacteria, and cleaning helped.

"Our data suggest that microbial contamination of keyboards is prevalent and that keyboards may be successfully decontaminated with disinfectants," the researchers write.

Or, if you're rich enough or a spendthrift. Easy - Just buy new one.

Hmm... Is there any disposable keyboard available?

Oh wait, cancel the idea. I love my planet Earth and I wouldn't want to create more rubbish to burden it.



Tina said...

This method ah.. laptop can ah? ;)

You are always so creative. Maybe you should paint some clear nail lacquer on it so the marker pen won't fade. Hehe.

Anneesa said...




Bah, when swimming?

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

well, easiest way. use those indestructible keyboards. the rubber ones. (not really that indestructible, don't pierce it with something sharp) VERY easy to clean.

Nonnie King said...

Tina : I'm not sure but I don't think you should risk it because laptop's keypad is harder to find and expensive.

Good idea Tina! But, I don't have much nail polish,, maybe glitter pens will do.

Ness : Boh dui... Maybe you got infested by those fattening germs so you're having the same weight with me now. =p

Jason : But.. rubber one... No feel wor.

(Damn, why does it sound so yellow!)

Affy said...

Get a black keyboard next time. You can't see the dirt. And keep this in mind when you start to feel your keyboard getting sticky, what you can't see those really exist. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahaha! this post is under nonnie's rant? hehehe!

ok back to ur laptop thingy, it really look disgusting!!hahahahhaa! dun kniw how mnay years of dust and bacteria accumulated inside there.. hehehe!!

well, i tink if i were to clean my keyboard and take out individual letter, i dun know how to put it back!! hahahaha!

well, overall nice effort! :p

I'm Choonie. said...

I can't imagine how dirty is my keyboard back at my parents' home. My sister is using it. I have my own laptop liao! Nevertheless, I think my keyboard needs to be clean like urs too. Thanks for the advice.

youngbruneian* said...

aiyo you make me feel bad for owning a my current keyboard. =S

De Pianist said...

hmm...maybe i can try cleaning my keyboard too,even though mine is laptop,but i can just use the cotton bud to clean the gap then.hehe..

but i wonder how my pc keyboard is already back at home..maybe mine got spiderweb liao tim.haha

Sha said...

I love your new layout! Really refreshing :)

I should come by more often.

Speaking of keyboards, I've never cleaned mine :P

War186 said...

Haha nice post about a keyboard! ;P

jessie said...


I think mine wud b same too..
But its black/laptop..
SO cant really see yellow yellow...

Anyway..nice new layout!!
* winks *

Nonnie King said...

Affy : Mum asked me terus get a laptop, save space.

Thanks for the tip.

Iwan : Yalaaaa. I spent lot of time taking the keys out one by one thus feel like ranting lor.

For you the easier way will be get a new keyboard :p

Choonie : Remember to wear gloves while using that keyboard at your parents' home. I think its already a bacteria paradise.

Nonnie King said...

YoungBruneian : Why? Because your old one still works fine and you threw them away so that you can buy a new one?

Bad boy...

Pauline : Your mummy didnt use a cloth to cover meh? Normally that's what people do kan? I don't know wor.

Sha : Thankiews!
And you better clean that filthy keyboard of yours and compete with me see whose keyboard is dirtier.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : I'll think this is a dusty post.

Jessie : I should get a black one too next time. White one too obvious liao when it gets dirty.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I also got an entry on this here . Like u all taken apart with pic! U poke in & see same like urs?? Have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

H.A.M : Wah seh! I forgot that you ever blogged about it liao.

You cleaned so much more detail than me. I think I just ching-chai do it one.

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