Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holiday Lodging

Short Note:

It's time to vote again. Not for me of course. For them!
Don't ask me who am I voting because I ain't telling. All I can say competition is going to be fierce and thank God I'm not in this category. Else I won't even had the chance to get nominated.

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It was last Friday that I was tortured by Theen for not letting me to sleep and had my first late supper for the year. I have a habit of not eating after 8pm, not even fruits or snacks. Strictly water only. I know, I still look and weight the same mah.. no need to remind me that. *sigh*

I tumpang-ed Theen's free accommodation provided by her company for their company dinner held at Jerudong and overnight with her in the Holiday Lodge Hotel because I didn't want to wake up extra early and drive all the way up from Seria to BSB and get stuck in traffic.

I thought by that way I'll get more sleep but hell, I'm so wrong!
(Will tell you why later)

Checked in our her room at 7.30pm and off she went to her crazy party where as I drove alone to Gadong and dined in with Pingko at Tian Xing. Too bad Ye was away that night else it wouldn't be Ping and me finishing off the Crispy Egg fried abalone mushroom? while Zhi couldn't take his eyes off my Whitiee.

Yes! I'm taking my Whitiee around and trying to lure everyone getting themselves one so I'll have companions to play or race together. Nyek Nyek Nyek.

Oh by the way, I got my
It's still nicely wrapped and I'm resisting the urge to open it up.
Not easy leh I tell you. And Bobby kept teasing me with it after I told him my childhood stories of how I "opened" my birthday gifts when I was young.

Happened 16 or 17 years ago,
My mum bought me birthday gifts in advance and hid it in her car boot and I accidentally saw it. And so I bugged her and asked if it's for me. At first she lied to me that it's for her friend's kid and I sulked and ignored her thinking that she's a bad mommy, buying gifts for other unimportant people and not her own child.

She gave up and told me it's for me at last. Said that she lied because she knew I would definitely tear open the wrapping papers to know what's inside before the day came. I promised to her that I'll be good and wait patiently.

But............. I simply couldn't resist the urge to know what was it. I shook the box to guess what's inside every time I passed by it. I even dug a hole with my tiny fingers so I could see what's inside.

And of course, the hole became bigger and bigger gradually. So big that it's impossible to hide the lubang anymore and my mum saw it. She sighed and shook her head, said I might as well just opened it since like that (maciam kana tikus gigit) already.

There... story of the impatient birthday girl and her present.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went back to the hotel room at around 10.00 pm and told myself not to think too much. No thanks to 开运鉴定团. Repeat to self: I'm safe here. Buddha is with me. Buddha will protect me.

Having nothing to do and wanted to save the battery life of my Whitieee, I was left with my last option, read. Don't ask about TV, there's only HBO and RTB1 and 2.

I nearly dozed off till Theen came back. She shared all the juicy stories of what happened at the party and how everyone was thrown in to the pool. And soon after that, her colleagues came into our room and its our time to have fun.

What fun? Nyek Nyek Nyek.

Ever see people bring this when checking in hotel room?
Am I the first? Smart leh?
We're not the first to try, as per Anon. =(

Hehehe. We did brought our lami to the hotel. But we didn't gamble. We played with chips only. Actually, that's what we always did, no money involved. Pure playing only.

Pardon that teensy-weensy eyes of mine because my cheeks are too chubby that they always menghilangkan my already-very-eyes every time I smile or laugh.

Oh, that's Chau McDotty and Pingko's korkor (elder brother) by the way. Kana forced by us to learn how to play because we didn't have enough kaki.

And after two rounds (not two sets), we gave up and jumped to the next best thing we could possibly do, i.e. SUPPER!!!!

The infamous Nasi Katok Jerudong

Click here in case you have no idea what Nasi Katok is.

Knock knock, who's there? Nasi Katok

Katok is actually "ketuk" in the Malay language, and it means knock. There is a story behind the name Nasi Katok. It was begun by a couple of teenagers who were feeling very hungry after a midnight practice. They went to a place where they normally bought their food. This place was actually a residential house, which offered Nasi bungkus (a pack of rice with chicken and egg) even in the middle of the night. At any time you could just Katok (knock) on their door, and the owner will come up with fresh hot Nasi Katok. And that's how it became Nasi Katok.

Cool huh? I didn't even know the name derived from such story.

Picture posted up to make Kelly jealous =p

And so we all returned to the hotel happily with a bulging tummy. I did felt guilty though, but since I had so many partners in crime I guess it's okay since I wouldn't be the only one who's going to put on weight.

Washed my face, changed back to my sleeping attire and I didn't brushed my teeth because.. I left my toothbrush at home (Not on purpose okay Bobby Lim!), yeah~ ready to sleep.

Finally, bed sweet bed.

Talked to Theen a bit and bid her good night, I turned around and closed my eyes. But Theen kept nudging me and bugged me to continue talking because she's so hyper. Been quite some time that we'd done this sleep-over thing and so she felt wasted if we couldn't talk more.

Gah.... Stupid me!!! How could I possibly forget bout the incident that happened 5 years ago when ChaiWen was sleeping on the left, and Theen on my right. They both just wouldn't shaddap and forced me to stay awake.

"Eeee... why you like that one oh? Hardly got chance to sleep over you want to sleep so early."

"Ah Nooooooooo.... Wake up! Don't sleep baaaaaaa!"

"Oi, don't sleep la you. Pig ah."

"Eh? No reply liao. Sleep already? KING!!!!!!!!! Answer me!"

Kanasai friends... Poor me.

Hello? Sleep-over. SLEEP-over? You see the word "sleep" right?
Its called sleep-over because we're sleeping over at someone's place right? So must SLEEP what. How can you still call it "sleep-over" when there's no sleeping involved? *roll eyes*

Finally I got some sleep at 2.30am. Kasian, left with 4.5 hrs to sleep only. I'm someone who need at least 6hrs of zzz a day else I'll be very grumpy for the rest of the day. Ask Bobby, he knows the best.

Guess what, that girl woke up at 5.30am and moved around restlessly again. =.=

I opened my eyes, saw her walking around in the room and talked to her a bit. And went back to sleep because it's still early. Even 5 mins seem precious when it comes to sleeping don't you think?

Then when it's almost 7.00am, even before my alarm rang.. that girl jumped on the bed and,

"Ah NOooooooOOOooooO!!! Wake up! 7 liao!"

I turned around and looked at my mobile, damn it... 3 more minutes to 7 lah. Wasted.

I dragged myself out of the bed, went to the washroom, washed up and brushed my teeth with my index finger (so pathetic) and get dressed. Put some powder and mascara and I'm ready to go. Left the room at 7.25am.

View from the forth floor

(That's all what my Lumix FX8 can do, don't complain. I don't own a DSLR. Try give me one I also can take pictures like professional. Hahhaaa)

Something I really don't miss about BSB, the TRAFFICS!
Took me 30minutes just to reach my destination.

Huge thanks to Mama Ness for lending her "Datin baju" to me. Yes dang, that's what my colleagues called it, "Datin baju". For a moment I thought I was a walking Christmas tree because its green with pwetty beads. Just kidding. =p

Oh ya, I think I forget to mention where was I going. =)


Jewelle said...

Nearly forget but better late than never : HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!

Nonnie King said...

Thanks Jewelle, this is my second one and I still feel fresh.

leeshi said...

eh, where is the picture of you in the datin baju?

Ah. Teachers' day! I totally forgot about it. In September, right? I feel so ungrateful. Hehe.

De Pianist said...

i miss the time when i sleepover at my friend's house..and i didn't really have a SLEEPover just like you.cuz i was sleeping in between two friends of mine and they just couldn't stop bugging me..i could only manage to sleep around 3am when they both are finally tired.but yet again,i had to wake up around 7.30am to prepare for tuition..=_=

now i understand what nasi katok Brunei friend always mention that and still i don't understand why.haha..

Iwan Sanchez said...


i guess its pretty normal that we have the urge to open present before the due date..


thats the first time i heard of a nasi katok.. nonnie, its either i m ignorant or this thing doesnt exist here in singapore..

thanks for teaching me lots of malay stuffs.


Nonnie King said...

Leeshi : I was wearing it for picture I had posted for the previous entry. But can't see anything datin about it don't you.

Maybe I'll post up pic of that baju one day.

Its ok if you don't greet me, remember to greet your cikgus.

Pau Lene : Why? Why do we have kanasai friends like that? Hhahahaaa

Yes, ask any Bruneian and they'll tell you nasi katok is probably the best invention of Brunei. Cheap, delicious and available anywhere anytime!

Iwan : I'm going to wait till my birthday, or maybe 3rd Nov.

So odd la, me teaching a Malay about Malay stuff.

Its a local food so I think its ok if you dunno anything bout it.

Kenny Ng said...

Oh... Teacher's day now? Oh no... I totally forgot about this day more than 10 years. 1st time I heard about Nasi Katok, sound so Japanese one.

Effy said...

You ah! Buat me lapar. I want to eat nasi katok. You try the lambak one i think its the best nasi katok!

kelly said...

Ah wat! are you writing a wishlist or shopping list oh?? Wan me to get you *6 months usage of pad* or not then? Save your money and useful, somemore can use every month so you can think of it's dear kelly who bought it for my special 24th birthday gift! hahahahah....

Sha said...

Eh Teachers' day is in October in Brunei? It's in September here..

For birthday presents, I will refuse to open wrapped gifts before my birthday. I like to reserve that simple pleasure for my special day.

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : No lah, it's suppose to be in September but the celebration got postponed due to the month of Ramadan.

Katok is a Malay word bor.

Effy : Lambak kiri or kanan?

I tried a few at Lambak when I had midnight group study with my classmates. W

When we got money, we bought nasi katok. Else, just Indomee.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : My wishlist can also be shopping list what. Hehehe. More practical that way isn't it. Not like any of you will buy me really expensive gadgets or branded bags.

I don't mind pads thought.
I want Whisper Extra long with wings (overnight). That one more expensive.

Sha : Its in September. But the celebration got postponed because of Ramadan.

But I couldn't tahan! And this year I'm kumpul-ing all the gifts I have and open them up in one go to feel satisfy. Hahhahaaa

Effy said...

I think lambak kanan. I forgotten where, i haven't been there for years already.