Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pop Mee -> Chocolate Cookies?

Not sure if any of you know about this, there's this particular show that I'll try not to miss in Astro TVB8 (Channel 33) every Saturday 8.00pm, repeat on Sunday 9.30am and 3.30pm called "Good Idea", 生活智慧王.

Cao Lan and Huang Yue host this show that dispenses useful tips and up-to-date information on quality of life-improving products.

Watching this show sometimes make me feel smarter and the tips inside are really innovative. Have you ever thought that you can use a soft drink can, modify it into a Pot pouri holder? How to turn the vege that had turn yellow and lifeless back into greenish and crispy? And do you know how you can speed up the time use for frying with minimal amount of oil?

Okay, back to the topic. In today's show, they taught how to make cookies out of instant noodles.


Try not to blink starring at the TV, I memorized all the steps and immediately switch off the TV, dashed to the kitchen feeling so enthusiastic.

I need eggs, sugar, cocoa powder (in this case, I use MILO powder. Same kan?) and pop mee.

(The kind of instant noodles that you just need to add in hot water and ready to eat in 3mins, not the Maggi type that you need to cook for 5mins. Reason for this is because, Pop mee is crunchier and you can pop it into your mouth straight away even without cooking, like eating Mamee.)

Sai, no POP MEE in the kitchen!


I hope.... Maggi mee can do the trick too. God bless me.

The ingredients

No! You don't need thisDon't worry if it'll be wasted,
you can always cook it with
Lee Fah Mien isn't it?

First of all, add sugar into the egg white and beat until it's foamy like whip cream.

(Sorry, the show didn't give the exact amount of eggs and sugar. I
agak-agak use two eggs and 3 tea spoons of sugar)

Gila man, i don't have mixer at home (because my mum don't bake), I beat it using the beater for like... I don't know how long. Sampai I can feel that I got really muscular biceps.

But sadly, my "beating-kungfu" is quite poor. I thought I can do the DQ Blizzard style of holding them upside down, apparently... I can't do that. The egg whites didn't rise so well.

Next. Crush the noodles.

Add the egg white and the crushed-noodle into a pot, with 70degree celcius, stir them well.

Looks like vomit! Gross~

This is the point I have a bad feeling that the cookies are not going to work! It looks so WRONG! So different from TV!

Nehmind, continue saja. Fail then fail lah. At least I try.

Then you add in the cocoa powder. (I don't know how much also, I just added in 2 big table spoons)

Scoop them out and placed them on the tray, bake it for 20mins using 120degree.

(Yes Luuee, I know it looks like "you", Lausai!)

Lausai - ciri biri, diarrhea, watery faeces.

After 20 mins, I checked... Err... Still soft soft like that. So I baked it for extra 10mins.

Then again.. I poked it... still soft. I think the maggi mee got cooked and turn soggy when I masak it in the pot with the egg white.

Looks like worms squirming on shit/ mud right?

Forgive me. I do say disgusting things like that all the time.

Example... when people eat curry.. I'll say it's looks like lausai. Wasabi + Soya sauce = Baby's shit when they got frighten and pooped green color poo-poo.

And that's why my friends always marah me and warned me not to say anything when they're eating.

Kay, back to the so-called "cookies".

Fail man! Fail badly!

The texture is soft that I feel like I'm munching some masuk-angin chocolate bar. It taste ok, but... it just feel wrong when you bite it.

I've sum up a few reasons why my cookies failed.

1. I used the wrong type of instant noodle. Probably Daddy's mee will be a better choice.

2. The egg white not beaten well, maybe have to beat unti like DQ blizzard like that.

3. Too little egg. Should have use 3 biji(s).

4. The TV tipu me!

Anyway, I think I'll give it another try... when I feel like it that is. It's quite rare that I'll automatically go cook something without being force.

I need the "feel", cannot force me one.

You guys can try it at home and if yours work out well, you can show off to me that you can bake better than me, point your finger on my head and laugh at me tell me how you did it so I can improve next time.

Quote of the day:

A teacher teaches and not BAKE!

(So, I'm giving myself an excuse to fail... cannot ah? I want to make myself feel better mah)


nureen said...

Nonnie, the next tym u bake again..dun forget me...i makan kn for u...hahaha...nah~~gonna try myself...hehehe

Nonnie King said...

Nureen: You sure you want to makan them? They're all results of failure bor.

Maybe you can try cornflakes instead of pop mee. That's what I'm going to use in the next attempt.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i think it's the egg white too. it should really that viscous until it's like blizzard.

then u have to add the sugar and make sugar it dissolves completely.

because butter is not involved, so i believe it safe that you can beat it as much as you want.

but then again, beating the mixture too much isn't good. there is a point where you should stop.

last time i tried, the whole thing became too oily(butter) when it baked.

and i'm not really sure about adjusting the time yourself.

-above are all my own comments-
-my experience in baking:
*assisting my mum by holding the mixer.
*beating the mixture under supervision by mother.
*watching her bake at least 5 years ago? i was primary then.
*two/three times failure with friends
*one time beginner's pass by mother in joint effort with friends.-

i'd ask my mum, she's the expert, but well, she's in the bathroom.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

my mum says stick to original cookie recipe lah. don't use instant mee, just normally use flour.

war186 said...

Eww~ Instant mee jadi cookies. It's so wrong. Haha. Good effort though, Nonnie. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I ask you a question? I heard that Bruneian know each other, is it true? (Sorry this is not related with your blog at all :)).

Sha said...

Didn't know you can use instant noodles to make cookies hahaha!!

Try it once more. It always works better the second time round.. like the muffins Lex and I baked. The first time, it has some sort of metallic taste in it (prolly due to too much baking soda) and then the following week, we tried again and it didn't taste like the best muffins ever, but it was edible :)

Try again bah!

rebelandaliberator said...

i think using cornflakes would be better, never seen chocolate maggie before.. hehe.. although i did use to eat bread with milo powder when i was younger.. haha

Kenny Ng said...

At least u tried very hard and good thinking to replace the ingredients that u don't have. U can do better next time, I'm u will! If success can DHL for me ah? LOL

Bobby said...

But it is a very interesting to do. At least instant noodle not only can be eaten as noodle but also as cookies. I gain new knowledge from you king. I'm very curious what other thing r u gona try in future, but i surely know no durian involve as u hate it.

Teachers can cook too, remember : KING CAN COOK!

Iwan Sanchez said...

I didnt know we can use maggi to make cookies...

But it looks nice when i saw it.. and but u said that it is soft..

But it really looks sedap lah..hahaha!!!

Try again ok..

Nonnie King said...

Jason : My, you're a pro in this!

Aiyah.. if use flour nothing special mah. I want to do something unique. Am going to use cornflakes for the next trial.

Say thanks to your mum for her advice. And yours too~

* * *

Wardah : It does seem wrong.

But it looks so delicious in the TV bah~

* * *

A-Nonnie-mouse : Of course it's not true.

I bet the population of our country still exceeds the number of students in your school, do you know everyone in your school?

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Aw... Muffins~ I wish my fat guy can bake something with me.

Will try again, just don't know when.

* * *

Rebbe : Bread and milo powder. I can imagine how delicious is it... But, fattening eh!

* * *

Kenny : DHL ah? If you don't mind worms squirming out from the cookies, sure can.

Nonnie King said...

My Fat guy : It's a trap! A scam to make me cook more for you fat guy!

* * *

Iwan : Aw... You're the first to say that it looks "nice". If got chance, if I success, I'll bring some for you next time.

Merv Kwok said...

Hmm... Looks interesting :P
That being said, good effort. If I had done it, it'd end up looking worse hahah

Nonnie King said...

Merv : It still looks like shit nonetheless.

Iwan Sanchez said...

but nonnie, baking is always 180 degrees rite? y urs 120 degrees?

Nonnie King said...

=( Because the TV says so...

I also don't know whether it's right or wrong.

LuUeE said...


LuUeE said...

hahaa.. Aiyo Nonnie, The recipe for sucess, there was the extra scene, few seconds, got extra ingredient i saw, need to put in then very nice to eat, is the tahi hidung.

De Pianist said...

i watch that show leh..but not often..but they really gives us some good ideas..=D!

nevermind,try and try and try again till you succeed..i'm sure you can bake some great maggie choco cookies one day..remember to send over to my home wor..=p!

Tina said...

I wanted to try it out.. until you said it looked like vomit! Tarus inda jadi! Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

No, of course not. I don't know everyone in my school lol :D.

You know someone who's really famous right now (from your country), right? Someone whose taking picture with you before :) and you put it in your blog to make the girls envy you lol :D.

Out of curiousity, since you're from Brunei, do you know if he has gf? ;)

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : If I happens to bake some, I'll add this extra ingredients for you!

* * *

Pauline : Yes yes! If I try and success, I'm going to be very sombong and blog big big about it. Hhahhaaa

* * *

Tina : Oopsie! Me and my mouth.

* * *

Anonymous : He's not a friend of mine. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

nonnie: Thank you!