Monday, December 10, 2007

Back I Am

Yes I'm back.

Back to the place where no one smiles and greet upon meeting regardless of being total strangers. I know its weird but somehow I do miss the place. Sleeping on that long stretch of wooden bunk bed at 12+am every night and waking up at 6am. Everything was fixed and set and all we gotta do is follow the routine stated on the booklet.

It's FUN! No one's gonna believe it but this is totally not what I'd expected in the first place. I thought I'll dissed it pretty much as I seriously had no idea how to cope with preteens. Pretentious, rebellious, disrespectful, sassy, demanding, wannabes.... Okay, I was quite wrong about them. I shouldn't be so judgmental.

I have so many to share but I'm afraid you guys might get bored.. Will you?

I learned that children really need attentions and encouragements from their parents. And I felt really lucky that my mum had given me that when I was at their age.

I felt so ashamed of myself when one-third of them (the teens) were already a full-time vegetarian while I still that horrible carnivore who gets excited munching that KFC spicy fried chicken.

Most of us cried on the last day upon hearing really touching confessions from the teens. They're so brave to admit their faults and regretted what they did in front of everyone but I hope they won't return to their old self few hours after stepping through their house doors.

(I was like that... I told myself I must be more filial and do this do that yadda yadda yadda, and the next thing I was lying on my bed with the Astro controller and munching Lays.)

I realized how stupid I was thinking its cool to talk back and interrupt every time the teachers told us something 7 years ago. I thought I was smart that time to come up with brilliant quotes and silly questions. But now when I saw the teens did the very same thing, I smiled in my heart and said, "Man.... Is this how I was like last time? Damn... I made a total fool out of myself. And those uncles and aunties were patience and kind enough to tolerate and not to tell me off."

Some might think, "Shouldn't be a problem for you since you're already a teacher and what difference does it make for you to be a 辅导老师?"

Huge difference okay. This one no salary one leh.
Hahhahahahhaa!!! I'm just kidding. (Chau, Pingko, Eileen Yeye, Heng uncle and Joanne auntie, don't take that seriously ha. I know a couple of you might be reading this!)

I'm glad that I'm given a chance to be "Guidance teacher" because I seriously think that I'm not qualified to be one. In fact, I think that they're the one educating me. Definitely an "ear-opener" for me.

Somebody help me!
I'm suffering from the Post-FT-Effect!

.. and I know you have no idea what the heck is it. Hahhaa.

Stupid post this is a. Read it may you not like to. Angry you are?
No wonder Yoda talks like that, it's fun!

Hmm... But how to tabalik "Hahahhahaa" ah?
Okay I try.

aah Ah Ah Aah AaaH ?


Group Photo
(First ever photo taken with the VIP. Very far la I know, but still... Happy leh wei)

(Spot me if you can. It's not that hard really.)

Ignore that dragon-ball-head kid. He changed his attire right after the class finished. Typical preteen that I dislike. Okay Nonnie, you're judging again.

Repeat to self.

I will not judge or discriminate.
I will not judge or discriminate.
I will not judge or discriminate.
I will not judge or discriminate.
I will not judge or discriminate.

But really, don't you feel teens nowadays pay more attention to their appearance other than their studies? I was still wearing that ugly and fade of Tweety Bird loose tee-shirt + short pant with rubber slipper for my tuition class when I was their age! Bet they spend more money in buying hair gels and top up cards instead of reference books.

Boring I am.
Blog bugs missing.
Whitie I love.


Iwan Sanchez said...

aiyoh nonnie,
u sounded like an auntie lah..

just kidding lah...

hmm.. sometimes i have a good feelin after giving ppl that are younger than me some advice and i feel happier if they really heeds it..

teen nowadays are so rebelious lah.. not like my time..

hmm bout teens who care abt their appearance, i guess its pretty normal now..


I'm Choonie. said...

Glad to see you back here!
Yeah.. sometimes we feel that we are the one laerning and not teaching.

Bobby said...

Welcome back, its good in a way that it makes you realise the simple things in life as somehow we all forgot our moral and value in life as sometimes forward too fast to actually stop and think.

De Pianist said...

welcome back,Yoda Nonnie. =D!

i know where you are in that photo..the cute and chubby one leh..standing very very very right one leh..smiling d leh..hehehehehe...=p!

sad,i guess i'm the only one among my friends that never attend such activities..aih..good that you enjoy it more than thinking of the torture bah.hehe..

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Auntie....? AUNTIE? >.< *sobs*

Yeah, its pretty normal for them to care about their appearance. As long as they don't forget what their responsibilities are being a student and a child.

Choonie : Exactly! Sounds weird but that's how I felt. Bet you also have that feelings too sometimes.

Bobby : You want to join it some day? I'll be more than happy though~

But first, brush up your mandarin!

Pau Lene : I realized you're the one who always give me a new nick. Hahhahaha. Lalat girl to Yoda Nonnie. You're so creative!

Spot on! You got me! Very easy to recognize kan?

Well, its never too late to join this kind of event. Maybe at first you'll felt annoyed and irritated, but I assure you.. you'll feel very ser-bu-der on the last day and regret that you didn't learn enough.

Kelly said...

Eh~~ i thought you would include those kids story here, but scrolling down to see "The End"!!

jessie said...


Doesn't sound like Nonnie!! =)

Anyway..welcome back..
Miss ur blogging!!!

Sha said...

Your trip sounds very meaningful :)

War186 said...

Oops I thought you were the one in blue smiling real hard at the camera. Only realized my mistake and looked again when Pau Lene mentioned you're at the far right. How could I've missed you haha.

Aww sounds like you had a nice time. We do tend to judge teens these days before we get to know them, maybe we're a bit jealous that we're not as young and carefree as they are? Haha right.

Kenny Ng said...

Welcome back! Quiet happening wor your trip there. :P

teddY said...

I think what really matters after all is whether have you made a difference in their lives. And obviously you did, and you always will, so don't worry about teenagers changing back into their old forms. Think it that way, Nonnie - you've volunteered to participate in this programme, and you've given them everything you could, helped them in anyway you could. To change for the better or for the worse, it's all up to them now. This is where it really matters - whether they are willing to and capable of investing the effort and time into transforming themselves into a better person. You've given them everything - even if they did not change afterall, it's not your fault and anybody's - you can only blame them for their reluctance to improve themselves. There is really nothing anyone, ANYONE, can do about it, if one refuses to change himself from the inside even with great help from the outside.

I really respect you as being a teacher, and you not only fulfilled your responsibilities as being one, but even devoute your time and effort to help others, which is completely beyond the scope of your job. You deserve a salute me, Nonnie! This post really moved me :)

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Tell you face to face more fun mah... Somemore I don't know if others are interested to read or not.

Jessie : Miss your comments!
I know, even Bobby worried that the old Nonnie is not coming back.

Sha : It is!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : A waaa.. How could you miss me? My smile is so wide and all natural leh. Hahahhaha!

Maybe? Maybe I'm jealous because they get to own the latest mobile phones while I can't even get a pager back in my days.

Kenny : Very! But I think Dubai nicer.

Teddy : You made me sound like a very good person which I think I'm not.

But I appreciate your long comment. It makes me felt good about myself and motivated me even more.