Monday, April 9, 2007


A little something:
From now on, Bobby a.k.a the boyfriend will no longer be addressed as "Ah Pui" or "My Fat Guy". He's now officially the "Gigi Besi"!

Note to self: Be extra careful while smooching from now on.

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[Boring Part - that can be skipped]

Sunday is normally our lim-teh lepak day, due to the reason either one is too busy OT-ing or the other one is offshore or the lazy one is too tired to layan us.

And it seems like I'm the one who is always super available... Just a call or text and I'll reply, "When and where? You pick me or I pick you?"

Last Sunday. 08 April 2007, after our usual lepak in the old kopitiam, we realized that our cars had been issued an extra parking ticket.. which makes us a bit du-lan. I had been craving for fries this few weeks and I demanded that I want to eat it on that day. It's a MUST!

Therefore we walked to Jollibee.. Just when I was queuing myself up to order. Some one suggested that we might as well go to Ideal, since they served bigger portion of fries and parking is free over there. We were whispering to each other about changing place until....

Swee Leong: So, where are we going now?
Theen: *loud and clear* Ideal lah!

So. Bloody. Awkward.

We were inside Jollibee, queing up.. and suddenly people heard us saying that we're going to Ideal instead. Lucky Jollibee has really really nice staffs who still smiles to us and say "Please come again." So malu can die...

[Boring Part ends]


FYI, Ideal is located near/ at OGDC Seria. It's nice though, being able to enjoy your roast chicken or chicken tetrazine while seeing the swans of koi and terapins swimming around.

I love their sour cream fries!

Without knowing that the place is actually full having no seats at all, I headed straight to the counter and happily ordered my fries. And...later forced to "tapao" to eat it elsewhere.

So imagine me, having a packet of fries in my hand, eating and walking around finding a shady area to enjoy my fries.

First we tried sitting at the giant chess stairs.
But they all complained it's too hot.

Stupid friend stuffing fries into my mouth as if I'm the monkey in the zoo.
Mylo is Kelly's super bising-still virgin-or maybe gay-dog.
Unknown breed. Mixed blood maybe?

I looked around the place, seeing kids playing on the swing, riding bicycles, people jogging.. and there, something caught my attention.


No no no, this is not the actual Billionth Barrel Monument. But a miniaturized one!
Cool huh?

We shout in astonishment, "Since when there's this thing here? How come I never notice one?". Then we walked towards it and of course, as a person who keeps a blog and love Brunei to bits, how can I give up a chance to show my readers what my humble little town has.

So I took plenty of pictures with my 2.0MP camera phone.

Kelly, King and Theen

Gosh, there's not only a smaller version of the monument, but we saw BSP headquarter, KB hospital and many many more. I shouted in excitement and run like a kid bugging them to explore with me and also, help me to take pictures lah.

And they told me,
"Miss, very hot leh. You wanna go you go yourself."

See, this is how much my friends love me. Apparently they choose their skin complexion over me.

Lucky I still have one nice guy friend,

I said to Swee Leong,
"You always go offshore and worked under the hot sun, sure you won't mind go with me one?"

*evil grin*

There, at least I still have a friend who prefers me than the possible pigmentation on his skin.

And so, Nonnie the King started to take silly pictures with her slave friend.

BSP Headquarter

Felt like a giant

I couldn't keep my eyes opened!

And this, is the only thing that is bigger the actual one.
The roundabout

(Read *here* to know how small the actual one can be)

My favorite of all..

Shell Petrol Station!

Pun intended

In case you have no idea what those Chinese captions are, here.. let me explain.

加油 means something like Gambate or giving supports. The thing is, if we translate it directly to some broken English, it can also mean "Filling Oil".

With the little pump trigger in our hand, it actually make sense when the Chinese captions actually meant "We give supports to each other".

Evil James trying to make me fat
by pumping more oil to my waist


Do you know that one of the meaning of Bomba that I found in urbandictionary is the flip translation for porn?

District Police Headquarters (Belait)

And the mum doesn't care if her son is becoming a super burglar.
LOL. Just kidding lah.

We seriously don't know what building is this
Help, anyone?

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And the next day, Monday that is.. Bobby came up to Seria and we decided to pay a second visit, since gigi-besi hadn't seen it yet. And also I wanted to take some more pictures that has a prettier me featured inside. *LOL* (Don't you dare to puke!)

My silly gigi besi thinking he can see something in it

And I missed this yesterday!

We saw some road signs and I came up with the stupid idea, that is to imitate the little man inside.

Man Crossing
I know, Bobby posed more alike than me

The creator of the road signs must be a sexist.
If not tell me why there's no "Woman Crossing" then?

Children Crossing

Isn't it fun to have such a wacky girlfriend like me? Kasian also lah, kana forced to do stupid thing with her.... Example,

I forced Bobby to pose like the sexy and cute Capt. Jack Sparrow, I mean Johny Depp. But the boyfriend was a bit shy. (You can see from the picture itself, he posed stiffly!)

And so as his shameless girlfriend who dare to do stupid things in public show him example first.

See, so natural leh?

* * *

It's sad to see this.


Please.... you vandal (or vandals), get a life! If you feel like wrecking something, go wreck your own stuffs. These things belong to the publics, or SHELL or some generous sponsors I don't know, that's not the point anyway...

It's so depressing. And I can imagine how disappointed and sad little kids will be when they see the broken parts.

* * *

Walking down the memory lane...

My favorite photo of all
Taken by my 2.0MP w850i.


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[Irrelevant photos]

Went to Lemongrass for dinner.

(Actually we wanted to go to Excapade, but it's full.. So we go for the next best choice Lemongrass, which is located a few shop apart from it. What can I say, they're smart in picking the spot)

Pad Thai (Seafood)

Rice Noodle Tom Yam Soup

Fish Cakes

And the girlfriend's job is to cut them up into baby bite size for the boyfriend and constantly check if there's any vege or meat stuck in between the besi.

p/s: I realized one thing, people who wear braces develops a habit of licking their teeth naturally every 5 minutes.


affy said...

that mysterious building is where they throw people out the window for being naughty in the olden days. the half dome is where people hang themselves.

HAHA. Kidding.
It's Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Ali, or better known as SMSA. Somewhere along Pandan 7, i think.

sas said...

Oh my goodness, those miniatures are super cute! I have to drop by that place soon :)

I didnt even know there are such things. Hehe!

War186 said...

I wanted to say I thought it looks like the old MSPSBS. But Affy said it's SMSA. Duh it's in Belait why would they put a Muara school there hrhr. Anyway, I'm half-right lah. Hehe.

Hehe I can just imagine how embarrassing it was when Theen said Ideal loudly and abruptly. Lol.

Made for each other lah you guys can do similar wacky poses heheh. ;)

Nonnie King said...

Affy : Muahahaha!!!!! You're funny!

I know it's a school but I just can't think of which. Oh well, none of us went to SMSA so can't blame us for not knowing it. =p

SAS : I didn't even know when did they have that too. So hyper seeing it and thus running around like a kid.

Please do visit it and you'll be ter-amazed by it.

(if they can make miniatures figures and furnitures inside lagi best)

* * *

Wardah : You know, I realized they have a standard for all school building. This it all looks identical, except for the choice of colors lah.

"Make for each other la, you two look so alike", a lot said that.. Wait till I kahwin I jemput you and Boon.

Sha said...

That place looks fun! I wanna goo!! Hahaha! I dont like taking pictures in the hot hot sun either for the same reason: I cannot keep my eyes open!

And why is your Bobby now Gigi Besi? He got Braces ka?

Kelly said...

Damn you!!! i LAUGH TILL WANA DIE LIAO IN THE OFFICE when i read this post!!!!

you crazy ha? y suddenly grow back to being a kid and went back to ODGC again?!!! not next week, is next day somemore....-_______-'''

But then, having such muka tembokness friend does have it's benefits~~so the whole gang can tembokness together..LOLZ~~

bobby wearing braces liao meh? long time no see him o~~

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Bah come come, come to Brunei and meet us all. But I don't think we have many place to bawa you as shopping sucks compare to Singapore.

Yeah, he got braces now.

* * *

Kelly : Eh auntie, you better read my blog during yuor lunch time in office ah, later Alex or John goreng you then you know.
Malu to say, "I got fired because I was caught laughing like an idiot while reading King's blog."

Aiyah, Bobby never go there mah... he's jealous that I go with you all first bah.

Ah lor, he wear braces liao... and keeps licking his teeth and ask me to check if there's anything stuck on it every 10mins.


Anonymous said...

The miniatures were built for the Traffic Gma Park.

amyheidi said...

Haha, they added a lot of things over there, maybe I should drop by one of these days over to OGDC, been ages since I've been there.

Pad thai in lemongrass taste good, just too much taugeh.

:: Nicole :: said...

hello there :) just came across your blog through another blog.. say, your friend works offshore? my hubby too!

anyways, your b'day card u made for your friend is super duper nice *thumbs up*

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Thanks for the info. Appreciates that.

* * *

Amyheidi : Hahaha. Too much taugeh! But they put it separately kan?

Do visit OGDC sometime soon.

* * *

Nicole : Thanks for dropping by. =)

Yah, my friend works offshore and I guess it sucks pretty much not having your hubby's companion everyday.

Thanks for the compliment! Boost my confidence though

Jewelle said...

Wow, fabulous, gotta bring the kids over there soon! Thanks for finding those "gems" :-)

:: Nicole :: said...

well, i'm getting used to it.. at first it was REAL hard..

anyways, u're from brunei right? i haven't been to brunei before.. hmmmm.. maybe i should go there for a holiday when my hubby is back :)

Nisah said...

I live like what, 10 minutes away from OGDC and I haven't been there yet. Next time we go har? Hot sun or no hot sun.

I'm not afraid of the sun. Bwahahah. Tan or no tan, pakai tudong still, no big difference.

I use to have braces and more. I like the rubber band thing. Wait until Bobby has that rubber band thing, then you will know. LOL.

I wanna wear braces again. Where Bobby buat har?

War186 said...

Yay can't wait for your wedding then hehe. And you'll be invited to mine also. ;)

Iwan Sanchez said...


All those so called miniatures of the buildings looks so cute..


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Waah!!Looking at the food pic made me feel so hungry. U can cook such food?? If can Bobby sure grow side way once both of u get married.

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Welcome! I love promoting my humble little hometown mah~

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nicole : Yup, I'm from Brunei, but if you come to Brunei I think you'll be pretty bored as there's not much entertainment here. No pubs, big shopping malls and even beach resorts.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nisah : Jadi ah? Cheh! You fairer than me mah, scare what tan. You can always find someone tanner than you one don't worry.

Hhahhaaa. I'll tell you how does it feels to kiss someone with braces later yah.

He did it in Miri. Expensive yoh!

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Tsk tsk! Two shameless blogger macam it's gonna happen real soon.

Don't worry, I'm sure it will happen..No No, it MUST happen!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Iwan : You're back! Welcome back dear!

Ya, they're really cute... Make me feel like riding on those little tricycles around the place.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hor ny ang moh : Me? I can't cool Thai food lah.

I got a feeling that he'll grow sideways too after we got married. kekekekeke

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

very unfortunately, i've never had a good impression of ideal in ogdc. you don't wanna know wat i think.

gigi besi! haha. tell him to live with it. he can ask you about food sticking after he finishes his whole meal lah. no need 10 minutes once. call him smile very wide for you to check thoroughly loh!

but when eating. everything get stuck there, very uncomfortable is true lah! haha.

but just put on kah? just put, eating very painful one boh.

lunaticgal said...

i still like the shell station the most :P
nonnie u slim khee!? or u looks slimmer in spaghetti stripes? looks nicer on u mah, wear more :P

Nonnie King said...

Jason : Is it? But why? Okay, since you don't want to tell then nevermind lah.

A lor, just put one... He did complained about the problems he has when eating. Kasian lah. But I think he'll be thinner because he won't be eating much.


Nonnie King said...

Lu Nee : You sure or not? Or make me happy nya?

lunaticgal said...

im honest, u forget it?

Anonymous said...

Found this blog when i was searching for OGDC to apply a job during my semester break!!

I'm an ex-student from SMSA. And i am sure that's SMSA since all those other mini building is from belait. But FYI, in brunei darussalam there are few other schools that has the same design as that of SMSA. One eg. is in lumut.I don't know the name of the school i kind of passed by it yesterday. When you are travelling from anduki to sg.liang using the old road, the 1st mosque you see on the right side. There's a kind of new T junction you just turn right. Straight into the perumahan area. you'll see the school. They have the same design but colour is different.

lin said...