Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie Tickets Revolution


Finally had the chance to watch Shrek Forever After and The Prince of Persia! I’m not so left-out now!!! Woohoo!!!


Living in a small town, 1 hour drive away (plus another 10 minutes or more if you’re going to watch in The Mall cineplex) is not really helping when you’re eager to watch the latest movie. Back in the days, I hit the cinema right on the premier night and flaunt the very next day with the “Oh, I’d watched it.” groove.

And now…

I have a confession….


*cue gasps from public*

Ya. When I tell someone I’ve not watch that, it follows with the response of

  1. “WHY????!!!!!”
  2. “NO!!!!!!!”
  3. “NO!!!! WHY!!!!!!!”
  4. “IT’S A NICE MOVIE!!!!!”
  5. “YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!!!”
  6. All of the above - “NO!!!!! WHY!!!!!! IT’S A NICE MOVIE!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!!”

You think I want one har? Unfortunately, the movie was taken down the day before I want to watch it! You think so easy for me just to drive 1 hour up BSB and watch movie is it?

Nevermind that. Let’s carry on.

I keep all … I think most, of the movie tickets that I watched with Bobby since 6 years ago, when we’re still a pair of poor students, having all the energy and will to stay up late just to catch a midnight show, and still can go to school the very next day (albeit acting like a zombie). Ask me to watch a midnight show now, I’m afraid I snore while the movie is still playing…

The box I keep the tickets.


The “Collections”

The thickest stack from the Mall cineplex.

I realised, only the Mall’s movie tickets have not changed at all. The rest… let’s take a look, shall we?

This is from Seri Q-Lap, when they’re just opened.

Now… it went plainer, printed on a dot matrix (I think so?) paper roll that looks like a cash register receipt.

Empire’s.. hand-written in happy colors printed templates in the earlier days…
But with no movie name shown. I had to write down the name everytime at the back of the tickets just for reference.

Then… It was computerized and printed, in white, again.
However, the size of the tickets did get smaller though.

April 12, 2008… The Pajama Movie Night!!!! 
When Bobby was thin and just joined the company like a few days, or a week or so.

And these…. I’m guessing they’re from OGDC.

Any ideas? I’m still clueless.

This, is the very first ticket that started my collections.

*Happy sigh*

Time flies and… I’m still watching movie, putting my head on the shoulder and collecting the movie tickets with the very same person.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Apple Turnovers


Seems like our Sunday cooking plan is inevitable. Seriously, we didn’t even plan for it and somehow, we just decided to cook up a simple dish.

Earlier on, we checked out the public library and the “auntie” in me went to the recipe books section. I saw the recipe for Apple Turnover and showed it to Bobby because I know how much he loves Apple Pie, Apple Crumbles, Apple this and that. Oh, thank God he’s not an Apple evangelist~

We still had one piece of pastry sheet left from our previous pie-making session and apple turnover sounded great!

It was really really simple and this time, Bobby did most of the cooking. Since we only had one piece left, we only used an apple. He diced (in humongous size) while I melted the butter on the pan, threw in the diced yummies, simmered for a bit, add in some water, brown sugar and plenty of cinnamons!

Apple and Cinnamon, so Simple and Innocent~
*One of Bobby’s favorite from Utada Hikaru*

Wrapped them up in the pastry sheet and shoved it into the oven~


The triangular one is mine and Bobby keh-kiang (act smart) want to do like those apple pie…

See how “small” is Bobby’s diced apples~
Oh ya, he didn’t even bother to peel it.

But still, it’s really really good and whee~ Another addition to our “menu”.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We just celebrated our 6th paktohversary…. 6!!! ENAM!!! LIU!!!! LAK !!! SIX !!! Pardon me for those exclamation marks because even I myself didn’t really see that coming. Just like how some people reacted when they realized Bobby and I have dated so long (and still acted as if we masih honeymoon period *eeseh*), and still belum kahwin.. *cough cough*

*KNOCKWOOD* Spit saliva – Don’t want to jinx it.

If you want to ask me what’s my secret, sorry ah, I also don’t know. Out of the blues I’ll also stopped and asked Bobby what’s making him loving me till now and vice versa, he’s also wondering the same.

And when I heard stories of couples throwing things at each other and swearing, it really freaks me out. We don’t shout when we’re having arguments. I guess, we’re just too calm and rational like that. When I’m really really mad at him, I’ll keep it to myself, hold the tears and do a lot of thinking up in the head, cooling myself down and wait for the right moment to speak. You know lar, nothing comes out from the mouth when you’re really angry one. Sometimes you just say things that you don’t even mean it and once you said it, cannot take back one. When I’m feeling better, I’ll tell him why did I react that way and how I feel. Our arguments always end up both apologizing because of the mess we created and the time wasted.

In relationships, any relationships, it’s either win-win or lose-lose.

Anyways, here’s some photos to quit the boredom.


We celebrated our paktohversary in Frangipani. We’re the only customers that night hence the food was served really quick (I like), though, I felt really paiseh when the waiter and waitress saw us camwhoring and if we laughed too loud, macam got echo.

His Ice Lemon Tea and my Apple Juice.

03 04

Self-timer is our best friend.

The interior of the restaurant really feels like “Vintage Rose”. Books and vintage posters everywhere.

The complimentary peanuts with anchovies! Yums!

Fish Stew – Our favorite of the night!!!!

It was really really good! When Bobby ordered it, I was strongly disliking the idea. I’m not a fish person, I only like fish when it’s “Fish & Chips”, “Fish Fingers” and “Steamed Fish” (must hot hot fresh from work somemore) and…. I sibeh takut if the fish stew Bobby ordered is going to smell like fish market (a place which I avoid going after a satisfying meal because I sure throw up one if I enter). But I was so wrong… sibeh limpeh good ah! Must order this ah!

My Pesto Surf n Turf

Love love love how lightly salted the grilled prawn skewers were.

The pasta…. er… a bit disappointing because it’s too dry for my liking.

Bobby’s Meatballs spaghetti.

Actually, no need to write if it’s mine or his. We have this habit of exchanging food after eating half of it.


Next, it’s the card exchanging time….

Er, the above photo is for illustration purpose only ah.

My “Card” from him.

He was saying something really cliché like,
“Oops baby, I broke the card, can you fix it for me?”

15 20
My Puzzle card – 6 pieces (because it’s our 6th paktohversary)


For him… A really simple one.


It’s a flag book. I got the idea when I was browsing through the really crafty and talented Rozi’s blog.

My handwriting… a bit crappy here because I should have write the message before sticking the photos. Sendiri cari pasal…

19 Flag book for beginner. 


Ending the night with one of my favorite sappy film – Fly me to Polaris (1999).
When Cecelia Cheung still looked fresh and innocent, probably belum kenal Edison Chen masa tu. I still cry when I watch this.. Same goes to “My left eye can see ghost”, mesti cry one… Sigh. My crying point super low one.

Not his anniversary gift.

These are the vintage football comics that he’d spent a lot in bidding in eBay. His anniversary gift is still on it’s way sailing from… US? Amazon oh Amazon… lambat eh! As for mine, I will choose it during our upcoming trip. Yoohooo!!!


Dear Bobby,

You’re the opposite of me,
the opposite of what I should have. 

The contrasts we create drive me crazy sometimes but I guess that’s what keep us going on too. 

Your Chalie


Sunday, May 16, 2010



Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon searching for the right things in order to build a puppet stand. Being hopelessly inexperienced shopping in a goldsmith, we finally found what’s good and cheap to build. Water pipes, 2 elbows and 2 t-joints! Man, I feel so macho mentioning those jargons! And also 4 pieces of styrofoam boards. A puppet stand for less than $30 and no knowledge of carpentry needed~

So, the stand part is solved. Next, puppets!

The main character in my upcoming puppet show is a crocodile, but… we can’t seem to find a crocodile hand puppet.. not even plushies! And other crocodile toys that we found seemed a little expensive too. Hence, we decided to make one ourselves, out of sock!

(FYI, buying green color socks is not an easy task too!)


There, “Adidas” socks selling for $2.90 a pair, with the green colour I want!

After 4 hours of cutting, sewing and gluing…

(Mind you, we have no instructions nor any craft books to follow. And, no internet to search for ideas too because Mabel’s wifi at home hated my lappie!)

P1100739 P1100738P1100736 P1100737 

So, waddaya think?

Yes, I know it looks a little “dinosaur-ish” and “dragon-ish” and “lizard-ish”… but I think this is the best crocodile puppet ever! One and only in the world okay~

p/s: Most work were done by Mabel, I only cut and glued the teeth and the scaly back (which.. you can’t really see from the above photos)

Thursday, May 13, 2010



This is the work I’d prepared for the Year 2 kids today using Paint..


And this is what some of my students did.

CAT1 CAT2 cat3 CATa

Ahhhh~ The satisfaction.



Everyday when I log in to my facebook account and read on the news feed and such, I’ll definitely see friends’ names being tagged on LV(s), Burberry(s), Gucci(s) that’s selling for…

BND 60.00!

Upon seeing that, I’ll end up with a deep sigh thinking why are these people selling and buying fakes?

Selling replicas is illegal, maybe buying is not.. but, that’s still not a good reason to get them isn’t it? I don’t judge people who buy fakes because I have tons of colleagues and friends who’s happily carrying their fakes to work. Once I was browsing Burberry’s site and all the girls squeezed with me looking at those yummy bags but once they saw the price, they said this..

“Ai… so expensive! Nevermind lah, just buy the replica”

Sure those bags are overpriced… but, buying fakes is like you’re indirectly stealing money from those talented designers who did the hard work. And I’m pretty sure the quality is definitely worth every dime you pay for it. Do you want

1) A fake bag that costs you $80 but can only last you 8 months, or

2) An authentic one, expensive but lasting you for years and years?

A friend once asked me whether or not I’ll buy a fake and I said no. I’ll rather get cheaper bags like Vincci or Charles & Keith, even bags with no brand than buying a replica. Well, it’s  true.. till now the most expensive bag I own is probably the Coach Madison Sabrina which I got for my birthday last year, and a Burberry wallet.. birthday gift from last last year… both from Bobby, by the way. I’m not rich and am too karit to splurge on bag, for the moment. But I’m not ashamed of my Charles & Keith though~

Fakes are everywhere! What if, that you’re using a real one and people come question if it’s a fake? Oh well, of course I’ll feel a little insulted (if it ever happens) but, I know clearly that how much I’ve save for that bag and I’ll still feel confident carrying it around. The joy, I guess it’s indescribable. Just like men vrooming their dream cars after all the years of saving. Pride, I’ll say.

I can’t really say the same for pirated DVDs though… because I’m guilty, I buy pirated DVDs if the cinema is not showing the movie I want to watch.

Anyway, real or fake, you suka hati lah…

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CIPTA 2011 reaches out to Young Inventors

Are you in Upper secondary school? Do you have an idea for a new product or maybe you have made modifications to certain products? Are you creative? Willing to try anything? Then why not try your hand at CIPTA competition and be in the running to win $10,000.

The Crown Prince CIPTA award is once again open for participation. This time, the invitation to participate is open to upper secondary school students with the addition of a 3rd category. The 3rd category would involve the creation or modification of new or existing products by young inventors.

With this year’s theme of “Global Competitiveness through creativity and Innovation”, Institut Teknologi Brunei as organizer of this award is proud to extend the invitation to the younger generation. In this competitive world where innovation and creativity are also a factor towards success it is our hope to expose the younger generation to such thinking.

As lauded by Dato Paduka Timothy Ong in the recent CIPTA seminar series, “Innovation is important because, it is in innovation that the economic future of our country lies

By entering into the competition the students would have the right support and exposure to bring their ideas and creative vision into the world. Some previous winners have used their winnings to invest into their products and to this day have developed into successful entrepreneurs.

Everybody has ideas but it takes a certain kind of person to realize their self worth and their abilities in making their ideas a reality. Without ideas and the courage to move on from that idea one would stay stagnant. Explore your ideas no matter how small, expand your horizons, and enrich the world of invention.

Be that person! Realize your ideas and reach for more than you thought possible. Join CIPTA now and make it happen!

For your first step at making it happen, email us at or visit for full details.