Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rose Sandwich/ Mid-Autumn Festival 2007



I'm very desperate to win this competition.
Please, can I get be a winner and not a runner up?
Seriously... I had never get number 1 in my whole life.
Fulfill my wish will you? As my advance birthday present can? Not to much to ask hor?

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Get your friends, families, cousins, aunties, uncles, boss, colleagues, mistress and pets basically whoever knows how to surf and click on the mouse to vote for me too.


*Flash kitty eyes*


Okie, back to (normal) blogging.

I bet some of you can't wait to know how I make those beautiful Rose sandwiches.
Pretty and delicious, yet very easy to do.
Can always make it to impress people yo!

*Heard loud applauses and "Thank You" everywhere*
YES! YES! You're Welcome~

[Syok Sendiri-ing]

* * * * *

NOTE: I LEARNED IT FROM THE TAIWAN TV SHOW "GOOD IDEA" 生活智慧王(I know I know, only aunties watch that.. But I love the show! It's so bloody cool!) , I'M NOT THE INVENTOR OF THIS DISH SO DON'T PRAISE ME.

(Shows on Channel 33 every Saturday 8.00pm, repeat on Sunday 9.30am and 3.30pm)

.... But you can thank me for sharing lah. Hahahahaaa. Or vote for me!

Stuffs you need to prepare

- Bread slices (doh....)

- Chicken toast, Beef Salami, Cheese, tomato dices, cucumbers, cheese... Basically what so ever you feel like putting in.

And other stuffs like rolling pin (not necessary actually), oven, cups and.. knife? (Double-Doh...)

As you can see, I'm slicing it on a piece of aluminium foil. That's because the cutting board was occupied by my mum and I was desperate to try making it liao.

Of course, you have to cut all four sides.

Now you know how limited my mum's kitchen is. She doesn't bake so no rolling pin...and even mixer and weight scale. Whenever I feel like baking I have to borrow it from my neighbour.

So I used my glass instead, serves the same function anyway. The bread slice need to be thin and flat, that's it.

(Follow the red line)

Be careful not to slit it fully and make it into half or quarter.
The center of the bread is going to be the base to hold the salamis, that's why it's important that you leave more than enough space for it.

Okay, this is the part I find it hard to explain liao...

Ermm...erm... After cutting the slits, you get 4 parts right?
So all you need to do is put one behind another, forming a flower-like cup...

You get what I mean right?

. . . . .

(Here, if most of you get lost in this step.. I'll film a short clip to show you guys. Just drop me a message in the comment box)

I can't find any small steel cups thus I used aluminium foils, put it in a small bowl and get the shape printed.

(Some more no need to wash lagi.... I'm damn smart!)

Toast it for 15 minutes using 150 degrees.

Note: We just want the bread slices to get a bit harden and crispy forming a a flower bud.

While waiting for it, it's time to prepare the ingredients for the sandwich.

Make sure the egg is not too thick else it'll be difficult to roll later.

Actually the rose sandwich will look much much more nicer with smoked salmon. But I can't them in KB/Seria! For those who ever eat sashimis will know how pretty the chefs always served them in the wooden plank.

We can do the same too, just arrange two to three slices in order and roll them up.

Anyway, after toasting - put a spoonful of mayonaise on to the base of it.
(The part I say don't cut fully one leh?)

The mayonaise is used to give the sandwich a better taste and support so that it looks more like petals in it.

Then now you can roll the salamis and put them into the "flower bud".

*cough* I made a mistake while editing.. The below picture is suppose to be Step 9 but maybe I was too hungry so I typed 10 instead... Sorry ah.....


As you can see, I put in some diced cucumber in it to add some colours to it.
And... it kinda makes the sandwich looks more healthy isn't it?

The above one is egg with beef salami topped with tomato dices.

And the picture below is chicken toast with egg.

The other combinations I tried was cheese with tomatoes, cheese and eggs, cheese and chicken toast, cheese and beef salami... That's why I said basically you can try anything you like as long as it's thin enough to roll.

So pretty right?

Perfect for a gathering to impress your friends, boyfriends, future parents-in-law and your pet cat.

And I just had to post a picture of me with it (and spoil the whole beautiful post with my big nose) because it's my first time trying!

Serious, they're not just posing or acting in the above photo. They really think its cool and delicious! Even though they're my best friends and... I did threaten them with my fist if they say it doesn't taste good.

But you can see how sincere they are with the wide smile telling you it's really good right?

* * * * *

And us, a bunch young adults (average 25.6 years old) played lanterns and walked around Kelly's neighbourhood with lots of cars passing by and looking at us.


Why should we? It's Mid-Autumn festival man.. We only get to celebrate it once a year.
Chinese culture okay~ Must follow.

What's so malu for a 25 years old bride-to-be carrying a Ultra-man lantern and a 25 years old engineer holding a Sakura lantern? No big deal what.


Note to self: Next year buy battery-operated lantern with music one. So no need to keep lighting new candles and lousy friends won't see-low me sure burn the paper lantern.

I didn't burnt my lantern okay. Professional kali ah~


Bobby said...

OH MY GOD!!! So pretty and so 'sat'. And I am stuck here in Miri while you make those good-looking sandwich. I hope you save one for me to try.

War186 said...

Hehe so pretty. Eh just like what Bobby said. Anyway, congrats on getting nominated for the 'best personal blog' award. ;)

Nonnie King said...

Bi : Aww..you know I'll make it again just for you.

As for your portion, it's in my tummy now since I know that you'll prefer me to eat than you yourself.

Wardah : Thanks! Remember (to ask your friends) to vote for me ya. hahahaa.

I want to get the first proze desperately.

Iwan Sanchez said...

thats the 1st time i saw sometink like that!!!

nonnie, you are too good to be true..


youngbruneian* said...

lapar eh!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah look tasty & yummy! Oh I notic u got DIY labels now! He! He! Have a nice day!

Anneesa said...


Nonnie's answer: Im not a muslim. Don't worry, I censor pork out okay?


By the way, it looks good. Next Girly Blogger Night, you make ah?

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Once I saw it on TV I immediately wanna try it too. So cool hor?

I'm not as good as you thought la.

YoungBruneian* : SOrry =(

H.A.M : MY DIY different meaning from yours bor.

Ness : Don't like that ma~ Make me feel so bad now...

Can, we make together? You make the dip again can?

peekahh said...

hmmphhhhhhh..THE SANDWICH ore whatever it is call WAS LIKEE ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...........yummyy.

im on my diet..but u spoil me.=S..nolahh joking cher.=P

Hakeeemm said...

nwayy.i've allready vote youu.

peekahh said...

nwayy.i've allready vote youu...FYI:the hakeem is mee ookayy.

Nonnie King said...

Thanks Peekah. I sure hope I'll be a winner this time =p

I know my food seems very tempting, so you shouldn't read it before sungkai. Hehehhee

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Voted! =)
Will help you pull votes one lah...

Sha said...

Nice and pretty roses.. and not to mention appetizing!

Nonnie King said...

Christina: Eeeeeeee.... So sweet of you.

Sha : My friend said it's romantic and want to make it for the gf's upcoming birthday.

Make a good gift also.

@lex said...

Saying we are 25 yrs old would be sufficient.. don think there;s a need to stress occupation ... :P
still i am going to vote ... don know who ler ..

MsAzzurri said...

Thanx for sharing Nonnie! And don't worry I already voted for you! Oh and I'll try ask my friends too ehhe. ;D

Btw, where'd you get the beef salamis? Ada chicken kah? 'Cos Boon can't eat beef. I wanna make for him too-I'm sure he'll like an egg and chicken combination. And I'll tell him my Chinese blogger friend taught me how. Hehe. :D

War186 said...

Oh that was me! (MsAzzuri) I accidentally used my sister's account. Lol.

Nonnie King said...

Alex : If you dare to vote to others then that's the end of our friendship. =p

War : I got the chicken toast from Supa Save. I think there'll be more choices in Supa Save in BSB.

Theen also don't eat beef so I make chicken one for her.

And I thought who is the msazzurri lagi... also got bf call Boon one? Hahahhaa.

Happy trying!

JaMiLLa said...


My saliva is all around my computer desk. I dunno how to clean it bcos it's non-stop coming out from my mouth!!!!

Wah so sense of humor ah me. Never thought I can say till so kua-chang!

Rose Sandwich is sooooo NICEEEeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeE!!! People who is lazy going into the kitchen like *ME* will find this so FANTASTIC bcos it's so easy to do and yet really look like a ROSE! FOOD ROSE! Can you imagine that?

Can i borrow ur rose sandwich photo to post in my latest post? I wanna get some vote for you before the deadline. I believe most of my reader is FOOD LOVER!

Hehe Probably you can check my latest post now.

Although Im stuck in tests and assignments (Remember, I'm in the end of the final year in ITB, mau graduate sudah!), but still I did somethin just for you, friend as an advanced birthday present!

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahahaa! It looks kinda complicated lei.. is it ebcos i am a guy and all these is not my expertise? hehehee!

Tapi one thing i know, it looks kinda delicious and i know ur freinds is telling the truth...

sedpa betul lah!!!! and i also hope that u win also lei..

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : So easy to make yet create such a romantic feeling right?

Ya, you can use my photo there I have nothing against it. =)

Final year is like that, tahan tahan then graduate liao very fast one.

Advance birthday present? Hehehe. Can't wait.

Iwan : Yeah, I think it's because you're a guy that's why it looks complicated for you.

I really want to win lah! Must break the curse of being second everytime!

Jewelle Tan said...

Go Nonnie Go! Of course I vote for you :-)

Mizi said...

Wow... the toast is nice Nonnie. Its like origami... but with bread and meat.. and mayo... and... am I missing anymore ingredients?

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Awww.... Thankiews!

Mizi : Come to think of it, it does look like origamis.

Basically that's it, bread, mayo and what so ever you like to put I guess?

Ham, chicken, beef..maybe corned beef next time?

Jean Chia said...

wah, it's so cute and easy to made. thanks for sharing! :)

Jean Chia

JaMiLLa said...

Yes Yes! So easy! It's been keyed inside my human CPU. So I will retrieve it out whenever I got the feel to do this! TQ! TQ!

Jean sweetie
Hiii, thanks for dropping by here and leave ur kind words. XIEXIE! (Macam im one of the boss here, hehe!)

This is one of the dishes that I wanna intro you cos I know you are the FOOD LOVER as shown in ur blog. Rose sandwich, do it for your darling!!!

JaMiLLa said...

Oh ya forget to report to you, ah king.

My friend encountered a problem when voting for you in the Simpur site. It said that "It looks like you have already voted. Your vote was not counted. The results for this poll are not available to the public."

This is the first time my frend voting!! How come detect that she has been voted and shes from Singapore! She got the link from me only.

Who should we report this ah?

And one more thing is the voting can do it everyday? The second time I wanna vote for you, it also mentioned that I voted already, cant be counted. So Im abit weird on how the voting rules.

Thanis said...

certainly looks divine girl ;)

Lee Chien said...

omg... this is really tasty....