Monday, August 30, 2010

Evil calories in Mooncake

Gosh! This blog is seriously turning into a food blog.

Well, mainly because I choose not to blog about any current affairs. I have my personal point of view in things but I think I don’t need to share it publicly here. Furthermore, I think that ZekZek Kaching boy has enough publicity around already and I so so so so do not want to contribute anymore to his fame when what he did was…. I don’t know, I can’t find any appropriate word for it.

Let’s talk about something sweet.



The box is so pretty right? Am going to keep it and use it as my money box.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of sweet things. And mooncake is like… the adam & eve of evil calories! While munching the green tea mooncake (because Bobby said I must eat at least one slice), I read the thin piece of nutrition facts in the box and nearly got choked!

I am only going to show you all the calories in it.

Net weight of a mooncake : +- 180gm
Serving size : +-22.5gm (about 1/8 piece of mooncake)

Mooncake Flavor Calories Per 100gm Calories Per Serving
Pure Lotus 380 kcal 86 kcal
Pure Lotus Single York 434 kcal 98 kcal
Pure Lotus Double York 448 kcal 101 kcal
Shanghai Pure Lotus Single York 442 kcal 100 kcal
Low Sugar White Lotus 385 kcal 87 kcal
Low Sugar White Lotus Single York 405 kcal 91 kcal
Red Bean 363 kcal 82 kcal
Green Tea 378 kcal 85 kcal
Green Tea Red Bean 390 kcal 88 kcal
Pandan Lotus 376 kcal 85 kcal
Pandan Lotus Single York 408 kcal 92 kcal
Pandan Pumpkin 371 kcal 84 kcal
Pearl of Prosperity 408 kcal 92 kcal
Mixed Nuts 408 kcal 92 kcal
Pearl of Harmony 364 kcal 82 kcal
Supreme Mixed Nuts 402 kcal 90 kcal
Tiramisu (Cantonese Coffee Pastry Skin) 358 kcal 81 kcal
Toffee Chocolate Walnut Brownie 396 kcal 89 kcal
Green Tea Berries 370 kcal 83 kcal
Low Sugar Yam Gingko 420 kcal 95 kcal
No Sugar Added White Lotus 407 kcal 92 kcal
Precious Black 374 kcal 84 kcal
Rich Chocolate Peanut Praline 387 kcal 87 kcal
Mocha Almond Fudge 372 kcal 84 kcal
Blueberry Blackcurrant Cheese 347 kcal 78 kcal
Chestnut Japanese Jingsa 374 kcal 84 kcal

Kick or not? One small slice already 80+ kcal!

A man needs about 2,000 to 2,200 kcals a day. It’s like, you eat 3 mooncakes a day and you can’t eat anything else already and still gain weight!!

*stares at the pure lotus single york mooncake Bobby bought*

Anyone want to share this fattiness with me?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Excapade Teppanyaki (Bunut)


And I guess most of you had already visited the latest Excapade’s branch in Bunut!! I was invited by Siew Fong to try dining out at their newly opened Bunut branch, where they introduced their new menu with more varieties such as teppanyaki, shabu shabu and so on.

Within 10 years, Excapade went from this small restaurant in Kiulap to… let me count, 6 branches spread out all over Brunei. Not forgetting to mention 2 more coming up in Seria and Times Square!

Block A, Unit 2, Spg 628
Kg Bunut, Jalan Tutong.

Tel : 265 4312 / 7174312

It’s located right next to Akira. With the spanking new signboard, I think it’s difficult to miss it anyway.

The new menu! Woooohooooo!!!



I was really excited seeing the word “Vegetarian” under the LEGENDS & NOTES because I have more than a dozen of friends who are vegetarians, including my mom of course. I know how hard is it for them to order with the “vegetarian please. No onion and garlic” yet some waiter asked “how bout fish?”.

There’s no such thing as “seafoodtarian”.
Vegetarians do not eat seafood!

My dining partners. 
L-R : Bobby, Tina, Maurina and Amir.    

Whereas Thanis, Wee Shen, Marul and Jayden sat on the other table.

The induction cooker for shabu shabu.  

Cutie pie, So-in-love and Mr. Vain.

Another one with Cutie pie and So-in-love. Hahahahahaa.

Bobby was smart to wear that thick jacket because the air-conditioner was so strong that night!

Cucumber stick, enoki mushroom wrapped in salmon sashimi and top with MENTAIKO!

Yes! MENTAIKO! The mentaiko which Cheesie loves!

One of my favorite of the night. Eggplant with Unagi! (I don’t remember the Japanese name for this dish) I love eggplants, I love unagi! Combine them together makes me happy! The eggplants were so flavorful that I can eat it alone without the unagi. 

Old-time favorite – Gyoza.

New on the menu – Tofu steak. The flakes were yums! But the tofu spelled blandness that night.




One word, ORGASMIC! It exploded to moment I popped into my mouth and took the first chew! Nothing compare to *cough*Charcoal’s*cough* so-called wagyu steak Joseph tried last time. It’s B$18.00 but definitely worth every single cent of it. We (Bobby and I) are so going to order this again the next time we visit Excapade!

Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Other teppanyaki and Beef bacon with asparagus.

It’s nice but after tasting the bomb, the wagyu.. other’s were no fight for it.

Piping hot prawn tempuras!

Duck Teppanyaki

Bobby was so excited to see that on the menu and straight away ordered this. It’s quite rare to see duck served in Brunei don’t you think?

Closed up of the duck teppanyaki~

Another new stuff from the menu, Caterpillar roll!
What a cute name!


The other table ordered shabu shabu and we just hijacked whatever we saw and didn’t ordered.

Tropical Roll.
Shirleyrieviannamonayanie, this is for you.
Crabsticks, salmon skin, tamago with salmon sashimi and mango slice.

A clearer view of the shabu-shabu set.

Umm… soba omelet?

They also have Japanese pizza, oysters pan cake too.

The sashimi bucket with a lot of unknown fishes.               

Teppanyaki Slipper Prawns.

No idea how it taste like because the boys ordered that.

And also this teppanyaki lobster, didn’t manage to try it too.
Ask Thanis and Marul~

But I did get to try out this though..
Hokkaido Snow Crab legs..

Photo from LFHW.

Thanis popped them raw but the (less adventurous) rest of us cooked them in the shabu shabu pot before eating. It was so good! Now I can proudly say, “Never been to Hokkaido at least ever eat Hokkaido snow crab!”.  HAHAHHAHAHHAAH

The chefs.

I love how the owners of Excapade pay attention to tiny details. The transparent plastic masks that looks like retainers are actually for hygiene reason, prevent saliva from dripping on to the food. The owners searched high and low for that and finally got them from Japan.

The reason why teppanyaki will be prepared by the chefs and not by customers is because to prevent customers from having smoky smells on their hairs and cloths and also… you have to admit that the tables are going to be really oily and messy right? We’ll just leave cooking to the professionals all right.

Another thing that gave me a smile that day was their toilets.
Hehehheee.. Maybe it’s not worth mentioning but I like it.

. . . Their toilet bowls have integrated bidet!!

Okay, not gonna say much on it because I was talking all about food and suddenly toilet matters. Macam not so polite.


is the very last thing I want to brag about…..




You can have either Vanilla with mango syrup or the good old macha ice cream, which is a must-have for me after a satisfying meal.

But instead of the plain old red bean paste, they have added some new stuffs to it to make it more interesting. Now you don’t need to get torn from deciding whether you want ice cream with fruit cocktails or red bean. Just have them all!

Plus, sliced oranges, mochi (glutinous rice balls) and cornflakes!



It was such a great dining experience and everyone was so so so happy after eating.

And now I can’t wait for the Seria branch to be opened! Excapade is getting nearer and nearer to me. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August updates / it’s all about food and happenings anyway


I seriously need to sit down and blog properly instead of inserting photo and just put captions but… I guess I’m just lazy like that. I’m only super semangat in blogging when it comes to my travelogue because I want to remember every single detail of it.

So here, 20 photos (plus stories) for you all to see. Nothing much but at least something right?

#1 – Hello Eric Leong!

Just checked the date of the photo taken and it’s on 30th July… err.. I know it’s not in August but nevermind lah, don’t so ji-jiao (calculative) mah.

Dragged SukChin to go to Raiyah with me but only spent 15 minutes in total seeing Eric Leong because we were wondering around each and every corner of the furniture shop instead of cramping with other guests in a crowded and dangerous place that I might potentially break something valuable.

He’s a funny dude. Well, I guess everyone who watches his shows knew about it but the quote I remembered most from him was when he was an invited guest for aiFM (Sorry Pilihan radio…) and said putting up curtains just long enough to cover the windows are like forcing your window to wear “miniskirts”. Funny not! Okay lor, I admit I have very low “laughing point”. It’s easy to make me laugh and I super layan lame jokes one.

#2 – Theen preparing her “stall” during the car boot sale

After my house’s mini renovation in June, I’d cleared out few boxes of unwanted stuffs and needed a garage sale so much! Then came this car boot sale in SMJA’s parking lot the rental is $50 for half the camp. I had to ask my friends to join me (out of karitness, plus.. I’m sure they have things to clear out from their store rooms too mah) and they super “on” also.

From the above picture, we all took one corner and set up our “stalls” respectively. AT 6AM! Money not easy to find I tell you.

#3 – How it kinda looked like…

You saw those nice photos of Colosseum and the streets of Paris? Joseph took them years ago during his trip to Europe with SukChin and they’re just trying their luck in selling them. They talked to quite a number of “potential customers” but I guess it was a wrong targeted crowd.

There was this one funny ah-pek when asked to buy the piece of art, answered this, “Buat apa? Banyak jua arah internet… Download sama print saja. Free lagi tu”


#4 – Bobby’s creation.

Bobby, being a sweetheart (but only at random times like this) prepared me brunch. Baked Potato + Brinjal + Cheese Sausage + sprinkled herbs.

In short, imma name it Bake PoBrinCheeSaHerbs!
Totally uncool for a dish name whattheflyingfish!
#5 -   My humble stall, and of course.. me indulging on the food.

Not bad la business, I brought 4 boxes up and left with one box nia. I guess some stuffs are not meant to be sold. Die die cannot sell out.

#6 – Other stalls only started to set up at like 9, 10am… Super hot already at that time.

By 12pm, we all gave up and packed our stuffs. Went back to SukChin’s apartment, took  a nice shower and headed out to TPH for late lunch.

P1110632 P1110633
#7 & 8 – Cheapskate couple who only go to Fratini when they’re having 50% off.

In Fratini Gadong branch. To be honest, I’ve never been to the Seria one also. Mahal bah. Who wants to eat in pricey restaurant when $1.80 kolomee, fried keuh tiaw, $1.50 french toast cheese are easily available wor? Posh restaurants can wait till anniversaries, birthdays and when people belanja. Hehehehhee.

#9 – Foamy hot Milo

So smooth and creamy! But $3+ for a Milo… *sweat*

#10 – Linguine Fratini (?) Sorry, can’t remember the name.

Something we always order because it’s wrapped in aluminium foil (kiasu, must be different from others) and plenty of seafood. Nice for 2 person.

#11 – Pizza, I don’t know what flavour.

Ate only 2 slices and the rest all sapu by Bobby the fatty bum bum. Don’t you just love a boyfriend who’s bigger than you?

#12 – My attempt in making meatballs.

Boiled some fussili and asked my favorite guinea pig to try it out. As usual, the verdict is good. And also my seafood chowder!

#13 – Not easy okay!

Sibeh many kungfu to prepare! Diced up potato, onion and carrot. Cooked them in a pot till they super tender. Add in the seafood, evaporated milk and simmer it. No cheese or cream needed. Okay, that’s like the summary of recipe. Of course you need butter to fry the veggies first.

I used crab sticks instead of crab meat because I couldn’t find it. Joseph said it’s Chinese style liao.. –_-“

Okay, as for seafood.. I had mussels, prawns, calamari and crabstick lor.

#14 – SL’s spaghetti carbonara

Smart guy. Cooked not so much and so everyone can finish it up! But, really really nice lor this one. Not creamy till very “wui”.

#15 – Suk Chin’s salad (tomato slice + mozarella cheese + basil leaf with balsamic vinegar!) super good! And also casserole.

I tell you, we’re all so talented in cooking can!

Those two tapao-ed pizza from Fratini has nothing to brag about lah.

#16 – My meatballs…

In a claypot because my mom has no other pots. Joseph said this one Chinese style also, which.. I kinda agreed because it’s just like an angmoh version of 红烧狮子头!But the claypot was super good in keeping the heat.

#17 – Suk Chin’s chocolate and cheese muffins

Must re-heat in oven first baru can eat. But yummy nonetheless!

#18 – SL’s panna cotta

Better than the first version. Vanilla and Chocolate (Hershley syrup!)

Told you we’re so super talented in cooking what the flying fish. HAHAHHAHHAAHAH!!!!

#19 – Excapade’s Takoyaki!

Do you know Excapade has takoyaki now? 6 pieces for $5! Love the egg salad and roe on top but, the takoyaki seemed deep fried for me, and not slowly grilled.

Hmm.. But I could be wrong.

#20 – Nonnie’s special porridge

I offered to cook Bobby breakfast last Friday and asked him to pick from English breakfast and porridge. Obviously, he picked the latter.

I wanted to cook shredded chicken porridge but can only find chicken wings in the fridge. So, I ended up mincing the “meat” myself.

Fried shallots, mushrooms and black fungus till fragrant. Add in the minced meat, then add the rice and water in.

Simple, but requires a lot of time to watch the fire.

And the cakoi… I where got so pandai know how to make them. You think too much liao. My mom bought them from Miri. The mini one. Hehehehe

Oh oh, the hot milo! I always add half cup of hot water and the other half, I use full cream milk. Can lower down the temperature and also add creamy goodness to it.

That’s all folk!