Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mari kita ke Miri

Short Note:

Finally going back to school tomorrow. Kind of miss my little angels and demons.


Because we still owed Ms. Kelly Lim her birthday gift and so we all agreed that we'll go Miri to search for it (else she won't shaddap). Soon-pien find gigi besi paktoh mah~

Erm... due to some technical reasons such as Theen couldn't drive her bibi's car down Miri as his car is too precious and SL, a guy who even has problem driving up BSB... cannot harap kan?

And Ah King, the ideal person who owned a cheap diesel car with lots of driving experience up-n-down BSB/ Miri became driver for a day. Whereas Kelly and K.L used a separate car.

Seriously, I love outings like this. I mean, 2,3 good friends crowded in a car talking crap and listening/ complaining my selection of music. And the best thing is having someone to walk down and get the form stamped! We agreed that it's more interesting and fun to travel with friends than boyfriends. I don't know why but it just feels like it. I know, it's sad... but true.

Upon arriving Miri, our first stop was of course meet up with Bobby. Then later BREAKFAST!!! Kelly recommended us her cousin's newly opened restaurant that's located at this area called "Ya-Jin".. or something like that. Must. Try!

I forgot the name of the shop but it has this fat man with specs as its mascot. And the signboard is green. That's all I remembered.

But but but... I hadn't forgot how delicious was their dumplings! My god I tell you, so good that I almost cried after the first bite. Nice thin and semi-crispy "skin" with mouthful of fillings in it. As long as those dumpling don't shrink in size in the future or the quality maintains, I'm pretty sure it'll be everyone's favorite dish.

And the Szechuan noodle soup (second in pic) tasted very, very kick (kick = as in hot and 夠味). Theen was sniffing and sweating throughout the whole process of conquering it.

Sorry, I only managed to grab 3 photos and left out Kelly's beef noodle soup and SL's wantan soup. Those soups.... *drool while typing*, are not just water mixed with MSG and onion. Once you taste it, you'll know that the chef actually spent a lot of time in boiling it. Ma-Ma-Mia~

Better stop talking about those food else I'm going to flood my keyboard.


After that we went to Bintang Plaza, or Parkson as most prefer to call it that and start gift-hunting.

If you thinking buying a perfect luggage bag that Ms. Kelly Lim likes is an easy job, think again. First it'll be the size she considered, then the quality (by pressing here and there testing/ assuming the level-of-tahan), last - the design and colour. And the final criteria is always the hardest to fulfill.

I never knew it's so hard just to get an ideal luggage bag till last Sunday. And thank God we didn't go back empty handed. (She finally made her choice else she'll need to borrow from others last minute again). And we all liked it.

And while picking her gift, Theen wandered off to a nearby section and tried out those winter jackets. Can't blame us for being "sakai". After staying in a hot country which has summer for all 4 seasons, it got us all curious about wearing thick clothings and walking in the snow.

(I know lah, Genting got snow world can go there try mah... But it's different okay!)

We wore those nice and fluffy jackets and quickly asked the guys helped us take photos. Erm, I didn't see any "NO CAMERA ALLOWED" signs there bor, so it's not illegal.

Stupid Kelly post the above picture up in her friendster and the caption she put is "We're so desperate!". Kanasai.....

If only Brunei is cold enough to wear those out. Then I can eat all I want and hide my hideous bulging tummy underneath the thick jacket.

Don't tell me stupid things like, "You can always on the aircon big big and wear at home mah~" Idiot. (Oops.. That's what I told Kelly when she said she wish she can wear those jackets everyday.)

Well.. one can always imagine right?

Don't you just like photoshop?

// Up to here... I felt really sleepy already. I'll just cut everything short.//

Us while waiting for Kelly trying out those cool branded sunnies.

Our seafood dinner @ 5.00pm!!!!
There was this one drunkard who talked to us, more like mumbling actually while the China-lady sold us some DVDs. We don't know that man and thought he was talking to someone who sat behind us.

And just when we turned our head around and checked, he mumbled louder. I thought he's saying something like, "I TALK TO YOU, YOU DON'T TURN YOUR HEAD AROUND.. !&^^&%#&^%!@$!!!"

While still blur and didn't know what's going on, S.L. asked us to leave right now and claimed that the man was drunk. I bet if we left any later, he'll walked over and slammed our table..

Funny, some people can just get pissed drunk at 6.00 pm when the sun's still up.



Iwan Sanchez said...

oh dear nonnie!
that pics with the snow mountains background looks so real!!!!

hahaha! i admire ur photoshop skills!!

wel, finally u got the lugagge.. btw, where is kelly goin??


the crab looks so tantalising but u need to shed that extra kilos away wor..


just kidding lah..

btw, 3 more days??

to where??


yay! 1st again!!

Kelly said...

To Iwan - Kelly is going to KK with nonnie king toooooo..weeee...but i cant use that luggage, too big too kiasu eh...hahaha!

To Nonnie - When i read this post, i was like "wth"? How she knew i posted up that pic in friendster with that caption liao??? sekali, your blog was written in the middle of the night!!! and ah...thanks for advertising my personality to the publicity~~ Now everyone will stay away from having such friend~~ Lolz...You wana say "who cares as long as i've got you guys right?"....muahahah

jessie said...

Shopping for pressies are always fun.... n tiring~~!! =)


Yeah..the photoshopped pic look nice!!

Angeline said...

wow u guys going to KK!!! for how long u guys going there? going to pulau too!!! take lots of pic n write down all ur adventure ya... so in luv wif ur blog... everyday oso check if u had update or not!!! muacks.. happy holiday n dont forget to buy me buah tangan ya... lol...

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Real meh? Kelly just said it looks fake.

My photoshop skills amateur only. How I wish I have a super good sifu to train me, and not just simply try things out and make it look cacat.

I do need to lose some weight, else I'll look like an elephant in swim suit.

Kelly : You should know I andang blog at night only, since I don't have time in the afternoon... (either out / taking nap with you guys trying to kacau me don't let me sleep cos you're jealous =p)

Eh, who knows one day people saw you and go like, "Hey, I know you. You're Nonnie's friend Kelly right?". I don't even charge you leh~

Be grateful.

Jessie : Fun? More like Ma-fun.

Thanks for the compliment. I wish the photos are real lah..

Nonnie King said...

Angie : A lor, only for 3 days nya. Short weekend getaway mah.

I sure will take a lot of pictures one. Just scare you all malas to wait for it to load nya.

Aiyer~ So sweet la you check my blog everyday. I wish I'm rajin enough to blog daily too but I don't have so much to say..

And, what buah tangan you want? Buah-Buahan?

Kelly said...

I warning you first, don turn into an elephant = thick face skin or into *ahem* that "hao lian" elephant k?!!! hahaha

War186 said...

I wanna go to Miri this week! Hope that Boon can take me and the family and stay the night there since Saturday is public holiday. Heh.

You girls look really pretty with your parkas/jackets there hehe. And nice pic you photoshopped Nonnie! :)

And that joke you made-what buah tangan you want? buah-buahan?-is lame but yet so funny. Lol. ;P

Wah KK huh? You girls have fun, have a great trip! Who else is going besides you and Kelly?

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : With friends like you to "remind" me how fat I am, I think hard to achieve that size.

Wardah : Apart from Kelly and I, both our boyfriends are going too.

Hehehe, terus ask Boon to bring la. It's fun to have a short getaway trip wah. And... I think Boon's willing to do so.

About the buah-buahan joke.. I can go lamer than this. =p

Bobby said...

I definitely love those dumplings. The way it melts in the mouth especially when you crush those meat, the juices from inside flows down onto your throat.

Well, another way to feel cold and wear those jacket is listening to some cold jokes. I'm not hinting you that you tell jokes that gone cold cos I didn't laught at your jokes due to slow reaction :)

Next stop, KK.

Anonymous said...

pulau manukan!!!

Sha said...

See with photoshop, who needs to travel? :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

to Kelly,

so good ar?? hahahaha!! i tot u goin to europe or someting cos u guys were trying the winter clothes lor.


To Nonnie,
REally... machiam real one!! hahaha!!

maybe its becos ur photoshop skills is better than mine!!


teddY said...

Hey Nonnie I must say that the photos of you and your friend against the snowcapped mountains look really real! Your photoshop skills are really awesome... the photos look absolutely gorgeous, as if they're real! Haha!

Anyway you're making me really envious of you because you posteed the photos of your seafood dinner! Being a really big fan of seafood I can't resist the temptation you're posing in the post XD haha! Now you make me hungry...

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Yeah yeah! Let's go there tomorrow again, can?

Baaaa... Everyone be my witness ah. It's not that I suck in telling jokes, it's because Bobby is slow.

Have you pack yet?

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Man you're smart. I thought it's just an ordinary pic there.

Sha : But... the climate is different. :(

Iwan : We wish! Europe? Base on our current income.. I think we have to save for another.... erm... 5 years at least?

Come and enrol my school, I teach you what I know.

Teddy : Serious? I thought you all are just being nice, but.. since you said it too, I feel really flattered now.

Got the craving? Just go tapao lah~ You got lots of room to improve not like us.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Ur photoshop very good! If no tell I also don't know! Oh btw any cheap & safe hotel in Miri? Can recomend or not. I might be in Miri sometime next week on businese! Oh by safe I meant can park my car at night safetly. I don't wan my car to get stolen! Have a nice day!

Tina said...

Haha, nice work on the Photoshop pictures!

These days, it's hard to believe how people look like, or where people have gone.. maybe it's just Photoshop! Haha. (I'm talking tabloids here, yea? Hee.)

Anyway, 3 days more to what, again?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nonnie, I like the food in Miri too, but visit the magnificent Canadian Rockies when you can (say on your honey moon?); they are equally spellbound in summer or winter. I still don't like the cold of winter though; just as well it's nearly over. Give me the hot weather any time, like my old home town in KB. Cheers!
Distant Hermit

Anonymous said...

Hai, beb.. Wish i could b like u guys.. enjoy life while u can.. HAiya.. jgnth fikirkn abt marriage..kumpul $$$$ dulu n thn married..what ?? u think u're old kh?still young what....enjoy life, beb..nite still young..u pretty apaaaaa..so don't get to stress up thinkg abt marriage..time will come..
Hey,gt great news?.. i'll be enjoying my life after yr 2009 :(, after i get back frm my MA..gues where i'm goin??? AUSSYyyyyyyy.. Wopppeee.. lots of kewl heart-trob, sexy...... kangaroos..hehehehe.. my heart-trob "BABY"..(BIG baby that is) will alwayz be the sexiest man in my heart.. benar inda..hehehehe..
hope to c u ard, beb.. still missing u.. can't wait to open up my own blog.. blm ada masa..2 many thgs 2 do in 1 time..
Keep on blogging..n don't worry abt stupid comments..its jus there 2 irritate u..go on with all sorts of crazy ideas..all the best..love reading ur work...

LOTS of Luvss..Hjh Zu