Friday, July 13, 2007

Simpur Goodies / 6 weird things about Nonnie

"Nya... You got second place only...."

"... Really? Who get the Nano then?"

"Wait... I'm listening. Someone who blogged about Forestry Musuem."

"Oh, that would be KBHappening. Sigh, I didn't win the Nano =( "

"At least you got yourself a Pen drive and other goodies what~ Cheer up."

* * *

Hanisah called me up telling me the results of the blogging competition when I was at the Jubilee Park with my students for the celebration rehearsal.

Ai yo~ Disappointed lah. I wanted that Nano... not because I needed it, I just feel like winning I guess?

Nevermind, at least I did win something =p

Contentment baby! Cannot be so greedy.

And so on last Wednesday I went up to DST headquarter at BSB and collected my goodies bag (while on my way to Rimba for my training course).

As I received quite a number comments for my previous post telling me that I AM pretty (Thank you. Thank you. Collect your money at the counter later ya) , and so... as a reward, I'm going to post pictures of me camwhoring with those goodies. Hahahhahaa!

Don't like that lar.. Give face and continue to read can?

Beauty and the bag

(Cannot tahan ah! Calling myself a beauty. Hahhahhahhahhhahahhaa. )

This is the first time I actually earned something through blogging. Stupid Adverlets and Nuffnang see Brunei bloggers no up. =p

Nevermind, we got DST! Humph!

There was a man who was talking to the manager of Simpur while he presented me my prize, and asked what competition did I join and win. "Blogging. She got the second prize.", he answered. I don't know why but I felt a little malu that time.. and quietly shied away.

Pure Simpur-ness

Simpur Pen Drive, Simpur Egg-Radio, $2 Simpur Prepaid Card, Simpur T-Shirt, Simpur Pens, Simpur Towel, Simpur Mug, Simpur Luggage Tag & Simpur Key Chain!

This is what I called, SIMPURITIES!

* * *

Okay, here comes the daunting part of Nonnie being jobless and camwhore with every single piece of goodies.

Finish. The End.

* * *

Oh, by the way.. do you know that all three winners for the blogging competition come from Belait?



6 weird things about Nonnie

Tagged by CC and I just realized that I'd done the same tag during CNY.

Nevermind, I'll just paste it here again, but I'm not going to tag anyone since I already did so.

* * *

1. I sleep without a pillow. I find it irritating to have something underneath my head.

2. I have a mole in my right EYEBALL! And a weird round print on my left ear.

3. I can't raise my right eyebrow! And I can't roll my tongue. It's true.

4. I dislike talking/ chit-chatting on the phone, because it is awkward to end the call. I just can't continue for more than 5mins. I want to end it asap! So, just text me. DON'T CALL!

5. My right eye is short sighted and my left eye is completely normal.

6. I am not afraid of the usual insects that girls would go crazy and shout non-stop.. I dare to catch cockroach, spider, beetle, cicadas and so on with my bare hands! ... I'm a HEROINE!


War186 said...

First! I meant my comment.

Congrats for winning second place. Hard to achieve also that. :D

Jewelle said...

Congrats Nonnie! I think if there is a most creative blog competition, you'll surely win, no contest.

Iwan Sanchez said...

3rd still ok lah... i meant my comment.. hahahaha!!

hmmm.. not bad hor.. actually i felt a lil bit dissapointed cos i tink ur entry deserve to win.. i got vote for u lei.. thats y a lil bit kecewa..


Nonetheless, i tink its not too bad to be runners up. the goodies bag kinda interesting... hahaha!

and abt ur pics, hmmmm....
posing maut!! hahahahaha! pose so seductively lah, on the bed somemore... hehehehe!!

i like the pics when u took with the prize.. very funny!! hahahhaa!

Cant stop laughing lah!!

Last and not least, CONGRATULATIONS!!

JaMiLLa said...

4rd pun ok ma hehe i meant my comment! HEHE! :D :D :D

I love your simpur egg so much. So cute! It reminds me of the forward email that alot of funny emotions on how egg act on when it breaks and stand up. Got hands and legs.

So ke ai and you place it on the plate. WAH like have a dinner on the bed. I bet the simpur egg is jumping up and down and saying "PLS master, don eat me. I promise i will behave well. I know you are kind and PRETTY. Just give me one more trusted chance."

King, give the chance la ke lian the little cutey simpur egg.

WALAU im acting myself alone. 自编自演

I feel so happy that king got 2nd prize bcos I know u still got more space to jump up to 1st Prize. For 1st winner, too bad to say that you cant jump up anymore cos no space for you. If you jump up, you might knock your head on ceiling and causes a crack.

But for king, you still can jump right? Aint you? Lai, come on! Show a jump to us that you still can, ok? Remember the beach photo that you took with bobby. 1,2,3 shot! HAHA...

Note: Just kidding ah for the top winner, mai ki ok. Kuai ah!

jessie said...


Congratz Nonnie~~!! =p
I'm sure ur feeling great today~~

Hugs n kisses to a beautiful gurl~~!!

Tina said...

Hey there, Miss Pretty! Congratulations on getting second! How can Spiritual Garden not get top three what? ;)

You are such a poser! Look at those pictures, hahaha. (I mean this in a good way ah! Hee. :))

I'm Choonie. said...

Congrats! Second is very good and with all those goodies. Me veli jealous lar!

Oh yes.. I sleep without pillow too. Instead of placing the pillow below my head, I have it below my feet. hahahhaa.. I like to place my feet higher than my head. Am I weird?

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Thanks dear. I guess second isn't that bad at all.

Jewelle : Great suggestion. Hehehe. I will surely want to win if there's a creative blogging competition.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Aiyah.. pose pose a bit just to cheer myself up mah. And, where got seductive? No tongue licking, eye winking and cleavage wor.

Oh well, 1st runner up better than nothing mah. At least I did win something from blogging. Hahahhaa.

Thanks for your vote =)

Jamilla : Now everyone come here also want to say 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th commentors liao. Hehhehee.

The egg radio is KEWT and I love it the most!!! Just that it uses AAA batteries. No no no, Eggy not for eating, Eggy for talking to me. Hahhaaa

Yes! Next time if there's another blogging competition, I'll aim for the first place.

Sai.. Of course I still can jump. If I'm fat till cannot jump sure Bobby don't want me liao =p

I also don't want myself.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : I'm feeling... blur today actually. Wake up with a blur face, and have no idea what to do for the whole day.. (Actually I did know what I HAVE to do, just that I give myself excuse to take a break from it. =p)

Awww... You call me beautiful. *tears frop*

Tina : My7thlife not bad also what. If you join, I think you'll squeeze me out from the chart eh.

Bah come, we pose together for the next meet ya~

Choonie : But those goodies are still in the bag because I don't know where to put them, yet.

High 5! For all my life, I never meet another person who sleep without pillow, everyone called me a Weirdo. NOW I FOUND ONE, who's weirder than me. Hhahaha.

Note to self - Do not bury head to Choonie's pillow because it might smell weird. Hahaha

Iwan Sanchez said...

correct me if i am wrong..
if i am the 1st one to start the 1st, 2nd 3rd to comment?

oh ya,,, i simply love the coffee, tea or me pic!!!!!

i cant help it but to read this entry over and over again...


thats y comment 2 times... hahaha!!!

lunaticgal said...

nonnie congrate and...

Effy said...

Hey congrats! But what can you do wif a $2 card?

I'm Choonie. said...

Mind that I always clean and change and wash my feet before I lay/sleep on my bed. Hubby has to do the same thing too. He is forbid to sleep on our bed without changing/cleaning. So, no weird smell on my bed and pillows. Btw, I have plenty of pillows in my bedroom. So, my bedroom is the best place for pillows fight!

affy said...

Wah, $2 only? Hmm...

Kenny Ng said...

U not that weird at all la... can help me catch ghost ah? LOL

Atul said...

Congratulations Nonnie! =D

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Hmm... to think of it, you ARE the first to start it.
Must reward you liao.

Read over and over again or just want to see my pictures? hahahaa

Lu Nee : Because there's no competition for you to join lor.

Effy : Gave it to Bobby liao. He doesn't have any internet connection in Brunei.

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : Just kidding mah~ Don't marah lah. Please... smile smile?

Same, I'm setting rules for Bobby next time, no shower = no sleep on bed. I don't know why guys hate showering so much.

Affy : Yeah.. $2 only.. what to do?

Kenny CANNOT! I'm afraid of GHOST! Ghost movies also don't see what more to catch a real one. You want me to die of heart attack ah?

Atul : Thanks dear. I know you voted for me.

cc said...

Ei, I must have missed the post when I was in Malaysia.
One of my friend also has a mole on her eyeball.

Sha said...

Congrats Nonnie! Second place isn't always bad you know? :)

Nonnie King said...

CC : Really? Gosh.. I finally know someone who has the same mole as me.

Sha : Yeap, I'll have a chance to work harder and improve next time.