Monday, November 19, 2007

Do Re Mi, Wo Ai Ni

It's going to be a busy week for me so please don't expect much from me.
=) But don't abandon my blog please, I still check my chatbox from time to time.

Nothing much to say. Probably just some captions and short stories to share.

We had steamboat again last Thursday, sort of an advance birthday celebration for the other two and a belated one for me (again!). SL, Theen and I were all born in the month of November just weeks away from each other so we called ourselves the "November Babies".

Kasian Kelly, November is a nightmare to her because she'll burn a big hole in her pocket to buy gifts for her. Moi, think like that, yours will be better because we have more to spare for you with our power combined.

Decorated with Frozen Cherries and Gummy strawberries

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Went to Miri last Saturday and Bobby volunteered to cook for me. He didn't want my help and asked me just sit back and relax. But, how to relax when the boyfriend can't even fry an egg properly?

I was already famished when arrived. I walked in the kitchen every 5 minutes and asked,

"Is the food done?" ,
"What time can eat?",
"You got keropok or something so that I can eat to tahan first ah?",
"You need help or not?",

And.. what I said the most frequent is, "HOW CAN YOU COOK WITH NO SALT?"

Serious, can you believe that there's no salt in the kitchen? It's such a big blow for me. I so wanted to drive to the nearest kedai runcit and get him salt already.

Other than bugging him for food, (Oh yeah.. he did make me a cup of Milo with Nestum. But not tahan also..) out of boredom, I took out my camera and snapped pictures.

He successfully opened up the tin of luncheon meat but couldn't get it not in one piece. Forced to scoop it with a knife and spoon. Thus the cacatness.

Can see right? His face very landir (is that how you spell it?), saggy or droopy. I was teasing him that I think he need a face lift. Guess what he answered,

"But I already have you to lift me up already."

Awww..... Sweet isn't it. Makin pandai this boy sweet talk me. But don't be fooled by his innocent look, he can be very mean.

When I told him a joke and expect him to laugh, he'll ask me back,
"You want me to laugh WITH you, or laugh AT you?"


Can't blame him for having saggy face though, take a look yourself.
He changed

He's 100% an Ah-Pui 2 years ago... Just that he lost weight and now become a Gigi-Besi. Maybe one day I'll blog how drastically he'd changed over the years, while I still look...and weight the same. Sien.

Must spoil his image a bit.

He told me if I lau-sai (cirit-birit) don't blame him because it's his first time cooking such "big" meal. And me, of course was his first tester.

Two hours later...
(I thought I'll become white skeleton before having the chance to eat)

Look delicious?

He prepared:

- Fettuccine with creamy chicken mushroom soup (From Campbell's lah.. You think he so ganas?),

- Black Pepper Chicken (This one really really good! I'm shocked!)

- And Potato Chalie Bobby, his own creation with my skill to pan fry it.

All these cooked without adding salt and MSG.

My proud Chef


Then after that we went to meet up with Theen and friends in Rexx Box (Red Box punya pirated version?), stayed for 30 minutes or less and left the place. Wasn't really our kinda thang, or it's just me being unfriendly?

Being in the same room with smokers and strangers, people cheering and drinking, playing dices and stuff... I don't know, I guess I can only be "high" with my own bunch of friends.

And so we went to have supper!
Man, this guy really knows how to make me fat!

@ Al-Fresco

Love the seafood basket! There's calamari, mussels, prawns, crabs and potato wedges. RM18.00! The pink drink is not mine.

My boyfriend ordered "Pink Lady". I know, how weird.
I had fruit punch.

Then we head to his uni. It's his last semester already (Thank Buddha) and he thought he want to go back for the last time and walked around.


Don't stare at my arms! DON'T!
I know you just did....

Poser Me

Fast forward 14 hours later >>>

One thing that I really hate to do is filling air to my tyres. I mean how clumsy can I be, I even lost a screw while pumping air in it. It dropped into the longkang.

From that day onward, it's the boyfriend job to check the tyres for me. =D

Thank you Bi,
for the wonderful weekend.

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(Sorry peeps if you find this boring. It's 11.30pm now and I seriously need my chalie-sleep)


Effy said...

Omg! I can't remember Bobby being that fat. Hehe. Sorry but was he still in Focus in that pic?

Nonnie King said...

Effy : At that time he had already left Focus. But I think his weight wasn't much of a difference when he's still there.

So do you remember that fat guy who's always in the cc or Ban Hiong?

Kelly said...

Ya, combined together a big luggage for me! Yeah..i'm going to use it for my SG trip..though it's a course not a vacation....

i think i wana tell bobby - "Welcome to my Club"! You should know what I'm refering to right? His black eye circles very kick like me liao....hahahaha, so ask him, if he don start sleeping early, he will end up like me doing "eye treatment" now....if he don mind, well, he can stay looking old like me loh....hehehe,

Actually his quite clever to think of using Campbell soup as the pasta gravy? but i don know if it taste nice or not la...hehehehe

Effy said...

I was in the same class with him. But i just can't remember which one. He was always with this other guy. Haha. Yeah cc and ban hiong. Hehehe.

De Pianist said...

wah..your husband really looks very exhausted leh..hmm..but so sweetnye..don't even know how to fry an egg geh person also can cook such meals is considered good liao lor..hahaha..

btw,he looks much more different compared to last time d..lengzai liao noh hoh..ha..

teddY said...

Hey Nonnie long time no see! Hope everything is fine over there! My exams are finally coming to an end, so I thought of catching a breather and check what's up in the blogosphere.

Don't worry about your readers abandoning your blog :) haha! If they really do abandon then they're not readers anyway. They're just passerbys. And since your blog is always jampacked with content it would be seriosly dumb to abandon your blog :p haha! So quit worrying.

Anyway Bobby has changed so much! I remember him as a chubby person and now he had slimmed down so much I can't recognise him! Haha! And I'm worried that is he starving himself to slim down? Hope not :) because it isn't good for his health.

It's really sweet for him to cook a meal without much of your help! And the dinner looks fantastic! Mmmmph!

Take care!

Iwan Sanchez said...


where got boring.. ur post all entertaining one and i always anticipate a new entry from u. hahahaha!

well, its so sweet of bobby to cook for u and somemore nice food wor..

but i wonder how does it taste w/o any salt??

tawar ke?

and no doubt bobby did lost weight but u too lei..

i can notice a difference in ur pic.


JaMiLLa said...

An exam girl who jumped out from revising to visit blogosphere....

Ah King,

I also notice a difference in ur picture leh ...hmm....I feel like all bobby fats transfered to you in this 2 years...hahaa very mean hor me ....maybe just the different angle...

I never see that chubby bobby in real leh...get shocked when looking the pics 2 years ago...wah amazing....hmm imagine how would i look like when i am fat and chubby?

This few years many things had changed ...from the day we met in focus till now....people come and go..the thing that keep us stay is the friendship ...altho we dont hang out always, friends is always friends...

Ah King, help me to say Thank You to BObby ....had a short and nice chat with him in ur bday party since for years we din sit down and chat. Hes still the old him that like to joke around. Probably his cold jokes gonna drive you crazy sometimes... jump back to revising lian de wo...

Bobby said...

I feel so naked that you took a picture of me in that boxer la. I also feel after this that it's better to be the one who eat rather than the cook.

jessie said...

Hello Nonnie!!

Been a long time... =)

Anyway..catching up on what i have missed!!
* winks *

cc said...

"But I already have you to lift me up already."

Bobby looked very tired there, must be the pressure from you breathing down his neck for food. Haha. :P

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : No cure liao la him... Tell him don't know how many times to sleep early also don't listen one. Don't care liao, he can look old if he wants, I just maintain my face so my market more laku than his.

And the Campbell soup gravy... No cooment.

Effy : Yes! That's him! That guy's name is WeiCheng, if you remember.

Bobby used to have this massive long and super messy center-parted hair. Like caveman. Hhahahaha!!!

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : AHhemm... Not HUSBAND yet. =p

But sweet indeed, score 100% for his effort! Thin or fat, lengzai or ugly, as long as he's still the same, I love him.

*eeseh. wanna puke or not?*

Teddy : Good to know you're back! True, there's a difference between readers and passerbys. One stay and the other leave.

He lost 15~20kg in just months! And yes, he's using the old trick, starving.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Not tawar la.. but, unusual for me? Because I kept remembering "No salt no salt no salt" in my head.

I where got lose weight? Swollen face still there.

Jamilla : -__-" Better than those who can't even gain weight after drinking oil I guess?

I thought he's fat back in Focus day? How can you not see that?

Good luck Xiang! Final liao! Jia you!

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : I pixelate it liao bor. Hahhahahaa. Somemore you already wear more in that pic than your usual half-naked self.

Don't care ah, Monday is your cooking day!

Jessie : Hi! My god, seems so long since I last heard, or read from you eh!

CC : He's tired from playing football manager till 4 in the morning. Not me.