Monday, August 13, 2007

K.K. - Day 1 (Of food and all that tiredness)

Short Note:

Holiday maciam no holiday at all. Rush here rush there. Come back to work terus is Monday liao. Some more tomorrow have badminton match lagi. Wish me luck peeps.


Yes, I'm back. Still in one piece and with additional few kilograms of fats and also lots of sand fleas bite.

K.K. was fun, would be better if we can have more time trying those delicacies.

As usual my poor baby had to drive all the way from Miri (Uni just started not long ago and he's forced to skip class) to Seria and brought me to back to Miri again, and of course - sent me back to Seria when we came back. Kasian kan?

The night before our trip also happened to be Luuee's birthday. And so being a karit good friend, I gave him nothing but just a plain piece of card.

Luuee dropped by Bobby's place, and we all had a teeny-weeny celebration for him. Being all unprepared, Vincent (Bobby's housemate cum landlord) took out the Amway's single yolk mooncake as a replacement for a birthday cake. Okay mah, still got the word "cake" at the back what. Some more tell me where can you find a birthday cake with yummy egg yolk inside?

I thought it's quite creative and innovative. No?

After the wish-making and cake-cutting "ceremony" (uhmm.... no candles blowing because they don't have any. Unless they want to use the really big those romantic red and long twisted candles that Bobby used for my birthday 2 years ago), we all watched "My wife is a gangster 3".

Was supposed to help Bobby packed but yeah.... I thought Shu-Qi looked more attractive than the luggage bag.

And Bobby set the alarm to ring at 5.00am, the thing is - our flight departed at 8.15am for God's sake! You have no idea how many times Bobby run through the check list over and over again.

(Blue for Bobby and Green for me)





"Wallet? Mobile phone?"

"In the bag liao..."


"I got bring bah....."

"Well, who knows you purposely left it at home so you don't have to brush your teeth?"


"Because it is very likely for you to do such thing lor."

"Bugger....-_-||| "

15 minutes later....

"Passport got take ah?"


"Wallet? Mobile phone?"

"Inside the bag liao bah..."

"What else ah? Better check again before we go."

"You just need to make sure you bring me, that's it. =) "

MEN... they just know how to talk.
But the one who get things done are always WOMEN!

If you asked why didn't he take charge of those important documents of ours, that is because he didn't bring any bag with him. All he brought is one luggage bag and himself.

And yours truly on the other hand, had all those documents in my bag (nicely organized in a purple folder), two mobile phones (one Easi, one Digi), two wallets (one for BND, the other one for RM), my camera, a fan (those who ever took AirAsia should know that it can be quite heaty, stuffy and smelly too if you're really unlucky), lip balm, tissue papers, my sunnies. Can imagine how messy my bag looked?

Why? Tell me why? Why females always have to bring at least two separate bags for all these ojipala things and males for all time have both their hands swinging freely beside their thighs? Why ah?



(Teruk ah, I talked.. or blogged so much already still haven't touch any part about my trip yet... This is a bad sign that shows I'm getting older and nags a lot.

Oh, before I go on, a HUGE THANKS to Gordon for bringing Bobby and I to the airport and picking us up. We asked what would he liked to have. Can you guess what he wants from KK?)

After checking in at the counters, we went to have a super light breakfast (only a french toast shared by both of us because I'll feel nauseous when I eat too early). Still... paying RM5.20 for a Maggie hot bowl is just too ridiculous, so we get the cheap toast.

There were three online kiosk at the boarding area. I was thinking that maybe I can update my twitter there but, expensive lah...

RM0.10 per minute = RM6 per hour. Bloody blood suckers.... Really, when people has no choice at all, they would pay this absurd amount. But I was not that desperate to get the internet connection.

Our flight delayed for almost 30 minutes but it's alright because our hotel room won't be ready that early anyway. So what we did was just sitting on the couch and played dumb games.

At first we played Tic Tac Toe, which is boring because no one wins.

Then I asked Bobby to play "Restaurant" with me. I pretend to be the waitress taking orders and he's the customer.

Regret lah.... That guy really, nearly made me go bang my head against the wall man. Lots of nonsense from him, giving me a hard time answering him and gradually gone out of patience and told him all the food was unavailable.

He "ordered" - Kolomee fried spicy soya sauce with abalone curry slice, put parsley and 3 cherries top. If I didn't stop him, he could go on forever. Full of craps I tell you.

And when it's time for me to be the "customer" and him as the "waiter" (Yeah! It's payback time!), this is what happened.

He was afraid that I'll do the same to him so that he think of a way.
"I want to order....."

"Sorry miss, we are not open yet."

I laughed so hard that I nearly fell down the bench and tears kept roll down my cheeks. Maybe some of you might think that he's quiet and shy, but really.. he's damn funny and kanasai at times.

Another funny thing that he said:

Me: Can you speak in Mandarin?

Bobby: Uhmm.... Wo Ai Ni.

Me: Cheh.. So short. Can you say something longer?

Bobby: Uhmm.... Wo Zhen De Ai Ni.


* * *

After 40 minutes on the plane smelling the Maggie cup noodles, we arrived K.K.I.A. Walked and walked from the plane till the terminal, waited and waited for the custom officers and finally something interesting happened!

While waiting for our luggage bags beside the conveyor belt, we saw something really fascinating.


What the heck is a pair of dirty socks doing on the belt? Dropped out from someone's luggage bag is it? I bet even if the owner saw it also feel embarrassed to pick it up.

It's just too.... awkward.

Posing with the poster
(Don't you think we look alike? )
The flat rate of the taxi charges from the airport to the town area is RM20. I timed the trip and see if it's worth or not, sekali.... the whole trip (including waiting for the traffic lights) takes only like, 5~10 minutes!

Sigh.. If only there's any kind people out there willing to give us a free ride, or at least a cheaper ride.

The hotel we stayed
I was, still am... very pissed with them. Stupid, so stupid I tell you.

I get my room reservation through online booking and paid by credit card. Being a pair of poor couple, of course we chose to stay in the cheapest of all, superior room. We asked for a double bed room and they told us it is subject to availability upon checking up. And of course, the lady at the counter told us that all double bed rooms were fully taken and so we asked if we can get one for the next day. She said they will put us on "queue" and asked us to check with them, or her again the next day. Okay... fine then.

And the next day, while Kelly and KL checked in (the same hotel with us), I asked again if we can get the double bed room. Guess what? At first he told me it's "FULL" again and after 2 minutes (pretending or really typing the keyboard to check my reservation), the same guy told me that based on my reservation, I was not eligible to get a double bed rooms, only rooms with 2 single beds....

SO WHY DID THE LADY TOLD ME THAT SHE'LL PUT ME IN "QUEUE" AT THE FIRST PLACE? Letting me think that it is possible to get the room changed. STUPID!

Oh, that's not all. And the stupid-est thing was, when Kelly checked in, she was asked if she'll prefer a double bed or single bed room. Of course she asked for the double bed room and she got it!!!! ^&%&#$!^%#$^! [Insert any foul languages of your choice]

I turned to her and asked, "Eh? You also booked through internet right? Superior room also right? But why you got it and they bloody tell me that it's not "possible" for me to change my room?"

I was so pissed that I just said, "Never mind, I will never, ever stay here anymore. This is just so stupid!." when the guy apologized.

First - It wasn't stated in the website nor my reservation confirmation that I couldn't get a double bed room for the room and rate I booked.

Second - Unfair treats!

Bye Promenade, you're never going to hear from me anymore. Well, I'm just an unimportant guest who doesn't deserve to sleep on a bigger bed anyway.

So people, what money also can save, just don't try to be stingy on accommodations. Else you'll end up like me.

Gah.. so angry lah.


We went to a shopping mall nearby to get breakfast but unfortunately, most of them were still closed because it was too early.

And, so having nothing to do and no where to wander around, we saw the arcade started its business already and so we decided to get some fun. (Since no much people around so no need malu-malu and feel embarrassed if we sucks in those games)

Unfortunately, K.K. seems to be the only place in Borneo island which has Burger King. Not sure about Kalimantan though, but.. I don't think I'll ever go there so we got really excited for the Turkey Ham Double Cheese Beef burger!

Our first meal in K.K

While eating, we planned our day and thought what we need to buy. Like I say, shopping is not a difficult task, shopping for other people is the one that cracks my head.

Lucky I only have a small family, just need to buy something for my parents and that's it. Poor Bobby need to buy for his parents, sister and auntie. Three women and one man. Bobby got a really nice set of Chinese histories books for his dad and had no idea what to get for his female families.

And what his mum wanted most was Bobby buying his own shirts and pants! This guy is not only loh-soh like grandma, when he shops... he's even more mafan than me. (Well, actually cannot compare with me lah because I'm very fast and straight forward when I buy. Just pick, try and decides)

We went to the Nike store and Bobby saw a shirt that he really likes. He tried out both the colours, and three different sizes, S,M and L just to see which one looks the best on him.

Terror man. Can you imagine me waiting outside the fitting room for the boyfriend answering the same questions over and over again like, "What do you think of this one?" and it's so hard to answer when what's on my mind was actually... "It all looks the same lah.. What so hard to choose?"

We stayed at the shop for more than half an hour and in the end when Bobby finally made up his mind which colour and size to choose, the shop attendant told us it's out of stock. Gah.... So he said he needed more time to think and walked out the shop.

After hours and hours of shopping when we passed by the shop again, I asked if he want to check out the shirt again. I mean, if you really like it so much then buy lah. Why so susah-payah there? Sekali he looked and looked, front and back. Touched and checked the shirt again... In the end, he told me he doesn't want it anymore because, the shirt label had the words "Made in Malaysia". *puke blood*

Some really cool and cute key chains
that I didn't buy any of them

Instead I bought this for my mum...

I thought it's quite cool. But it's silly right when I say, "Look Ma, I bought you this! It's a toothpaste folder. You can hang it on the wall and roll the tube so no need to squeeze everytime! Cool right? Right? Not cool meh?"

And my mum giving me the one big sweat on forehead look.

Our lunch

The marble cheese cake is orgasmic!
The lagsane is so cheesy!
The shepherd pie... so so nya. The appearance itself doesn't look welcoming enough already. Why must them get those mashed potatoes swirled up like a pool of excretion ah?

Steady this man, PAKAT!!!!!!
So dangerous.

No safety measures at all. Bet he's a spider or lizard in his previous life.


We shopped and shopped and shopped. But ended up buying nothing. So we decided to get a yogurt ice cream and take a break first.


Really, I never tasted a yogurt ice cream as good as this. It's not that sour and a lot easier to eat.
And with those mango/ strawberry/ kiwi/ dragon fruit slices.... HEAVEN!

Bobby felt asleep on the couch after eating though. Lucky he didn't drool and snore.

He didn't sleep much the previous night because he's afraid that we might missed the flight.

And so that almost sums up our day1.

Notice I didn't talk about dinner? That is because we had another really bad experience for our dinner again. First the dim-witted waiter forgot to place our orders to the kitchen and so we waited like idiots for more than half an hour while seeing other people eating happily.

Then the coconut juice he served, the spoon wasn't cleaned properly. I used the spoon and scrapped some coconut meat and fed both of us, there was a strange taste.. something spicy.

And so I looked at the spoon and found some chili bits under it. WHY? WHY WERE WE SO UNLUCKY?

Bobby told the waiter that if the food was not going to be served in just a while, we wanted to leave already. But the bloody waiter claimed that the chef was cooking already... There, another 15 mins gone.

I was really really mad already at that time. Even when the lamb chop arrived, I refused to eat it. Moreover, that piece of lamb tasted like some solid waste!

Bobby took a few bite, paid and we left.

If it's not because I got an image to keep and I don't dare to do anything stupid in a foreign place that I'm not familiar with I'm educated, I would have messed the whole plate of shitty lamb chop + soggy fries + over boiled broccolis with dark soy sauce (we ordered black pepper and it tasted nothing like that) and dirtied it all over the table and make sure they had a hard time cleaning it, cursed like a mad woman so that no one will eat there anymore.

I wish.

* * *

Wow, pretty lengthy eh this post. I got to hit the sack now.

Note to self: Start blogging at early hours so that I can sleep on time.

All comments reply later and also link amendments.


jessie said...

Hahaha~~!! =)

Rush holiday...
But nevertheless...a HOLIDAY~~!!
Hope u had fun!!

Iwan Sanchez said...


this psot os so lengthy!! hahaha! but i like esp the pics too..


Hmmm.. maybe its true lah, guys dun like to bring much when they travel.. and i am one of them too..

unless those guys that are damn metro lah.. hehehe!!

by reading ur entry, i can anticipate ur feelings.. Even when i am readin it, i felt angry, from the bad hotel staff to the foods and those money sucking things..


but this bobbie so weird lah, dun wanna buy cos its made in malaysia..


btw, is he really sleeping?? lolz!!

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... the airport incident reminds me when I went to KK too. We all saw an underwear in the conveyor belt! Wakakaka....

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Yeap, mai-hiam eh sai lah.
Cannot complain.

Iwan : Long time I don't have lengthy post like this kan?

I'll rather my guy forgot to bring this and that rather than dating a metro one... Later he used the toilet longer than me how?

Don't ever stay in that hotel and ate at the stalls opposite. Guess that area really not good for me.

Because he think Made in Malaysia not that good liao mah, he andang very maciam one. And yes, he was really sleeping. See the mouth open open there.

Kenny : UNDERWEAR??????? Eww!!!!!

JaMiLLa said...

King King,

I observed something which is very funny and very TRUE that you could not believe it.

Before I tell you what is it, can you tell me why you use GREEN as yourself and BLUE as Bobby?

Is it the reason of ur fav color, green and bobby is blue?

Note: Tell you the funniest truth ASAP if you answer my question. HAHA


0_o said...

Wow you guys are sure pure opposite of the typical male and female shoppers. Bobby sure did shop like a girl asking this and that and end up not buying it. And and like a guy you thought that it doest really matter as long as it looks good. LOL

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : Erm.. Because my Chinese name sounds like "Green" so I used green for myself and blue is always the colour used for boys?

0_o : Yes! Sometimes I felt like I'm the man and he's my =p

I'm Choonie. said...

I like the joke that you guys share when you are waiting for your flight to KK. Really funny. My hubby can share jokes like that too. I hope to read further about ur KK trip. I plan to go there end of this year. Gonna learn from ur experience. Promenade Hotel is off from my list!

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh ya.. forgot to comment on the dirty socks..

i cant imagine, y on earth there is a sock lying there.. and the socks damn $%^$&%^&*^*&^!!!


War186 said...

I'm assuming Bobby speaks in Hokkien? Hehe. Like Boon he only knows a little bit of Mandarin. Heh.

The yogurt and the fruits in it look so yummy! And the lasagna. You're torturing us, aren't you? ;P

Eww dirty sock? I guess someone's luggage must have accidentally got opened or something? Heh.

Angeline said...

it seems like not a so good holiday wif those bad encounterment... but it's nice to have time wif ur dear one macam honeymoon ya!!! just keep the sweet memories...
i agree that kk food is not delicious plus the price is killing... i hv not been to the place opposite to Promenade... i heard from my auntie it's very popular coz tourist go there makan n so u can imagine the price is so nice compare wif others so we dont go there instead she brought us to a very far place macam so ulu to makan n sadly it's not delicious... my hubby said brunei ching chai one place oso yaman then there lol....
awaiting your part 2....

Kelly said...

Ah No dear~~ the stupid spiderman 4 was so damn funny la!!! Where was that place???

I understand the feeling of yours on the damn hotel & foods! Just like i'm so pissed off with my SD card & yet to waste my $$$ buying a useless new SD card!!! ~$@!$@#%@$%#@

But i really enjoyed this trip! It wasnt a shopping session but a relax one...and if you stayed longer it will be great bcoz we explored into a great place with lots of choices of cafes&foods where we didnt knew at all la!!! It's just opposite Le Meridian the whole lot near the sea was a eating cafe facing the nice view of it!!!

I 4got to ask bout the disgusting socks, since it's just the arrival to KK, why did the owner bring along a dirty socks????!!!!

JaMiLLa said...

Here I am....

Sorry being late to reply king answer because I watched Wen Lai Xin Xiu Singing Competition last night. I was fun and enjoyable!

Ok the very true discovery that I wanna share is about COLOUR WORK.

You give me very good answer. What you say is right.

It's bcos your last name sound like GREEN in colour, thats ur color. Remember I read one of ur oldest post mentioning that you love GREEN. There is a reason why your parents named it for you. This color really suit you.

As blue for Bobby, it's a basic color to represent guy. Yeah Correct. But when you use BLUE as a guy, it's natural to color a girl as PINK right? Its common combination that you have seen before. But why you din choose PINK? Bcos PINK doesnt suit you if I'm not mistaken. Maybe to Kelly. Hehe...Does it make sense? NO? OK I know...

Everything happens for a reason.

Let me analyse into a deeper understanding on the behaviour of color....

Take a good look on the color that you choose esp for you and Bobby.

First, you talk about the matter before the departure to KK.

BLUE always tend to worry when they are in a important matter. Keep on asking eh bring this and that already ka?...don forget ah! Non-stop asking cos they are worried. Kinda like LO SO! They are afraid of forgeting something then turn to be bad.

GREEN always know what they are doing. They are well-prepared. Confidence. They wont worry this and that. Not their type.

Thats why Bob woke you up at 5am altho the flight is 8am. Bcos hes nervous type and you are calm and steady type. See the difference.

Another is about Bobby talking Mandarin. BLUE is more loving than GREEN. They show love to people. If Im mistaken, he did cook somethin for you last time right? (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

When he reply you the second time "Wo Zhen De Ai Ni", he is being BLUE and another color should be YELLOW or SUNSHINE (Funny) I was laughing here so funny when I read that. Thats your Bobby, King!

It's good matching for couple who is one Blue and another GREEN. They are attracting to each other on their strength. But it doesnt mean that King don't have BLUE (loving) and Bob din hav GREEN. Everyone have this two color. Depend on whether u got high blue or green. Which color u activate the most in ur daily life.

I found it very true in this color work. Something will really make u shock.

I know I'm talking alot here. But last Q, do you realise and believe what I just explain and analyse? (If you dont believe, its ok..say ur point of view)

Note: Apologise for the long comment

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : Having a good travel is really important. Someone to harap on, someone who can talk with, someone's shoulder which is nice enough to sleep with. And that ought to be our special someone.


Yes! I got one anti-promenade member now, 9999999 to go. LOL.

Iwan : Ya lah.. somemore it's those really old and lost its elasticity beige colour socks.

Wardah : No, the joke he told was in Mandarin. Hokkien won't be hard for him and what I really wanted him to brush up is his mandarin.

I'm tempting everyone to go dig something to eat so that I won't be the only chubby girl.

I also wonder how did that pair of dirty socks got escaped?

Nonnie King said...

Angeline : Well... a lot of spoilers lah this trip, but nonetherless it was all good.

"Brunei ching-chai one place also more nyaman" <- LOL! And Bobby was complaining that it seems so hard to fine a RM1.80 kolomee there. We spent most of our money on food actually.

Kelly : It was in Warisan Square lah, photo taken on our first day. I just couldn't resist taking yet and Bobby super kan-chiong there keep on asking me don't look at those sparks, scare spoil my eyes..

Because... he didn't wash his socks and it wasn't properly placed in his luggage?

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : Oh my god! Do you read all these from somewhere or you analyse yourself one? Steady eh!

I never thought of any of those.

I prefer to use "green" for myself because it's just a very down to earth colour, simple and comfy - like me?

Pink is definitely not me. It suffocates me and drives me crazy. =p

But I find what you say quite true though. Good one Xiang.

JaMiLLa said...

Yeah Right. You choose GREEN bcos its nature color. What I had analysed is in a deeper understanding of why you like and choose that color.

Thats why I feel funny and very true when reading this post by looking at the color that you have chosen.

Each color is acting and activating at its own behaviour in every second. Jus that you need to have high awareness.

For example, Pink is killing you crazy because this is the color that you are lack of. Based on my understanding on you, you gonna pay back on how other party treat you. Like if he/she treat you good, you will treat in the same way and so do when they go against you. Your quote: What for I wanna treat a person who insult me before in a good way? I'm not idiot. PINK is representing on giving love unconditionally. No matter how good or bad that person treat you, you will still treat it well and nicely. I believe Bobby have this color behaviour although he din really like PINK. You two are attracting to each other based the individual strength.

Like the color that you choose for your NOTE TO SELF. Violet is a leader color. You know what to do in a right time so you need to start earlier in order to sleep on time. Well-planned.

Is it interesting to know about COLOR WORK? I love it so much.

Color work has been doing research for many years in the world. My lovely instructor (Core Value Training) is one of them. She had been spending more than 10 years on analysing color work that related to human behaviour. You can make a search of "Color Work" or "Auracolor" in Google or anywhere. They will provide information for you to understand. The one I recommend is The direct link is

You can go check for your color. The way they explain is different from me. Mine is using color to apply or match in the daily life.
That website is more to general like ermm..i dunno wats the word to describe it. U read it then u know what i mean.

I will talk more about Color in my future blog post. Like what color I have aware in every moment....

And I would like to share with you about Color here if I discover something very true and funny.....hahahahahah

Sha said...

I like the boy chasing girl keychain - that's really cute :)

And your first dialogue wit Bobby reminds me of Lex and myself - why do bfs always want to make fun of us? :(

Jewelle said...

Aiyah Nonnie, you should have asked me. I would have told you to stay elsewhere, I wouldn't recommend Promenade either.

As for makan places, next time go for food court or restaurants, those open air stalls are quite a hit and miss. And I have never been tempted to go for that Anjung Selera place.

Anyway, next time go to Kinabalu Park, the air there is so nice and cool.

Bobby said...

Nonnie, can't blame me if I can't make up my mind of not buying the shirt. A lot of nice things to see but limited cash to buy with. It was a short trip but i agree it was not enough for us to try all those delicacies.

I actually lost weight when we were in KK. Must be from those walking or 'shoppiexercise' from one shop to another. I know we seldom go on holiday together so I was not going to let those unhappy incident on each day of our trip to spoil my day but overall it was a good trip.

Nonnie King said...

Xiang: So.. you think I need to have more pink in my life?
Btw, it was a really impressive analysis you made there!

I never know colors tell so much about a person.

Sha : Because it makes them feel good about themselves?

Jewelle : A waaaa... Should have ask for your advice and recommendations! Stupid me! Regret eh staying at that stupid hotel.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : And we'll work hard, earn and save moneyy and spend without looking at the price tags next time!

Oh wait, you work hard.. I just spend your money nya..Can? *flash puppy eyes*

Shall we go again end of the year?

JaMiLLa said...

Actually PINK is similiar to BLUE but BLUE contains many behaviours. I only know Pink represents unconditional love. BLUE also showing love and caring

Thats why you can see the matching of blue and pink in any toys or other products.

What you can do is don't avoid or reject BLUE, esp PINK. Don't expect yourself to love PINK. Jus accept that PINK and BLUE also not bad ah the color. Don't let them drive you crazy. That's the main point. Don't let any colors, matters and incident influence you in negative thought.

With this small action, you can see some changes on yourself. Jus be aware of it.