Friday, June 30, 2006

Stars are blind (We're deaf)

While Bobby was driving me, to pasar malam buy food, the radio was playing this weird reggae song....I was not even paying attention. Till Bobby asked me,

Bobby: You know who sing this song?
Me: Err.. No.
Bobby: Guess lah
Me: Har.. any hints?
Bobby: She's famous, she has a few tv ads, (she washed car while eating burgers <- this one I add in one, sure you all know who liao) she has a porn clip as well..
Me: Hah? Paris Hilton? No wonder it sounds so.... fake lah. Like computer program punya sound.. Very flat, no high and low pitch one.
Bobby: Ya lor.. can barely hear her voice. Think she can't sing but yet still wana have a hit single.
Me: Hahaha.. What to do? She's "famous" waaa...

You see, one whole set one ah (Refering to her panty)

Finally, the song finished playing.. And the DJ spoke.

DJ: Here's a fine new track from Paris Hilton, one talented lady (bla bla bla bla bla bla bla <- continue babbling)

Me: What the FOOT? Paris Hilton talented? Did I hear wrongly? Talented in what? Being stupid or moaning in her self-directed porn?
Bobby: Maybe the DJ is wanking while hearing that song, you know... (Raising brows)

My boyfriend.

Baby Slim J Promotion

Not only to Mummy & Daddy,
also to generous Aunties & Uncles, Koko & Jiejie, Kai-Ma & Kai-Yeh (bla bla bla)

I swear, those baby clothes are really super kawaii and nice. The price~ far better than "Mama-land" & "BB-land".
And hey, from UK wor!

(Helping out my fav cousin and cousin-in-law ^(oo)^. Well, they didn't ask me to blog about it, it's just me being kaypo)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Renault Kangoo (Me no likey)

This two days, I've been driving this ugly coffin car to work.
(I have my own car but because this car is new, and Badli's drving his sister car, my boss don't wanna leave it here in the office. So I have no choice but drive it back home everyday. I think my car miss me a lot. *Sob*)

It's our new company car which I seriously diss it. I mean, look at it, what's there to like (and hardly love) about this. It looks funny, unevenly proportion, and the worst of all, not even nice to drive.

Look at that ass!

So bloody big
Remind me of "Land lady" in Kung Fu Hustle.

(I know, she doesn't look like the car at all.. You just have to "feel" it baby)

Arghh! I can't believe that I find the picture of her ass.
(The scene she was running like Road Runner chasing after Stephen Chow)

The rear sliding doors
(Dunno classified it as van, saloon car or hatch back?)
Coffin Car!

The stupid reverse gear is beside 1st gear
(Yeap, it's manual transmission)

To shift it to the reverse gear, you have to lift the thing (arrow pointing) to far left and push it up. I don't have enough strength for it and thus always need two hand to do it, lean my body. Sai!

Look at this, the door handle and the window button so far apart.
I thought they're best friend?.. Must be side by side or near near one mah.

I always can't seem to locate the handle and the window button in the dark.

No mirror behind the shade.. -__-"

Saw this.. Why got sponge one?

This car not only look weird, it also feels weird driving. The clutch is shallow and hard. Kinda hard to handle.

Me: Badd, the clutch feels so "short" (shallow) pressing down and so hard.
Badd: Maybe it's a French thing?
Me: Hah? You meaning French is "Short and Hard" ah? Hahahahaha

(If any French guy is reading this, this is just a joke yah. I know angmoh's "weapon" is way better than Asian (kua?))

And if you're wondering, YES, I ever mati-engine driving it, ONCE ONLY!
I'm proud of my driving skill~

Oh well, it's cheap and diesel somemore. And the boot (or back) of the car can put banyak barang. So.. I guess I know why they choose this car.. (Eventhough we all don't like it much)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling Kiasu

This is my MSN messenger (list)...
This is my nick...
(Yeap, kiasu. Asking people to remember my birthday. Cannot meh?)

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot..

(Click here to know more about the rhyme)

Anyway, that's not my point...

My point is...


Okay, not big enough. Zoom in.

My dear ex-classmate/friend's MSN personal message~!

I was surprised (and super happy) when I browse tru my list and saw that. Thanks a lot Intan. And I wish you can chase your lazy bug away and start blogging (so I'll know whether you're doing fine and share me juicy gossips.Haha.)

Important Note (again!)
1. I did NOT pay her to do this!
2. And no, I do not have her naked photos and used it to threathen her.
3. And also, I didn't go to Tutong look for Bomoh (and kangkang her).

Send Free SMS in Brunei (Legal one ok)

For dear residents of Brunei using a Prima or Easi Line, here's a good news for you.

You can now send free SMS in Brunei. Yes, you read correct, FREE..!


1. Log into

2. Register.

3. Wait patiently for your activation Key (that will be send to your phone)

4. Log into the site again and activate your account

5. Wa la~ You can now send SMS for free.

The good thing is, number of SMS not limited per day.

The bad thing is, ermm.. you have to get Internet connection for this lah. And also, sorry to B-Mobile users, not for you. (But I bet there are still more DST than B.Mobile)

(For those not living in Brunei, you just don't understand. It cost us B$0.20 (for Easi user) just to answer a phone call! It will really pissed you off when its "Sorry ah, salah nombor".!@$@%$#%$#@ Damn it! I'll cursed like no tomorrow! )

Monday, June 26, 2006

Countdown : 1 more week to our KL / Thailand Trip

Note: My previous post is in Chinese. For those who can't read.. too bad. It's my inner feelings that I don't usually say. So I prefer in a language that I'm more used to. Plus, I don't want everyone to know what I wrote =p


One more week and I'm off to my long-awaited trip.

We booked the ticket last year. "Eh, how come last year book ticket now baru go", you may asked. Well, what to do, we all "muk" (waited long) the free tickets in AirAsia mah. And it's not easy to allocate the time when everyone's free. It's cheap tho, we're going to fly
Miri - KL - Bangkok - KL - Miri and it cost us B$102.00 only! Phew~

(The rest of the money can be save for mega-shopping later)

Initially, there were 8 of us...

And now.. left 4 of us.. Pathetic ey.

My dear SukChin get my name spelled wrongly.. Kanasai

The reason why they can't go already is mostly.. "Have to work", "Cannot take leave". And got one special case, which is.. "Bf don't like/allow"... Two words.. Ci-Bai Up-Set.

We planned to get local agent to help us arranged the trip and book hotels for us. Then we realised.. they're charging f-king expensive. B$550 (each person) for everything! My goodness.. Airticket we already buy ourselves liao leh. Just entrance fee and hotel booking need so expensive meh? I checked the rates from internet and book online.. it cost less than half of it lagi. (Really chop-head one).

Okay..Let me check,

- Passport (done) Just make a new one.. the stupid photo turn out so bad.. Sai!

- Visa (done) Damn.. being stateless is just so kanasai! Go where also need visa, pay somemore.. KL visa $9, Thailand visa $50

- Hotel Booking (done) Choosing hotel is damn tiring..Lucky SukChin helped out, and SoonLung and ChaiHsia don't have much comment. My Visa card is crying...

- Money (pending). Still haven't withdraw my money out to pay the credit card bills and to exchange the currency. Cry again... looking at my bank balance.. I'm super "kiam" you know..

- Language (???). I only know "Sawadika" now lah.. Gotta go online and learn more useful Thai language like "How much?", "Cheaper lah", "Got discount?", "Hi handsome","Where is the toilet?"
The last one is very Important!

- Packing (Still got time). This one can wait lah. I just hope I won't forget bringing anything (which I usually for sure will!)

-Transport to/from airport (Ok already?). Bobby Lim, please make yourself available ok~

p/s: Mr. Chong & Mr.Chea. I hope you guys can make yourself available when we go KL ah.



他帮我推开那扇门, 嘴角漏出那幸福(或向我示威)的微笑,

“Eh?她不是华人吗?有点像。。。(友族)" <-不好意思说出那有点粗俗的话 回到自己的办公室,马上MSN朋友,告诉她们。。


我:(窃窃自喜) 我也这么觉得。


我相信, 人总要经历过许多错的感情,错的人,


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yanie + Sham Nikah

Yanie and Sham had their Nikah on last Friday, 23rd June 2006.

The Nikah Ceremony held here
Sham looking happy marrying our petite lady

Waiting patiently for the bride to come out
The candle is called "Bungadian"The iman saying the vows to confirm that Yanie will be Sham's beloved wife.
I love the ornaments she had it on her head~ *Bling bling.

Photo Session, taken... their room~
(Not bad leh, can set up a mini studio inside the room)

We all cramped inside waiting to congrats Yanie & Sham.
And also we wanted to take some pictures with her.

The happy bride with Kak Rinie.

This is for you, newly weds~

Some other pics we took during the function.

Special thanks to Kak Rinie being my interpreter~

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Koolie-kang + Legal Football Betting?

Ojipala Fei Hua -

Keith: Wah seh King, I love your blog. Exactly like the way you talk lah.

Fei-hua! You think I'm trying to be someone else here meh? I blog the way I talk. 100% natural with no added "keh-xian" (fake fake)


Thursday night, while I was about to drive back home from work, Chau called me up and asked if I'm free to help out in Ye's shop. Erm.. 2 years ago, the shop (and the place where I used to stay) was burnt down, and now the renovation is done so they wanna move the shop back liao lor. Then when I arrived, I baru know we're going to set up the racks and shelves.. and it's only going to be 4 of us there, 4 females..

From left: Chau's, Ye's and Ping's Butt
(Fixing the wall shelves)

The stupid furniture shop who's suppose to install it just delivered the stock without setting it up. So kasian Yeye has to do it.. Just going to built one (sample) and leave the rest to the guys.

It's like.. playing Lego, piece by piece you search and see ngam or not the size. Then ah.. the cilaka steel always bengkok a bit here and there one. Need to use the hammer to make it straight again.. But, I think I'm the one who put the least effort lah...

Ye: King, pass me the hammer.
Me: Oh. (Then walk walk walk, take hammer and pass to Ye)
Ping: King ah, pass me the plier.
Me: Oh. (Then walk walk walk, take plier and pass to Ping)
Ye: Help me to hold this thing here, then I hammer ah..
Me: Oh.

See, I'm just passing things and holding the rack/ shelves.

This kanasai rack took us the longest! All the alignment lari one.

Sometimes the paint just clot on the steel like this...I think it looked like nipple but didn't say it out because later (you) all say me yellow again.. Chau said it first..

Chau: See.. like nipple hor..
Ye: We have to get rid of the clotted paint, if not, the steel cannot fit in. King, take the plier.
Me: Oh.
(Here comes the funny part)
Ye: (In Mandarin) King, kiap ta, ta ta lik kiap ta.
(Translation: King, squeeze it.. squeeze it real hard)
Me: Eeeeee.. Ye, very gali leh the way you say it..Sounds so ham-sap

It sounds more ham when .....

Ping: Push harder.. No No No. A bit to the left.
Yea's going in liao.. Ah.. Yea.. It's IN!
Chau: Ping ah, don't talk like that bah, later people hear it thought what we doing here..
Me: A bah, all girls somemore.. sounds so yellow.

See, who say I'm the "yellowest" ?
I'm very decent one ah~

When I see this picture...

I feel like doing this....

Finally, four done!

From 7pm to 10pm...

Like Ye says, "We're destined to do this one lah.. Wanna earn this kinda money also hard"

Ya lor Ye, our hand is to type letters on the keyboard one =p
(No hard feelings for others k...)

By the way, Kanasai Ping left me a souvenir .

That girl is trying to murder me!
Lucky the steel plate didn't kana my head but only scratch my hand, if not see how she compensate such cute and filial daughter to "Si-Chen-Jie", my mother.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + -

After everything is done, we went to Taurean Kopitiam to grab something to eat. When we sit down and going to order our food and drinks, the waitress come to us and says

"You can choose the team you support and if they win the match, we'll be giving you 15~30% discount off your meals"

Hah? Betting ah? Legal in Brunei one ah like that?

Chau filling up the piece of betting paper.

We all ham-tam choose nya. It was Czech v.s. Italy I think? We choose Italy..and stupidly think it will be 3:0. But hey, we know nothing about football mah.. Can't blame us also.

And yeap..they never call us back~


Next entry - Yanie's Nikah.. Give me more time ya~

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Man & Prostitution..

I'm not going to name out people here

A : Hey B, I know got one place shoot one time (Shuut-jit-pao ) only B$100 like that., near xxxxx, the hotel there. I see the girls before, quite pretty leh. Interested?

C was there too.

A: Oi C, you also, interested or not?

Me: Eh, can please don't talk about this kinda stuffs in front of me or not? I understand what you guys saying one okay..

A: Aiyah... normal one mah, which guy don't go find prostitute? Eh C, interested or not la?

C: Free one I want lah.

Me: He got one free one at home liao lah.

A: Aiyah, try new things mah. Eh, what's your boyfriend number? I can introduce some to him also.

Me: My boyfriend is gay (Of course he's not lah, but I very sien layan that guy liao). Eh, why you guys like to go find "ko-kok" so much ah? So dirty. You don't know how many man already (you know what) with her. So many "brothers" outside. Not gali (disgusting) meh?

A: Hey, prostitute is also a profession. It's all Blood-Sweat money they earn.

Me: Duh.. so many job she don't choose, go be a prostitute...

A: Don't care lah, what's your boyfriend number?

Me: My boyfriend is "Liang-jia-fu-nan" 良家妇男(decent family guy) okay.

A: Cheh~ Later I follow him home then see he decent or not.

Me: He's in Miri now lah. Miri got more lagi. If he wants, he don't even have to go tru you.

C: Hahaha... (Change topic ...)

I know he's only joking to me, so I didn't show him faces. But damn sien ok..

(Wonder, how come guys never censor or control a bit when they start to talk about yellow jokes, topics about sex in front of me. Hey, I may be outgoing and straight forward, but afterall, I'm still a girl.. I'll still feel paiseh(embarrasing) one leh)

Very sien one wor.. Tell me, is it true that every guys will go for prostitution? Or one night stand? Or maybe 2-timing?

And again.. if you know your friend's boyfriend ever go find "kokok", will you tell her?

Some says: "Man uses their lower part of their body to think one. They listen to their "brother" and not brain."

Some says: "For man, love and sex can be separated. Man can have sex with woman (or maybe man) whom they don't love, or maybe don't even know."

Eeeee...Haven't you guys heard of AIDS ?

(ok ok.. i know not all guys like that la..But how many are they?)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ASUS S6 *Phewit*

Ojipala Fei-Hua
Just a day without Internet in my office, we all feel handicapped (The sorrows of I.T. personnels).

When E-speed is up again, this is what Badli says :"See, now we don't communicate again."

Badd, we communicate.. but tru MSN & email ma~

It's here!

Asus S6 !

Picture taken at Technical, don't mind the boxes behind.

is a very kiasu unique notebook. The moment we opened up the box, WaH Seh! Not ordinary Kiasu, it's super Kiasu man. The box is so exquisite (Erm..normally the adapter, battery, software and so on are just ching-chai place beneath it. Look at the picture below), the notebook bag is very nice, even the mouse also got leather! The feel, the touch of it.. sure is EXPENSIVE !

(But I don't like this colour)

(License, batteries, adapter, nicely placed)

More specification here .

My colleague gave me this link .

Pink Asus S6, anyone?

I showed this to my boss and this is what he says to me, "I know. I've seen it already. But this pink totally turns me off". Hehe. Boss, a lot of girls LOVE pink lah. Though I personally prefer the creamy white on.

Maybe you didn't click to see the enlarge copy of the above pic..
Here.. I highlighted it~

Yes, this notebook is not cheap! But I think it's worth the value (kua?)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pukii and his mother

(Please don't get me wrong, I'm not swearing!)

Once upon a time, not so long ago.. (just a few weeks ago lah actually), my boss & manager went to Taiwan for a business trip, they went out kai-kai (jalan-jalan) at night and saw this..

A big big poster of a piggie, how cute~

Zoom in for a clearer one (to double confirm the spelling?)
The cute piggie intro itself~

"Hi, I'm Pukii !"

Wah Seh~ Pukii.... then his/her mother should be addressed as..
loh? ^(oo)^


Just a little more fei-hua (rubbish) -
Puki, (check out the link, very cute website, but.. it's in Chinese lah) a pink cute piggie wearing yellow shirt (that can barely cover his/her tummy) and not wearing any panties or diapers or what so ever .. Hmm..??

Very ham-sap pig leh~

Apparently, the creator of "Pukii" doesn't know what the word means to us in South East Asia..

(A very important NOTE: I do NOT talk like that in real life one ah~!)