Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010

Basically, everything remains the same as last year, apart for

1. I’m officially a Bruneian.

2. I gained 5kg after one year of not going to gym. fudge.


3. I lost my father and my already super-small family becomes even more mini, consisting only my mother and I. But I’ll be strong and don’t worry and feel awkward when you see me and don’t know how to comfort me, I won’t cry over it anymore.

On a more interesting side,

1. I played paintball for the very first time.

2. Went to Taiwan


3. Had an awesome birthday celebration

16 40

The rest, is all makan-makan, gatherings and garage sales those kinda thing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My (not so much of a) getaway for December

Gotta get back to my usual blogging schedule. So, not wanting to feel left out for this December holiday knowing almost everyone is heading somewhere for vacation, I asked if Bobby wanna layan my randomness. We thought of Labuan and K.K., either one. Then everyone told me there’s nothing much to do in Labuan (which is true) but, both Bobby and I had never been there.

Therefore I suggested to Bobby, why not both? We can take the ferry to Labuan, then another ferry trip to K.K. That will be fun. I mean, knowing me.. I’m always game to try anything when it comes to travelling as people may put it, I’m low maintenance when it comes to travel. And I’m super glad that Bobby super layan me when I make silly decisions.

So on 13th December (Monday), Bobby’s dad sent us both to the Muara ferry terminal to catch the 8.30am ferry.

At the ferry terminal, paying the tax.

To cut the hassle, I’d already bought the tickets a week ago from a travel agent in KB. Bobby was just registering, I think? The ticket costs BND15.00 per person.

Shuttle Hope, which Bobby and I thought maybe one day we’ll drive to KK too, definitely with a GPS.

Suria Express, the boat we’re taking.

Say, the boat was supposed to be depart at 8.30am.. but… we waited and waited and waited… for more passengers to get on board, then when we finally left the port, 2 minutes later, the boat pusing-balik because one of the passenger had problem with her passport. Around 5 immigration officers came on board and talked/checked with her.

Hence, the boat only depart at about 9.20am.
Almost an hour of delay. Sigh…..

Inside the boat. The staff played Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and I watched my very first Indiana Jones movie. Bobby said the old one is always better than remakes.

Ready to go!

An hour and 15 minutes later, we finally reached Labuan.
We forgot to take our seasick pills and there was couple of time I nearly puked. Thank goodness I didn’t have any breakfast else sure puke till 7 colors.

Sakai tourist

Checked in to Tiara Labuan Hotel.

Well, it is pretty far from the town as compared to Grand Dorsett and Waterfront but hey, look at it. It was so so so pwetty, and they actually provide free shutter service till 7pm.

Piau-liang mah?


Our deluxe room, which I initially thought it’s just going to be a room with bed and balcony but look at this!
It’s more like a 1-bedroom suite already!

Living room

The kitchen.

The bedroom

View from our balcony

Some neighboring houses that I bugged Bobby to get me in the future, in my dreams perhaps.

Went to the town for some lunchie.

My very first meat after 10 days of being temporary vegetarian.
Salad chicken rice, at the stall just opposite the ferry terminal.

Swordfish roundabout.. so, Labuan is a land of swordfish?
Like cats for Kuching, swans for Sibu, seahorses for Miri?

Went in Financial Park for a mini shopping.

Us being gung ho, walked to the marine park, at 2pm in the afternoon, with a bright hot sun on top of us!


Glad that I bought a cap just an hour ago so that I could wear it, mismatching with my outfit I know but what the heck, it was so so so hot okay!

Sakai tourist, again.

Free entrance~

Touching pool.. but I don’t dare to touch lah.

Some fish

Puffer fish looks so cute!

Sakai tourist, again and again.

Zets! What chu doing in Labuan marine musuem???????
Okay, inside joke.


30 31
Such a beautiful mirror, would such a waste not to camwhore with it isn’t it?

I didn’t know such fish exist, I mean.. it’s like juling!

Don’t get wrong, I mean.. I love broccoli but… juice made out of it?
I don’t think I have the courage to try.

Fast forward the next day, time for the big one!
3 hours on the boat, can we really make it?

Popped 2 seasick pills and off we go!

We went to the upper deck and hence the view. Later when the conductor checked our tickets, we’re told that our seats were supposed to be in the lower deck.


The thing is, when we boarded the boat, we’re told “free seating”, so… we sat freely la~

There, the lower deck.

To be honest, I find the lower deck nicer and more spacious too.

My boyfriend was busy watching Ong-bak, without subtitles and screen too small to actually know what’s happening.

Food and drinks for sale~

Nothing beats a cup of hot noodles on a 3 hours boat trip.

Reached KK at 4pm! LAND! LAND! LAND!!!!!!!!!!

At Jesselton Point.

The telephone booth, I would say I’m in UK if it’s not for the Malay spelling.


Checked in hotel and went to grab a bite at Secret Recipe.

I ordered a glass of Frosty lemon tea and black pepper lamb pie, Bobby… marble cheese cake and durian cheese cake. Now you say who is the sissy one.

Dinner time! Went to Sedco square for seafood noms noms!
I love seafood!

Ginger spring onion clams

Sting ray bakar! Bobby said it’s a must to order because he had been craving for it.

Healthy greens, Oyster sauce HongKong Kailan.

Salted egg crabs! YUMS!

Total bill, RM120 for two. Way cheaper than those seafood restaurant around out hotel we checked.

Next morning…

One last photo in KK, with me looking all hyper.. on our way for breakfast hunting… an hour before I received the news of my father passing away.

We’re already in Centerpoint’s food court, ordered our food already till I talked on the phone with my mother. I cried all the way from Centerpoint back to the hotel, packed our stuffs and got a cab and rushed to the airport.

It was 11am when we checked out and I knew the next flight back to Brunei from Air Asia is at 12.05pm. I kept praying and praying, crying, having all sort of questions in my head, it was just too sudden. My prayer was answered and I left Brunei International Airport at about 1pm. The rest, is history.

So yeah, Bobby and I now have phobia over vacation… And this, is my not-so-much of a super short vacation.