Thursday, April 5, 2007

If your name is Hanisah, you're not allowed to read till 07/04/2007

I didn't get to win that bloody shuffle by blogging. (Lucky draw? Come on! It's unfair for someone who never have luck! Or the fortune teller said so.)

At least, I earn myself bunch of great friends from all over the world! Asia? South East Asia, bah... Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei only lar if you insist.

One of the greatest, Hanisah.

A Malay Hijabbi in Toowomba, Australia and a Chinese girl in Seria, Brunei Darussalam.
What do we have in common? Great Minds!
Muahahahhaaa. No kidding.

Only after a few random conversation in MSN, we spilled out our darkest secrets telling each other the silly mistakes we regretted in our life and share opinions and gossips.

..which I seldom does that. I mean, I don't even tell my friends about it, what's more to say when she's only a 'cyber' friend whom I never met. And also, I can't even be sure if she's telling me the truth.

But, she just gives me a feeling that I can put my faith in her. Perhaps it's her hijab that does magic on me.

We complained to each other regarding the unfairness we encountered, idiots who get on our nerves, and how some silly people annoys us.

Her greatest quote,

"God gave everyone a brain,
but not all came with a manual on how to use it."

And there was this time when she asked,

Why are there so many idiots around us?

My answer?
Because God wants to show us how smart we are!

(And you better be laughing at our great quotes/jokes!)

I remember the first time I saw her, is when she finally come back to Brunei and finished with her house-moving project to Seria, which is.. same area with me!

Erm, technically.. that's more like her second home, or house.

Imagine how funny it was, based on the address she gave me, I drove to her house, pressed the door bell, heart thumping... feeling all the anxiety!

(Excuse me. Not the "OMG! He's looking at me! I'm going to faint!" type of heart-thumping, but the.. "I'm so excited to finally get to see this girl whom I'd chat so much with" kind of thrill)

After saying hi to her parents and answered a couple of questions, (I know, like interviewing the boyfriend kan?), we went to KB WYWY, sat there for almost 2 hours ordering only one 100Plus and one Lemon-Ping, chit chatting like those kopitiam uncles (except our legs are nicely cross and not shaking as if there's an earthquake) and thinking what to do for the GBNO.

Together, we made a Breast Cancer and PCOS Awareness brochure, she provides the brain and I did it with my skills.

She wants to be policewoman!
Got potential kah? =p

And I bet her speech had made all of us who attended the party touched and cried a little in our heart, thinking that how blessed we are with healthy bodies...

A night with gorgeous ladies and sexy mamas

And that... is Hanisah, constantly reminding me that I should feel content with what I have now. Giving me positive feedbacks and motivate me.

And also, give me a hand when I'm stuck blogging half way thinking of an alternative way to put my words sound nicer and less offensive with her better-than-Nonnie's English.

p/s: Mizi takes good photos!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And last Tuesday, after giving her birthday gifts, she bugged me to join her in her favorite author's, Randa Abdel-Fattah public lecture. I like her book title though, "Does my head look big in this?"

I made myself a national escape appearance on TV! Am so getting in trouble if anyone finds out.

My friend asked me, "Why? She wants you to convert into Muslim kah?"

And I asked her back the same question, "Eh dang, you want me to be a muslim kah? I won't give up touching cute doggies, puppies and also eating p_ rk one leh. "

(Sorry if the above words make you feel uncomfortable)

Yeah, that is how open I can talk to her, about religious issues, personal encounters, world news (terkarang!) .... and also jokes about adults explicit topics. Don't you cow-dung me that you never had dirty talks with your friends ah.

Whenever I had problems with my kids, my students that is due to lack of understanding in their religion, she's the best person to ask.

(My students actually came up to me and asked, "Cikgu orang cina kah? Cikgu ada makan....itu.. B-A-B-I?") <- tell me, how would you answer this!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Okay Hanisah.. if you're secretly reading this,
you should seriously close the window now)

Her birthday is coming on this 7th April, Saturday. As a (very cute, nice, kind, gorgeous, helpful and funny) friend, of course.. I'll choose to make her birthday gifts rather than buying the icy cold one from the stores.

Got more heart and meaning like that mah.

Based on the above photos, can you agak-agak picture how her card will looks like?


*ta da*

Oh, please tell me the card looks nice.
Tell me, tell me!

As for the inner page, I'll save it for her eyes only.

And birthday gift, I made it myself too..
Erm, correction.. I modify it.

She told me she likes to collect notebooks.
She told me I shouldn't waste any money in buying her pressies.


Can you guess how it'll turn out to be?


A nice D.I.Y Notebook.

For Hanisah to fill the colorful pages with joy and fun!

Why "N"?

Because the letter N stands for the nicest thing in the world, take for example..
Nonnie, and Nisah.

And of course, Notebook too.

Muahahhhahaaa. Satisfy with my answer or not?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And this is the response I get from my fat guy,


bi, how come i dont get a butterfly for my birthday card?

_§piRiTu£GarÐen_ [Råin¥] ------ «Nønni3» :

cos u're a guy.


n why i dont have tat cool notebook u make

_§piRiTu£GarÐen_ [Råin¥] ------ «Nønni3»:

cos you don't use one and you wont use it.


i got use my curtin diary book to write


cos i don have a....

N-O-T-E-B-O-O-K oh

_§piRiTu£GarÐen_ [Råin¥] ------ «Nønni3»:

sai.... you hinting me is it?


i'm not hinting bi



You say die or not got this kind of boyfriend? I give what to my friend he also wants one...sibeh-boh-eng liao like tat.

p/s: Tell me if you'll like this gift or not? Or you find it very cheap?


Bobby said...

Why i don't have a butterfly on my birthday card? Why i don't get a notebook that looks so cool like you made for Hanisah?

It looks very nice and it's not cheap. You have to give me a very good reason why I don't have the butterfly and notebook to get out from this one Nonnie. Can you make me one too?

de pianist said...

it's not cheap at all,it's wonderful and full with sincerity!i like the design and the butterfly you make!she's gonna cry with joy if she sees this..kekeke..don't be a teacher liao..go be a cardmaker and sell them..kekeke..

Nonnie King said...

Ah Pui Lim : Because it's weird to put a butterfly on a guy's card and I never see you use any notebook.

And the most important reason of all,


So, Good enough my reason Demanding Lim?

Make you one ah? See if you kuai and I eng or not lor~

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : If she doesn't cry, I'll rub minyak kapak on her eyes!

Muahahhahaa. You think will have business if I make card business or not?

Kenny Ng said...

Mine coming soon wor... got do for me or not? kekeke

uglyfatchick said...

This is one of the most "expensive" presents I've ever seen!

Time, heart, ideas & effort doesn't come cheap you know.. =)

lunaticgal said...

what i can say, bobby is cute and u both are loving :)

nvm.. dun let me meet u one day.. HMRPH!

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Aiyer.. I don't dare to promise.
Later I FFK you, you mad mad at me.

Christina : Wah seh, very nice of you to say such things eh.

Lu Nee : *find hole to hide face*

I know I said I'll made you a birthday card but never did. I no face see you!

De Pianist said...

nonnie,walau..rub that one ka..i think she'll cry with torture instead...kekekeke...

why not?sure got business scare no business,i can spread till the whole wide world about your card making..wuahahaha..=p!jk lah.i know you love your students more than cards..hehe.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

'Why r we surrounded by idiot'!!!My answer to that will be 'bird of the same feather flock together'.
Ha! Ha! I will made the same demand as Bobby, use or not use doesn't matter as long as what u made to other, as BF we got special right, we must have it also. Bobby!! Correct or not.

LuUeE said...

haha.. I think Bobby should get one with a lambogini. And in there is a key to a heart. Unlocking Nonnie's..

Oh.. So if i get to know Hanisah, I get to know Nonnie's greatest secrets. I need to know Hanisah. n get Nonnie's ATM acc password, keys to her brand new corolla. and perhaps. BI to hang out with and see cute.. .....................


Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Hehhee. I'll see what I can do :p

Horny Ang moh : I realized you don't use CAPS anymore huh?

Kanasai, don't like your answer eh~ :p

And, you ah... teach my boyfriend bad bad also. Cannot like that oh

Luuee : Hhahhaaa. Key to Nonnie's heart is Lambogini?

We share secrets, not passwords my dear.

Hhahahaaa. Yes! Bobby's favourite ball is FOOTBALL!

teddY said...

Woah Nonnie you're really good at art and design! You can even make those everyone-love DIY birthday cards! Haha! Normally people will just go to a shop and buy those premade cards... she meant a lotto you right? Because you've invested so much effort in making her a card.

I'm not sure whether you do tags or not, but just to tell you that you've been tagged XD haha! Check my latest post for more details.

Have a wonderful weekend Nonnie!

War186 said...

Awwwww~ It's so sweet, can I cry Nonnie? Hehe. Everything's lovely, don't worry. :)

Happy advanced birthday to Nisah. :D

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : Because I think premade card doesn't have any sense of human touch, and I don't really like printed art work. That's why I prefer to make my own.

Woo~ Another tag. Weird things? Hm... I did once back in last CNY, maybe I can post more of it.

Wardah : *Hands tissue*

Well, I still think that the camera does the tricks in making the gift and card looks better.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

the birthday card is marvellous. i hate you. i've been making birthday cards all my life, never made one that good. do not tell me u finished that in one day. then maybe i have an excuse saying i don't have enough time. or maybe i don't have enough heart to do it.

too bad, ur students aren't older. or else, u could have told them:

" aiyah, you know i tak boleh simply tell you these things. u ah kacau me. i minus ur marks nanti."

Metallichick said...

Very nice card Nonnie :) I like! Just go make Bobby a card with a butterfly lah. Hehehehhe!

Sha said...

This is such a sweet entry, Nonnie :)

I love your handmade gifts, it's what I do alot too, hehe. More fun, kan? And personalized too!

I have to wreck my brains now for Mr. Boyfriend's birthday next week. :(

Jewelle said...

Goodness, you are so creative! I hope you are an art teacher because I would love my daughters to have you as a teacher! Hanisah is such a lucky person :-)

Nonnie King said...

Jason : Erm, I finished it in two days, 2hr each. Is that answer ok with you? :p

Dear, there's no test or exam for ICT. How the hell to potong their markah?

Metallichick: Hahhaha! Will do just to keep his mouth shut.

Sha : DOn't you love and hate boyfriend's birthday? Mine is worst because they falls 3 days apart. Not only my brain cells died and also my wallet gets thinner.

Jewelle : Art teacher? I'll like to. But the thing is, Brunei's art teachers only draw and never do craft.

Oh well, I can always pray that I have handicrafts for my co-curriculum, and not Computer Club.

Iwan Sanchez said...

Your closeness with Nisah reminds me of me and Wd too...