Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I-Lotus / I ate too much....

Post re-edit.
/with more pictures

So I'd been spoiling my tummy for the whole December, the perfect excuse for gluttony.
Except for that bloody xmas eve meal that wrecked my perfect eating-month.

And now, all the pleasures and indulgence of the month are over, I must get down to some serious work (out) !

*pat tummy*
Mommy loves you, but fashion and health hates you.
Mommy can't keep you.
Sorry baby.

Anywhooo, one last post (for the moment) turning my blog into some foodie blog before CNY starts.

Endless cycle.
Celebrate - Eat - Weight - Diet - Celebrate - Eat - Weight - Diet.


So, I'm the one who suggested to the Loserios (Loser + Trio, the three of us who have no other friends to call out for any sort of functions.) that we should give I-Lotus a try! Especially after reading Hunnie's post. Cannot lose okay, got new place to eat must try try see.

And due to the reason that I'm the most "eng" (available and free) one who own a diesel car, I automatically appointed myself as the driver. Loserio #1 over-worked herself rushing deadlines and Loserio #2 sucks in navigating and driving despite being the species who have that two distinct XY chromosomes.

I heart.

Loserio #1

... who had asked more than 5 times if they'll served fruits, watermelon to be specific. That silly girl had been craving for that for the whole day. She nearly drove to Supa Save just to get herself that red melon just to eat it.

For a moment I thought KL and her had switched soul and nearly sprinkle some holy water on her forehead. Hahahahha!

Lime juice

Free flow of water for the buffet actually, but we ordered a separate jug of lime juice that cost $5.00. Way better than the 5-star hotel that charged $2.50 for that bloody 500ml of tasteless mineral water lah!

Veggies and raw meat all yours

Chef cooking, or grilling

I just thought the above picture looks pretty cool because the smoke seems like some spirits freed from the meat. Going up to heaven perhaps?

And Mr. Lim, you're not allowed to have that tummy (refer man above) until 50 years old.

Hot, spicy, sour or sweet?

I wonder why chillies are called chillies. They don't chill pun.
Since they're hot, they should be named "Hotties" what?
Whatever la, I bet no one get my joke anyway.

Our ying-yang boiling pot

When we say Yong-Chap, it was either tofu, brinjal, chilli, bitter gourd, ladies finger with fish paste with any sort of combinations. Never in my life I'd seen BROCCOLI as part of Yong-Chap too!

Okay la, maybe I sua-ku.
(Ed: Sua-ku = kampung or sakai)

Oh ya, just a friendly reminder for you greedy people who always take too much but can't finish.

I think other restaurants should do the same thing too. Not to earn money, but to teach their customers not to waste food. Especially for those Ramadan all-you-can-eat.

Finally, our favorite corner.

Our last stop

Sadly the big bowl was empty as the previous man who stood there had taken all of them already leaving nothing but melted ice (a.k.a water) in it.

We stood there for roughly 3mins but sadly the waitresses were too busy to notice us.

(Note: I'm not complaining about their services. I love the service provided okay. They took away any empty or dirty plates every time they spotted it leaving bigger space for us to eat comfortably and asked if they can take it away. Unlike the 5 stars hotel, the waitress kept starring at our plates and took it away even when we hadn't finish eating. Some more with our forks and spoons)

And so my dearest Theen went behind the table and helped herself by scooping and shoving ice cubes into the machine.

*Wa La*

Mountains of Ice coming up!

My D.I.Y Ice Cendol
I called it 五福临门. Five different colours which represents the five elements in Fengshui. Metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Auspicious okay. Somemore 1st day of 2008 wor, must be superstitious a bit.

Saw those yellow stripes of delicacies (refer to pic above)? I felt that I had been conned by Theen into taking those.

Me: What are these ah? *pointing to the unknown yellow stripes of fruits*

Theen: Mango lor.

Me: Really ah? I like I like! *scoop-scoop-scoop*

Theen: Oi, leave some for S.Leong ah...

Me: *paused for 2 seconds* Okay, I'll leave one spoon for him. Nyek Nyek Nyek!

Theen: Damn soi lah you.

Sekali... when I put it into my mouth I baru tahu it's JACKFRUIT instead of MANGO!!!

Not that I dislike jackfruit... but, I was expecting mango mah. Somemore crush ice + Mango + Ideal milk... isn't that a bloody good dream combination?

The most kanasai part was Theen laughing and pointing her fore finger at me and said,
"HAHAHHAHAH!!!! 报应 (bao-ying) ah!"


Ed: 报应 (bao-ying) = Ketulahan or Karma.

My beloved Loserio #1

Sweet revenge (I love you my blog)
Love putting captions!

Rainy and Stormy Outside

Won't the fishies jump out?

The aquariums look like those they have in seafood restaurants for display purpose. Neh, those you see and pick (sea bass, lobsters, ketam, prawns) then the boss will weight and kill for you one leh. Instead, they have koi(s) in it.

Can koi be eaten?

Or maybe they want the koi to perform 鱼跃龙门?

Another Christmas tree spotted

So Christmasy la

Evidences for the weight-gain result.



No full length shots as I was too afraid to take it liao. That half-length shot with the ultimate pancake (make-up-less) face already scared me to death.

Must eat less.....

But what's the point?
I eat less now then CNY eat them all back again ah?
Lose 2kgs and gain 5kgs?

Okay, no pictures of me until I lose weight...
Crap, that means forever lor?


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U look shorter??? Post up ur pic!!! Happy new year!

Drifting Cloud said...

Happy New Year!!!
Lucky you, able to sleep till you drop for one month. Siok lor.
I missed holidays.. can't wait for my leaves in February...

I'm Choonie. said...

Start working too? Me same same

Iwan Sanchez said...

u fat?

no lah...

still ok lah..


is re-edit blog the trend now?


just joking!

War186 said...

Glad to hear your new year dinner experience is better than your Christmas one hehe. ;) But then I-lotus usually serves good buffet. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

seriusly u r not that round lah.. i am rounder than u.. hahahha!

i tink its good to have that penalty to those kiasu patrons..


jessie said...

No worries la Nonnie..
Its the holiday season~~~

Enjoy and worry later..
Hehehe... =p

Thanis said...

Happy New Year~~

Hee hee - I think i also got rounder from the festive food season :(

Bobby said...

Happy New Yr, don't worry, you still look cute n round but mostly sexy ;)

De Pianist said...

you still have this kawan to be fat with ever since i've come back to m'sia,i've been craving for so much food and keep on eating and eating..supposedly a slightly sharper face alr become very chubby now..=.="

Sha said...

Happy new year Nonnie! :)

@lex said...

Gosh.... just realise that we've been eating none stop for the pass weeks ! .. yesterday.. when for sushi and evening dinner outside lagi ... :$ .. we have out-do ourselves...
suddenly feels like that the onli thing i know how to do .. eat n sleep ...
oh that's not true ... there;s the TV ... ! ... :P