Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Simple Message Board


"Its just another boring day...
Its just another boring morning..."

This song is totally different from what I used to feel because nowadays I only get to see fatguy on weekdays and my weekends, gah.. I don't even want to mention about it.

Out of topic to blog, didn't take any pictures lately and no special event lately, so I decided to make myself the message board that I had been saying that I must make for my room. Just to cover up the ugly stains.

So I chose 2 card stocks and...



drew some lines..



cut them in stripes



and started to weave.


took a white spongy pad (which I forgot where is it from already) and stick behind the mat



stick in onto a big piece of board (which I created from some unused big piece of flyer and used mahjong paper to wrap it)


took out my pattern rubber stamp and colored it with my red crayon 


End Result.



Not in the mood to blog. Imma surf and get more gift ideas for my birthday. LOL.

Btw, if you're wondering what happen to my notice board I created last year, this is how it looks like now.





p/s: I'm secretly wishing that Puasa will fall on Tuesday so that I can stay in Seria for almost the entire week!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Blink! Win yourself something!

Okay, I missed the iCentre Open Day this afternoon because I chose coming back to Seria over staying in hostel and attend this function.

But I appreciate the thought of Hadi and Badli inviting me over, especially my dear Badd-Badd, when he called just to tell me about it and I scolded him for wasting my 20cents (Morever, I hate talking on the phone) . LOL. I'm such a bad friend I know.

So to compensate my rudeness, I'm helping him in posting this up.

I think I'm going to join the slogan competition and Badd kept encouraging me too because he said I'm witty, smart and can easily come up with a dozen of this thingies.

See me so high ah? But $0.50 per entry....
*pull out imaginary pockets*

Anyway, presentation is tomorrow.

I know we'll do fine since both of us (Batwoman and Wonderwoman!) love talking and the phrase "stage fright" kinda never existed in our dictionaries. We're only concern if we over-talk nia.

My dear classmates who is reading this, tolong tolong tomorrow okay.
Give face ya.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tummies / My cooking utensils in hostel / Way to remove ugly stains on wall

Honestly... this is what I feel like now..

The above picture was taken yesterday morning when I woke up at 7am and couldn't sleep anymore WHEN THERE'S NO CLASS!!! Gah.

Atul, Tina and I went for step aerobics yesterday. Tina was so good at it (she has been doing it for months... or years?), she could follow every single steps and Atul just gave up, walked around the place and asked "Bila tah cooling down nie?" when there's 30 minutes more to go. HAHAHHAHAHA.

As for me, I simply hantam jumped here and there, walked up and down the steps and followed the instructor "Wu!" and "Wow!" there. Really, I think I'm done for aerobics. I just too slow to get the instructor and I have really really bad hand-foot-eye coordination. Imma try yoga out tomorrow, maybe... if Fussy doesn't fly aeroplane this time.

Anyway, Bobby and I have gained some weight (especially Bobby, he's back to his old weight before he has his braces) and we're trying to lose some of it. So he decided to hang around the town and skipped dinner and as for me.. I tried my best not to eat anything after the aerobics too.

Se-ka-li hor, both of us ended up eating dinner/supper at 9.30pm at Excapade Gadong. You say die or not. Didn't lose an ounce of fats but gained more.

o_O !!!

Damn fail.

And yesterday was payday. You can imagine how pack was Excapade (I bet today too since tomorrow is Friday and I have couple of classmates who can't wait to eat sushis) and take a look at the orders they had!

Super kua-cheong!

Oh btw, Excapade has new menu!
I love their cucumber salmon sushi. Thick chunks of salmon with avocado, bits of ebiko (fish roes) and mayonaise roll with long stripe of cucumber.

* * *

And stupid Bobby named his tummy "Little Nonnie" and kept making fun of it.

Me: Eh Pui, you better start losing some weight leh...

Bobby: But I love my Nonnie very much, I wanna keep it... *points tummy*

Me: .... KANASAI! Why you go name your tummy as NONNIE! You #!$@!@$%@!

Bobby: Cos its cute mah..... and round.... and fat..... like *cough*.... hehehhehe

Me: Damn you. Then I go name my tummy "Bobby" too!

Bobby: Oh, okay. Nonnie (Bobby's tummy) is fatter than Bobby (Nonnie's tummy). HAHHAHA! This is fun!

So people, Bobby might look quiet and harmless (or even dumb?) to you.. please, looks can be deceiving. He's actually very very kanasai , just that he hide it well. Its a miracle that I'm still alive and haven't puke blood till I die. *touchwood*

* * * * *

Today, I spent almost 20minutes in preparing my breakfast. Most of the time I could finish cooking a packet of Mee Pok or Har Mee in just 5 - 7 mins time, with a cup of Milo but this morning, I was feeling a little greedy.

Bobby brought me to Supa Save yesterday asked me to get myself food to cook, ensuring I will never get hungry. (silly bf) Actually I saw a frozen pack of baked macaroni but I doubt the oven in the kitchen is working and safe for use. So I bought a packet of cheese sausages and vegetable dumplings which is easier to cook.

I cooked sausages, mee pok and dumplings using them

I make sure I have enough oil this time

And my mee pok turned out fine!
Not too hard, not too soggy.

I just boiled water using my kettle, put the dry pack mee pok into an empty bowl and poured the hot water over it and used my plate as a cap and "hip" it like cup noodles.

hip (adjective, verb) - weird Seria Chinese slang that means keep something warm/ hot in something?
Example 1 : Today weather very hot, stay inside the car feel very "hip".
Example 2 : The meat is not done yet. Leave it in the wok and "hip" longer.

LOL! I was shocked the other day Soly used the word "Ojipala" and she told me she picked it from my blog. HAHHAHHHAAA. So yeah, I might as well teach you peeps more of the slangs I use all the time.

I bet most of you will think that I will fry the sausages but you're wrong.
I did this instead.

After pouring the hot water out to hip the noodles, I just popped the sausages in my kettle and boiled it. Smart leh? This is what I call multitasking. =D

But then.. the dumplings turned out really bad.

It sticked to my rice cooker and I had a hard time scrapping them off and hence resulted in the "lubang" dumplings.... Sigh. I couldn't leave them in any longer.. if not even more chao-da (burnt) okay.

The sausages were fully cooked in case you want to know.

* * *

So I was starring at the wall in my room and sulking how ugly it is again, then I went online and google "How to remove ugly stains on wall?" and I did found couple of solutions.

Some said use a hot teaspoon and there's one which suggested the hair dryer.

I have yet to try out the teaspoon method but I did tried the second one while I was using the hair dryer to blow-dry my hair.

Well, I must say it worked for some tapes but there's still some pretty stuborn one.

Anyway I gave up trying because 10 minutes after holding the hair dryer, I suddenly remembered I was suppose to make a notice board to cover up that ooglie wall.

Stupid me go and do so many things for what?

But don't worry the tenant who lives in my room after me, I'm not going to leave you much ugly stains as I'm a very considerate person. Hahhahaa.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Games I play(ed)

I was thinking whether I should blog about the DS games I play or blog my birthday wish list (in my wordpress back-up blog so that I can password-protect that post and only those with my *ahem* password can view it.. since that post is meant for my close-knit friends.) Atul opted for the earlier one and suggested I can post my wishlist in September.

LOL! She had it all plan out.

And this afternoon when I mentioned to SL and FussyKelly about my idea of blogging my wishlist....
SL: Wah, we had to get a big red bag in order to fit her gifts in...

Me: Like Santa Claus is it? Aiyah.. I'm not saying that you have to get me everything in the list what.

Kelly: ...and tell me who else will buy you birthday gifts apart from us?


Kanasai one... Say till like I don't have any other friends other than 3 of them (Theen, SL and FussyKelly) to buy me birthday gifts like that. Cold heart ah... I know I have small circle of friends, but I *think* will have other people (apart from Bobby) get me birthday gifts one. Not all are expensive what, I'm actually thinking of stapler, hole puncher those kind of stationeries I don't have currently and maybe facial masks (TheFaceShop has those $3 or $5 per piece mah).

Let me tell you guys the games I have in my Whitie.
(Sudden change of topic. That's so me when talking...)

I only play this when I felt like it. Could be days later, weeks or months! Didn't bother to check how young my brain is daily.

Consists of 3 random games/ tasks to test your brain. Simple mathematics, word memory or connecting something something. (I'm a bit lazy and tired to blog right now so just bear with me).

When I felt bored with my friends, I will take my DS out and forced them to take up the Brain Age challenge so that I can laugh at them. HAHHAHAAA. First timer always seems a little clumsy when it comes to this game.

Once hor... while waiting for others to settle down and eat at i-forgot-what-event-was-it, I asked Vicky to play and I laughed so loud when my DS indicated that her brain is 63 years old.... very, VERY LOUD! Just to found out that the rest was actually reciting the Al-Fatihah and the whole room was very quiet.

From that day onwards, I got constantly reminded to be quiet whenever people was saying their prayers and its annoying sometimes. Aiyah... I know I have to be quiet lah, it was just a ONE TIME incident, doesn't mean I will always do it on purpose okay..


This game.. who don't know you tell me.

This game is unrealistic because it makes you think that cooking is super easy! Add ingredients, chop, slice, knead, peel, crack, flip... and ta-da... one scrumptious looking cartoon dish done in just minutes. Somemore got smoke come out from the food lagi.

Every time after playing this make me hungry nia...

I know a lot of you out there play this game. Got wedding dash, this dash that dash again. I'm not quite a fan of this because I'm now stuck on this stage which no matter how hard I try pun cannot surpass it.

Neh... this game don't make me hungry because the customers always eat PIZZA! No matter in what restaurant pun pizza. Seafood restaurant, a bistro, Mexican, they only serve one main dish, Pizza. But at least some got snacks and chocolate cake lah.

I also don't know why the customers took such a long time to order since there's only one food item nia... Lazy creators.

I actually have both Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64 in my Whitie but I thought the later is so hard to play so I deleted it already.

I love New Super Mario Bros. Its so straight forward that you just need to keep going...and going until you reach the castle part.

Brings back memories...

Anyway, we had cleared all it! I played from World 1 - 7 and the last one Bobby helped me. I even took a video interviewing Bobby how he felt after clearing it but then.. we're wearing old ugly tees and I don't want to show you peeps.

Got Super Mario of course must have Mario Kart also lah.

But I have to admit it, I suck in racing games. But this one I still can handle. Errrmmm... all other places/ maps have not been unlocked because I didn't play much of it. Theen plays it more than me I think.

But its fun lah. I get to hit the boxes and get a bonus. Then maybe can release banana skins or squid (so the car behind got splashed with black ink and cannot see the road), stars to accelerate, turtle shell to hit the car in front.

Hmm.. why this game suddenly sounds buyuk to me?

Mini games to play just to kill time. I don't know how to play Yahtzee lor. And as for Boggle, I always go for the Word Find which is a lot easier. I play this mostly during my poo-poo time in toilet because its boring and I just wanna get done and over it.!

Its one of the top rated games and its not hard to see why. The story make sense, and its not just talking talking talking (with the subtitle and tap tap tap), it has video clips in it too! Macam watching cartoon okay.

There's places to explore and A LOT OF PUZZLES to solve. Not just simple mathematical puzzles but really really cool mind-cracking puzzles which will make you think hard. And everytime after I solved them, I felt that I'm damn smart. Hahahahaaa.

Oh by the way, I'd completed this game too. There's some remaining puzzles unsolved but wait lah, maybe I'll get help from Atul and Rosie since they like Maths so much. The question I can't answer involved a lot of calculations by the way.

Those who have DS, I highly recommend you this game!
But you got to have a lot of time and patience lah.

Okay, I only knew about this game when 48 brought her Wii back to Brunei and insisted me to play and confirmed that I'll like it, because its idiotic.

(48's theory - I excel in idiotic games. I tried playing Wii Sports but failed badly...)

Yea... I played it and as expected, I scored higher than her when it comes to throwing papers to the teacher, washing underwears, spinning the plate or talking on the phone in the cinema. And I had a really good time laughing at the intros and those stupid rabbids are so dumb and hilarious!

So I went online and search for DS versions.

Rayman Raving Rabbids is very normal. Get items, kill rabbids and rats, and pass the stages. Oh ya, I completed it yesterday too. Spent 3 hours playing from my 67% saved game and terus "chiong-ahhhhhhh" to the final big boss stage!

After finish then Fussy text to tea and SL came and picked me up. He thought I just woke up from my nap because I looked blur and drowsy. The fact is.. I'd been playing the game for too long squinting at the small screen feeling all that adrenaline rush for all 3 hours. Of course tired lah.

And if you feel that you don't have so much time fighting against silly rabbids, maybe you can try this...

It's not about Rayman fighting againt insane rabbids anymore. It focus entirely on those silly crazy rabbids doing jackass stuffs like yelling nonsense and throwing papers at the teacher when he's writing on the board.

If you're feeling really lame and need a laugh, go play this game. These bunch of silly rabbids can entertain you very well. But then, after couple of times of playing the same thing over and over again.. it can be pretty boring lor.

Like Monopoly, this is my poo-poo-time game.

Now.. what's with those eyes that you're using to look at me har? What? 24 yrs old cannot play Pokemon meh? Not like I'm crazy over Pikachu or something what. pppfffftttt

Those non-stop combats can drive you crazy sometimes but then... malu to say, I'd completed this game too. Well, stucked at another level of this don't-know-what place and I stopped playing since.

My strongest and most hebat Pokemon is a penguin-like-animal and I named it Tinkerbell...Only to found out later its a "He". I think my Pokemon has this gender confuse now. Anyway, I gave a lot of silly names to my Pokemons like... ChaoPatPoh, TienZhiLai, KuDuMeeehhhh... if you get what I'm saying. They're all slangs.

One of the top ranking rpg as well. I found all the fairies already but I'm stuck at some place and have insufficient time to do something something so I sort of gave up on it already. Until I have that mood to go for another try lah.

I like the way I get to slash monsters in the game, scribble on the map and I think I'll like the Wii version of it too since I can actually "SLASH" with my hand and protect myself with a shield and not using a small stylus nia.

I just hate the stupid dungeon. I had to keep repeating all the fightings going up levels by levels. Damn frustrating wei.. somemore the life got sucked out, that's why always not enough time.

This is the game that you'll get to play surgeon, performing surgeries on a patient. Stitching, draining blood and I hate zooming in/out. But its pretty addicitve once you pass those surgeries and keep going for more, until... unless... stuck again lor, like me.

This (the above picture) is the exact story that I'm stuck. Sikit sikit heart failure liao damn mafan have to massage the heart. Need really steady hand lor.

The last game I want to list it out here... unwillingly.

Sigh.. Football is his only interest and I have this game in my Whitie just for him. This is his pride and ego lies, because this is the only game I can't play and don't want to play. Thus he can always boast that he has the ultimate high scores and he's unbeatable and so on..

Of course lah, no one is competing with him pun. He says what also can lah. Don't know so hao-lian (ambong) for what.

Football Manager, hattrick and reading news on teamtalk... its all about football. Sien one, all football games same same pun, don't know what's so fun to play also. He's not into cars so the only time you can make him talks more is when you mention the white-and-black ball that people kicks.

He can starts telling you from A - Z. How the club is formed, the previous managers and players... Each and every single detail unmissed!

Out of no where he would suddenly ask me, "You know who is so-and-so?" just to satisfy his ego for being more knowledgable than me.

Sigh, men and their balls.


See, I don't even know how is he going to control all 6 players in his team. How he knows where and who to pass the ball to kan? Bah nevermind, not interested to learn also.

Imma spend time search for other games and download again.

As you can see from the list, I'm really bad in games that requires good hand-eye-cordination. I'm more into rpg and puzzle solving.

Guitar Heroes?

No way. I tried playing it in Atul's DS (just the tutorial) and I'm already struggling with it. I always pressed the wrong buttons bah. I know I want/ have to press the first one but don't know why terkana the second one.

Well, for people who can't even play DDR (2 feet), what do you expect?

Any other nice games you guys wanna intro?
Eh wait.. Presentation is just around the corner, I need to concentrate more in my studies now.... terkarang.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was half way blogging and... I feel lazy now.
Sorry if you keep coming here to refresh ah.
Its Sunday and I just wanna laze around....

Blog will be updated tomorrow.
But I will still come here to check on comments and messages and reply.

Mum wanted to watch her weekly "horror flick" in HuaHeeDai and but snoozed out everytime after demanding me change the channel back.


I wanna watch "Taste with Jason" baaaaaaaaaaaa
Sigh, why are they showing "makan show" at night kan?
Fussy just commented that my face is bigger and I blamed it on PMS

Olympics Closing Ceremony?
Err... I saw DeeJay got sell the Opening Ceremony DVD and I think Closing also will have one lah.

I want a Greenan.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Recycling a shopping bag

Just a quick simple DIY idea to share with you peeps.

I have this habit of keeping shopping bags and even plastic bags from department stores. I actually fold them up nicely in a triangular shape and put them all in a bigger bag.

And in this post, I'm going to show you what you can do with your shopping paper bags and convert them into something useful. As you all know, I enjoy diy-ing especially recycling unwanted stuffs.

An ordinary shopping bag you see everywhere.1

LOL! Feels like I'm putting up an advert for DST right? I had 2 identical shopping bags - one from winning Best Personal Blog and the other from Blog of the Year. So, I thought I could use it to do some DIY since the size ngam it.

Left : Plain shopping bag.
Right : End result. an you figure out what is it?


Its identical as you can see. I cut open up into one big piece in order to wrap something with it. But can you figure out what that "something" is? As you can see, its rectangular and hard.

Its my file folder~!3

Hey, I'm now a student and carrying a file folder around my arm like a baby can be tiring and you ought to understand. So I came up with the idea of wrapping it up with a shopping bag (recycling) thus I can have those handles to carry it with my hand, place them freely on the floor and pick it up easily!

Killing two birds with one stone!

Am I smart or what? Well, my classmates did gave me thumbs up for coming up with such innovative idea and I thought I should blog it to share with you guys... Even though Bobby told me that I should keep it to myself because people might just copy it without crediting me (as usual.. I damn biasa liao).

Inner view

I reserved the left side for another folder for papers which can't be punched (example: lecturer's transparency, letter in envelope and other miscellaneous) and the ugly red stripe of paper is to hold it properly so it won't slip.

As you can see, this project is not done perfectly as I didn't spend much time in "beautifying" it. I actually have another plan to wrap it up with fabric thus its going to be more "tahan" and pretty. But see lah, not sure if I have the time or not since I'm now flooded with school works.

Enjoy peeps.


I'm thinking to make another notice board for my hostel room too, to cover up those ugly stains.