Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So you want us to see, or not to see?

Now, this...

is what "KIASUISM" is all about.


5 yellow signs, F-I-V-E!!!
(plus lots and lots of stickers)

(click to enlarge)

From Left to Right...


(I guess - "If I flirt with you,just ignore me"? What the... It's like, "Kolomee satu, tidak mahu mee" o_O)

2. "Apa liat2 Tarik Krg Mentukamu"

(I guess - "See what see? Pull your *I dunno what* later"? Eh...What does 'MENTUKAMU" means har?)


(I guess- "You think you're so macho but you're driving like a turtle"?
Erm.. It's suppose to be Macho, and not MANCHO right? Eh wang/dang, salah spelling lar. And what's with the "ah... ah.. ah.."?)

4. "Apa di liat ah? MUN PAHAM BISAI !!"

(I guess - "See what see, understand bah"? Local favorites' slang. But..But.. WHAT IS THERE TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT?)


(I guess - "If you want to be faster, go fly lah. Don't get mad"?)

p/s: The above translation are all hantam-hantam interpreted by me. Please correct me if I got it wrong. Or any kind volunteers who can help me translate it?

* **


1. If he/she really doesn't want any attention from other people, tell me why would he/she spent money in making those customized car signs?

2. Not kacau kan? I mean having so many things blocking the view. And dangerous right?

3. Those legs of Pink Panther's... Erm... Do you (the owner) mind re-position them? It's an eye sore.. or it's just me thinking that Pink Panther is having an orgasm and my dirty-minded brain?

* * *

Sorry if this entry had offended you, I'm just an ignorant Chinese (like most of my colleagues said) who know so little about Bahasa Brunei.


Mamalobengs said...

Hahahahaha!! Suka ku eh yang Mun ku mengurat jan dilayan.. ti sorta beats the purpose kan tu? hahahah!!! Cali Rosie.. cali!

Mamalobengs said...

Ehh.. soryy Nonnie darling.. salah type your name.. hehehehe.. much apology ah! :)

Maurina said...

Hahahahahahah!!!!! THAT is soooo weirddd!!! Make up your mind lady!!! Sheesh! I don't know why yellow signs make me mad.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i think the pink panther very very de funny.

Nonnie King said...

Mamalobs : Boh Di Dui, you got my name wrong. Upset lah me. =p

Like Mau said, this lady/ gentleman here just can't make up his/her mind.

Maurina : Yellow signs with words I don't understand make me mad, too.

Jason : EH Boy, 18SX ah.

De Pianist said...

lolz..i don't understand a single thing if you didn't interprete for's obviously that the person like to get attention but then he/she pretend say don't like nia lah..

the only thing i'm wondering can that person park his/her car leh..i mean,like reversing or some sort..(if kena accident,really can get attention liao..evil me..=p)

p.s : so yaiyai d your brain..hahaha..

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahahaha!! Nonnie, i seriously dun understand the malay...

is that the brunei lingo?

hmmm.. to have that kind of tots on the pink panther, naughty nonnie...


LuUeE said...

Wah lau... Such a nice car.. put so many cheap stickers and the signs.. so sayang man.. It is a fast sports car man.. And NOnnie, you new banner looks so so so good.. mwhahaa..

teddY said...

What really irks me is the compulsive use of stickers on the back of the car! The signs... I'm quite okay with them, but with close inspection and your interpretation (thanks a lot for posting the interpretation because I don't quite get a hang of the Malay slangs), I think the signs are equally gross too. Eeeks. But I think the Pink Panther dolls are cute! Haha!

De Pianist also brought out a valid point. With so many distracting decorations at the back, I really wonder how the driver parks his car. LOL!

uglyfatchick (UFC not UFO) said...

The pink panther's legs open too wide le lah. Like so erm.. like what you say lah.. :P

Anonymous said...

I think its a male driver. Keke. female driver that obscene meh with the p.p kangkang like that.

Luuee: Sports car? Wut?? It's just a normal lancer la.

Neways, look at it in another perspective. It is funny and entertaining.

War186 said...

Even I don't understand the yellow signs. Heh.

But mentuka or whatever is Bruneian slang for motocar.

Haha pink panther having an orgasm. Hehe.

Sha said...

I just want to know, how does one drive with the back all covered like that? :)

Wangs said...

Thatss so annoying hehe. its alright if its only one and makes sense.

Jewelle Tan said...

I like the pink panther too! Indecent! Will look out for this car now, in Seria area is it? LOL

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : I also don't know if I got interpret it wrongly or not. Hehhee

Reply to p.s : Now then you baru know ah? Too late liao lor~

Iwan : I think so? But some of my Brunei blog mates said they don't understand it too. Perhaps the man's own word kua?

Luuee : Kiasu mah. Scare people don't see.

Thank you, I like my new banner too.

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : Perhaps he would rather stick his head out from the window while reversing, you know.. the ah beng uncle type?

Christina : LOL! I thought I'm the only dirty-minded one. Hehehe.

Anonymous : Funny and entertaining for us to laugh at. =P

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Even you can't understand it, what's more with me?

Steady eh, motorcar can translate become mentuka. No credits for him.

Sha : Head sticking out from the window perhaps? The rear view mirror is of no use at all.

Wangs : Well, some people think it's cool. Weirdos.

Jewelle : Nope. Not in Seria. I saw this car at the back of the "communist" building.

cc said...

Wah! I really cannot stand people who put up signs blocking the rear window lidat. It is very dangerous! Feel like going into the car and rip them all off!!!

Anonymous said...

Atu tah namanya orang brunei ani kreatif !!! Sblm ani kitani selalu teliat BABY ON BOARD, CHILD ON BOARD dan kdg2 perkataan Inggeris yg capi2 dan lucah. Tapi ani memperkenalkan kitani bahasa brunei yg semakin di lupakan.Seperti contoh " Jgn Luan tuntum2 nyanta..Tejungkang karang!", Sudah kadikita membaca doa naik kenderaan?", "Sdg2 kan belaju saja ani deh", "Mun gagas rasanya MELUMPAT!", .. bANYAK LAGI LAH...Nda tekira...Mun kan meliat perkataan yg cali2 lagi Perayaan bln 7 ani liat tia di gerai perayaan atu...GERENTI ADA TU...Wah! mcm mempromosi tia plang...Tepaksa tah minta royalti ni...hehehehe...Skali lagi Tahniah kami ucapkan arah yg mula2 tepikir kan mbuat local product ani...Siapa kata inda berfaedah ah...bagi 1000 alasan...kekekek...

Anonymous said...

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