Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New hair cut

Calling all Brunei bloggers, male or female.
Come join us lunch @ Excapade Gadong on Wednesday (21/03/2007) at 12.30pm!
The more the merrier.

And also, a lot of you had asked me how did I edit my photos. I came across a really helpful site by
Afifah, her tutorials are really simple and easy to learn.


Perhaps you guys can go give it a try.

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So here, me blogging about my new haircut.

(And it's going to be boring I know...)

After years of rebonding, highlighting and perming, and lack of taking care of it.. my hair had became old evil and harder to manage from time to time. Dry, frizzy and not to mention, stupid SPLIT ENDS!

As you can see from the above pic, there's not much curls left, except for the bottom 4 inches still a bit wavy. But, that's exactly the part I need to chop away too.

Sayang? Wasted?

Come on lah, hair grows. By end of this year I (might) have the length back already.

This taken back in November 2006

I trimmed my 2" of my hair last (end of) November, and look... only 3.5 months and it grow back the exact same length before I cut.

In case any of you miss me with my long hair, here... the very last photo of it.

Yes, my hair can cover my boobs and exceeded my bra line already. But it's so damn thick and frizzy every morning I wake up.

Erm.. if you're saying that my hair in the above photo look nice and don't understand why I want to cut it, it's because... I just walked out from the saloon. Of course lah, professional wash and blow straight one.. sure look nice what.

Who don't look nice walking out from the saloon? But once go home and wash yourself, spoil liao lor.

No pictures of me having the hair cut.

And this, the end result

Lots and lots of layers!

Right after the hair cut, I rushed to the class that I'm supposed to arrive at 9.00am. Instead, I was late for an hour.

Not class as in school class, it's just a class..... sigh, I also don't know how to explain. Okay lah, a class my mum make me attend learning how to relax and control my temper using mind methods. Sounds freaky I know. But it's really fun.

I didn't straighten my hair. It's only temporary, so that Ruth (my hair stylist) can cut out the style.

I know right after I wash my hair at home, for sure hilang the cantik-ness.

And I'm prepared to see a lot of fly-away-full-of-static-hair.

Me, after hair wash and blow dry myself with no skill

And so, how do I look now?
Any comments?

Don't worry if you think you're not seeing much of the new hair, I'll sure take pictures for tomorrow lunch and you guys can have a second look at it that time.


Kelly said...

ah no!!! muahahahaha...very funny, im not use to seeing you yet, or maybe i havent met you yet too...

WHY?, because you look like a 18 yr old girl liao...!!!! hahaha

eh...u said u want to perm? so short now, how to perm???? later become like errr...you know the cute dog with curly curly ears???

Nonnie King said...

Since when you follow that Pig Theen call me Ah-No?

Die lor, last time people always say I look a lot older than you, now I look younger liao.. you jealous or not?

Nevermind lah, you still a lot thinner and prettier than me so nothing to jealous about anyway.

I say I wanna straighten lah sa-por~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...


Sha said...

Layers are the best right? I always ask for plenty of layers when I cut my hair - I don't know why. Lol.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

wah... u're inviting a little boy like me to go to escapade? haha. umm... really thinking about it.

don't worry, hair looks nice. the hair is just a little bit thin though.

Iwan Sanchez said...

bad comments?

No lah....

i tink it looks nice! and i agreed with kelly, u indeed looked younger..

And that pics, u looked THINNER!!! OMG!!!!

nureen said...

Looks nice on u lah...n yah..u better get rid all the split ends...

War186 said...

I agree with the rest, you look younger hehe. Sayang lah your long hair but then true what you say it'll grow. I always regret my haircuts 'cause I'm used to having long hair.

Hope to see you tomorrow, if I do go that is hehe. ;P

Kenny Ng said...

Look no different la... but at least more easy to take care right?

rebelandaliberator said...

it looks good, im a huge fan of the layered look.. its sexeh.. hehe :p

teddY said...

It really doesn't matter how your hair looks like since you're already a beauty queen XD Anyway you look really great in that kind of hairstyle!

I am wondering do your students know that you've got a nice new hairstyle?

lunaticgal said...

quite nice the layer after cut :)
but the length cant really notice it bcome short.

Nonnie King said...


Sha : Hhahhaaa. But it is hard to tie isn't it? I do feel lighter now though.

Jason : Everyone's invited wah~ But..you didn't came also.
Too thin? Too thin? No one ever says my hair is thin!

Fuah, give it a week or so then you'll see an "AMBUK" me.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Younger! Yeah yeah yeah!

Thinner?! Yeah yeah yeah!

But the face still very big and round... BooooOOoooO!

Nureen : It only looks nice for the first two days dear..
Now I look like orang gila with fuzzy hairs.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : See, that is why I love blogging. My blogmates are the nicest people on Earth giving me compliments! MUahhahhaah!

Kenny : Upset leh, spend money go cut you say no difference.

Rebbe : Wooots! Nonnie has Sexeh hair now!

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : Me? A beauty Queen? I think you got the wrong person liao.

When school reopens my students will shout in shock about my hair, they notice the tiniest thing on me. My earrings, shoes or my nails..

(That's why it's nice to be a teacher)

Lu Nee : Maybe so ngam the angle cannot see nya~

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i went at 12.45 to see you people, not to eat. but go in, then woah! so many people. didn't see you anyhow. just go out and escape. =p

Nonnie King said...

Jason : Well, you could have just say hi to all of us mah.

We were in room #4.

Sayang don't get to see you also.