Saturday, March 17, 2007

School Field Trip - Bukit Shahbandar & JPMC

Brunei gorgeous girly bloggers,
Care to lunch this Wednesday?

And after that, wanna make an Accordian Album in ShabbyChic together-gather?
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Ok folks, here come the "Part II" of my school trip.

Remember the "Survival Pack" in the previous post? I'm going to show you more about it.

Got sun cream, insect repellent, sewing and fishing kit.

I laughed seeing the sewing kit, imagining soldiers sewing their camouflage trousers. But then the soldier explained that it is not only used for sewing, but also for any serious injuries..

And, I started to imagine the cuts, flesh and bloods...

Then, suddenly think of pork liver, and "Kueh-Chap".

Hopeless lah me, like that also can think of food.

The army told me that the candle can be eaten back in the older days. We're like, "Huh? What? Edible kan?", and he reminded us something that we'd long forgotten after graduating, "Yes, it was made of FATS, last time."

I think that's almost everything that happen in RBAF.

Oh ya, another interesting story to share.

On the bus while on the way to our nest destination, I asked:

Me: So boys and girls, any one of you interested to be an army and work here?
Everyone: NoOOOooOOOooOo!
Me: But why? Girls, tell me first.
The girls: Panas cher.
Me: .... (speechless for 3 seconds) And boys, what's your reason?
The boys: Hitam cher...

Long-pia ah!
(Bang head against wall) This kind of reason also can think of.

Kids nowadays... really don't know what to say liao.

* * *

Next destination-

I don't know who is the smarty came up with the idea of having lunch there? It's really hot, and there's not enough stone benches and shades too!


This is how we had our lunch

I'd never been there and of course, never get the chance to explore around the highlands too.

But I did saw this really two 'unique' signs though.


Mm.. Yea, Brunei is an Islamic country, of course majority of our population are Malays. So I guess this sign is specially made for them.

Caring huh our government?

But not for dog owners who want to walk their pet lor.

* * *

Next -

For prayers

Brunei has the nicest mosques don't you think? I stayed on the bus and took a nap while everyone (except for those who're having periods) went sembahyang.

Hehe, saw this while on the way to JPMC, must take picture and show you all!

Steady or not? Like that also can sleep. But, dangerous lah.
By the way, can the police saman like that?
And, saman who? The driver or the sleeping man?

* * *


It's not very interesting, but most relaxing for me as there's nothing much for teachers to do. There were Olivia, Jien and Emilia to guide the kids and bring them around making sure they're not disturbing and behaving well.

Us teachers just follow them and be the translator from time to time. And of course, once in awhile still got to ensure that they're all in one piece. =p

JPMC-ians and the kids

We first dropped by the gymnasium. Erm, the kids had problem saying the full name of gym actually. They go like.. "Gim... Gim-nah-siun??"

I really really miss the gym lah! Eventhough it's more expensive compare with those in the BSB town one. But hey, the equipments are well maintained, the swimming pool is clean and I love love love the jacuzzi and steam bath!

Awww... (Hug pillow and goyang)

Next, the maternity ward.

One of the reason why I like JPMC is because of the scenery. If you can't afford to stay a night in Empire, perhaps you can consider JPMC, since it's the same beach anyway.

Plus, in JPMC you're going to get someone to take care of you 24/7, healthy meals available. Good idea? Yes? No?

Wo-kay, the delivery suite kind of scared me.

Seriously, I think I have phobia after listening too much real-life giving birth experiences from my friends, especially when they describe the process. So terrifying can die!

And we went to the OBGYN clinic (I have no idea what that stands for, it's a clinic for pregnant women), then to paediatrics clinic, out-patient clinic, pharmacy, radiology and dental clinic.

When we went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist was telling the students the "do" and "don't" for medicines.

Funny lar, because I know the kids only catch 5% of the things she said.. I mean her English.
(Not to step my own students, but you got to admit that students from government schools have poorer English)

Pharmacist: What is the name for people working in pharmacy?
Students: .... (Quiet don't know how to answer)
Pharmacist: Okay, what do you call people working in a post office?
Students: Postman.
Pharmacist: Good. And now, what do you call people working in a fire station?
Students: Firemen!
Pharmacist: Very good~ So, what do you call people working in a pharmacy?
Students: Far-mah.......... (Volume decreased and gradually become mute)
Pharmacist: Pharmacist. We call people working in a pharmacy, pharmacist!

Thank God the kids didn't answer "Pharma-man"!

Dr. Raul, the dentist shared us an interesting information.

He said we're not suppose to squeeze our toothpaste like those Darlie or Colgate advertisement, i.e. on top/ above of the bristles.

We're suppose to squeeze the paste 'down' and 'in' the bristles of the toothbrush. So that next time when we brush our teeth, there will be sufficient paste to do all the cleaning action.

I don't know, he said one.

The souvenirs for the student
Mouse Pad

No more pictures, because I was too tired and slept in the bus on the way back liao. I guess, that's about it. My school trip. Nice?

p/s: I cut my hair...erm.. can say short, can say long. Wanna see? Next post please.

(Hehe. Must say like that so you all will come back for more mah~)


Anonymous said...

my gym!

Sha said...

I like the Perlahan sign. LOL. And boy were you prepared for the trip!

War186 said...

Wow. Now that's what you call a school trip, very long at that. Heh.

Nonnie if Shahbandar got dog-walking definitely all Malays will be scared to jog or hike there lah knowing there are dogs around albeit under leash. Haha.

Next post, please! Want to see your new haircut! Hehe. ;)

Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah... must say next post pls...


I will always go to ur blog one lah unless i am at overseas lah.. Ur blog damn good wei...


ok ok, hmm... I agreed with u lah, brunei have the nicest mosque compared to other asian countries rite? Though i myself have yet to go to brunei, from the pics, i tink its indeed a nice place..

Hmm.. so in brunei, no dogs allowed ar??? Good hor, not like in sgp, got stray dogs.. i am so scared of dogs one...

How i wished they banned dogs too!! Muahaha!!

Looks like the trip quite fun hor... If i am not wrong, i dun have this kind of educational trip while i was in school lor..

Thank u Cikgu Nonnie!

Merv Kwok said...

o.O What in the world did the guys mean when they said "hitam"?? hahah weird reason

LuUeE said...

haha.. I love the JPMC AND bukit shahbandar.. so much. JPMC, ONE of the best gym and bukit shahbandar, a nice place to train your body for stamina. good for hardworking people. Let's go when free.. mwhaha.. Nonnie, Bi and Me.. mwhahha..

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

jiu ming ar!

i had the hardest time reading your blog, don't know whether it's my pc lag or your blog is laggy! like hang hang there when i scroll.

Your trip macam syok eh, not many outsiders get to visit RBAF le!

Bloggers lunch got jadi ka? how i wish i could join the Shabby Chic de workshop but i got work le... unless u plan to re-schedule to Sunday?!!!! Sunday la!!! =P How much is the workshop, btw?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...


Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : But I don't see you there pun.

Sha : So creative right?
First time I see something so original actually.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hehehe. Next post up already.

Iwan : My blog damn good also no use, don't make money one.

If only I'll get paid blogging, then different story lah~

Brunei is rich and can spend most money on the infrastucture. Too bad, not much development yet comparing to other countries.
But good also lah, we still have plenty of forest thus the fresher air!

No dogs allowed at certain aread especially when most Malay will be at that place. We still have the problems with stray dogs actually, don't know if they set up the animal shelter liao or not leh?

This trip is considered more fun compared to mine last time too, we always go to the musuem or art & handicraft center. Si beh sien one.

Nonnie King said...

Merv : Because they have to stay under the sun for hours, sweat and hot and of course, their skin complexion gets darker too.

I mean really dark like... Bangala I think?

Luuee : You lah, come to Brunei also don't find me. Don't say liao lah...

Nonnie King said...

SingYin : Ahhem, only you complain you tai-chi lor. kekekekkee. So bad I know.

Oi, remember to come tomorrow for the lunch ah!

Sunday cannot lah, I'm off to Sibu.

HORNY ANGMOH :Show you around? Can. But strictly no Horny activities lor.

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