Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pilipala Ojipala

This is going to be unusual because I'm blogging in point form.

  • Bobby's friends from Curtin came to Brunei yesterday and we're such bad hosts. Meet them up in Gadong then Yayasan (Bobby and I went to watch "Enchanted" and when they asked where else can they go we're like...

    "There's Manggis Hua Ho... Kiulap Hua Ho... Sengkurong Hua Ho... EH! Why all Hua Ho one?"

  • They (Bobby's friends) thought that the service provided by restaurants in Brunei is excellent! Waiters and waitress are very helpful and polite and the best thing is, there's no such thing as service tax or government tax to be added into the bills. I know, hotels excluded.

    And when I went to Malaysia, I always forgot about the 5% tax and get really annoyed because I had to pay extra cents for nothing.

    More pek-cek (frustrated) when its "Service Tax". Man... service not good pun. Why have to pay for that wor?

  • The waitress in Excapade is so cute! We asked her to help us take a group picture for us and when we're all ready, she said....

    "Say Sushi~~~~~ SuuuuuuShiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

    LOL! What say cheese, say Konica? New one, say Sushi when you're taking pictures in Excapade. Remember that!

  • I bumped into Ing Siang when I was on my way to the washroom of Excapade. How small can Brunei be? How small can Gadong be? Took me 3 seconds to confirm that he's really that boy from vagabond.vrien-den. Thanks to his wife for making it easier for me to recognize him. Forgot to ask him if his wife is already pregnant. Hahhahaa

    Nonnie: So when are you going to have babies?
    Ing Siang: You mean lenses/flash untis? Ah, she insist not to have babies till we finish our two-person-world for another few weeks/months, haha. *blush* ROFL!!

  • It's official. I order with my tummy and not my brain when I'm hungry. I always order too much and end up giving it to my rubbish bin aka Bobby.

  • I just like this picture taken with my biyoches.

Yes! Excapade two days in a row.

  • I had a 30 mins long session of story telling and 15 mins of quiz to get hold of and I'm not even prepared!

  • Follow by a doll-making session with the teens in the afternoon for tomorrow's youth class. Die la.. I haven't make any sample yet! How??? I need 12 hours more today!

  • And I want to go to the OGDC Weekend Carnival tonight. Anybody out there want to company me?

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    • No, I don't get paid from (putting) this (up). I'm just helping my cousin out. =)

  • Last last, I want to share with you something that I'd come across last few days.

    I saw an application form from a student who's applying for the daily breakfast. I really love Brunei, tell me which country is nice enough to give their citizens free education, free medication and free food even.

    The breakfast thingie is only available for the kids whose family really need help. It was in the form that I read he has 4 siblings, his father is not working and mother works as a cleaner with an income of B$280.00.

    $280.00 people, $280.00 a month for 6 people in the family! I couldn't imagine how hard life is for them. When there are some kids out there wasting food and complaining this not nice that not nice, really... try starving them for one whole day!

    And you kids who's complaining that your folks don't love you because they don't want to buy you that i-Phone, there are other kids out there who can't even afford a new pencil case or a pair of decent shoes!

    Man.. it really ticks me off when kids demand too much. Parents, before you spoil your kids with the latest PS3 or Nokia N95, make sure they know how to appreciate and show gratitude else they will take it for granted. Last last also you susah.


IngSiang said...

HAHA! xD Really funny meet-up =p

ChungSun was there too, but he insist on staying low profile, xD

And I think Bobby looks thinner in person, HAHA! xD

And hell true about Miri services!! said...

Urm, I'm one of you silent reader. haha. I just want to comment about the last part of your post, about the kid...,

err. ok I don't know what to type. But that last part makes me want to leave a comment here. haha.

(Now you know why I never post a comment.. haha sorry)

Iwan Sanchez said...


now i know that brunei dun have all those redundant taxes..

well, i wanna comment bout the last part..
yeah, its so hard to support a family of six with that kind of pay..

and i saddens me more if i know any kid or anyone who dun have enuff food to eat.. it is just so sad..

but thank god that the brunei government is doin sometink to lighten their burden..

and to tink kids nowadays is so lucky!! splurging every now and then...

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : Nah see.. proud lor that ChungSun, say Hi also don't want. Upset laaa..

Excuse me, if you say Bobby looks thinner in person, how bout me? What, I'm "rounder" in real life is it?

Hakeem : Okay, you want to tell me that you're guilty for the last part is it?

Hahhahaa. I can see you have a really happy family so cherish them ya.

Iwan : Only big hotels have them. Good hor?

Sigh, but how many kids know these? They'll probably say, "So? Not my problem if they not enough money to eat what?!"

Drifting Cloud said...


What you see is very common nowadays in Brunei. If that family still have $280 to spend, guess they are lucky. Some even with both parents earning decently but still unable to meet the daily household requirements due to those loan they have engaged in. Also the lack of knowledge in financial planning had lead to all these. Quite upset to learn all these. People are actually living in debts nowadays, most of them.

teddY said...

Woah haha I think Brunei is really that small bah :) actually Singapore quite small also! Whenever I go shopping nowadays (after the major National Examinations and A Levels) I keep bumping into my schoolmates and classmates! LOL! Maybe because everyone is shopping for our promenade night, and since there isn't many shops around Singapore selling things we really want, so we tend to bump into each other that often!

Anyway the last few points of your posts makes a lot of sense! I can't bear the sight of unsatisfied children nagging their parents to buy the latest PSP or Nintendo Wii while being completely, blithely unaware that there are more than 1 billion people on earth who lives on less that US$1 per day.

@lex said...

Suddenly thought of hoping in to check on u. I would luvs to go to the carnival .. but i ges u know y i cannot .. unless it last over til year end.. haha...
bad hosts ?? during our own weekend u think we got lots of agenda ! .. sama also la
so... when the next .. 'suuussshi' take for us?

@lex said...

Oh another thing ... I WAN TO WATCH THE 'ENCHANTED' ... sigh ! .. just i have to catch it here when they put in up this tuesday.. then have to tahan til weekend ... :'(

Nonnie King said...

Drifting Cloud : That one they cari sendiri one. Drive big cars, love in big house and change them annually. Financial planning is really important la.

But the $280 I mentioned is the whole family income liao. How much will be left after buying food and groceries? I really can't imagine.

Teddy : Singapore is the size of Belait, the district I live in. But the thing is, 70% of Brunei is covered with forest, so you can see how big is our developed area.

Oh well, if the parents spoil their kids like that, next time also they themselves suffer.

SL : Hai... Sien la you not here. You should know that two girls are not interested in these kinda thing.

Btw, I watched "Enchanted" liao. Muahahahha!!!!

Drifting Cloud said...


what is more upset is that with the income of B$280 still they don't have good financial planning. Would still think of getting loan to satisfy their desire rather than thinking about the kids' education.

I have come across that in real life, they don't have fix income. They do odd jobs here and there to get money but yet when they have money, they either buy unnecessary gadget or go for drug. They are expecting their other families members to take care of their children. Sad but it's truth story.

The government is helping in certain degree with few criteria. The family can either go to the religious welfare or BABDA(not sure of the spelling) to request for further financial help. This is applicable for muslim only. But not all know that they can get help as no one actually guide them.

We don't really have social services that is actually active (due to the lack of staffing) that can tackle these matters.

Bobby said...

It's very true that Brunei service are a lot better than Miri one and not to mention the restaurant are cleaner. Just like the KFC i went to at the Miri old town area, it's very smelly inside probably due to the rat pee cos can hear the mouse running here and there up the ceiling.

I feel bad bout being a bad host nonnie, definitely must belanja them next time in Miri. So if ITBians mixed togther with Curtinians, you get Curtitbians? ;p

Nonnie King said...

Drifting Cloud : Not much people are well aware of this and couldn't care much since it's "none of their business".

Even though they're getting help from government, but this is only helping them temporary. Last last they also need to learn how to support themselves as this can't go on forever.

Wonder why we don't have any social services here?

Nonnie King said...

Pui : Curtibians? Sounds funny lar. Bah, when you bring me go Miri? I want to eat dumpling!