Monday, November 26, 2007

I made CD Holder!

What happened on a Sunday morning when mother was out of town, and the boyfriend left StreamyX for home-cooked meals staying 90km away?

Heh. Heh. Heh.

Ignorance is bliss.
Bliss to the M.A.X.

No one warning me,

"Hoi, tidy up your things. If any guy happens to see this also don't want to marry you liao.."

That is so sweet and helpful, Mother.

No need to pretend,

"Yikes, Ah Pui coming. Have to clear up the mess else he'll have to sit on the floor. Cannot like that, he always thought that I'm his domestic goddess. Must. Keep. Good. Image."

Okay... I kidded.

Mum had given up on training me as the "traditional-can-cook-can-clean-hardworking-good temper-score100%-daughter-in-law" material when I was 10.

As for Bobby, needless to say. His room in Miri is 10x messier than mine. He had books, lots and lots of paper on his bed and he cleared up a tiny space fit for half his body and slot in horizontally with his feet on the ground. Can imagine that?


Anyway, I D.I.Y-ed last Sunday. Thus the mess on my bed.
Yeah, I don't have any decent table for me to study or work on. My bed is my table. Beat it.

Scroll back up again and look in to the first picture.

Saw my notebook? (Notebook, the one made of paper, not iron and steels.)
Saw the drawing in it?
That's my draft of what I'm making.

Can guess?

. . . Crap, I forgot that I'd already said it out loud in my title (of this blog post).
(I bet some of you scroll up to check again!)

Bah, I made CD Holder . ^_^


I have lots of self-pirated audio CDs in my car,

And that silly looking hamburger CD holder is just not enough. In fact, the zip rosak already. I really need a new one since I'd busted all the available compartments in my car with CDs.

First of all, get those CD bags ready and stack them up.
I got 100pcs of them in Miri for RM3.90.

It's going to be a 25pockets CD holder.

Cut the fabric according to size.

Stitch. Stitch. Stitch.

After finishing the head, next what I made was the Antenna.

Then the hands.

Cutting and stitching are so so so tedious. Note that I didn't mention "Measuring"? Yeah, I never really measure and I think irregular and uneven shapes make my "creations" more unique.


(Arrange them in place)

Okay or not?

Yes I know.. the hand too panjang.
Fix it later.

I hope by this time you had already figured out that it's a robot. Anyone asking me if it's TOFU or will be beheaded! Calling it an alien is acceptable by the way.

Bought those self-adhesive tape for $0.35. Not necessary to buy one whole meter since I don't need that much. The shop is kind enough to sell just 10cm to me.

Almost the end-product

I brought it along to the kopitiam meeting the girls and showed them. They thought the "round antenna" looks funny. I said I can remove if it's not nice, but then they said without the antenna, it'll look less "Robotic".

So hard to please eh.

I told them I'll just stitch "I am a ROBOT" so people won't come ask me what is it. Smart leh? Man... stitching, more like embroidering those words damn tough lah!

My first time trying, so don't complain!
Mai hiam eh sai laaa...

(Translation: Acceptable if not too fussy)

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that those arms can be rotated!

Hands up! Hands down!

Maybe it didn't quite turn out the way I expected, but it's still good. I didn't make any legs for it because it's a "Floating Robot"! No legs needed!

. . . okay la, I'm just being lazy.
And I had no idea what kind of "kaki" I can give it.

Meet NonniBot SquareBag, my new companion in car.
Yes, he's an angmoh. Can't you tell from the name?

Overall, I give myself 6 out of 10 for this project.
Good idea, bad workmanship.
Nice from far but far from nice.

Maybe I should really cut down DIY-ing.
It's just so depressing when it comes to the last part, that is... Tidying and Cleaning Up!


De Pianist said...

and i thought it's a

(nahnahnah..i din say tofu need pancung kepala right? =p!)

but cute robot you have there.should name it as nonnibot...kekeke..=p~

then you should install some chip for it so that it would clean up the whole mess in your room..a CD holder cum real robot..high tech leh..haa..

btw,i saw Astro remote control on your bed,izit?kekeke

lunaticgal said...

omg nonnie, salute salute..

i will just.. round n round n round on hot market, to get a cheap cd holder instead << *lazy+not creative ppl*

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : NonniBot is so cute!!! I'm gonna change it's name to that liao. Thanks for the idea eh.

TV??? Okay la.. Still acceptable, the tummy part can be LCD screen mah. You quite creative and innovative also leh~

Yah, that's my Astro remote control, you want ah?

Lu Nee : Hahahhaah! If I sell it won't be at pasar malam. I'll sell by the road side.

(Pasal not laku)

Anonymous said...

u r very good with ur hands! btw, looking at the 1st pic, i tot i saw a hint of bra strap on the bed ... hehehe

Kelly said...

Well, tell me when is your room ever tidy before one? I can't even recall during CNY ah......=x

Bobby said...

Oh my god. I want I want I want! Make for me! Make for me! Pleaseeeeeeeee!

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : “u r very good with ur hands!” … That… sounds… so wrong man. Hhahahhaa. Sorry to kill your imaginations but that’s not bra strap, its just fabric I cut away to make NonniBot.

Kelly : Got, when I’m not at home mah clean and tidy lor.

Bobby : No BobbiBot for you till you know how to stitch!

affy said...

I love your bed covers... it's so 'world wide web'

that is a good thing, btw.

Iwan Sanchez said...


another creation from Nonnie Enterprise!!


looks nice...

and only the wordings lah.. the rest is ok..

so hard to please your girls lah!!


overall, i like!!!


and agreed the last part, so lazy to tidy up!

esp cooking!!


Iwan Sanchez said...

anonymous so funny.. bra strap somemore..

he or she must be scrutinising very single part of ur room!!


Sha said...

That's super cute. I haven't done anything D-I-Y thingies for ages!!

@lex said...

i was about to ask what is was.. but since u stitched the I.D there .. oh ..well ...i bet u just get a bin n dump the leftover... '1 kan 2 jin' .. LOL

Nonnie King said...

Affy : I bought it immediately without second thought when saw it. Nice right?

Iwan : Weird, Bobby thought the words are nice and you think the other way round. Hahhahaa.

Awaaa.. I so wish I can have someone helping me to clean up.

Maybe anonymous was stalking around? Hahhaa

Nonnie King said...

Sha : You'd been busy?

SL : But I can't dump scissor, glue and my pencil case away kan. How to dump everything?