Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seoul Fun: Day 3– Namsan Tower, Myeong Dong and a very very expensive but yummy meal

Continue from our Gyeongbukgong visit and yummy samgyetang in Tosokchon.
So we dedicated our afternoon for beautiful sceneries and a little bit of excitement.

Random tall guy. This awkward stable pose remained for at least 5 mins and the only part of his body that moved were his fingers. I have no idea how he did it.

Back in Itaewon (to pick up their passports/visas)

It was still early hence we went in to Kraze Burger to escape the heat.

Cute menu.

SL’s lemon something drink.

Still bloated from the samgyetang, I ordered this pineapple ice cream only.
Just a dollar.


Vai’s vege and bean burger!

It was really really really good. I know you’re probably wrinkling your brows not believing what I said because all you see in the above pic was… greens and tofu. Trust me, this is perhaps the best vegetarian burger we’ve ever tasted.

Organic wholesome food “Tofu”with fresh tomato slice, lettuce added with a unique Bulgogi sauce (Korean-style BBQ sauce) along with cream cheese, marinated mushroom on a whole wheat Bun.

Halal restaurant just across the street.

So, we picked up the passport and took MRT and went to Seoul city centre because… er… we’re curious how the casino looks like and, it’s still too hot and too early to go to Namsan park.

Stopped by this hawker stall to get some Tteokbokki.

SPICY!!!!!! Seriously, SL and I couldn’t even finish a small bowl like that.

Vai not eating cos inside got fish cake.

Inside Hilton hotel.

Sibeh different from the guesthouse we stayed. Hahhaha.

*ta da*

Vai didn’t want to go in so she just waited for us in the lobby area… till.. she dozed off, waken by up the floor manager/supervisor and got told that she can’t sleep there.

Whereas SL and I had a kpo time inside the casino, being a busybody seeing people gambling inside, and drank all we could because there’s a lot of beverage choices (and for FREE), the toilet sibeh nice, got mouth wash somemore and in the end…. we only use 1000 won… (USD1) to gamble. HAHHAHAHHHAAA.

Slot machine of course.

And, SL won 5000 won. He looked at me and asked if he should carry on and I stopped him. Already win sikit better than nothing la, if we got greedier, sure lost till pok later (by pok…. I think it’s USD10. Hahhahahhaha)

So, SL won $4000 Open-mouthed smile, in won Disappointed smile.

It was a fun experience for me.

Then we hailed a cab (because namsan park is very near to Hilton hotel, just 5 mins by car, and… they said 15 mins by foot but we didn’t want to believe that. UPHILL OKAY! SOT ONE AH!)

Nah, sampai liao~

First, you’re going to reach the Namsan Cable car there first, buy tickets then baru can go to the park. Unless… you want to walk all the way up. Let me repeat this one more time, CRAZY AH! IF USE CABLE CAR ALSO NEED 5 – 10 mins BARU SAMPAI, YOU WANT ME TO DIE IS IT?


Ticketing counter

7,500 won for a round trip

Cute Korean kids.

The view when we’re inside the cable going up up up~


These 2 kanak bought a cup of chestnut water.. juice when we’re on our way up.


*ta da* the tower

Think they were filming tv commercials for Karcher.

Symbols of love fastened by young couples~
(Those are padlocks by the way)


All sorts!

Well, I didn’t prepare any padlocks so I just bought a pen and a padlock at the nearby store.

Simple simple saja, macam our love, simple simple juga~

Our names.. pardon my ugly handwriting. It’s not easy to write when I was sitting on the wooden shoulder with strong wind blowing and no hair band to tie my hair! Very un-glam.


Fastening the padlock! Payah okay, though I was smiling in the above photo, I was actually sweating and swearing because it was so difficult to find an empty spot, then struggling to get it hooked.

And, while doing, Vai accidentally dropped a chain of padlocks from the padlock-tree. I laughed and said, “These bunch already broke up liao one, that’s why fell down”

Inspired by Bobby’s fav pose – Sniff my finger.

Can’t …. stop… doing… that!

SL trying to snatch the scepter.

Street performer singing… Spanish song I think?

To go up to the tower, you have to go down to the basement first.

They specifically want us to go to the Teddy Bear Museum (Past) first, then up to the N Seoul Tower, then to the other Teddy bear museum (future). I think so? Or is it, Teddy bear museum (Past), then future, then up to the tower…. Hmmm….

This is my blog so I get to put my photo big big


I like the pondering teddy bear.

I don’t know why, but I feel this two bears very hamsap.


Muzzle Bear, 1904
(Looks scary for me)

This one even harder to capture!
I stood there, keep lifting my arms up and down just to get the correct angle to achieve the “Sniff my finger” pose.

After the teddy bear museum, its time to get up to the tower.

The door and the ceiling of the elevator.

Aiyer… why don’t have Brunei one?

Don’t know if it’s the pressure or what, I felt super dizzy… want to puke want to puke like that. So I didn’t really tour around the tower and went back down to the park and gave myself a rest while waiting for SL and Vai.

While waiting for the cable car going down.

Nah, Korean guys…

Korean guys 20 years later~

Can smile liao…

Back to Myeong-Dong! Liveliest area ever!

If you think this is a lot of people, wait till you see my post for Day 5. It’s a Sunday and the crowd was crazy! It’s like, having all Belait people and lock them up in one hall.

Some song guessing game going on on the stage.

Then we went back to our guesthouse area and chose Korean BBQ restaurant for dinner.

Seriously, when I saw the menu.. and had that miscommunication with the waitress, I really felt like stomping out the restaurant.

Okay, so.. we went there because we wanted to try the Korean BBQ, and the waitress recommended us to take the set BBQ and it’s USD40 per head… for 4 types of meat (beef)… I mumbled to SL that I’m so not going to spent USD40 on a meal, and…  minimum order – 2 pax. So, if SL wanna try the BBQ, I MUST ORDER IT TOO! Sampai he gave up and said he’s treating but, I bu-shuang waaaaa. Hahahhaha. Lucky I tried also, BECAUSE IT’S THE EFFING BEST BBQ MEAL EVER! #foodgasm

Vai looking really tired and SL… erm.. think he’s playing with his phone.

Second floor. It’s a 3-storey restaurant and seriously, everytime we passed by sure people-mountain-people-sea. That’s why we wanted to try it out, kiasu mah, so many people eating one sure good.

Soju. Easier to drink than the ginseng wine.


I googled the word 知牛 and most of the images that popped out are taken from the restaurant we dined in! Mostly in Japanese though, I guess it’s a popular place for Japanese tourists.


Nah, googled-images of the restaurant. Open 24 hours.

Look SL and Vai, I found picture of the waitress who earns more than teachers! I steady or not!
Hhahahahaa. Nevermind, story you all in the future post.


The appetizers and condiments.
NYAMAN!!!!!!! I like their coleslaw in blueberry sauce, the pumpkin, their dunno-what veggies!


Really made me tak-boleh-pusing-balik kepada itu daging yang lauyah.
I wonder if that’s the reason why we must dipped meat into sauces. Semua mesti chili sauce/ketchup. But their beef, what thing also no need to add also can taste like heaven liao.



You know, just by the first few bites, we decided to have another dinner there again before we go back.

Marinated beef ribs.

btw, all the meat you saw above all beef ya, not *oink*

Complimentary seafood pancake.

I don’t know why those I tried before not as nice as this one.

With the set we ordered, we can either choose bibimbap or cold noodles, so SL picked bibimbap and I picked cold noodles.

This is how Korean sits.
(Although they were smoking a few tables from us, we couldn’t smell a thing. Super kuat the exhaust fan.

This is how Japanese sit. Super tahan, macam ini for an hour. Guo ran is small small already trained liao.

This is how Bruneian with smudged eyeliner sits. Changing position every 5 minutes.

Okay, I have another funny story on smudged eyeliner but that’s for another day, if I remember.

Went out from the restaurant with happy tummy and saw this drunkard lying on the floor. Within 5 minutes, the ambulance came. Well, we saw him again the next morning, with a police woman waking him up and chasing him away.


Happy us! (Vai only ate bibimbap)

Bought these goodies from the shop across our guesthouse.

Damn sad, I wore the hat to an event, left it there and asked my colleague to keep for me, sekali hilang already! Kana stolen I think. Damnit.

The headbands are really gorgeous and cheap(er)!

Okay, finally habis day 3.

Day 4 – EVERLAND!!!!