Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 5 – Final Day in HCMC


Woke up feeling all lazy and since it was our last day in HCMC, we just wanted to take it super free, super slow and super easy.

As mentioned earlier, we decided not to visit anymore war museum because it’s just too depressing so we went to the Fine Art Museum instead. To increase our art-level or you know.. naik our how to say, macam more atas if you go to art gallery those bah! You get what I mean?

… but, *shy* I got bored like after 30 minutes. And again, Bobby insisted in visiting every corner and thank God we didn’t eat breakfast before that so I acted all grumpy and cranky to escape. Hehe. *stick tongue out*



The above painting is my favorite! It was stated that photo taking is not allowed but then I saw other orang putih tourists doing it pun. I only took this one and only photo in the museum nia I swear!

The title of the painting, if I’m not wrong, is “My Life”.

Unlike some other abstract paintings that we totally had no idea what messages were those artists trying to convey (which is why we spent like almost 1 – 2 hours there.. because tak faham so kept tilting head left and right to figure it out).. this painting couldn’t be anymore literal!

I just like clean fresh lines and paints.

And also, there’s some paintings we thought a year 3 student can do better. Like, drawing a cartoony cat with a house. 


The courtyard



004 005












It was already our 5th day in Saigon and we’re a bit sick of Vietnamese food. And so when we saw the the Dai Do Noodle restaurant, we’re so happy!!!



Ordered Claypot noodles, which was not served in a claypot..
But boleh tahan lah!

Bobby’s veggies-overload Noodle Soup (Noodle and soup separated) with whole chicken leg. Yums.


Fried Wontons!!!!

It was really good (not oily and the wonton skin is thick and crunchy) and so we ordered another plate, together with fresh fruit juices that we couldn’t get enough of it.

Saigon Square is just 4 shops away from the noodle shop and we’re so happy that we bumped into another landmark… Er, we weren’t using the map, that’s why we didn’t even know where were we.

Saigon Square is just like Ben Thanh Market with air-condition. More or less the same lor the stuffs they’re selling.

Oh oh! I bought a really nice pair of jelly shoes (MONOBO!) there! Best purchase in HCMC!!!
Only about BND15 but so so so so comfy. Am now wearing it for work and everywhere I go! I just checked the website and it’s from Thailand.. anyone going to Thailand soon? Can help me get another pair?

And we walked walked walked all the way back~
Stopped by Ben Thanh Market again to see if there’s any other souvenirs to buy.

Went to Tutti Fruitti, which is just across Ben Thanh Market for some cold yogurt!


It’s all DIY!
Get a cup, choose the yogurt ice cream you want, twirl it yourself, add toppings and get it weight at the counter!

They don’t charge by the flavors and toppings you choose, they charge by GRAMS!

Meaning, if you only want a small portion, then you’ll be charge lesser lah.
No rugi one!!!


My super macho yogurt! (You’ll know why I say mine is macho later)

Chocolate & green tea yogurt with cornflakes and peanuts!
Man or not?

Wait till you see Bobby’s…


Sissy like what!
Strawberry yogurt with strawberry flesh some more!
Pink all the way!!!!!!


017 018019 020022 023
God bless the creator of EYELINER!!!!

Now, let me hear some “Awwwww….”



My cute cute cute comfy comfy comfy comfy Monobo Julie Mocha!

With a cute logo!

I was swearing sandals so flat that it was hurting my feet. And when I put those Monobos on, I felt like I was prancing around on clouds!

Went back to our hotel for a power nap.

Walked along Bui Vien street and ended up doing manicure and pedicure~

Bobby’s pedi virgin!
The manicurist hurt him and made him bleed a little… hmm, why sound so lain ah?

The manicurist also kept kacau him asking what colour he want to paint on his toe nails.. HAHHAHAAA!


027 028
My very first OPI experience! Man, it’s so opaque and bright!


I put on a ghostly tune singing “我等着你回来” (I wait you come back.. the famous macam got hantu song) while tapping slowly on the couch.


Wearing thin foamy slippers like this and walking along streets in HCMC was disastrous!

Common sight in Saigon


The fruit lover.



Actually… I would also buy fruits if here got fruit shop like that. Better, if got blended fruit juices made on the spot WITH NO ADDED SUGAR!!!


Someone enlighten me what melons are these?



Had dinner at the “pasar malam” of Ben Thanh.

Super steady. In the morning, those are just some ordinary roads.
Then during evening, it evolves into a pasar malam with seafood restaurants!!

I just don’t know how they manage to set those tables, tents, aquariums and stoves up just like that, everyday! Oh oh, and signboards!




One of my favorite that I’ve not eaten for a really really long time!!!


I ordered Sapodilla out of curious. Never knew what it was still I took the very first sip…

Itu Sapodilla ialah buah CIKU lah!!!!
In Chinese, it’s 人心果! (Human heart fruit)

Wah seh Ciku! Never knew you have such fancy name leh!



Super good… eel or catfish porridge I can’t remember!




Fat and juicy!




Fried tang hoon with crabs and prawns.

042 043
The happy and satisfied Chubbies!

While walking to Sheraton hotel..

The street, jam-packed as usual…
Note: It was on 22nd Dec, a Tuesday night!

Everyone was so hyper! Taking picture with all xmas decors.
Babies and pet dogs all in santa suit!

It was so so so merry, and crowded…


Her eyes were all red… Kasian.


Chaugy! Your section!!!!  



These 4 kids damn cute can! Possessed by the power of PSP, swaying their bodies left and right, giggling and laughing all the way. They didn’t even notice if there’s anyone looking at them.

Eh, not afraid of kidnappers kah?



See, so happy kan?
So cute I wanna bring them home!


Still didn’t realized me taking pictures of them…

I think if we saw kids sitting around in the Mall playing PSP like that sure lapor polic / security liao….

Jam-packed department store.

There’s a really cool wooden antique car in displayed and I really wanted to take picture with it. But I was too weak in taking chances to quickly get the space. And, there’s a skimpy-dressed woman (red hot mini dress) posing around the car (sampai macam sleep on the car like those calendar girls okay!) with her geeky partner snapping photos non-stop.. Very what the eff….


Chihuahua jalan-cahaya!
(Jalan cahaya = zhou guang bah!)


Finally reached Level 23 of Sheraton hotel!

Overlooking the entire city~

Mocking at pedestrians down the road squeezing themselves through the streets…



056 054

Romantic or what…

I’m a big big girl, in a big big world..
Must act macam depressed or thinking of something right?
Like very deep like that.


The most expensive meal / drinks we had in our entire trip!

Lovely ambience







Some patriotic night I guess?  


Bought this cute passport cover for only USD1






dot dot dot


A seafood meal followed by cocktails…
then ice creams and custard apples…



HENG AH!!!!!